12 January 2013

Police hunt for man who looked up woman's skirt on a train

POLICE are appealing for public help to identify a man who allegedly used a torch and mirror concealed under a briefcase to view up a woman's skirt on a busy commuter train. 

Police believe this man may be able to assist them with their inquiries into an incident on a train. Supplied

The victim boarded a city-bound Lilydale line train at Richmond station when a man sat opposite her.
He placed his briefcase on his lap and officers allege he pretended to look at a newspaper crossword.
"While the train was in transit and entered the city loop, the woman noticed a light shining from the man's crotch and realised he had a torch and mirror between his legs so he could look up her skirt," Detective Sergeant Mick Ashby said.
"She has challenged the man and moved to the doors as the train left Parliament station and got off at the next stop at Melbourne Central where she has lost sight of the man," Sgt Ashby said.
"This is obviously very concerning.
"As far as we are aware, he didn't have any electronic recording device but the set-up was more elaborate than some we have seen.
"It seems the briefcase was in place to hide the torch and mirror."
Police have released images of a man who they believe may be able to assist them in their inquiries and hope someone will recognise his distinctive features and call Crime Stoppers.
The man is described as Caucasian in appearance and aged 50-60, with dark hair and a bushy beard that is greying.
He was wearing a dark broad-brimmed hat, dark-coloured suit jacket with matching pants and a light, blue-coloured button-up shirt.
It is believed the man boarded the City Loop train at Richmond station on Monday, November 26, after commuting inbound on the Sandringham train line.

heraldsun.com.au  7 Jan 2013

Looks hauntingly familiar. Rabi Ashkenazy from Caufield?

India’s abortion of women policy

In recent news, there has been much sensationalism by the corporate media over the pack rape of a woman on a bus in New Delhi, where she died later in a Singapore hospital, from the horrific injuries sustained in the violent rape.

She was taken from New Delhi, India to a Singapore hospital to be treated, not for medical reasons as believed by the masses, but rather as a political move by authorities, an action not in the best interest of the injured individual. Indian hospitals are quite capable of handling her injuries.

Current policy in India is to abort the female foetus for financial reasons.

A tradition practised where a dowry is given to the husband by the bride’s family is seen as an ‘unfortunate’ event and an undesirable financial burden in the eyes of the giving family.

In order for family’s not to succumb to the tradition of the dowry, the abortion of the female foetus is quite a common practice which is kept secret by authorities and government.

This practice has a significant effect on society, not to mention is upsetting the natural balance of nature.
The authorities work together with the corporate media, in order not to draw attention to this barbaric savage act of murder for financial gain.

There is no public outcry, nor any Human Rights campaign, nor any women’s anti-abortion group protests, as authorities do not want to draw attention to this.

India currently serves as a never ending pool of slave labour, and authorities wish to leave it that way.

Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s recent visit to India was to promote Australia as a land of opportunity with plenty of available jobs (to Indians and not Australians) and to secure the next wave of slave labour, under the ‘refugee’ banner. Events are to be staged in India, where Australia will gladly accept the next wave of approximately 300,000 refugees.

The political economy is to reduce the wages of the Australian worker ranging from blue collar to white, by saturating the market with (foreign) jobseekers.

Currently Australian politicians allow slave labour to slip into the country via a backdoor called education.
So called educational institutions have been set up to allow overseas ‘students’ to enter the country under the educational banner, where their prime objective is to work illegally.

Working illegally or ‘off the books’ is actually supported by business and the government, as this action results in a cheaper worker, who in turn propagates an entire industry.

Life (of the cannon fodder) is cheap and expendable when politics and finance come into play.

09 January 2013

Victorians may be priced out of justice as VCAT fees soar

VICTORIANS could be priced out of justice by massive fee hikes at the state's civil tribunal, consumer advocates warn.

The cost of launching small claims, planning fights, tenancy disputes and many other matters will start soaring from March under a planned expansion of the user-pays system.

heraldsun.com.au 8 Jan 2013

In line with the global agenda, the government has embarked on the assault on the general populous to exclude justice matters against the system to be brought forward by the sheep.

Aside from the fact that the legal system is controlled by the Masonic brotherhood, where judgements are in favour of the brethren, irrespective of who's right, the term privilege in the legal fraternity means private law, or justice for those who can afford it, irrespective of evidence or circumstances.

