12 November 2016

Refugees are not the problem corrupt governments that create them are

Is the company called the 'Australian Government' supporting overseas corrupt government actions by accepting refugees ?

THE general populous of Australia have been 'notified' by a member of the 'Australian Government' (Bronwyn Bishop - in 2015) that:

"The first job of a government is to look after the safety of its people"

As one should be aware 'refugees' are created as a result of something going very wrong in one's country.

That something going 'wrong' is as a result of a failure of governance ("peace, order, and good government").

Refugees are NOT the problem, they are as a result of a corrupt government.

As people power can prevail, HELP them deal with the corrupt people in their country's government by sending them back EN MASSE.

11 November 2016

In Australia go to prison for fines from a business but get away with murder

The people of this continent have entrusted their family's lives into the hands of the 'authorities' that being the law makers, MPs and their (and not the people's) minions the police.

Who are the 'people' and where to they stand with regards to law on this continent?

The wise men who one would think are more qualified than anyone else from the herd population, create laws with 'integrity' in mind for "peace, order and good government".

Laws are created by those wise men with integrity in such a manner that a person can go to prison for over a year for not paying unlawful fines emanating from a company who's alleged power comes from an unlawfully enacted law (Act).

If you receive a parking fine you are treated by the courts as a criminal.

If you are in court for speeding, your entire driving history is before the court and the public, whereas if you killed someone your prior history is suppressed.

The wise lawmaking men with 'integrity' have set the courts up in dealing with fictitious debt to unlawful corporations treating the person as a criminal whereas one who can kill a toddler can literally get away with murder?

Just showing the cannon fodder their place in this administrative penal colony.

How different would the administration deal with a murdered daughter or son of a judge?

10 November 2016

Have you got problems with the law in Victoria? This may help

Nearly everyone who has appeared in court from an unlawful (as opposed to illegal) public transport fine, parking fine, red light / speed camera fine to other 'criminal' offences has been duped.

The 'authorities' would have you believe that the laws (read Acts) they have in place are there lawfully, whereas they are not.

Comprehend the process that makes the Act in the illustration  the valid one and not the '75 version that is in 'force' today and you should be on the way to a remedy in your legal matter.

09 November 2016

US election fraud, whereas the Australian government is sqeeky clean?

In as little words as possible:

The Australian executive apparently overflowing highly qualified people with integrity.

Let's put aside the recent 'Teflon (alleged) criminals' like Steve Herbert and Attorney-General George Brandis in office.

Why does the corporate media not report on the people who have been harmed by Victoria Police who have decided to take action receiving on average $250,000 per week?

So the herd populace is told "nothing to hide nothing to fear" right ??? !!! ???

So why do the Australian courts seal cases that the public cannot access regarding the fraud within the judicature?

The Australian government dealing in transparency, right?

If the people in a business called the 'Australian Government' are in office lawfully and in office for "peace, order, and good government" (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act), ask yourself why can't you obtain a senate writ?

Try this at home:

Write a letter to your friendly government (under FOI - 'cause the serfs are allowed this privilege) asking for a senate writ and post your response here.

Attorney-General George Brandis another liar cheat and frauster to be expelled from office?

Some people may have the herd populace believe that the people in 'power' are highly qualified who have 'integrity'.

But what the herd does not know won't hurt them right?

That's why many pivotal and important court cases are kept from the public eye.

That's why the government rules in secrecy, where documents are not allowed into the public arena.

That's why MANY people from the executive are above the law.

MP, Steve Herbert stole from the public purse resigned from parliament, where in reality he should have been charged with fraud.

Are the police going to charge him with theft? 

You know if you (a member of the herd populace) steal e.g. a paper clip from  (e.g.) Officeworks you WILL be charged consequently have a criminal conviction.

Let's put aside the fact the Brandis in not in office lawfully.

So while the slaves are busy with the Trump / Clinton  farce, beer and da footy, the executive will continue to commit fraud and other criminal activity, all with 'integrity' of course.

Read article from 9 Nov 2016 by news.com.au of the headline:

Attorney-General George Brandis ‘misled’ Parliament, Senate inquiry finds

Attorney-General George Brandis mislead parliament over the Gleeson affair, a Senate committee has found. Picture: AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

ATTORNEY-General George Brandis ‘misled’ Parliament over a consultation with former Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson, a senate inquiry has found. 
In a damning report tabled late on Tuesday, the Labor and Greens-dominated Senate committee found the Attorney-General had failed to consult with Mr Gleeson appropriately over a controversial directive introduced earlier this year.

The directive ruled no-one in government, including the Prime Minister, could seek the Solicitor-General’s advice without first obtaining written permission.

Mr Gleeson resigned last month over the matter, saying his relationship with his colleague was “irretrievably broken”.

The report called for the Senate to censure the Mr Brandis for “misleading the Parliament and failing to discharge his duties appropriately”.

