12 February 2021

Snap COVID lockdown a FAILURE of government

The mainstream media’s so called ‘journalists’ have gone on a propaganda spree totally omitting the root cause of the so called problem, ALL Victorians are facing as of Friday the 12th of Feb 23:59.

The government of Victoria is in charge of the so called hotel ‘quarantine’ where allegedly the (UK) virus has escaped from an area the people in government are in charge of.

Quite simply put this means that the people in government are responsible for the failure to contain the virus within the boundaries of the Holiday Inn, Tullamarine Airport.

The people in government are responsible for the alleged UK strain entering Australia.

As usual where ANY ‘failure of government’ occurs the people pay the penalty.

So how does the government ascertain that someone has the virus?

With something called a PCR test.

BUT there is an issue with that.

See video of the title The Truth About PCR Tests by Dr. Sam Bailey:

Victorians are locked down, meanwhile the tennis continues.

Victoria, allegedly the 'Gold Standard' but for who?

07 February 2021

The Great (I.T.) Wall of China, US version:- It blocks VPN traffic

When you download TOR products (Browser, VPN client) for privacy purposes you are flagged by the government, and treated first and foremost as a criminal.

You are on their watch list.

Another way to protect your privacy is to obtain a VPN only product from service providers worldwide.

On February the 1st  2021, first day of the third week of Biden’s administration, VPN traffic in the United States became suddenly throttled, where ALL traffic has gone through something called ‘deep packet inspection’ on the fly.

In layman’s terms the US has implemented its version of China’s intranet.

Such a worldwide significant event, that was not covered by Rupert Murdoch’s technology ‘gurus’?

Who would have thought?

 For more details of what occurred, see video of the title; Live - A secret privacy war happening right now!, and Q&A (1hr 33m)

Australian health ‘consumers’ duped severely

Australia’s real estate industry is dodgy as and they’re thick as thieves where some action has been made to curtail their criminal activity.

Despite a royal commission into banking it is still an industry that has had no major shakeup where criminal activity is still rife.

People are blissfully unaware that banks operate on usury, where once upon a time this was banned under a law called the ‘Statute of the Jewry ‘ by King Edward I.

Another action that has escaped the eagle eye of the authorities is the way doctors conduct business.

Doctors have been getting away with (financial) murder for quite some time with zero action of ‘protection’ by the authorities that care so much for the ‘consumers’ of health otherwise known as patients.

A sick patent walks into the clinic to obtain help from the doctor, where the consultation fee of say $300 is prepaid. After waiting for the doctor for approx 15 minutes, the patient is seen where even before taking a seat in front of the doctor, the doctor looks at a piece of paper and states that he cannot help the patient stating that the patient has to go elsewhere while saying goodbye promptly.

In another example a patient is seen by the doctor, where the doctor stated that the results are old ones, which he cannot go by, again charging the patient in the magnitude of $300.

One health care ‘consumer’ had the pleasure of sitting in front of the doctor for approximately 5 minutes to obtain a piece of paper to go elsewhere for tests all for the measly sum of the $300 fee, only to return to the same doctor for an explanation of the results for a further fee, without telling the consumer that another fee is to be charged, whereas in the past the initial consulting fee included the results.

The above examples are not isolated ones, where many consumers are being harmed by doctors and their so called ‘practices’.

Are you being ripped off?

Take action, remembering that silence is acquiescence.