03 February 2020

Victoria Police fines corruption, denial of natural justice

The corruption of Victoria Police the so called sheriff and a business called Fines Victoria goes past the head of the Australian Joe Average.

In a desperate attempt to extort cash from alleged offenders the ‘system’ ignores the ‘you elect to go to court’ option which in itself is fraudulent, in order to skip the entire process of innocent until proven otherwise, which does not exist in criminal offences committed whilst in charge of a vehicle.

Whatever you write falls on blind eyes, where computer generated templates are issued to the alleged offender where no ‘legal’ person can be held responsible.

The matter is then quickly expedited to ‘sheriff stage’ in order for alleged debt collection.

The (alleged deputy) sheriff then comes knocking on your door stating that there is an alleged warrant.

What you are not told is that there are no warrants, and there never were any such warrants for road infringements.

Furthermore if there is an alleged warrant, the execution copy must be produced upon request.

The government of Victoria with the aid of Victoria Police, Sheriff’s Office Victoria and Fines Victoria have been defrauding motorists of millions of dollars annually in false and unverifiable claims.

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