17 July 2010

iphone4 vs HTC Evo

The truth about the iphone 4.

as seen :


Whilst the clip may be funny, the REAL message come across LOUD and CLEAR that the users are being retarded with the technology used in the iphone.

The iphone IS deliberately being limited by Apple.

Mel Gibson's ex accused of extortion

Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend demanded millions of dollars to not publicly release audio tapes of the actor's angry phone calls to her, according to reports.

Oksana Grigorieva allegedly tried to extort an unspecified but substantial sum from the actor and director in order not to release the tapes, TMZ reported.

While the exact figure was not revealed it is believed to be in excess of A$11m, in order to keep the audio tapes secret.

TMZ reported the Gibson's lawyers were meeting with police to present alleged evidence of extortion against Grigorieva.

The lawyers are pushing for a criminal investigation into Grigorieva from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

In the recordings, released by entertainment website Radar Online, Gibson is heard using racist language against African-Americans and Hispanics, referring to Grigorieva as a "whore" and apparently acknowleging hitting her.

The Oscar-winning director of movies like Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ is heard shouting at Grigorieva: "You look like a f---ing pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of n---ers it will be your fault."

While the tapes have not been confirmed to be genuine, Gibson has not issued a denial since they were publicly released last Friday week.

Gibson fathered a daughter with Grigorieva last October but announced their break-up in April this year.

17 Jul 2010

Is this what the realationship has come to i.e. MONEY? It could not possibly be true ??? !!! ???

Money we giveth to you and money we will taketh away.

16 July 2010

Google's Wi-Fi snoop nabbed passwords and emails

French inspection

The Wi-Fi traffic collected by Google's world-roving Street View cars included passwords and email, according to a report citing a preliminary study from the French data protection authority.

IDG reports that the French National Commission on Computing and Liberty (CNIL) has examined part of the data, after it was turned over by Google. "It's still too early to say what will happen as a result of this investigation," CNIL told IDG.

"However, we can already state that [...] Google did indeed record e-mail access passwords [and] extracts of the content of email messages."

On May 14, contradicting previous assertions, Google said that its Street View cars had spent three years collecting payload data from unsecured W-Fi network across the globe. Previously, the company had said that in scanning open Wi-Fi networks, the cars were collecting only the SSIDs that identified the networks and MAC addresses that identified particular network hardware, including routers. Google uses this data in products that rely on location data, such as Google Maps.

In admitting it intercepted payloads as well, Google said that it only collected "fragments" of data, adding that its cars "are on the move" and that its in-car Wi-Fi equipment automatically changes channels roughly five times a second. But according to the CNIL – an independent authority that oversees the country's data laws – at least some (very) personal data was captured intact.

Google captured data in thirty different countries. Some countries asked the company to delete the data – and in some cases, it complied – while others have requested that the data be kept for the time being so that the situation could be investigated. On June 4, Google shared the data its cars had collected in France with the CNIL. The CNIL told IDG that it was the first country to receive data from Google. Spain and Germany have also requested the data captured within their borders.

theregister.co.uk 18 June 2010

  • Google has DELIBERATELY lied that it did not collect user data.
  • Google did NOT make a mistake (as it claims) in writing a program to collect data.
  • If an individual did the same it would be branded terrorism by authorities.
  • Google has breached individuals privacy.
Just another means to 'control' the masses.

Google should see jail time, BUT will NOT.

15 July 2010

Old Spice man makes online proposal

One of the internet's most recent viral sensations has used his new-found fame to propose to a woman on behalf of a man who tweeted him.

Isaiah Mustafa, who found internet stardom as the star of the popular Old Spice body wash and after-shave commercials has spent the last two days replying to Twitter questions from fans.

In addition to offering witty videos to questions from actress Alyssa Milano, blogger Perez Hilton and TV host Ryan Seacrest, Mustafa replied to a request from tweeter Johannes S Beals to propose to girlfriend Angela A Hutt-Chamberlin.

"Angela A Hutt-Chamberlin It seems like yesterday that you met JS Beals but your love has blossomed from a seed into a fully grown love plant," he said.

"Will you make JS Beals the happiest man in the world and marry him in real life?"

"We'll be eagerly awaiting your reply — eagerly."

Less than four hours after the initial tweet, Mr Beals announced via Twitter that his girlfriend had accepted his proposal.

