05 August 2017

Every Australian MP is in office unlawfully

We have been informed from within government sources that most of Australia's MP's are not aware of this document called the 'Constitution' (for short) or even of its contents, given that this document has been a law for nearly 117 years, where the people in government must abide by it.

MP's have apparently woken up to Section 44 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, where if they are under;

 "... any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power ..." 

then they are in trouble, where many have 'just' now realised this law.

That pesky Constitution sure is a bugbear for those in the three tiers of government all the way from the Governor-General (currently Mr. George Brandis) to the lack of any lawful 'Chapter III' courts.

The best way for the people in government to deal with it would be to con the mass population of Australia into becoming a (banana) republic, but that's a digression to another post or few dozen.

We have been provided with documentation showing that Australia's MP's are not in office lawfully, something some people may already know, but that is totally different from proving this within the current legislation.

So what do you think will happen IF this information is made public and/or hits the floor of the parliament?

Do you really think the criminals in office will say something to the effect of; 

okay the jig is up, you busted us... we'll be happy to face criminal prosecution, we'll leave and destroy our family lives in the process...

Of course not silly, these criminals in office will destroy you financially, assassinate your character via their brethren in the mainstream media or maybe just get their armed goon squad, the police to fix it for them, after all the police work for them and not the people right???

STILL not convinced you're on a prison island run by criminals with guns???

Why do you think they took the guns from people, under the Port Arthur pretext?

04 August 2017

All is not right with the NBN, will you be a victim?

03 August 2017

NEWSFLASH: Stealing petrol in Victoria is NOT a crime

What the serfs in Victoria, Australia are told in 'advertising' material on petrol bowsers is that apparently "Stealing petrol is a crime", as indicated by illustration below;

People 'advertising' stuff wouldn't lie would they?

There are laws against false / misleading 'advertisements', right?

Let's take a look at what the government did not that long ago.

The 'Australian Government' advertised on the television for people to complete the census form, an action that the people did NOT have to partake in, as there was no lawful notice given to do so.

If the 'government' cares so much for people to follow law, then why does it not advertise that you only need to carry your licence on you if you are under 26 years of age (in Victoria) as per 'law', i.e.

Road Safety Act 1986 Section 19 (8)
       A person under the age of 26 years who holds a driver licence must have the licence in his or her possession at all times while driving or in charge of a motor vehicle.
Penalty applying to this subsection: 5 penalty units.

The Victorian motoring public have been conned that stealing petrol is a crime.

This is confirmed in today's  newspaper by the mainstream media that if the coalition gets elected in 2018, petrol theft will be reclassified as a criminal offence.

Any class of deranged individual (i.e. sovereign 'citizen' or freeman on the land) will tell you that the only law or 'God's' law is to do no harm.

From what we comprehend theft is causing someone harm, irrespective of who they are or in this case whether you 'like' oil the companies or not.

Would the lack of classifying the theft of petrol have something to do with it being sold as a commodity?

02 August 2017

Aussie 'justice' 101 - Parking fine equals gaol, Killing equals ticket to freedom

31 July 2017

Victoria Police destroying evidence re Corinna Horvath case?

The Corinna Horvath case is a real thorn in the side of Victoria Police.

It would have been cheaper (less man hours involved) to kill her and cover it up, than to beat her senseless to a point where she could not remember her name and then to deal with the litigation involved over a 20 year period.

The litigation has 'gone global' i.e. it went to the U.N. as there was no remedy for a victim of criminal activity by Victoria Police, where the matter showed how barbaric Victoria Police really are (well not really but rather just in line with the policies of colonialists of this country from 1788 with regards to the treatment of the serf population).

We have cited documentation from a source that is required to be anonymous, showing that the ongoing matter of Victoria Police v Horvath, indicates that Victoria Police is trying to tamper / remove evidence with regards to Corinna's case, documents in the magnitude of a fair few dozen.

Many people who have dealt with Victoria Police in a criminal capacity know too well of the false statements, and doctored evidence Victoria Police produce against the 'accused' and even the one who accuses them.

'Customers' of Victoria Police are then falsely lead to believe that an independent institution exists where complaints can be escalated up the chain of command.

In reality the people you are complaining to are the colleagues and business associates of the ones who have caused your 'person' harm, therefore there will never be an impartial decision.

We intend on making the specifics of this matter public knowledge at a later point in time as this is in the public's interest to expose and reduce criminal activity.

Deliberate Government Failure - Metadata laws

The government has been collecting ALL communications data for quite some time where only recently this action has been supported by 'law'.

The people of Australia are told that all this collection of (meta)data is apparently to thwart 'terrorism', in order to protect the good people?

Well if this is actually the case then the people in the corporation aggregate called the 'Australian Government' have FAILED to thwart / prevent this current alleged act of 'terrorism'?

How can you trust the people in government bringing in 'laws' have ZERO effect in protecting the tax slave population?