13 July 2012

Take away pizza Melbourne junk food

One aspect that is clearly overlooked by authorities or inspectors is that of food handling hygene, and the general hygene of premises.

Corpau is aware that inspectors are bribed by many establishments in order to put foward false reports.

On a trip to Melbourne, an Elizabeth St. take away / dine in pizza esablishment was spied to have an unsanitary kitchen, and surrounds.

It is not uncommon for businesses to hire cheap unskilled and unqualified labour in many industry's, including food.

Food poisoning can be a serious matter, and in extreme circumstances can lead to death.

The photo illustration shows the filthy conditions where the 'junk food' is prepared.

More needs to be done to keep the unaware masses safe from places like this.

One place to definitely stay away from.

12 July 2012

The Shire

The Shire is coming to television!

On Monday the 16th of July, a new Aussie reality tv 'program' is being given to the masses.
The Aussie version of the trailer park trash  'hit' show Jersey Shore from the United States of America is coming to the 'idiot box'.
The program is to brainwash the children of the canon fodder into this trailer park trash behaviour that the  shows 'stars' are actively promoting.

Anti social behaviour, sexual promiscuity, foul language and general loser behaviour is the accolade of success, as purpoted by the corporate media. The complete lack of education is also a prerequisite to being a 'star'. In that format the herd can be easily manipulated.

This is unhealthy television programming at its best.

Another trash programming of the peasants minds.

Recorded for training purposes

In today's day and age the monitoring of the masses is a high priority.

Information is collected both officially and against the knowledge of the people under the microscope.

When one calls a government institution or corporation a common message the caller is greeted by is that one of informing them that the conversation is "recorded for quality assurance or training purposes".

This statement by any government or business is deliberately misleading the caller.

Whilst any organisation can claim or even do use a recording for training purposes the main objective for recording the 'customer' is to put the information contained within on the database or the personnel file of the individual if the information is obtained by a government organisation.

This information is stored indefinitely, and its purpose can be used against the individual rather than for  benefit.

This practice has been going on for decades, with no indication that the false and deceptive misinformation given to the general populous will ever stop.

It is in no one's interest (nor government nor corporate) to inform the public, that the recordings arenot for what they claim to be.

Cops doubling up on fines

When it comes to fraud by authorities or governments it is labeled as a 'hiccup' or 'bungle', once it makes it out into the public arena.

Such has been the case with the recent overcharging of customers by the water 'authority'.

Another scam or rather fraud that the authorities are committing against the general populous, is that of doubling up on the speed / traffic offense fines.

Similar cars with similar number plates are both issued a traffic infringement notice falsely, with full knowledge of the issuing party.

Since the masses are 'conditioned' not to question authority, or even the authorities make it difficult to appeal against any traffic convictions, the masses generally comply with the infringement notice even of they were not in the area where the said offense occurred, in order to avoid any hassles.

The police are fully aware of this fact and work solely on the probability of the masses not questioning the fines.

Even when the defendant has proof of being elsewhere, that is not accepted by the issuing body of the infringement notice.

This has been going on for decades right under the mass media's nose, where there has been a (deliberate?) silence.

The corporate media, is an official government propaganda tools. Whistle blowers or even reporters who defy the corporations policies are sanctioned, or their livelihood is in jeopardy.