Posting a message on the YouTube page where the video ran, Ms Hutt-Chamberlain also declared she had said yes.

"This is the best proposal that I could have imagined."

Mustafa became a viral video star after a bold and surreal commercial for Old Spice body wash debuted on US television during the Superbowl.

Entitled The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, the advertisement was given the Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival last month, the highest award for television commercials.

Mustafa, 36, became an actor at the end of his professional American football career in the late '90s.

Biggest breasted woman 'fighting for life'

A Brazilian woman who claims to have the biggest breasts in the world is fighting for her life after suffering complications from breast augmentation surgery.

Sheyla Hershey, 30, developed a staph infection in her most recent surgical procedure, FOX News reported.

Now living as a housewife in Houston, Texas, more than 30 surgical procedures have seen Hershey claim a 38KKK size breasts, believed to be a world record.

She may now lose her implants as well as possibly her entire breasts after she developed an infection during a procedure in June.

Surgeons are reportedly concerned the infection will now get into her bloodstream.

Her British boyfriend had paid for many of her procedures but she had dumped him after he asked her to stop getting more surgery.

"I loved him very much but I had to leave him to follow my dream."

IBM helps Chicago keep an eye on its citizens

Big Blue software to monitor thousands of surveillance cams

Next time you're in Chicago, say cheese.

Chances are good your likeness will be captured on a futuristic video surveillance system the city is rolling out with the help of IBM and several other tech companies.

Today, officials from Chicago and IBM announced the initial phase of Operation Virtual Shield, which they're trumpeting as one of the most advanced security networks in any US city. It will use IBM software to analyze in real time thousands of hours of video being recorded on more than 1,000 cameras that run continuously.

The project, which has the ability to read license plates and zoom in on items as small as a backpack, comes three weeks after statistics released under a freedom of information request suggested that video surveillance cameras installed in London did little to solve crime in that city. Many professors also say there are no studies that show cameras reduce crime.

While IBM officials refused to say how much the system will cost, they were quick to say it would be boon to the city.

"Cities are faced with ever-increasing threats such as routine crime or terrorist activity and the only way to preventively protect citizens is through a truly sophisticated security surveillance system," IBM vice president Mike Daniels said.

Thousands of security cameras are already being used in Chicago by businesses and police. At least some of them are connected by a unified fiber network and by a wireless mesh. But right now, there aren't enough eyes to monitor them all, and that's where the IBM software comes in. Big Blue says the software will be able to search throughout the network to locate cars or other items under suspicion.

The project is being funded at least partially by the Department of Homeland Security. It is unknown when the system will be fully operational.

theregister.co.uk 28 Sep 2007

Altough not a new article, it is an illustration of how governments use technology to 'control' the population.

This kind of surveillance has NOTHING to do with terrorist prevention, but rather to document the movements of the population.

Mick Gatto - The Movie

It is amazing how the mass media, romances / idolises / supports the actions of criminals.

Crime in reality TV is being pushed onto the general populous in great force, and the people are told that they fall in love with TV dramas like Underbelly, which could not be further from the truth.

In a never ending support for crime, Hollywood now claims to desire to make a move on Mick Gatto, an Australian/Italian crime - drug lord.

The fact that Gatto's dealings in drugs, killings, and the proceeds of crime have deliberately been overlooked by authorities / politicians, and the Australian Tax Office and the fact that Gatto is NOT incarcerated but blatantly flaunts the fact that this calibre of criminal IS supported by the law.

Australia is truly a remarkable country where criminals of the highest calibre have law enforcement agencies on their payroll, AND the support of law makers and politicians.

The law is fully aware of the criminal activities of Gatto, yet he remains untouched.

As a general rule, it is the rouge criminals that are NOT part of the larger syndicates that are sacrificed.

The mass media in Australia is controlled by the Stokes, Packer and Murdoch families who's focus is to keep the peasants entertained with mindless drivel.

Iran halts woman's stoning

Iran's judiciary chief has temporarily halted the execution by stoning of a woman accused of adultery, state news agency IRNA reported on Sunday, quoting a judiciary official.

"Although the verdict is definitive and applicable, the verdict has been halted due to humanitarian reservations and upon the order of the honourable judiciary chief and it will not be carried out for the moment," Malek Ajdar Sharifi, head of the judiciary in East Azerbaijan province, told IRNA.

