10 September 2020

No media outcry over flu deaths (8.5/day in ’18) or vaccine?

So, how’s that flu vaccine working for you?

Well, whatever the deal, did the mainstream media mention it to you that on average 8.5 people per day died in 2018?

Source: https://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/0/47E19CA15036B04BCA2577570014668B?Opendocument=

Did they say that Flu Lives Matter too?

Backtracking, it seems very trivial or as if no one cared that despite a ‘flu shot’ existing, people still died.

Why all the kerfuffle about the Coronavirus?

Isn’t the flu contagious too?

Aaahhh, but Coronavirus is deadly!

So is the flu?

Did the government restrict the people’s movements in 2018 because there were 8.5 deaths per day?

Victorians are STILL in curfew at 7 deaths, but who knows that for sure, as the figures have been falsified by the government.

One thing that the people have been made aware of during this fiasco, is that the governments (federal, territory, state) have been lying to you, so we are taking the above figure derived from the ABS at face value.

Now, Now, let’s NOT say that this is an anti-vaxxer’s post ;-) 

Remember, TRUST your government and FEAR the police (as they tell you to do).

STILL not convinced that in Australia you live in a POLICE STATE?

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