06 November 2011

Bank House mortgage fraud

Australia’s banking community is largely referred to as the “Big 4”, meaning the large four banks. The profits they post, can range from $4-5 billion annually for each of the banks.

Banks are in the business of making money from your money, but there are other methods in which revenue is gained, which the majority of the population may not be aware of.

An essential part of the business plan of the banks is something called the Mortgagee’s Auction. A mortgagee’s auction is when the lender is no longer able to meet the banks monthly repayments, which results in the bank taking possession of their property, and recovering the costs of the balance of the loan.

Banks are involved in a large scale land grab fraud against consumer, a fact which is curiously out of the media spot light.

Banks have figured out a while ago that one of the easiest ways of obtaining cheap property is for customers to default on their loans, allowing the banks to grab the property (legally), and pass it on to their employees in another fraud.

Many Australian’s have lost their home through this fraudulent practice, which has not been stopped by law, a deliberate move to the detriment of the community

Given a customer’s earnings, the banks allow a certain amount to be borrowed based on a formula that indicates that the customer can not only successfully service the loan, but also is able to sustain themselves financially within the community.

Banks have done away with this model of business practice, and now offer loans to clients, that are not able to service them. The banks knowing this fact, wait for the customer to default on the loan within a certain amount of years, collect the property at a fraction of it real market value.

When lending out to domestic clients, the loan procedure passes through three stages of approval before it makes it to one of the manager.

In a recent matter, one of the ‘Big 4’ banks approved a home loan of an elderly person, which could result in their home being sold from under them, unbeknown to themselves.

This matter is currently in the hand of a high profile Australian law firm.

Naturally the bank will never be charged with fraud.

Government Water fraud cover-up

The Australian government is involved in a multi-billion dollar fraud, falsified water figures, and money for mates contract deals that is being covered up, and ‘overlooked’ by mass media agencies.

The government has been caught out providing fraudulent information, regarding the crime statistics in Victoria, and as a result the disgraced Police head Simon Overland resigned as top dog. No further news to the masses has been given into any convictions of fraud or any other criminal activities of Mr. Overland.

There are many other government cover ups of fraud that the media does not report on.

In the eastern southern state of Australia, Victoria and its capital city of Melbourne has seen heavy rainfall for approximately the last two years, in which there also occurred floods.

Information obtained from various sources indicates that the government has falsified water storage facility levels, over many years in order to justify the business case for building a desalination plant, simultaneously exponentially raising the price of water, whilst pushing the blame on ‘the drought’, an event which is beyond the control of governments.

The government has deliberately prepared an environment, in which there was to be a lack of water, which would necessitate the need to build a desal plant, at the expense of the taxpayer.

Town planning, roads, and water storage facilities in Victoria have been handled by a government institution called the MMBW (Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works), which was also responsible for the building of dams that catered for the rising population.

Since the global policy is for all government and public utilities to be held in private hands, Victoria’s water utility has been sold.

Since the sale of this utility, there has been no expansion of infrastructure, even though there has been a rise of approximately 30% in population over the past generation, in Melbourne.

In every decade there exists a mini drought, as well as wet periods. These events are cyclic and also follow 50 and 100 year patterns, a fact which is well known to authorities.

The majority of the masses are not well educated in these matters, and the government has taken advantage of this, by promoting via the mass media that we are in a drought, at the same time building car washes.

Soon after the infrastructure has been established, and various stages of drought have been announced, it was made law that it is illegal to wash the car at home, for water conservation purposes, and it had to be washed at the car wash.

It was also illegal to water the lawns, and gardens, etc. Whilst this was going on governments were watering their nature strips, lawns, etc, flaunting the law in front of the general populous.

The government told the masses to wash their cars at car washing facilities, as this would save water. This was far from the truth, as the water used by the car washing businesses, came from the tap which supplied the same water to domestic clients, and was Not recycled, as depicted by the government.

Interviews of many business owners indicated that it was a government scam, which made many owners wealthy and was not about water savings.

Given that there is a deliberate cover up of fraud especially if emanating from governments, there will be no Royal Commission or independent inquiry to the dealings and the defrauding of public funds by the Victorian government.

Currently Melbourne is under Stage 2 water restrictions, which should have been lifted a while ago, given the official dam capacity levels.

Another clear indication of just how corrupt the government really is.

TV ads - News you can trust

A recent barrage of advertisements on Australian television, states that the news brought to you is from news desks that you can trust.

This is a new propaganda machine started by the major networks (authorities) in order to win over the general populous into believing that the information provided is true and accurate.

News media companies are conducive to government policies and agendas that are represented by the government of the day. This holds true for all types of governance from Aristocracies, Democracies, Dictatorships, Monarchies Oligarchies, throughout the Eastern and Western political worlds.

The bias of the mass media in modern society has been well documented by sociologists, scholars, and to a lesser extent, politicians and lawmakers.

The news media is often caught out not reporting accurately, either intentionally or in unwittingly, not only by the masses, but also by other institutions and/or government departments.

An example of inaccurate reporting is that of by the government’s police media liaison office, which in many cases provides misleading information with regards to matters of criminal conduct by either individuals or associated gang members. This is a well known fact to the personnel involved within the departments.

One strict agenda of the mass media, is to keep the general population entertained, rather than educated. One method of achieving this is to keep the masses entertained with trivial matters, simultaneously dumbing down the viewer.

Media outlets work hard to provide entertained that is of little value to the social and moral well being of the community at large. This is done on purpose to lower the values of the general population, which in order creates social unrest, which is a diversion from attentions being focused on the corrupt dealings of politicians and governments.

Both governments and the media moguls conspire to provide misleading information to the masses.