The woman, Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, a 43-year-old mother of two, had been sentenced to death by stoning after she was found guilty of adultery by an Iranian court, a ruling that has sparked outcry in Western countries.

But Sharifi said the move was temporary and her death sentence could be carried out as decided by the judiciary chief, Sadeq Larijani.

"Whenever the judiciary chief deems it expedient, the verdict will be carried out regardless of Western media propaganda," Sharifi said.

Mohammadi-Ashtiani was convicted on May 15, 2006 of having an "illicit relationship" with two men, according to her lawyer and London-based rights watchdog Amnesty International.

Amnesty said she received 99 lashes as per her sentence but was subsequently accused of "adultery while being married" in September 2006 during the trial of a man accused of murdering her husband.

afp 12 July 2010

13 July 2010

Police must pay for boy's death: mother

The mother of a boy killed by a car as he lay handcuffed on a road wants the police who arrested him to feel the terror of her son's final moments.

Andrew John Bornen, 16, died on February 7, 2009 soon after he was arrested in the Ipswich suburb of Brassall.

Bornen was handcuffed and lying face down on a busy road when an oncoming car struck and killed him.

Outside a coronial inquest into her son's death, Helen Donaldson said her primary objective was to ensure no one else died in similar circumstances.

"I'm actually hoping what happened to Andrew won't happen to anyone else again," she told reporters.

Ms Donaldson said the two officers who left her son handcuffed on the road had failed in their duty of care and must not escape punishment.

"They have made a mistake and they need to be punished for it."

She said she wanted the officers to experience the horror her son would have endured.

"What I'd like to do ... is put them on a road in the same situation that Andrew was and have a car run straight up towards them," she said.

"I want them to feel what happened to Andrew - not actually get run over but to be in that situation and be scared."

She said police must learn a lesson from the death of her son, the fourth of her eight children.

She said she did not hold the driver of the car responsible.

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers said the incident was tragic for all involved, including the two officers.

"Police officers, they're human, they were doing their job," he said.

"They feel for everyone involved in this. They are doing it tough as well."

Earlier, inside the Ipswich Magistrates Court, two witnesses told the inquest the boy may have been drunk in the hours before his death.

Steven White and Timothy Machen said they'd had verbal exchanges with an unidentified male believed to be Bornen.

The male appeared to be drunk and was swaying and carrying a baseball bat.

"He seemed to be drunk and disorderly. He seemed to have a baseball bat in one hand and a can in the other," Mr Machen told the court.

The witnesses said the man was not behaving aggressively.

Queensland Coroner Michael Barnes is presiding over the inquest, which is mandatory in death-in-custody cases. It's expected to run for the rest of the week.

12 July 2010

A classic example of where your life in the hands of police means absolutely NOTHING.

Australia is hurridly becoming a POLICE STATE, where the masses can be considered criminals before any proof.

11 July 2010

Harvey Norman - LG CDs

Currently one of the bigger rip offs in products is the humble CD.

The CD in question is the LG 700Mb Compact Disk.

At Dick Smith Electronics, the retail for $2, whereas at Harvery Norman, they sell for close enough to $10.

Mc Donalds consumer rip off

Fast food outlets are have long been (affectionately?) known for their Junk Food .

Does the Junk food feed Junk people?
Is the quality of these people really good for Canon Fodder?
Who cares if these people get cancer from the Fast Food Providers,
you can't prove it was from that just like the smoking industry denied their stuff...

Whilst this may be dismissed by the general populous, their food stuffs have serious implcations if used as the main source of nutrition.

The plain fact that governments have NOT shut down thses places for 'poisoning' the public is a seperate concern in itself.

False Advertising:

McDonalds claim that their retail stores that provide JUNK FOOD to CANON FODDER are RESTAURANTS.

A restaurant is a place where one can sit down and order frood from a waiter, and NOT go to a common ordering trough for their JUNK FOOD.

Another McDonalds marketing LIE.

In an independant experiment, a small serving of fries was bought from McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

The McDonalds fries had 51 grams of product:

compared to 129 grams of product from Kentuckey Fried Chicken:

Another example of a Consumer Rip off from McDonalds.

Internet Censorship - No music for Australia

The effects of internet censorship are REAL and IN FORCE today.

The government 'claims' it needs to censor the internet from predators, and throws out words like CHILD PORNORGRAPHY, to entice the public to follow it's lead, as who would DARE oppose this when child pornography is at stake.

