10 March 2012

Policeman charged with dealing drugs

A NSW police officer has been charged with supplying drugs in Wollongong.

The officer, from the Central Metropolitan Region, has been charged with two counts of supplying prohibited drugs, after he allegedly dealt drugs inside a licensed venue in Wollongong on Sunday.

He will appear in Wollongong Court on April 3.

heraldsun.com.au 10 Mar 2012

So there is only 1 police officer that deals drugs in New South Wales?

Another illustration of how the authorities work together with the corporate media.

No information is given about the corrupt police officer or any other details, just sparse information.

Victorian and NSW police are considered the most corrupt in the country.

The government working together with the media, cannot allow the actual number of corrupt police be known to the general populous, as the will show no confidence in governance.

The drugs problem is greater than the mass media reports it to be.

The police were not in control of the drug syndicates since the 1980's and earlier.

The government has failed in it's 'War on Drugs' (not that there ever was one) at the expense of the children of the masses.

The drug trade in Australia is worth an estimated ($1.2 billion per month).

Movies that turn teenagers to drink

DOWNING a cosmopolitan like Carrie Bradshaw might seem chic, but Hollywood blockbusters are turning teenagers to drink.

Depictions of "cool" drinking in top-grossing films such as The Hangover and Sex And The City can leave a lasting impression on teens, who may try to imitate their on-screen heroes, scientists found.

A study in the journal Pediatrics found a strong link between youth drinking and film images - while youths ignored smoking in films.

More than 16,000 youngsters aged 10 to 19 across six European countries were involved in the study, which found 27 per cent of children had consumed more than five alcoholic drinks at least once.

At least 86 per cent of the 655 popular movies viewed by the children contained a scene involving alcohol.

The movies studied include the 50 most successful films from 2005-2008 and the 25 top movies from 2004 and 2009.

These include hits such as Wedding Crashers, Walk The Line, Twilight, Meet The Fockers, Mamma Mia, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Break-Up and the Batman franchise.

"It was estimated that the most highly exposed adolescents had seen in excess of 10,000 alcohol depictions," wrote the authors, from Germany's Institute for Therapy and Health Research.

"Adolescents with higher exposure to alcohol use in movies were significantly more likely to have engaged in binge drinking.

"Exposure to movie alcohol use remained significantly associated with binge drinking, whereas exposure to movie smoking was not."

The authors suggested fewer images of drinking in movies would lead to less teens hitting the bottle.

Professor Stephen Kline, who will tomorrow address the Australian Council on Children and the Media about the impact on marketing to children, said teen risk-taking and the growing consumer power of teens was a volatile mix.

"Kids are exposed to all kinds of messages on TV and in films and there are consequences," Professor Kline said.

dailytelegraph.com.au 8 Mar 2012

It is a well known fact within the Hollywood media mogul industry that children mimic the actions of their movie / pop music 'idols'.

This fact is used to exploit the minds of the children of the masses into many forms of social degradation.

This is a deliberate tactic used to enslave the minds of the youth for the benefit of authorities / corporations.

When a society is not educated, dysfunctional and families are broken, then they are easier to control.

Another win for the Hollywood financiers, and the many organisations / individuals that support them.

'Free' apps a bill a family shocker

AUSTRALIA'S consumer watchdog is monitoring bill shocks from children playing "free" games on smartphones and iPads.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is concerned about a surge in complaints from parents receiving huge credit card bills when they think apps are free.

Commissioner Sarah Court said the watchdog would examine whether marketing of games with potential cost traps could be considered misleading and deceptive.

"We will be closely looking at it," Ms Court said.

The Herald Sun last year found parents were unwittingly stung with bills of thousands of dollars after discovering some addictive games were free to download but they were then charged up to $110 for extras.

Unwary victims reported charges of up to $4000 after children went on game frenzies, ignoring messages about charges or confusing real money with play cash.

The industry says clear warnings flash on screens, and parents should be careful about revealing passwords. It says charges for "in-app content" can be easily blocked.

Ms Court said complaints about bill shock from mobile phone services such as ringtones and quizzes had rapidly declined. Apps were regulators' new challenge.

heraldsun.com.au 10 Mar 2012

Another behind the 8 ball action by the ACCC or Australian legal system.

Many app developers have been defrauding the Australian consumer for quite some time, and nothing has been done about this.

Consumer rip off by major corporations like Apple has been practiced for many years, to the 'blind eye' of the ACCC, in effect supporting the globalists.

