06 February 2020

Indue welfare card, Liberal party’s money laundering machine

For those who are not familiar with what’s going on in the ’land down under’ or more technically in the colony we call Australia, a new era of fascism is about to be installed on the entire population that require welfare support.

The Liberal party have conjured up a brilliant money laundering operation under the label of the Indue welfare debit card.

It’s initial implementation is to apparently ‘help’ the vulnerable on welfare so that they do not waste their benefits on abusive substances, where initially it is on trial in the outback.

Upon further investigation is has been found that the so called goals are not met, where the cashless card is a failure.

Not to worry, that’s just a minor ‘technical’ detail, where the next step is for ‘Scotty from marketing’ or as others describe him 'Scumo', to roll it out nationally for every single person on welfare.

Your (the mums and dads taxpayers, and not corporations) tax dollars are used to set up fraudulent corporations and expensive software that feeds the Indue card system in order to control you and your movements (how VERY fascist).

Oh, don’t worry, in this police state, there will no federal investigation into the Liberal party’s money laundering operation called the Indue card, nor will there be any ‘royal commission’, where if there ever was one it would be a farce, and there certainly ain’t gonna be any sacked MPs but rather healthy dividends shared among the brotherhood.

Keep using plastic, you're just making it easier for them.

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05 February 2020

Courts, judges gone rogue in the colony

03 February 2020

Victoria Police fines corruption, denial of natural justice

The corruption of Victoria Police the so called sheriff and a business called Fines Victoria goes past the head of the Australian Joe Average.

In a desperate attempt to extort cash from alleged offenders the ‘system’ ignores the ‘you elect to go to court’ option which in itself is fraudulent, in order to skip the entire process of innocent until proven otherwise, which does not exist in criminal offences committed whilst in charge of a vehicle.

Whatever you write falls on blind eyes, where computer generated templates are issued to the alleged offender where no ‘legal’ person can be held responsible.

The matter is then quickly expedited to ‘sheriff stage’ in order for alleged debt collection.

The (alleged deputy) sheriff then comes knocking on your door stating that there is an alleged warrant.

What you are not told is that there are no warrants, and there never were any such warrants for road infringements.

Furthermore if there is an alleged warrant, the execution copy must be produced upon request.

The government of Victoria with the aid of Victoria Police, Sheriff’s Office Victoria and Fines Victoria have been defrauding motorists of millions of dollars annually in false and unverifiable claims.

02 February 2020

A list of government corruption in Australia - last decade

From a post of the headline:

A Huge List Of All Government Corruption In Australia
Here is a huge list of all government corruption that has happened in the last decade in Australia ! Have I missed any?

* Angus Taylor & Barnaby Joyce involved in a shady water buyback scheme that involved channeling money through the Cayman Islands
* Andrew Robb taking a $880k/yr job with donor before even leaving politics
* Christopher Pyne taking a job with E&Y straight after politics – despite the fact he was the Defence Minister and E&Y had been awarded $21 million in contracts to do consulting work for the Defence force. 
* Julie Bishop appointed to the board of Palladium after exiting politics – a company that profits from foreign affairs, her previous portfolio. 

* Barnaby Joyce misuse of travel allowance to stay with Vicki Campion

* Julie Bishop and her $450k Chinese sponsored “Glorious Foundation”
* Former Liberal President Shane Stone to be paid $500k per year to oversee flood recovery efforts in rural Queensland. This salary is nearly the same as our Prime Minister. 
* George Christensen spending 300 days in the Philippines during the last few years – despite claiming to represent the Australian people. 
* Fraser Anning claiming $35k for family travel expenses on 44 trips between January and December 2018. 
* Daniel Andrews signing up Victoria to China’s Belt and Road initiative without a mandate from the Victorian people – nor the blessing from Australia’s national security bodies.

* Sussan Ley popping to gold coast on travel allowance & accidentally buying a $700k apartment

* Failure to address housing inequality – when 226 federal MPs own 524 properties there’s zero incentive to address the problem

* Barnaby Joyce free rent from donor
* Billions of dollars in foreign aid to Indonesia – only for them to purchase billions of dollars worth of military helicopters and now consider bidding for the 2032 Olympic games! 
* Joe Hockey owning millions of shares in Helloworld – who’s share price has gone up 164% in 4 years since being awarded a string of government contracts. Talk about insider trading. 
* Mattias Cormann not realising that his family got a free holiday to Singapore – only weeks after Helloworld was awarded a new government contract. 
* Bill Shorten committing another $500 million to the United Nations despite having no mandate from the Australian people to do so.