It also called for the Senate to disallow the directive and for the Attorney-General to explain his actions to Parliament within three sitting days.

Former Solicitor-General Justin Gleeson. Picture: Kym SmithSource:News Corp Australia

“The Attorney-General’s claim to have ‘consulted’ the Solicitor-General brings to mind the dissenting judgment of Lord Atkin in the famous administrative law decision of the House of Lords,” the report said.

“He said ‘I know of only one authority which might justify the suggested method of construction — ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.”

The report said the case provided evidence Mr Brandis should be discharged from his duties as Attorney-General.

Government members of the committee included a dissenting report which accused Labor and the Greens of using the Senate Committee to pursue a political agenda.

Justice John Macrossan blames 12 y.o. girl for being raped

MANY victims of crime scream for 'justice' but it can be very difficult for people to comprehend that  the courts do not deal in justice but rather in liability.

The wise learned and 'fair' men that have installed law on this continent have done so where:

  • judges who let criminals out, where they re-offend i.e. causing harm to the community (herd populace) are not accountable for their actions.
  •  if you steal money from the system you end up in prison, whereas if you commit 'white' collar fraud / theft against the people (not just anyone but rather the herd populace)  you not only get to keep your ill gotten gains but most likely do not go to jail.
  • absolute (you are guilty and you will be punished) and strict (you are guilty and you must prove your innocence) liability are in force.
  • people are punished via an illegal and fictitious entity called the 'Infringements' Court' (in Victoria), where Victoria Police are also supporting this fraud (read criminal action).
  • an unlawfully enacted Act is in 'force' (e.g. Sheriff Act 2009) where people have their possessions stolen under the fear of extortion, threats of violence  and/or incarceration from the unlawfully enacted sheriff or even Victoria Police in criminal activities with the alleged sheriffs.
  • the lawmakers have illegally implemented something that most people are criminally charged for called 'owner onus' in relation to road crimes.
  • people have been sent to prison for not paying unlawful fines emanating from a private road toll company where their 'power' comes from an unlawfully enacted Act. 
  •  Victoria Police even when lying under oath or destroying evidence do not succumb to criminal charges.
 Chief Justice John Macrossan, another paedophile supporting judge?

But what would you / we know anyway???

The executive is full of people with 'intergrity' (spelling mistake on purpose), who have more credibility and training to destroy the lives of the herd populace even better than the herd can themselves.

Some of the people become 'Supreme' court judges (VERY impressive title), who let more criminals out into the streets, who still support the idea that it's the victim's fault for being raped?

That's why many court cases are sealed and kept from the herd populace's eyes, because of the judicature's 'intergrity'.

That's why Victoria Police pays approx $1,000,000 per month in compensation from harm and that's only for people who have woken up to Victoria Police's corruption.

Don't forget that the results you see are all actions from 'qualified' people in the executive who are there to "... look after the safety of its people" (Bronwyn Bishop).

Read article from 8 Nov 2016 by news.com.au of the headline:

Xan Fraser: Gang rape victim brings story to life on stage

Xan Fraser, on stage in Perth telling the story of how she was gang raped when she was 12. Picture: Daniel Grant

WHEN Xan Fraser was 12 years old she left her family home in a small Queensland town to go rollerskating with a friend. It was 1981 and rollerskating was all the rage.
On her way to the rink she came across another girl who convinced her to go to a house party instead. She now describes it as “one of the biggest mistakes” of her life.

Upon arriving at the party she was plied with alcohol to the point where she passed out.

Three older boys carried her by her arms and legs to a bush block where they stripped her and gang raped her. She was sodomised and “played with ... for hours”.

When they were done they carried her back to an old panel van near the house.

They put her naked body on the dash, and her head through the steering wheel. They left her for dead in near-freezing temperatures.

Later, two passers-by found her and called an ambulance.

She woke up in hospital with her mother crying and holding her hand. Her mother had to explain to her what had happened.

The three males were arrested and according to police documents they admitted to raping and indecently dealing with the unconscious girl.

At the trial at the Queensland Supreme Court later that year, Xan — still 12 years old — was required to appear as a witness, and was grilled about how much make-up she had been wearing that night and how tight her jeans were.

Xan Fraser was gang raped by three males when she was just 12 years old.Source:ABC
She now sees it as a blatant case of victim blaming.

“I was just so angry in my head at the time ... I kept thinking ‘why are you picking on me? I’m not the one who has hurt anybody’.”

Stunningly, the three males escaped jail. They were found guilty of indecent dealing and attempted rape and were sentenced to just two years probation.

At the sentencing Justice John Macrossan — who went on to become the Chief Justice of Queensland — said: “There is no doubt in my mind that the offence occurred as a result of the very large quantity of drink which the girl took acting with complete imprudence and utter disregard for her own wellbeing.

