01 August 2020

'Lone wolf' conspiracy theorists flouting mask law


Conspiracy theorists who travel alone in their vehicles believe that an apparent global pandemic will kill them while they are travelling from point A to point B.

They even believe that their vehicle is infected after a non compliant test was made of the said vehicle.

They have even gone to the extreme, throwing away the law of the state, stating the state has no idea.

See the law that they have recklessly ignored:

In an about face, the Victorian premier Mr. Daniel Michael Andrews has given the first 'free' batch of masks to Victorian farmers, as seen below:

31 July 2020

‘Dark room’ dealings: Secretive COVID council deciding Australia’s future

Morrison rules out pay cuts for MPs.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected calls for federal politicians to have their pay docked because of cancelled sittings of parliament.

The government’s secretive COVID business taskforce has been described as something suiting “someone who’s a dictator”, with concerns over an “opaque” policy-making process for jobs and industry.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Monday that the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission, a hand-picked organisation of business leaders, would be renamed to the National COVID-19 Commission (NCC) Advisory Board.

In addition, it has undergone a “reformation as a Prime Minister’s advisory body”.

The technical change means that the commission will now “work within government” and give it a “new gear” as it works across the JobMaker scheme with the goal of boosting business growth.

“It won’t be an external agency. It will work within government and can form part of the cabinet deliberative processes,” Mr Morrison said.

The commission has been criticised for a lack of transparency in its deliberations, amid concerns the details of its work may be difficult to obtain under freedom of information laws.

Politicians and civil society groups also raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest, such as chair Nev Power’s ties to the mining industry as the former boss of Fortescue Metals, and his recent promotion of natural gas as a key component of Australia’s post-COVID business recovery.

Mr Morrison’s decision to rebadge the COVID commission has only deepened the concerns of independent MP Zali Steggall.

“It is concerning that the government has decided to move to an advisory body structure within the department rather than an independent commission. This further entrenches the lack of accountability and transparency around the work and advice of the NCCC,” she told The New Daily.

“Without a clear accountability and transparency process, this is looking a lot like a hand-picked kitchen cabinet reporting to the Prime Minister alone on issues of national importance.”

Ms Steggall, the Member for Warringah, has previously been critical of the group’s processes.
She said she was pleased to see new commission members – such as former Bendigo Bank director Mike Hirst and former CEO of the Regional Australia Institute Su McCluskey – would bring experience in regional affairs, but was disappointed there were not more members with a clean energy background.

“Unfortunately, there still does not appear to be any gender equity or transparency in the appointment process,” Ms Steggall said.

“We know that this recession has hit women hardest. There needs to be a specific focus on issues impacting women’s employment, in particular, child care and parental leave. There is no individual specifically tasked with this role.”

Labor senator Katy Gallagher said the change would further shield the commission’s work from scrutiny.

“It seems to me that this announcement has been all about making this COVID commission more secretive than it already is,” she said on Monday.

“It’s about bringing it in under the cabinet process so that any request for information, reports or advice – actually what they are even doing, what is their job – is going to be clouded under these claims of cabinet in confidence.”

Senator Gallagher, chair of the Senate’s select committee on COVID-19, has been critical of the commission including its $5.2 million price tag, and the nearly $300,000 allowance paid to Mr Power to cover his expenses and private jet flights from Perth to Canberra.

“This has been a very opaque organisation from the get go. It has received more than $5 million in taxpayers funds and it is really unclear what it has been doing,” Senator Gallagher said.
“The announcement today makes the chances of us getting any more information out even less likely”.

South Australian Senator Rex Patrick said he supported the commission’s work, but slammed the secrecy surrounding its operations.
“If these people are all working in a dark room, adding more people means there’s just more in the dark room,” the Centre Alliance Senator told The New Daily.

“If the government is to recognise this as important, they have to appreciate that the Australian public needs visibility on what they’re doing and a mechanism to contribute.”

Senator Patrick said he understood why certain parts of the process would remain confidential, to promote frank discussions, but doesn’t support the wider opacity of its work.

“It’s unnecessary for those sorts of documents to be wrapped in the cabinet confidentiality blanket,” he said.

“This might suit someone who’s a dictator and doesn’t want anybody to scrutinise them, but that’s not how democracy works.”

Senator Patrick is also hoping to challenge the confidentiality of discussions at the national cabinet of state and territory leaders.

Greens leader Adam Bandt was another who took aim at what he claimed was a “secret” commission.

“The government’s new coronavirus commission is just a regular packaging of its old plans, based on trickle-down economics,” Mr Bandt said.

“It will operate secretly. There will not be the transparency that we need.

“But worst of all, it seems to be intent on propping up a dying fossil-fuel industry and giving support to big business at the expense of the public good.”

29 July 2020

Police committing criminal offences above the law, unaccountable, that’s life in a colony, a police state.

Disproportionate act, Victoria Police assaulting disability pensioner John.

“No person is above the law” is a common (propaganda?) term used by authorities, where the serfs could swear that there was a caveat or fine print to that, where it excluded the people in ‘government’ as seen in many examples, excluding a few that did get caught and (allegedly) sentenced.

From the beginning of colonisation,up until a certain time police or at least Queensland police could commit criminal actions against the serf population with impunity, zero consequences and they knew it, because their 'brethren' in parliament set the law up that way.

They could beat the crap out of a man or even better use the cowardly act of 4 or more thugs beating the crap out of a 65 year old ‘slightly-built man’.

In Victoria 8 (eight) police thugs beat the living daylights out of a woman, a woman called Corinna Horvath, where she had to obtain a remedy outside the colony, but that’s not the focus of this article.

The court system trying to cover this abuse of a homeless man Mr. Bruce Rowe made sure he was not successful in his claims.

It was only after the Court of Appeal, where Mr. Rowe was able to obtain a remedy, but not from the system, but rather in a ‘private prosecution’.

In a response the police stated:

"In fact police officers may as well stay inside a police station and not do anything because of fear of what the law could do to them," Mr Leavers said.”

So does that mean the police are not able to carry out their duty of protecting the peace, preventing crime and preserving life and property, without breaking the law?

But the law applies to every person, doesn’t it?

So now what are people going to do in those instances where police broke the law in order to obtain a conviction/charge/fine, etc?

We live in a colony (called Australia), and therefore ‘Penal Colony Policies’ apply.

See article from 8 Mar 2011 by The Sydney Morning Herald

at: https://www.smh.com.au/national/qld-policeman-fined-for-assaulting-man-65-20110208-1alfy.html

Also, in pdf format:

If you cannot see/download the above pdf, try the link below in  new window:

28 July 2020

Mainstream media lies on 'young conspiracy theorist'

Headline grabbing BS "COVID OUTRAGE".

Doxed by the mainstream media.

Character assassination?

They're all the elements that you've done something right?

How about: "Woman in Australia appears to drive straight through COVID-19 checkpoint".

Like ploughed through a barricade, not following police directions, where women and children were seen running and heard screaming?

Let's take a closer look at what happened, with reference to legal documents as compiled by an official legal source.

So from the moment Ms. Black interacted with the police officer, she was not belligerent nor disrespectful to the police.

Towards the end of the interaction with police:

Eve: "Have I committed a crime?"

Officer: "No... keep going"

Ms Black was then waved by police to move on.

She followed a police directive, to keep travelling.

She did NOT: " drive straight through COVID-19 checkpoint" as stated by The Telegraph.

She stopped at the checkpoint, conversed with the police officer, and then followed the police officer's directive.

NOW, let's get onto the 'conspiracy' stuff:

Did she have to answer ANY questions by police?

- NO, she did not.

See screen capture below:

The above screen capture was compiled by LEGAL AID VICTORIA of the title:
Police powers: Your rights in Victoria, put together in August of 2019.

See reference to the whole document within Legal Aid Victoria at:

Time to take out a lawsuit against mainstream media?

27 July 2020

Government fail, ‘nothing’ done for 6 months

Failure of Government is the result of the so called virus spread.

It’s easy to say that people are not following the ‘rules’ as opposed to the law or that they’re belligerent with regards to (no’ lawful‘) directions given.

Some special kind of people who have access to social media will say that it’s the people’s fault that the virus is spreading.

The governments (state and federal) had six months to get it right and they didn’t.

Victorians were told that from Thursday 23rd of July 2020 (a couple of days under six months after the first recorded case) that they must wear face masks in public places, with no legal direction in place to do so.

With a so called pandemic you get one chance, only one chance to get it right and they didn’t.


Because it was an ‘unprecedented’ event, right?

Well, maybe for the ‘Australian Government’ or the ‘Parliament of Australia’ but the ‘Parliament of the Commonwealth' has dealt with a similar situation in 1919.

In any event it’s a HUGE ‘government fail’, so now the real question is who is going to hold the governments both state and federal responsible?

Take a copy of it, print it out, before they remove it?

Just like they removed the Bill of Rights 1688(UK), from the front page of the Western Australia’s State Law Publisher’s website, but that’s another story.

The so called 'honourable' Mr. Gregory Andrew Hunt has got to go.

Off topic: Why don't they want you to know about the Bill of Rights?

26 July 2020

Police above the law, now enforcing ‘rules’?

What’s going on in this crazy colony?

Are the police running amock, untouchable by the law?

Can they enforce a ‘rule’ as opposed to a law (i.e. an Act)?

Has a ‘person’ got the right to sue an employee of Victoria Police?

Well it seems that the mainstream media is demonising persons for not following the ‘rules’ irrespective of the circumstances, where the mainstream media incited hatred where the woman concerned was doxed and death threats made as a result of the mainstream media's spotlight. 

Surely the mainstream media has broken Commonwealth law there open to a lawsuit but we’ll leave that for another day.


1). Does a ‘person’ while on foot have to stop for police for their questions?
- No
2). While in a motor vehicle does a person have to give any other information other than their name and address?
- No.

3). Does a Victorian (non-commercial) driver have to produce a licence upon a police officer’s request?
- No, not if over 26 years of age.

4). Is a fine valid for not producing a licence of person is over 26?
- No.

5). Does Victoria Police fine drivers (over the age of 26) or threaten drivers with a fine, for not producing a licence?
- Yes.

6). Can police enforce a ‘rule’ as opposed to a law (i.e. an Act)
- No, the courts enforce law.

7). Is an employee of the business called  Victoria Police or rather “POLICE DEPARTMENT (VIC)” (ABN: 63 446 481 493) above the law?
- No, that employee can be sued.

8). Can you trust police?
- No.

That’s it, no case law, no links.

P.S. This post is about the law and not on the topic of public health.