25 April 2008

British cop sacked for sex on the job

A British police officer has been forced to resign for having sex with a prostitute at a building he had been sent to investigate to see if it was a brothel.

The police sergeant, who was not named, had "engaged in sexual activity with a sex worker" while on duty in east London in December 2005, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said. He was supposed to be finding out if the premises were being used for prostitution.

"The sergeant's behaviour was disgraceful. He has brought shame on himself and his former colleagues," said IPCC Commissioner Deborah Glass.

The sergeant, who had faced four disciplinary charges, was forced to quit after a misconduct hearing.

Reuters 24 Apr 2008

Unfortunately, he's been reprimanded for a task he was sent out to do. He was merely checking to see if she was actually a prostitute as suspected.

23 April 2008

Rene Rivkin - Corporate Fraud, reward.

Being a person of influence one would expect one to have friends like doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians and the like, of course naturally some if not all being part of the boys club. This becomes more evident as more sequence of events unfold.

One of Rene’s rises to fame was that of a transaction which included the purchase of a company not its worth of $3 million dollars, then insuring it for $50 million, and then burning it down, naturally collecting on the way out.

An operation of such complexity cannot be carried out by one’s lonesome, and has to involve all sorts of people. Since there was no other option, than to lodge an inquiry into the matter, prior to Rivkin’s testimony (which would implicate others, eg. Politicians, insurers, etc), he conveniently committed suicide.

One of the most important facts that the mainstream media puts an unconditional blanket on is that the Anglo-Masonic law system, together with its peers realistically ‘rewards’ those so called ‘individuals’ who commit crimes against the ‘commoners’. In Rene’s case, he defrauded the Australian public of monies, through insider trading. The punishment served on Rivkin can only be described as a joke. The court system ‘punished’ Rivkin, with a weekend jail sentence, for nine months, which was postponed most of the time, supported by claims, with a doctor’s certificate, that he was unfit to serve jail time, yet he was not unfit to commit fraud.

The banning of his stock broking license mean absolutely zero, as he could entrust anyone to carry on his business deals.

This is a classic example of how corrupt the Australian legal system is, to the detriment of the Australian public, but to the benefit of the chosen few.

some information on : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rene_Rivkin

21 April 2008

Corey Worthington set to star in Big Brother

Australia hasn't seen the last of suburban hell raiser Corey Worthington and his trademark yellow sunglasses — the Victorian teenager is set to appear on this year's series of Big Brother.

The 17-year-old, who gained worldwide notoriety after hosting a massive party at his parent’s house in Melbourne, is believed to have secured a spot as an intruder on the Channel Ten series, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Producers of the television show are believed to have contacted Corey after his party made headlines but his agent, Max Markson, has played down the reports.

"We had talks and there has been speculation," Markson was quoted by the Telegraph as saying.

"This is rumour and nothing more." A Channel 10 spokeswoman wouldn't confirm whether the teen would make an appearance on the show when it returns on April 28.

This isn't the first time the show is said to have been in contact with Worthington: he was reportedly offered a hosting role on the show by the producers in January.

"His fame and notoriety hasn't escaped the executive producers of Big Brother ... he would deliver the Ten demographic in droves," a Channel Ten source said in January.

But former BB runner-up Tim Brunero told ninemsn Worthington would be like "a tissue in the rain" under Big Brother's non-stop scrutiny.

"This is a guy who can't even take his glasses off, so I think he's going to last about 20 minutes under this sort of scrutiny," he said.

"So far we know the first housemate is a Pauline Hanson-supporting 52-year-old … I think she's going to make mincemeat of him."

Brunero also claimed the show would move back to its social experiment roots after last year's lacklustre episodes and ratings.

"I think it's going to be back-to-basics, Big Brother the social experiment: one thing they're bragging about is there aren't going to be any promo models or boring people," he said.

"It's not going to be as much about beautiful people and who called who a moll. "The contestants will likely be from a wide spectrum of mindsets and lifestyles, not a boring homogenous group.

"It may be making a transition from being a kids show to an adults show."

Brunero will be part of an adult-focused BB panel show Big Mouth on Tuesdays with Tony Squires and Rebecca Wilson and will also commentate on the series at his website.

ninemsn 21 Apr 2008

Just plain old Trailer park Trash, now promoted to Entertainment Trash. In reality his initial party was a failure, as it got out of control and involved police. Nothing to be proud of there. The general media is responsible for promoting this trash onto the impressionable youth of today.

Four-year-old kids bullied into kickboxing

Children as young as four are being plunged into the cutthroat arena of competitive kickboxing by over-zealous parents.

A new British television documentary shows young boys and girls trading blows in the bloodsport — with many breaking down in tears as parents harrass them from the sidelines.

In one instance, five-year-old girl Miah Flanagan is seen on the Channel 4 documentary wearing large punching gloves as she sobs beside the boxing ring.

Her twin brother Kian is later shown receiving a sharp knock to the face from his kickboxing partner.

The children's MuayThai boxing bouts happen within an adult-sized boxing ring, with parents shouting tips such as "come on Princess, go forward, kick 'em, kick 'em."

The documentary is screening in Britain this week.

Britain has no age restrictions for youngsters taking part in MuayThai boxing, which is taught by over 500 registered clubs around the country.

There are also no official rules about children wearing protective headgear.

The Flanagans' father, Darren, believes the hits his children are taking now will stand them in good stead for the future.

"If someone grabs Miah when she's 15, what do you think is going to happen?" he is quoted as saying in Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.

"Miah knows all the defence moves. Anyway [she] loves it — she's like a ballet dancer with boxing gloves at the moment."

Mr Flanagan said he fed his daughter more food to bulk her up if she was facing an older or heavier opponent.

In Australia, children must be at least 14 years old to compete in Thai boxing, according to kickboxing association president Robert Murdoch.

But there are no age limits on kids taking part in other martial arts, he said.

ninemsn 21 Apr 2008