17 September 2011

Coles juice product customer rip off

Information has been unwittingly obtained from a Coles employee about a scam the company applied to its line of products, in this case fruit juices.

Coles and Woolworths are in an apparent ‘supermarket war’ in the eyes of the average consumer.

This supermarket duopoly has become undone on more than one occasion, in proof that they are ripping the customer off.

What Coles are doing with their line of product, the fruit juice, is that they are halving the amount of product, the so called fruit juice, and making up the remainder with plain water.

Many companies practice this kind of deceit, especially building firms with paints, and painting contractors.

Coles has applied this kind of deceit, i.e. the thinning down of product to its line of fruit juices.

Again another consumer rip off that the Australia’s consumer watchdog, the ACCC, is not seeing to, literally playing into the hands of the multi-nationals.

Another win for Big Business and a fail to the consumer.

Coles has appeared in the media for many allegations including price collusion, deceptive practices, scamming customers via petrol vouchers, and other trade practices offences.

Apple’s Australian Store Consumer Rip Off

Under Australian Consumer Law customers that purchase an item are able to receive a refund if the product they purchase is faulty or cannot be exchanged for another of similar quality or performance.

In Australia, Apple is subject to consumer laws as everyone else including the law mentioned above.

Many customers who have purchased a program from Apple’s Australian App store, find that it is either faulty, does not perform as described in the product’s performance documentation or is downright fraudulent or deceptive.

Many customers have lodged online remarks about the program, in the program’s user response section, requesting a refund.

These requests have not been attended to by Apple, which under Australian consumer laws is a breach of the law.

Apple as a result has profited from this fraud.

Whilst media and government organisations hide under the banner that technology is advancing at such a rate that it is difficult for the courts to keep up with the changes, this is quite to the contrary in many cases, as can be seen by the action of the governments.

One such case is with respect to revenue collection through speed cameras. Law a re introduced and passed through parliament speedily in order to install and turn on speed cameras.

So far, there have been no mass media reports of a consumer taking Apple to court over stealing $0.99 over a fraudulent program. Conversely if someone steals a paperclip with a value (for example) of $0.05, then they have a criminal record.

Carbon Dioxide Tax Electricity Company Fraud

The government will be supporting the fraud of electricity companies passing on the ‘Carbon Tax’ to the general populous.

Advertisements run by the government mention that only the 500 worst ‘polluting’ offenders will have to pay the Carbon Tax, and as a result 90% of households will be better off under this new tax.

This is a blatant lie (fraud) and deliberately false information provided by the government.

The government has also acknowledged that the companies will be passing on the tax to the consumer, in which case the government has set up a ‘watchdog’, i.e. acknowledging that there will be fraud committed against the consumers.

Another tax scam set up by the government to line the pockets of business at the financial detriment of the general population.

Information obtained from within the industry mentions that large corporations pay minimum tax, whereas the balance is supplemented by the community and tax assaults on the vulnerable, i.e. those who cannot fight the system.

Another communistic regime policy of the totalitarian Gillard government, in a ‘Money for Mates’ deal.

Scientific research indicates that the so called funds raised from Australia’s 20 million people, will not make any difference to the global warming of the planet, as touted by the Prime Minister.

Police seize $200 million cocaine in mower shipment

A SHIPMENT of ride-on lawnmowers was the unlikely cover for a record 271kg cocaine bust with an estimated street value of $200 million.

Three men - two from China, aged 33 and 35, and a 20-year-old Melbourne man - are expected to face court over the haul.

It is Victoria's largest cocaine seizure and the fifth largest in Australian history.

A shipping container from Brazil arrived in Melbourne on August 19 via Hong Kong and was said to contain eight ride-on mowers.

An X-ray inspection uncovered anomalies and further investigations revealed 29 wooden boxes inside each lawnmower crate, containing a total of 271 vacuum-sealed plastic bags wrapped in tape.

Preliminary tests indicated the presence of cocaine.

Federal Police completed a controlled delivery of 60kg of the drug to an address in Melbourne's CBD, which led to the arrest of a man and the seizure of almost $230,000 in cash.

The maximum penalty for importing a commercial quantity of cocaine is life imprisonment and or an $825,000 fine.

Border protection manager for sea cargo Graham Krisohos said stopping the drugs from reaching the streets was a significant victory.

"This seizure is ... yet more proof that the Government's strategy on combating organised crime is working," he said.

"This is just not rhetoric - we are making a difference."

Federal Police national manager for crime operations Ramzi Jabbour said police were better equipped than ever in the fight against organised crime.

"This seizure and subsequent arrests are another example of our commitment to combating these criminal groups that jeopardise the health and safety of the Australian community," Assistant Commissioner Jabbour said.

heraldsun.com.au 17 Sep 2011

A proud find in anyone's books, and definitely a credit to all those involved.

Although it is only a small dent into the nation's drug trade.

This figure accounts for only approximately 13% of the monthly amount traded in drugs.

Carl Williams murder accused had police files on jail cell computer

COPIES of police statements, including some made by Carl Williams naming former drug squad cop Paul Dale, were found on Matthew Johnson's jail cell computer, the Supreme Court has heard.

In evidence at Johnson's trial for Williams's murder, Sen-Det Mark Oxnam said police investigating Williams's jail death also copied statements of two other people - referred to as Witness A and Witness B - from Johnson's computer.

Sen-Det Oxnam, of the Driver Taskforce, said one of Witness B's statements related to the murder of a man named Mark Mallia.

"There was a second statement from Witness B detailing knowledge of the murders of Jason Moran and Pasquale Barbaro," Sen-Det Oxnam said.

"It had 'defence' watermarked across the statements.

"The third statement was in relation to the murder of Richard Mladenich; the fourth statement was the murder of Mark Moran; the fifth statement, Graham Kinniburgh."

He said other Witness B statements related to a conspiracy to murder Lewis Moran in custody, and Tony Mokbel and drug trafficking.

Sen-Det Oxnam said Witness A's statements included material about the murders of Michael Marshall, Willie Thompson, Victor Peirce and Nik Radev, and also about the drug trafficking activities of Carl and George Williams.

In his opening address, prosecutor Mark Rochford, SC, told the jury they would hear that Johnson "did not like people who gave evidence against others".

"The Crown do not have to prove motive ... but the Crown say there is evidence in this case that suggests Carl Williams was killed by Mr Johnson because he had made statements (to police)," Mr Rochford said.

In evidence this week, prison security and emergency manager Peter Hutchinson agreed consideration was given before Johnson and Williams were placed in the same unit.

Mr Hutchinson was asked if authorities were aware that Johnson did not like "dogs" (a slang term for people who inform to police).

"I'm not aware if that's Matthew Johnson's opinion," Mr Hutchinson replied.

Defence counsel Bill Stuart told the jury Johnson acted in self-defence when he killed Williams with a steel bike pole in Barwon Prison's Acacia Unit 1 on April 19 last year.

The trial before Justice Lex Lasry continues on Monday.

heraldsun.com.au 17 Sep 2011

Yet another example of corrupt police working with criminals.

On Australian prime time television, it was mentioned that in New Zealand, the drug industry is a billion dollar industry.

In Australia, the drug industry is worth approximately $18,000,000,000 annually.

Corrupt police and judges are on the criminal syndicates payrolls.

These criminals within the the legal industry and the police force are supported by both sides. Governments cover up their inadequacies, and protect the corrupt, whilst the drug gangs fund the lawyers.

Any exposing of the corruption leads to not only government persecution, but also results in dire consequences for the whistle blower.

Information is regularly exchanged by corrupt personnel to criminals, at a rate not yet mentioned by the mass media.

In time whistle blowers are killed for their actions, in either mysterious circumstances or suicides in effect closing the matters down, but further corrupt police.

Cash runs out to help vulnerable children

SUPPORT for hundreds of vulnerable Victorian teenagers is in jeopardy, with dozens of mentoring programs on the brink of folding.

Funding for at least 30 grass-roots projects is due to expire at the end of the year.

Volunteer co-ordinators warn troubled youths are now at risk of slipping through the cracks because the Baillieu Government has been too slow to respond to their calls for help.

And the Opposition says a funding announcement this week was a smokescreen for budget cuts to the sector.

Youth Affairs Minister Ryan Smith said "organisations supporting youth engagement" could compete for grants of up to $150,000 over three years under its Engage! program.

However Opposition youth affairs spokesperson Jenny Mikakos said this was a re-hashing of an old program - the Youth Participation and Access Program - worth $12.3 million over three years, due to expire this year.