The truth could NOT be further from reality. This whole censorship has NOTHING to do with child pornography, as examples like China show that it's really about FREE SPEECH.

An example shown in this illustration show that if someone in Australia wants to listen or watch Ke$ha (Kesha) - Your love is my drug, they are NOT allowed.

This has NOTHING to do with CHILD PORN, as purpoted by the government.

Poker Machine Fraud - Government supported

The Herald Sun newspaper has published in late June, a story in it's Sunday edition, detailing how poker machines are 'rigged' fraudulently into a 'near-hit' to lure the gambler to play more.

The method was outlined by an inside source, that naturally has NOT been named by the Herald Sun.

A Gambler can pay the casino up to $6000 per day for sitting on a chair.

Casinos have a clear policy that states that a gambler is NOT allowed to observe or implement a method that can be favourable to themselves. If this is noticed by the casino, the gambler is then expelled.

By this VERY same policy, the casino breaks the very rules it employs against its patrons, and there is NO penalty applied against the casino.

It is a well known fact within the industry, that casinos are used for :
money laundering,
the proceedings of crimes are dealt within the walls of the casino, and
bribes can be taken away / as cashed in chips from fictitious 'winnings'.

Government officials and Law enforcement agencies are on the payroll of the casino.

The Government deliberately turns a 'blind eye', as the casino, pays the government $5 billion per year.

Australia's drug industry is worth approx $18 billion in 2008.

There is DELIBERATLEY NO investigation into the fraudulent operation of the poker machines, and even if there was the report would indicate that there are NO problems.

Fines for 4km/h over speed limit

Senior NSW police say the Roads and Traffic Authority is considering plans to reduce the amount of leeway given to speeding motorists to as low as 4 km/h.

The proposal, which would follow a similar take-no-prisoners approach by the Victorian government, has drawn criticism from senior highway patrol officers, who believe the margin for error is too small, The Sun-Herald says.

The reduced tolerances are part of a tougher stance on speeding adopted by the NSW government, which includes six mobile speed cameras appearing on Sydney streets from July 19.

Driving fines are expected to rise by $137 million in the next year, partially because of mobile speed cameras, the state budget reported.

The cameras, which can fine six drivers every second, will be set up in white Ford Territory vans operated by RTA-contracted company Redflex. Signs will inform drivers they have been "checked" after they pass the vans, which also shoot video.

One senior Sydney policeman told The Sun-Herald, on condition of anonymity, that a 4 km/h tolerance is so small that a new set of tyres or the width of a speedometer needle could land motorists on the wrong side of the law. He said some radars have an error margin of plus or minus 3 km/h, while most police allow a margin of 8 or 9 km/h at 60 km/h.

The RTA is responsible for the limit on fixed cameras, as well as those in the new mobile vans.

An RTA spokeswoman said: "The RTA does not discuss enforcement thresholds on road safety grounds." But she did not deny the hardline approach is being considered, the paper says.

11 July 2010

NBN - Governemnt Lies

What the ads claim:

The recent ads on Australian T.V. are what is called in 'old school' terms as propaganda, i.e. lies which are sold to the public in a palatable form.

What the ads do not mention is that the Australian Telecommunications Giant
Telstra, has stifled technology, but rather acknowledge that Australia is behind other developed countries like USA Japan and Sweden.

The ads claims that the new rollout of fibreoptic cable project, dubbed NBN, that this will increase the data rates of 100 times what the population currently experiences.

It is NOT uncommon to have ADSL/ADSL2 data rates of 2Mbps or even 8Mbps, compared to 100Mbps or even up to 200Mbps for the Americans.

Under the claims of the government ads, Australia should be expericencing 200Mbps or even 800Mbps, which is just a plain LIE.

Real Data Rates:

Again information NOT available to the general public, current real world data rates in test examples of which one is in Tasmania and the other on the Mainland, show that real download rates vary from 30Mbps to 50Mbps.

Internet Censorship:

What the government is keeping out of the public eye is that in proposals to censor the internet, reports have been submitted, that show that the current infrastructure is not able to cope with the extra demands of censorship. Thus the birth of a marketing campaign that shows how the government 'cares' for your download rates.

The NBN National Broadband Network is just a quicker way to censor us.

Governments quite often use "retail" versions to push a hidden agenda.