“Had the girl ... retained some degree of consciousness it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that in that condition she may have consented to your acts. Who’s to know? ... The girl has not been, so far as I can judge, in any way upset by her experience ... I do not think I have ever heard in the witness box from a more composed 12-year-old.”

It took 30 years for Xan to bring herself to read his remarks. And when she did, she screamed for an hour. She said it felt like she had been raped again.

“It would have given me so much closure if I could have stood in a courtroom with (Justice Macrossan) again,” she told news.com.au.

“That’s probably the most traumatised I have ever been in my life, reading that statement.”
Sadly, the horror for Xan didn’t end with the rape.

After she came home from hospital she was bullied by other children in the community.

She had lit cigarettes put out on her legs and her jaw was dislocated. She retaliated twice by hitting back and as a result was expelled from two separate schools.

Her anger over his comments prompted her to contact ABC’s 7.30 program and she told her story on the show for the first time five years ago.

Watching the episode on TV in a hotel room was playwright Hellie Turner, who was moved to tears. She tentatively contacted Xan to see whether she would be interested in telling her story on stage.

Not only was Xan keen to co-write the show with Turner, she was prepared to appear in a lead role.

Today, Project Xan, which is based on actual court transcripts, will open at PICA in Perth.

Xan Fraser on stage with Daisy Coyle, who plays young Xan. Picture: Daniel GrantSource:Supplied

“I’m putting myself on the line a little bit,” she told 7.30 this week, when discussing the show in a follow-up episode.

“But I just feel it’s in my heart and soul to do it … it means everything to me. Developing the play has been a very therapeutic process.”

Rape culture has made international headlines in the past year. This year Stanford University student Brock Turner received a six-month sentence and was released after three for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman behind a garbage bin.

Xan — who is pursuing damages from the Queensland Government — feels the issue of victim-blaming needs to be urgently addressed.

“It’s still going on to this day … we need to — as a community and a society — do something about it. If this [show] helps a little bit, then that’s all I really want out of this,” she said.

She is devastated that the judge who presided over her case is no longer alive.

Chief Justice John Macrossan died in 2008.Source:News Limited

She says the whole experience hardened her.

“I just thought ‘the worst thing in the world has happened to me — there’s nothing that can hurt me now’. I rebelled against everyone and everything because no one helped me,” she said.

At 13, Xan had a baby — to protect herself from the physical abuse.

“I knew people didn’t hit pregnant people and that’s why I chose to have a baby.”

Xan had her son when she was 13.Source:Supplied

She says it’s one of the best things that could have happened to her.

“It definitely stopped the violence and gave me direction and something to love and focus on. I didn’t get to go to school so my education is where I left it off ... in grade 6.”

Her daughter was born five years later and she found it challenging when she reached her teenage years. She felt that it was important that her daughter learn from her experience and understand why she was so protective.

“When she was about 14 she started wanting to go out to parties with friends. I told her what had happened to me in a really gentle way. She was so dumbfounded and shocked,” she said.

Xan, with her daughter, who is now 28.Source:Supplied

Xan knows that one of her rapists died of cancer at a young age and she “felt that that was karma”.
She hopes that the other two men “have had miserable lives”.

“I just think ‘if you had a daughter, I hope you have a moment where you have regret and realise you got off without any punishment. If someone did that to your daughter, how would you feel?’”

She holds just as much resentment for the judge.

“I felt like he had the opportunity to do the right thing on my behalf. And he failed me,” she said.
She hopes that Project Xan is a success in Perth and would ultimately like to take the show around Australia.

“I’d also like to go to schools and educate the children ... I know how much [talking about it] helped my daughter when she was a teen.”

Despite everything Xan, who now works in Melbourne as a hairdresser, counts herself lucky.

“I feel like I’ve been lucky enough to have the platform to speak out and not everyone gets that opportunity … I feel as though in a way I’m blessed that I’m here today and I can help others.

“That’s really my main goal ... to let people out there know they’re not alone”.

Project Xan opens in Perth on November 8.

08 November 2016

Banda Aceh Band o' Savages

There's Property law, Sharia law and even Human Rights, so many choices but which one triumphs?

When you're a male you get to be a proud owner of a valuable piece of property, namely a breeding device called a woman, as that's what your laws tell you they're only good for. 

You can't educate it (Boko Haram) as it might think for itself and realise you're really an asshole (read uneducated, cruel piece of garbage).

You can pretty much do whatever you want with it (property law), even cease its existence if it shames your family name (whatever that means).

An era of the Dark Ages? Nope. Maybe before? Most certainly not! In the here and now, buddy!

But haven't we got 'Human Rights' now? Now let's not worry too much about the technicalities there.
That only applies to 'Hu-mans' and not men/women from God.

Don't forget it's your religious right to get your daily beating.

Coming soon to your Anglo-town of Austral-Asia.