14 September 2020

Dan the lock down man, small business hater

The policing authorities have now publicly stated that they did not know of his lock down plan.

The health authorities have now publicly stated that they did not know of his lock down plan.

Yet the Victorian premier still enacted a lock down, unlawfully:

So, what's the deal with Dan the ‘lock down’ man?

He makes out that he’s a country boy, in line with Labor party’s social demographic?

Sure it’s not rocket science to ‘Wiki’ him, just like ex-Telstra co Solomon Trujillo, but good ol’ Sol’s wiki page has changed from the original one because it exposed his criminal activities.

What the wiki will not tell those pesky protesting plebs of Melbourne is that ‘young’ Andrews is on a  small business hate bender.

Now now, let’s  not pretend that some small ‘relief’ package will help small businesses, where a ‘failure of government’ has done a lot more destruction to small businesses than it allegedly helped.

Remember when his actions caused massive job losses, where is family member was in charge of the administration support to those people? You know a ‘money for mates’ (but in this case family) deal.

Briefly, his family had a small business in Pascoe Vale Sth, and as a result of a neighbour’s business going up in flames, literally, so did his family’s business.

This is where the ‘problem’ is, where his family’s business was under insured and as a result they suffered financially.

So, as a result of their ‘bad’ business management, they suffered financially.

But, no you can’t tell that to him, where he ‘blames’ the other party as you do.

Seen him double down on everything with regards to this fiasco?

Seen him lie through his teeth in press conferences?

Seen the falsified covid numbers/deaths?

Not fit to be any sort of ‘leader’ by a long shot!

Remember, according to Dan it’s NEVER about ‘Human Rights’ (because he breached every one of them?)

Dan, a person that no longer needs to be voted out of office, but rather removed from it.

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