Twelve community groups are about to lose $3.9 million in funding when the four-year Mentoring and Capacity Building Initiative expires in December.

They include Strathbogie Council's Making Links Mentoring Project, which has helped more than 50 disadvantaged and disabled youths finish school, find work, and engage with the community.

Project co-ordinator Linda Cusworth fears it will fold without new State Government funding.

"Engage! actually just means we're all going to have to compete for a whole lot less money," she said.

"And it's too late. By the time the grants are announced in late November ... we can't operate expecting you have only got a few weeks to go."

heraldsun.com.au 17 Sep 2011

This is how important governments see the needs of underprivileged children.

Whilst governments are throwing lavish parties, jet setting lifestyles, and ordering hookers on credit cards, vulnerable children have funds cut.

Another deliberate policy at degrading society.

16 September 2011

Mothers doping up children

An article that was written in the Herald Sun newspaper on Saturday 17 Sep 2011, goes by the heading, Hot for good night's sleep.

In this article, there is mentioned that approximately 30% of mothers admit to doping their children up to get a good night's sleep.

This information was collated by the Herald Sun's online new.com.au website in an online survey.

Apparently 30% of mothers admitted to doping their children, as they believe that their survey results are anonymous.

This information is logged at the website in the form of the user's I.P. address, which can be traced back to the source, being it a residential customer, or a work computer, or from a mobile device.

In this raw form presented, this is a form of child abuse by the parent.

Watch as there will be no action from any government child 'protection' agency, no further investigation from the news source, and definitely no police action against anyone in relation to this from of child abuse.

Another example of how the government has no interest in the well being of of the children of the canon fodder in which later is beneficial to its society.

Katy Perry promoting underage sex and drinking

Technology plays an important part of shaping the lives of humanity in general.

In an era not too long ago, technology was available to not everyone, but more to those who could afford it.

The motor vehicle that many people take for granted in the western world today was only available to the higher classes of society only a few generations ago.

In the currently modern world of easily accessible technology, the mass media plays an important role in the education (or rather shaping the lives) of the masses. From this ‘pop’ (popular) culture come phrases and perceptions that later become realities in the daily lives of individuals.

Television shows of the 1950’s to 1970’s promoted good wholesome family values, whereas over the decades the shows have degraded in (moral) quality.

This also (especially) holds true of the music business. The media moguls now promote, social disturbance, promiscuity, drug use, whore like behaviour, constant partying as not only normal, but expected in the social circles they market to.

This is usually promoted through female artists, whereas the male artists are portrayed as the leaders, pimps, drug lords and the like.

Katy Perry’s song Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) is about a 13 year old girl who throws a party whilst her parents are away.

During this party she gets drunk to a level where not only she cannot remember what happens, vomiting in the process, and amongst other things, has 3 some sex.

The message is loud and clear, in order to be ‘cool’ with the peers, one has to party like there is no tomorrow. This message is being broadcast globally sending out the right message as desired by the Hollywood moguls, in order to degrade the morals of the youth of the canon fodder.

The example of Katy Perry used in this post is just one of the many performers that have songs written by them to perform in order to be ‘famous’.

14 September 2011

Snooki book good enough for school

In a never ending assault on the education of the masses to dumb them down, another piece of information has been readily made available.

From the trash reality ‘star’ of Jersey Shore, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi comes a novel “A Shore Thing”, that the Australian education system sees fit for students to use as learning material.

The trash reality star is well known for her foul mouth antics, promiscuous, whore like behaviour, public ass flashing, low moral standards which are all qualities that the aspiring youth of the cannon fodder can look up to for guidance.

The new direction of the public education system for the masses is to focus on ‘flexible learning’ being for students to learn whenever they feel it or even if they feel like it. Teachers have mentioned that it’s up to the student to learn and not the school, if effect taking away all onus of learning away from the school.

The agenda of the public schooling system is to create the next generation of cheap labour for industry and commerce. One way to achieve this is through lack of education, in even basics like mathematics, and English.

The focus is on socialising, and the brainwashing of students into social media networking being a priority in their lives. The goal there (instilled into the students) is to be ‘famous’ and then you’ve really ‘made it’. This could not be further from reality, as for those who are already there, they are locked into contracts dictated by the industry, in such a manner that you are a tool for huge financial gain to the promoters.

In the more affluent suburbs, the teaching curriculum is set out, well defined and very specific. Reading material from well recognised authors with credible material in their novels is given to the students. The prerequisites to further education e.g. mathematics and English are given as a high priority to the students.

The politics is loud and clear to dumb down the herd’s children, which is also reflected in many of the parent’s opinions that are being voiced, but fall on the (deliberately) deaf ears of the Education Board.

Michael Hibberd escapes conviction for assault, fined $2500

UPDATE 2.13pm: ESSENDON rookie Michael Hibberd has apologised for his role in a late-night assault on the Mornington Peninsula that resulted in him being fined $2500 but avoid a conviction.

Hibberd, 21, was suspended indefinitely in August for breaching team protocol after the late-night altercation.

He was later charged with assault.

The court heard today Hibberd was of fine character and had taken numerous steps to resolve the matter.

They included written and personal apologies to the victim, a series of psychological assessments and involvement in a community welfare program.

At a mention hearing at the Frankston Magistrates court the court heard Hibberd had been to a Thai restaurant on the Mornington Peninsula with his girlfriend before heading to a popular nightspot.

The incident unfolded when Hibberd entered a Subway restaurant on Main St, Mornington, about 3.10am on July 31.

A police prosecutor said Hibberd entered the restaurant and yelled at victims Jessica Lewis and Tom Burton and some of their friends.

"What are you c***s looking at, shut your clams," he yelled.

An altercation then occurred between Hibberd and Ms Lewis before security guards from a nearby pub approached Hibberd and told him to leave.

About 10 minutes later the parties met again on Main St.

"The accused approached Lewis, stepped around her and launched himself at Burton, punching him in the face with a clenched fist," a police prosecutor said.

Mr Burton fell to the ground and hit his head on the concrete.

The court heard Mr Burton could not remember the incident when he woke up in Frankston Hospital the next morning.

He suffered a cut to the mouth and a sore jaw.

Hibberd, who said he was intoxicated and could not remember the incident, pleaded guilty to recklessly causing injury and assault.

Defence lawyer Geoffrey Steward told the court Hibberd had lost approximately $20,000 in earnings after being suspended by Essendon.

He said the incident was minor and that Hibberd had acted in a "moment of madness".

But the magistrate disagreed with the submission.

"I don't see this as minor.

"It's either take this situation seriously or you face the prospect if serving time in prison."

Hibberd, flanked by an entourage of Essendon Football Club officials, refused to talk to the media as he left the court.

In a statement released by the club later, Hibberd said he was extremely remorseful for his actions and has offered a verbal and written apology to those involved.

“I would like to apologise for my actions and the effect they have had on everyone involved,” Hibberd said.

“I deeply regret my behaviour - it was unacceptable and I will learn from these events to ensure something of this nature never happens again.

“I now look forward to working hard over the pre-season and earning back my spot in the senior team.”

heraldsun.com.au 14 Sep 2011

Another moronic footballer in the spotlight for assault, without ANY conviction.

The football God's rule again, with the help of corrupt judges.

Comments from the masses on heraldsun's website:

I reckon that about 30 AFL and NRL players have been up on criminal charges in the last 3 years. About zero have been convicted and sentenced. If they are found guilty no conviction recorded. It certainly doesn't happen with Mr. Ordinary

Either he did it or he didn't, if he did, why is he not convicted! Fined, so he did the deed, record a conviction.

Not good enough! Everybody is sick of the constant binge drinking and related violence in the community and especially on The Peninsula. Now The Mornington Shire have just approved a backpakers venue with a roof top bar! Go figure.

My son was convicted with his first offence, but then he doesn't play for the AFL. He didn't hit anyone either.

Brendan Fevola denies vomiting in a Melbourne pub

UPDATE 9.12am: FORMER AFL star Brendan Fevola has denied vomiting at a Melbourne nightspot on the weekend.

Fevola was caught on security vision, unsteady on his feet and apparently retching over a rubbish bin as stunned pub patrons watch on.

The footage could crush his hopes of an AFL return.

Fevola this morning said he had reacted badly after having a cigarette with one of his mates following the Casey Scorpions' elimination finals loss to Werribee on Saturday.