Another loss to the 'sheeple', as their rights are getting stripped right under their noses without a single 'bleet', and a win to the 'corporatocracy'.

07 January 2013

Gay rights for leaders not the sheep

There is a new ‘trend’ that is emerging, under the human rights and equal opportunity / discrimination banners that being of marriage law rights for homosexual couples.
The corporate media being a government lap dog, promotes whatever the agenda set out by government official or unofficial policies. (Pictured: Senator Bob Brown)

Part of these policies is to discredit anyone who has an opinion [under freedom of speech] contrary to the official wave of today, that being the support of homosexual marriages.

The corporate media also detracts from the reality that homosexual marriages, are against the beliefs of the major Abrahamic religions, including Islam. Religions state that marriage is between a man and woman and is a sacred union. (Pictured: PM Julia Gillard)

Politicians are now passing laws that are anti religious, with the support of their corporate cronies labelling anyone who disagrees with homosexual marriages as a ‘homophobe’.

A homophobe is someone who is ‘scared’ of homosexuals, incorrectly labelled by the media, totally omitting the fact that one’s disagreement with homosexuality does not make it a phobia, but rather a religious stance.

Religious oppression is illegal in Australia.

What the uneducated masses may perceive as ‘moving forward’ is actually a smokescreen by the authorities. Politicians / law makers conjure up laws to the benefit of their ‘kind’.

The current legislation for the support of homosexual marriages is only for the benefit of the ruling elite. (Pictured: Lachlan Murdoch)

In government currently there are approximately 68 politicians that are homosexuals. The gay / lesbian lobby in Australia is very prominent, and includes many high profile members, that include people from the music / entertainment / political arenas just to name a few.

There are of course others who are well known homosexuals within their elite group of peers, such as Lachlan Murdoch. PM Julia Gillard, but are oppressed in ‘coming out’ and put on a front (or rather deliberate lie) in the face of the masses.

It was well known within the entertainment industry that the 1960’s ‘70’s and 80’s Aussie TV legend Graham Kennedy was gay, and that any interaction with women (including rumours) was staged by the elite. If anyone would dare publicly mention his sexual orientation, they would be not just ridiculed, but also degraded. (Pictured: Graham Kennedy)

Similarly today, the token partner appears as the sidekick to the person in power. 

Politicians are deliberately breaking down the very fabrics of religion.

MI6 codebreaker Gareth Williams ‘probably locked himself in sports bag'

MI6 CODEBREAKER Gareth Williams probably locked himself into the sports bag where his naked, dead body was discovered in 2010, Scotland Yard has found. 

After conducting a review of the case, Scotland Yard has found Williams probably locked himself into the sports bag and was not the victim of a hit by the security services, Britain's Daily Telegraph reports.

Westminster Coroner, Dr Fiona Wilcox, said earlier this year she could not rule out the involvement of the security services in the death. That ruling sparked a review of the case by Scotland Yard’s murder squad which involved re-interviewing Williams' colleagues from MI6 and taken DNA samples.

Williams’s naked body was found in a red North Face gym bag in an empty bath in his apartment in Pimlico, central London in August 2010. The keys to the red bag were found in the bottom of the bag.

Detectives had believed that someone else must have locked the codebreaker in the bag and launched a search for a mysterious Mediterranean couple, who were later ruled out of inquiries.

Williams’s colleagues at MI6 had failed to report him missing for a week and failed to turn over nine memory sticks and a black bag under his desk at their Vauxhall Cross headquarters, sparking rumours of a cover-up.
Detectives now believe he probably died alone, The Telegraph reports.

A source close to the inquiry told the newspaper: "They have been unable to find any trace of anyone who should not have been in the flat and have every reason to believe that Gareth may have climbed into the bag himself and been unable to get out."

Two experts tried a total of 400 times to lock themselves into the bag and one claimed that even world-famous escapologist Harry Houdini "would have struggled" to squeeze himself inside.

But days after the inquest verdict a retired Army sergeant demonstrated that it was possible to climb into a similar North Face bag and lock it from the inside.

Scotland Yard detectives have now been able to repeat the experiment with some slight differences to the way the bag was locked, but which fits with how Gareth Williams was found in August 2010.

