26 July 2020

Police above the law, now enforcing ‘rules’?

What’s going on in this crazy colony?

Are the police running amock, untouchable by the law?

Can they enforce a ‘rule’ as opposed to a law (i.e. an Act)?

Has a ‘person’ got the right to sue an employee of Victoria Police?

Well it seems that the mainstream media is demonising persons for not following the ‘rules’ irrespective of the circumstances, where the mainstream media incited hatred where the woman concerned was doxed and death threats made as a result of the mainstream media's spotlight. 

Surely the mainstream media has broken Commonwealth law there open to a lawsuit but we’ll leave that for another day.


1). Does a ‘person’ while on foot have to stop for police for their questions?
- No
2). While in a motor vehicle does a person have to give any other information other than their name and address?
- No.

3). Does a Victorian (non-commercial) driver have to produce a licence upon a police officer’s request?
- No, not if over 26 years of age.

4). Is a fine valid for not producing a licence of person is over 26?
- No.

5). Does Victoria Police fine drivers (over the age of 26) or threaten drivers with a fine, for not producing a licence?
- Yes.

6). Can police enforce a ‘rule’ as opposed to a law (i.e. an Act)
- No, the courts enforce law.

7). Is an employee of the business called  Victoria Police or rather “POLICE DEPARTMENT (VIC)” (ABN: 63 446 481 493) above the law?
- No, that employee can be sued.

8). Can you trust police?
- No.

That’s it, no case law, no links.

P.S. This post is about the law and not on the topic of public health.

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