"It didn't agree with me too well and I had a bit of a cough sort of a spew, I didn't actually spew," he told Gold 104.3 radio.

He denied vomiting and leaving a mess for bar staff to clean up and said he wasn't drunk.

"I'd only had about two or three beers," he said.

"Obviously (there was) nothing really in what happened."

Fevola's younger brother Jason yesterday pleaded for Fev to be left alone.

"Everybody is just looking for a cheap shot to cut him down," he said.

"It's not like he's gone out for five nights in a row and made an absolute idiot of himself. He's just gone out for a few beers at the pub."

It comes less than a week after a TV interview in which Fevola claimed to have moved on from his turbulent past of binge drinking and gambling.

Staff at the Glenferrie Hotel, in Hawthorn, said Fevola was well-behaved during the drinking session with mates after Casey Scorpions' elimination finals loss to Werribee on Saturday.

They kept to themselves but the celebrations soured when Fevola retreated to the beer garden to be sick.

The drinking posse - minus Fevola - headed to a nearby restaurant where police were called to a verbal altercation between the men and another group about 9.10pm.

Fevola said the altercation escalated after a young footy team "started to get a bit lippy."

"They got a bit fired up, I didn't, I was actually sitting down," he said.

"That got a little nasty."

A police spokesman said it was clear Fevola had "removed himself from the situation".

Fevola used social media yesterday to hit back at accusations he had been caught in the fracas.

"Story is not true," he wrote. "Had a good night with the boys. People are best to not make s--- up."

Jason Fevola said it was another case of an incident being blown out of proportion.

"He's no angel. He puts himself in some of these situations," he said.

"But over the years if that happened to a normal person, you wouldn't hear about it."

He conceded the incident would not help his brother's bid to rejoin the AFL.

"He's not an AFL footballer any more and there is a fair chance he won't be next year. It's hard to say what AFL coaches think these days and who they want in their side, but I suppose it doesn't look good."

Glenferrie Hotel barman James Westley said Fevola was otherwise well-behaved and appeared to be looking out for his friends.

"He was just mucking around with his mates," he said.

The footage is likely to tarnish Fev's chances of being drafted for the 2012 season.

Insiders warned the incident would be the final straw.

"If he's been caught that drunk and spewing on a Mad Monday, then there is no hope," one said.

Fevola kicked 69 goals for Casey Scorpions this season.

heraldsun.com.au 13 Sep 2011

Another example of the Footy God's that are real life losers, by making it into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

The mass media does not help the 'ego' of these simple minded 'ball throwers', by elevating them to hero's of worship status.

The impressionable youth of the lower class messes looks to these 'hero's' for inspiration, that being going out on a night with the boys and getting drunk to a level that one is not in control of one's self and creates altercations with the general populous.

Australian football is now a multi billion dollar industry that the herd must follow.

Footballers NOT the sharpest tools in the shed.

Court told mistress' diary could destroy Pratt

A mistress of late Melbourne billionaire Richard Pratt kept a diary of his dealings with businessmen and politicians that could bring down his empire and his friends, a court has been told.

Former Penthouse Pet Madison Ashton, who is suing Mr Pratt's estate for $10 million, claims his other mistress Shari-Lea Hitchcock kept the diary and threatened to use it to blackmail Mr Pratt, the Daily Telegraph reports.

In an affidavit lodged in the NSW Supreme Court, Ms Ashton said Ms Hitchcock told her in 2002: "I have told Richard if he ever abandons me I will have this diary published, which will bring down Richard, his empire and his friends — and I have got plenty on them."

Ms Ashton also accused Ms Hitchcock of spreading "hurtful information" about her to people in the eastern suburbs.

But she denied hating Ms Hitchcock and initiating the claim against Mr Pratt's estate to get back at her.

Ms Ashton has taken legal action against Mr Pratt's widow Jeanne in relation to his estate, seeking damages for breach of contract.

She alleges Mr Pratt promised to provide her with a $500,000-a-year allowance, $36,000 for rent, $30,000 for travel expenses, a $100,000 car and two trust funds worth $2.5 million each.

Ms Ashton said Mr Pratt promised the gifts on the condition she gave up working as an escort to become his mistress but that she was paid only $410,000.