* Barnaby Joyce property purchase with insider knowledge of rail route
* The continued protection of the ‘tax free’ status of individuals with millions of dollars in tax – whilst the lowest paid people in society struggle to get any meaningful wage increases due to the way the official CPI calculation has been corruptly manipulated in order to artificially keep wages low. 

* Matt Canavan failing to declare property interests
* Peter Dutton awards a $423m contract through a ‘limited tender’ process to Paladin to run Manus Island – a company his sister works for that has no previous experience in running such facilities. 

* Sale of Darwin’s port to chinese company 4 days after $40k donation to LNP

* $30m to Foxtel for womens sports, while cutting $84m from the ABC

* David Feeney failing to declare $2.3m house

* Choppergate by Bronwyn Bishop

* Sam Dastyari donor paying fine

* Sussan Ley $21k on cabs in the USA in one week

* Tony Abbott’s repeated expenses that have needed to be repaid eg 2016 total expense claims equivalent to 37 years of Newstart payments

* Tony’s daughter getting a $37,000 “scholarship”

* Arthur Sinodinos’s inability to recall, well, anything under oath at NSW ICAC

* Roman Quaedvlieg’s $500k 9 month paid leave

* Failure to fix large scale tax evasion – why do so many massive businesses persist with Australia if they are collectively losing trillions here?

* Michaelia Cash leaking to the media before raids on AWU – and then spending nearly $1m of taxpayers dollars trying to defend her behaviour. 

* Similar for NBN raids on Stephen Conroy’s office

* Sarina Russo receives $754m of contracts in return for $20k donation to LNP in 2010

* NBN issues multimillion FTTC contract to Netcomm, whose chairman is also a director of NBN co

* George Brandis forcing resignation of Justin Gleeson as solicitor general, lying to senate enquiry

* Steve Irons “electorate business” in Gold Coast spending $2k for wife to attend with him
* Georgina Downer giving away big cheques for government grants despite not even being an elected member of Parliament. She also received many scholarships while her father Alexender was Foreign Minister in the Howard era. A born to rule mentality that already twice failed as a Liberal candidate (once in Melbourne, once in Adelaide). 
* Stewart Robert inappropriate behaviour on trip to China

* $640k to Bjorn Lomborg for a climate denying book.

* Eric Hutchinson appointed to $160k job after losing seat in 2016 election

* George Brandis appointing his sons lawyer to $370k/yr job

* $60k unadvertised scholarship for Frances Abbott

* Misappropriation of water from Murray-Darling by coalition donors

* Craig Laundy failure to declare businesses on register of interests

* $444m to Great Barrier Reef Foundation with no tendering – straight into the pockets of directors with links to Liberal National Party. 
*Cabinet Minister Kelly O'Dwyer has told colleagues the Liberals are widely regarded as "homophobic, anti-women, climate-change deniers" during a crisis meeting of federal Victorian Liberal party.

* A $4.6 billion buy off deal was struck with Catholic and independent schools, heading off another potential election-losing issue.