Dr Wilcox, a former negligence barrister, had ruled that the lack of hand and footprints in the bathroom was "significant". The Telegraph understands police were able to identify around 300 fingerprints in the flat.

The coroner also dismissed speculation that Williams died as a result of some sort of "auto-erotic activity". But detectives now believe that is probably a likely option, the newspaper reports.

The inquest had heard that Williams, a codebreaker for GCHQ who was on secondment to MI6, had been found in his boxer shorts and tied to his bed by his landlord and landlady in Cheltenham a few years earlier.
Video footage found on a mobile phone in the deceased's flat showed Williams dressed in nothing but black leather boots as he "wiggled and gyrated" for the camera.

He browsed self-bondage websites and sites about claustrophilia - the love of enclosure - on his computers and phone and was looking at fetish websites days before his death.

He also kept pictures of drag queens on his computer and had 20,000 pounds ($31,000) worth of designer women's clothing in his apartment as well as women’s shoes and wigs.

Friends and family were upset at speculation Williams may have been gay and believed "some agency specialising in the dark arts" was behind his killing.

In her ruling, Dr Wilcox said there was no evidence to suggest the spy was a transvestite "or interested in any such thing". The make-up found in his apartment was more likely to reflect his interest in fashion and the wigs were "far more consistent with dress-up such as attendance at a manga conference", she said.

The suggestion that his interest in female footwear could have been of a sexual nature, was not unusual, Dr Wilcox observed.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said the investigation remained "active" and that officers were still exploring "a number of lines of enquiry."

The coroner said it remained a "legitimate line of inquiry" that the secret services were involved in Williams's death although there was no firm evidence.

heraldsun.com.au 27 Dec 2012

The political / legal arm of the Masonic brotherhood, will go to incredible lengths to cover up murders of uncomfortable people.
Far from a conspiracy theory, but rather a tactic used as described by an anonymous source from within only described as execution style.

The uneducated herd is supposed to believe that one kills oneself in a sports bag.

Williams no doubt uncovered government secrets that if exposed would implicate a lot of high end officials, something that they could not risk getting out.

Corrupt authorities are part of the conspiracy, where the truth will never be revealed to the masses.

A box of Halloween decorations reveals a desperate plea

  • Woman finds note inside kit of Halloween decorations
  • 'Help, we're imprisoned in a labour camp'
  • Man reveals he works 15 hours every day for under $2 a month 
 A Chinese labourer has hidden a note detailing his desperate circumstances inside a 'graveyard kit' from KMart. 
It was like a fortune cookie, only the news was all bad.
Julie Keith opened her box of Halloween decorations only to find a letter from a Chinese labourer telling how he is tortured, beaten, and being paid less than $2 a month.

The unsigned note was a message in a bottle from the other side of the world to this woman in Oregon, begging for help and asking whoever found it to send it on to the "World Human Right Organization".

"People who work here (at the Mashanjia Labour Camp in Shenyang, China) have to work 15 hours a day without Saturday Sunday break and any holidays," the handwritten note says.
"Otherwise they will suffer torturement, beat and rude remark, nearly no payment (10 yuan/1 month)."
The Chinese Government operates many forced-labour camps for criminals – but ‘criminals' can include political dissidents or ‘cult adherents' who follow specific religions and are imprisoned without trial.

"People who work here suffer punishment… without court sentence… many of them are Falun Gong practitioners, who are totally innocent," the letter continues. Falun Gong is a spiritual practice and its members are often targeted by the Communist regime.

According to The Oregonian, Human Rights Watch could not confirm the origin or authenticity of the note, but said "it is fair to say the conditions described in the letter certainly conform to what we know about conditions in re-education through labour camps."

Ms Keith found the note taped to some Styrofoam gravestones – a graveyard kit she bought for her daughter's Halloween party and says she believes it's real. If not, it's one hell of an April Fool's joke.
Kmart and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations are looking into the matter.

heraldsun.com.au 28 Dec 2012

A real example of how pain and suffering is exploited by the multinationals.

Irrespective of the 'official' stance or condemnation of 'slave labour', both corporations and governments promote slave labour.

Slave labour is something that will stay with us, something that will never be stamped out, but rather will get worse as time goes on and the population increases.

People who buy products from multinationals like Apple, which promotes salve labour camps, are also supporting the pain and suffering of other human being for excess wealth to the elite minority.