Her barrister had told the court on Monday his client began a sexual relationship with Mr Pratt in the mid-1990s and resumed the liaison in October 2003.

heraldsun.com.au 14 Sep 2011

Another claim that at the end of the day will go nowhere.

The men at the top of the socioeconomic tree are untouchable.

As the many claims laid before the courts against men of power, there is the general politics of character assassination of the claimant.

There will never be any 'destruction' of the Pratt Empire, especially by any 'goyim' (cattle/parasite).

The 'dynasty' will remain intact, with the help of corrupt judges, and lawyers.

Officeworks urged to drop Reflex paper

National stationery retailer Officeworks has a lot of explaining to do by stocking paper sourced from native Australian forests, a green group says.

Members of the Wilderness Society held demonstrations outside Officeworks stores in every capital city on Tuesday, including in Brisbane where about 15 people protested.

They're calling for Officeworks to stop stocking Reflex paper which they say is sourced from native forests in Victoria.

Logging of the forests harms Australian wildlife, the Wilderness Society's Queensland campaign manager Tim Seelig said.

"It's clearly not the act of a good corporate citizen to be knowingly stocking paper that uses native forest timber unnecessarily," Mr Seelig told AAP.

"I think if Officeworks said very clearly, `We will stop selling Reflex until they stop using native forest timber', my guess is Reflex very quickly would respond to that economic signal.

"Officeworks have a lot of explaining to do now in terms of why they continue to stock this product."

But Officeworks managing director Mark Ward said dropping Reflex would not solve anything.

All Officeworks paper is certified to the Australian Forestry Standard, which is recognised by the international group Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, Mr Ward said in a statement.

The company is looking at alternative paper sources to reduce its reliance on native timber.

"This is a significant undertaking and we recognise that a meaningful transition will take time," Mr Ward said.

heraldsun.com.au Sep 13 2011

Police use loophole to dodge fines

MORE than 100 police issued with fines for breaking road laws have escaped punishment because they refused to admit they were driving.

The 138 incidents of running red lights and speeding by up to 40km/h over the limit involved officers who were not actively pursuing criminals and not rushing to crime scenes.

Victoria Police said it was unable to identify the driver in all the incidents - leading to fines being scrapped - despite admitting officers signed a log book each time they used a vehicle.

As debate rages about the accuracy of speed cameras, documents released under Freedom of Information reveal 1477 infringements were issued to police for non-operational offences in the past five years.

But 61 per cent of those were then dropped by Victoria Police. Ordinary members of the public who appeal against a fine are let off in only 3 per cent of cases.

The statistics show Victoria Police failed to recoup $109,280 by not enforcing fines against its officers.

The revelations prompted criticism from Police Minister Peter Ryan.

"Except ... where duty requires, police officers should have to comply with the road rules like all other drivers," Mr Ryan said.

On one occasion a Victoria Police vehicle was detected speeding 40km/h above the road limit. The driver should have been banned from driving for six months, had six demerit points added to their licence and paid a $519 fine.

Instead, Victoria Police said it was "unable to identify" the driver.

A further 769 offenders - breaking road rules in their squad cars but not in the pursuit of crime - were simply told not to do it again.

Officers escaped receiving 916 demerit points - enough to ban 76 cops.

Rose Sutera, whose son Anthony died at the hands of a speeding driver in Mill Park last year, said police should not speed unless fighting crime.

"It's a disgrace and just wrong," Ms Sutera said.

"Why is it one rule for them and another for us?"

Victoria Police said the figures were "disappointing".

"Police officers are expected to set an example in obeying speed limits," a spokeswoman said. "It is disappointing a number of police officers have been detected when not exempt from the road rules."

But the force argued police officers had been "penalised accordingly".

"Police, as with all members of the community, are able to apply for an official warning under strict criteria," the spokeswoman said.

"This includes an admission of guilt, a speed under 10km/h over the limit, and a good driving record with no infringements issued for the previous two years.

"Warnings are an officially recorded sanction - once you receive an official warning motorists are not eligible to apply again."

In dozens of incidents where the driver was detected speeding between 10km/h and 40km/h above the limit, Victoria Police said it was unable to identify the driver and no one was penalised in any way.

heraldsun.com.au 11 Sep 2011

Another example of a corrupt government, this time in the hands of police, again, with the full extent of the corrupt judicial system supporting the police.

