30 July 2021

What is the Cycle Threshold used in Ireland?

So, what is the number of cycles used in Ireland?

Keeping in mind that currently the WHO recommends 25-35.


28 July 2021

Privacy Policy regarding Check In app

See the Privacy Policy with regards to Check In Qld app"

Police try to mine data from check-in app

While the authorities of colony state on the radio that checking in via QR code is mandatory, there is no lawful instrument in place that states so.

In order to easily and cost effectively 'administer' the people of the colony, centralised collection is a priority, where all the hard work, i.e. data input is done by the serfs.

See article:

This is another reason not to trust the police.

26 July 2021

The 'jab' is useless according to NSW Health

According to the statistics rattled off by Dr. Jeremy McAnulty, the 'jab' is technically useless.

See video:

The conclusion is very simple dear Watson.

Out of 141 'cases' all but one were injected.

Therefore the fluid injected into the test subjects is literally useless.

Just to throw another spanner in the works:

Please note that the state of NSW determines a person being a 'case' on a Ct (Cycle threshold) at 40, as mentioned in an official government 'tweet':

Currently the WHO recommends 25-35.

In Australia, the people in control should be charged with medical negligence.

23 July 2021

A behind the scenes look into Facecrook’s censorship

(the red marks marks have been added so that the key words are obscured)

Here is a unique insight into Mark DataBurglar’s ‘social media’ monopoly.

MANY people have the idea that censorship means the redacting of words in articles, but it also means limiting the flow of information, which is exactly what the so called social media forum does.

Here is a screen capture of an article that ‘just’ featured a video clip.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) software then scanned the frames of the video, and according to the parameters signed of by the data burglar, flagged the post under a particular label, which then limited its propagation.

People are then only shown the numbers of the above post being 72 (whatevers), 44 (comments) and 27 (shares).

The same information was then packaged up differently into a post where it was not flagged and the results speak for themselves, with the ‘full’ statistics made public.

The results at the time of the screen capture are, 14,178 people reached, 205, 209 and 149.

What the public are not shown and the content creator has the following information: 

22 July 2021

Locked up in NSW with the threat of your home invaded by the army?

Do you feel like a prisoner in the colony called Australia?

The so called health pretext is only a 'gateway'.

NOW, they're threatening you with the army at your door step to stab you with an experimental liquid.

Remember they KNOW you're home, because they locked you up.

What happens if you don't answer the door knock, keeping in mind that you are under no legal obligation to do so.

Are they going to break your door down?

Are they going to throw you to the ground, step on your head and stab you with a trial liquid?

The shenanigans of the 'rascals and outlaws' in control of the colony.

See the video that Facecrook restricted: