12 May 2018

Australian government's deliberate education fail

In this day and age education is a privilege and not a right.

Government's are not in the business to provide top quality education for the children of the herd population, and least of all for the residents of a (penal) colony called Australia.

Why would the people in the Australian government want to teach the children of the cannon fodder for example;

- the 'Constitution' (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK),
- Australia was taken from a people already 'occupying' the land, suggesting that the 'crown' is not as honourable as written,
- The Sheriff of Victoria cannot produce warrants, emanating from fines, as required by law,
- many Acts are in circulation unlawfully,
-  Today's 'city councils' across Australia are not the lawful department of the state as they are supposed to be, as defined within the 'Constitution',

just to name a few.

It's easier to teach the children of the cannon fodder to;

- focus on social media to get as many followers as possible,
- 'consume' Apple or Samsung products,
- become data providers for Au Gov Co, Google, Facebook, Amazon et al,
- be subservient to authorities without asking questions,
- live by the 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear' government propaganda,

and so many more examples that may create a blog that mere mortal man may not be able to finish reading within his lifetime.

See how the Australian government has deliberately failed the general population.

08 May 2018

How to stop police from entering your property

Recently in Melbourne's west, party-goers were in the process of destroying a woman's home.

When she called police to stop the vandals from continuing to commit criminal activity, the police responded, with:

 the response that they cannot attend:

"... because the people had rented the house and invited guests..."

and as a result the police 'force' was not able to enter the property.

In the Victoria Police Manual, under Policy Rules, Victoria Police have the duty to preserve the peace, protect life and property, as seen in excerpt below:

This lack of action by the business known as Victoria Police (ABN 63 446 481 493) is known as malfeasance, where a person would want to sue Victoria Police for such non-action.

If you do not pay a fine the uniforms (police/sheriff) may remove you from your vehicle / residence by force (e.g. 10:1), or you may be imprisoned for unlawfully handed out fines.

- NO action for damage against a 'person',
- BRUTAL force for (alleged) 'damage' for not paying fines.

Australia the Police State.

06 May 2018

Imported rapist allowed to stay in Australia

"Australia the 'lucky' country" Right?

'Lucky' for who? The rapist or his victim(s)?

MANY victims of crime in Australia say that there is no 'justice' where they are correct, only rather a balance sheet with regards to liability.

It looks like it's back to 1788 penal colony policies, where the criminals are allowed to (freely) roam this countryside.

The Australian Government will allow registered sex offender (import) Sushil Kumar to stay in Australia and possibly rape more women.

Will you hold those people (for letting him stay) responsible if your daughter / wife gets raped by Sushil Kumar? After all they are liable, right?

It's all about a 'fair go' for the offenders and NOT the victims.

Failure of Government? Nope! Functioning exactly as the law makers intend it to.

The Australian Government, living up to community expectations?