This is showing the masses that the police are above the law, and corrupt judges are dismissing the matters in pre-court conferences.

Matters are discussed and concluded at the brotherhood's lodge meetings before they make it to the court rooms.

No one from the mass media dares to report this.

The 'loopholes' are specially created, so that the authorities are able to 'get away with it' whereas this does not apply to Mr. Joe Citizen.

Convicted rapist jailed again for violent attack on sex worker

A CONVICTED rapist who served more than four years for his crimes has again been jailed, this time for violently bashing a prostitute.

Zynal Khan, 27, admitted punching a sex worker in Melbourne on November 1, 2009, four months after the end of his parole for raping a woman in 2003.

In the County Court, defence lawyer Julie Sutherland said Khan acknowledged his offending was "cowardly and brutal". Khan was jailed in 2004 for a minimum four years and two months for raping a female passer-by on a footpath at Thornbury in Melbourne's north while cars drove past.

He was released in September 2007 on parole, which finished in June 2009.

Judge Pullen had "guarded optimism" for Khan's rehabilitation prospects and jailed him for four years, with a minimum of two years and five months. He has been in custody since the latest offences and will become eligible for parole in about seven months.

He had pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury.

heraldsun.com.au 14 Sep 2011

Another endless example of how the law 'deliberately' fails the commoner.

The law treats victims with contempt, but officially the words from the judges mouths are that these actions are 'deplorable'.

The politics is to let this trash out into the community to re offend, which they do, to create destabilisation amongst the masses.

In a further assault on the community at large, Australian politicians knowingly import criminals into the country in order to keep people terrified.

Zynal Khan Male 27 Victoria, profile on myspace.com :

Zee: http://www.myspace.com/440375517

13 September 2011

Thousands to lose disability cash

TOUGH new welfare rules start today that will force about 18,000 Australians off the disability support pension and into work.

The changes mean that people who become unemployed and start claiming the $670 a fortnight disability pension will have to prove they are not fit for work through stringent Centrelink tests.

This will also affect people with mild disabilities who tests show could work if they found a suitable job.

People pushed off the disability pension could still get welfare through Newstart - between $475-$514 a fortnight for single people - but would have to look for jobs.

The rules will not apply to people with a severe disability who cannot work.

Instead, the severely disabled will get more financial support faster.

Under previous rules, people claiming the disability pension must provide evidence that they have a disability, from their doctor.

From today the evidence rules will change, with disability pension recipients forced to show that they are not able to do any work, even after rehabilitation.

Centrelink will organise the "job capacity assessments".

The fast-tracking of the welfare rule changes are expected to net about $50 million in savings.

Over four years of the program, first flagged in last year's budget, the government will claw back about $383 million.

heraldsun.com.au 3 Sep 2011

Another scam by the government to balance the welfare payments for the new arrivals of immigrants.

Whilst there are cheats amongst any systems, both from administration and the people they serve, one of the greatest financial frauds happens from within the government ranks.

This generally goes unreported by the mass media, as this is not in the politics of the editors.

11 September 2011

Multicultural Commission’s Racist Policy

In Victoria, at a recent meeting there has been a new policy concerning grants and support to ethnic communities.

The Victorian Multicultural Commission allocates funds to ethnic communities also giving their members awards for their tireless work within those ethnic communities.

It favours certain communities over others, cutting funds to some of the neediest migrant communities in Victoria.

Just one way of cutting funds and ‘streamlining’ them is catering. In order to save on funds, the communities’ kitchens are being shut down and the catering is outsourced. The outsourcing of food may involve a menu that the older migrants are not only not familiar with, is harsh to their palette, but also against their customs. They are in effect forced to eat what the local city councils dictate. As some members have put it akin to the Nazi past they escaped from.

A new directive has been given that funds will not be allocated to migrant communities unless they show that they have supported Turkish or Muslim communities. This applies to all ethnic communities whether be it Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Jewish or Chinese.

Victorian authorities are now in promotion mode as there is unrest amongst the masses, when it comes to immigration policies towards certain nationalities.

Victoria will be now promoted as the Multicultural State with the slogan appearing on new issue number plates, as proposed by the Victorian Premier.

Although on the outside there is a verbose policy that supports multiculturalism, the policies and execution of those policies is quite to the contrary. This is normal practice within the Anglo-Masonic governance of Australian law and politics.