05 October 2017

Ray White real estate company's false advertising

Australia's real estate industry is rife with dodgy activity, where the people in 'government' are doing very little to curb this as they (e.g. also people in 'local government') too are involved.

Apparently the mass population is told that 'false advertising' is a no-no, where multi-million dollar penalties apply to companies who resort to this sort of business style.

Optus copped a $2million fine a little while ago.

The real estate company Ray White tout themselves as Australasia's largest real estate group.

People involved in the real estate 'game' are aware of the differences between a house, a flat, an apartment and a unit.

Some savvy house buyers should also be aware of the very distinct differences between the above mentioned places of residence.

So let's take a closer look at Ray White's false advertising.

They listed a property as a house as seen within the second line of the pdf below;

Upon closer inspection the "house" as stated by Ray White, is not really a house, but rather a unit as seen in a photograph of the above mentioned premises.

Could they be trying to get more cash for advertising a unit as a house ?

Whatever the real reason for their false advertising, we do not recommend Ray White, "Australasia's largest real estate group" for any real estate transactions.

02 October 2017

The Government of Victoria to kill you very safely

It's a great relief to the people in government that their tax slave population cannot comprehend the words they read when it comes to the law (you know Acts, where a proposed law is called a Bill).

The people in (the Victorian) government are literally laughing all the way to the Constitution Act 1975 or Queen of Australia, as they can make whatever laws they please, and the best part about it is all they have to do is distract the herd population with a homosexual marriage survey marketed as a 'vote', lots of footy and beer and maybe a festival for the humans to rummage around in the dirt to affirm their status as cattle.

Make no mistake about it that MP's are a corrupt bunch, with very little regard for the good people of Australia they are supposed to serve.

One law being put into 'force' in Victoria will allow people to kill people (under whatever legitimate pretext, oh pain and suffering that's right) in a scam oops, sorry "scheme" that will be the 'safest in the world', therefore the [people in] government will kill you VERY SAFELY.

Now remember, at law, the people in the Government of Victoria can make law even to kill blue eyed babies if they choose.

Maybe keep an eye out for that Bill during an event that distracts the herd population of Australia.

The people in government cannot even implement due process of law 'safely' and they're going to be killing people 'safely' ?

Now that's not very Christian like, or even Jewish like, let alone very Muslim like.

It also gives the police open slather to kill people (maybe under the pain and suffering pretext) as they are supposed to "protect life and property" as in the policy manual;

Democracy hey ??? !!! ???

01 October 2017

When the 'sheriff' steals your car where does he hide it?

Many people have figured out that the people running around as Victoria's 'sheriffs' are committing criminal offences.

The reason why the so called 'sheriffs' are still getting away with it in the majority of cases is through fear, intimidation, threats and extortion, where also the majority of people do not comprehend this thing called due process of law.

In order for people in 'authority' to take action against you -

there must be a document which gives that person (taking action action against you) the 'authority' to do so,

otherwise they are committing an unlawful action, subject to charges (which can only happen if you take action against that / those persons involved).

People should be aware that if you do not pay your (so called) 'fine' it eventually escalates to 'sheriff stage' where the Victorian sheriff eventually writes a letter to your person CLAIMING that there are x amounts of warrants for x amount of dollars.

NOTE: Make no mistake, the 'warrants' DO NOT EXIST.

See video in post

If you take no action with regards to the so called sheriff letter, then later on the automobile that is registered under your name may get clamped and taken away when/if you are at major shopping centre or other place where the sting is done.

So who does Victoria's unlawfully appointed 'sheriff' take to task to steal your vehicle and place it where you don't know where it is and EXTORT cash from you in order for you to obtain your automobile?

We have obtained information that the company where your automobile is stored is illustrated within the photo below.

If your car has been STOLEN by a so called 'sheriff' then you may want to give the company a call to see if they have it, and maybe take action against them if your are capable.