* Mr Morrison flagged the shifting of Australia's Israeli embassy to Jerusalem to win backing from Jewish investment bankers to keep funding Australia’s record debt. 
*Finance Minister Mathias Cormann charged taxpayers $4,400 to take his wife on a romantic beach getaway on her birthday.
*Bo 'Nick' Zhao, a Chinese born Australian goes to ASIO telling them he's been offered a $1million from the Chinese Government to run as a Liberal Party candidate and then infiltrate the Australian Parliament as a Chinese Spy. He then turns up dead in a Melbourne hotel room in March. Enter Gladys Liu, the Liberal Candidate with a host of concerning connections to the Chinese Government who earns Liberal pre-selection thanks to miraculously raising a million dollars in donations. Fairfax then discovered a photo of Liu at her home with Nick Zhao in the back ground. Gladys is now the Liberal Member for Chisolm.
* Liberal Candidates Gladys Liu and Josh Frydenberg both have Mandarin signs at polling booths in the colours of the Australian Electoral Commission branding telling Chinese citizens how to vote (by putting 1 next to the Liberal Candidate). There is no Liberal Party branding on the sign. Liberal officials admit in court that the signs were designed to convey the appearance of official electoral commission material.
* Angus Taylor writes a public letter, published in the Daily Telegraph, to Sydney Mayor Clover Moore criticising her for her millions of dollars of domestic travel. The document he quotes is a forgery.
Taylor refuses to disclose where he got the fake document from and refuses all Freedom of Information requests from the media that might give an insight.
*Fake 'How To Vote' cards were handed out in Peter Dutton's seat of Dickson designed to trick Greens Voters in voting for Dutton. 
*George Christensen charges tax payers for domestic flights and ComCar trips that were part of his trips to known red light districts of the Philippines. When he is caught he simply pays back $2,100 with no consequences.
*Barnaby runs up a bill of $675,000 in 9 months in his role as Special Drought Envoy. When asked what he did in the roll, Joyce explained that he sent his "report" in the form of multiple text messages to Morrison. When The Guardian submitted a Freedom Of Information request for these texts it was rejected on the grounds that Morrison was too busy to retrieve them.
*The Coalition granted $444million to a little known organisation called the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. The process involved no public tender, no transparency, and the organisation was later found to have business partnerships with BHP and Rio Tinto.
*The Coalition awarded a $423million contract to run Manus Island detention facilities to a tiny and almost unknown company called Paladin as part of a "limited tender" process only meant to be used under special circumstances. The company's head office was a small shack on Kangaroo Island and family members of the PNG Parliament were found to be directly profiting from the contract.
*Helloworld travel agency paid for Finance Minister Mathias Cormann's family holiday to Singapore within two weeks of the Coalition awarding Helloworld a Government contract worth over $1billion. Cormann claims he didn't notice his holiday had been free.
*On two seperate occasions, Peter Dutton personally intervened to have European au pairs allowed into the country after being initially refused by Border Force. The first was on behalf of an old Police colleague, the second on behalf of the AFL Chief Executive and son of a Liberal Party donor.
*Barnaby Joyce's mistress, Vikki Campion was forced to leave her role as his staffer when rumours of their affair started causing tension with colleagues. As a result she was given a plum $190,000 a year job with good friend Senator Matt Canavan despite Parliamentary rules prohibiting jobs for 'partners'. There were a number of allegations suggesting she never attended work whilst in this role.
*The Coalition granted $30million to Foxtel, ostensibly to assist with "sports coverage" (whilst simultaneously slashing ABC funding). There was no public release of any conditions or oversight regarding the funding. News Corp, the largest newspaper owner in Australia and the owners of Foxtel, vigorously and unapologetically proceeds to support the Coalition whilst attacking Labor in the next election.
*The Coalition granted $200,000 to Foxtel station Sky News to fund a new show featuring future Liberal Candidate Warren Mundine. The funding was taken from money budgeted for "Indigenous Advancement". Inquiries later found that the funding had been officially approved before Mundine had even formally applied for it.
*Assistant Treasurer Stuart Robert charged tax payers $2,000 a month for home internet, blaming "connectivity issues". He was later forced to repay $38,000 in inappropriately claimed expenses but was not further investigated.
*The Coalition award a Chinese company a 99 year lease on Darwin Port. A year later, Andrew Robb, the Trade Minister at the time of the deal, leaves the Government to assume an $880,000 a year job as a "Consultant" with the same Chinese company.
*Barnaby Joyce approved a dodgy $80million water buy back from a property owned by a Cayman Island's based company that Energy Minister Angus Taylor used to be the Director of and his college mate now ran. When Twitter users began to discuss it his lawyers sent letters to them threatening legal action for defamation if they didn't delete the tweets.
*A property owned by Energy Minister Angus Taylor's brother was alleged to have illegally burned 30 hectares of native grassland classified as endangered under existing environment laws. After Angus Taylor personally intervened and met with then Environment Minsiter Josh Frydenberg about the investigation into his brother, the Government suddenly announced a review into the part of Commonwealth environment laws that specifically deals with endangered native grasses.
Sooner or later we need to wake up as a nation on how badly our Politicians are selling the future of our country out! It is pure and simple corruption – all the way to the top, and it needs to be challenged and stopped at every turn.

Source: https://www.patreon.com/posts/33473584 

Please note that the above list would be incomplete as there are many instances of corruption that do not make it out into the mainstream media which are hidden in government archives.