Australian politics is deliberately slow to intervene in corporate fraud against the masses, conversely when the masses commit a 'crime' against the multinationals (e.g. theft) penalties / incarceration / convictions are almost instantaneous.

Teenage rapists laugh it off in court

A GANG of teenage rapists whispered and laughed before they were sentenced to three years in youth detention for a degrading sexual attack on a young mother.

Crime victim groups have criticised the law that allowed the magistrate to dish out only low-range sentences for what were worst-category crimes.

The thugs, aged 17, 16 and 14 at the time of gang rape in country Victoria in January last year, attacked a married mother, 21, in her home.

Her two children were asleep in a nearby room during the attack.

The three pleaded not guilty to charges including rape and indecent assault.

In sentencing the youths yesterday, a Children's Court magistrate said none of the three was remorseful.

The magistrate described the gang rape as a "cruel, callous and degrading" attack on a "vulnerable young mother".

He gave the youths the maximum possible penalty available.

The maximum sentence for rape in the adult jurisdiction is 25 years' jail. In the Children's Court, the maximum is two years in youth detention, and if there are multiple counts, the maximum is three years.

The magistrate found five charges proved against the 17-year-old, seven against the 16-year-old and eight against the 14-year-old. None had prior convictions.

The victim is still traumatised and suffers emotional and family problems, her victim impact statement says.

Crime Victims' Support Association president Noel McNamara said last night that magistrates presiding at children's courts sometimes felt frustrated that their hands were tied.

"They just can't do the right thing because the laws aren't there," Mr McNamara said.

He described youth detention centres as "holiday camps" for serious under-age offenders and said he would raise the issue of juvenile sentencing restrictions at a meeting with Attorney-General Robert Clark.

"The law has got to be changed," Mr McNamara said. "It's just a disgrace."

A spokesman for Mr Clark said last night that it would be inappropriate to comment on the case.

heraldsun.com.au 6 Mar 2012

Another example of how the government has created laws that are in support of the criminals, and to the disadvantage of the victims.

Laws are put in place almost overnight to put in extra speed cameras for revenue raising, but when it comes to hineaous criminal acts, decades go by with deliberately no action.

$5 billion water bill bleeds us dry

VICTORIA would need to be in drought for eight years before a drop of water was required from the Wonthaggi desalination plant, scientists say.

But taxpayers will pay more than $5 billion in that time to have access to the water.

As floods swamp the northeast, critics have questioned why the plant was built.

Prof Hector Malano, a water resource management expert at the University of Melbourne, said Melbourne's current water storages would last until 2020 even if there were a drought.

"It would be up to eight years depending on the climate and population growth," he said.

"Desalination is the last option that you want to use. But once the decision is made to begin building the plant, we will be paying for it for some time."

The desalination plant will cost taxpayers $24 billion over 30 years. Victorians will pay desalination plant project company AquaSure $1.8 million a day for access to water at the plant, even if none is used; $5.2 billion by 2020.

Water storages are 64.7 per cent full after hitting a record low of 25.6 per cent in June 2009.

In further potential pain to taxpayers, AquaSure has demanded a $1.3 billion loan to refinance its debt and a 12-month deadline extension from the State Government.

It also claimed a $560 million payment this year even though it doubted the plant would be finished.

Mark Robertson, president of anti-desalination campaigners Watershed, said the plant should never have been built.

"We survived during the drought with water restrictions and that didn't cost anything or have the environmental effects," he said.

Water Minister Peter Walsh said the Labor government had panicked during the drought when it ordered the plant.

"The previous government should have acted before the drought occurred by looking at stormwater and recycled water for non-drinking purposes," he said.

Mr Walsh said he would vigorously defend AquaSure's financial claims, adding he would not sign anything that was not value for money for taxpayers.

An AquaSure spokeswoman said: "Like any other major project contract, there are provisions in our contract with the state for AquaSure to lodge claims in certain circumstances."

heraldsun.com.au 10 Mar 2012

Another corporate fraud that is supported by the government, to the detriment of the general populous.

Kickbacks, illegal union heavy handed tactics, money for mates tender fraud, significantly above the industry standards contractor rates account for just some of the illegal activities regarding the building and operating of the de sal plant in Victoria.

There is no and will be no inquiry into the billion dollar fraud that the government has supported.

Another rort where the business leaders fraudulently obtain funds right in front of the eyes of the masses with no legal repercussions.

Australia - "The lucky country" (if you're part of the 'boys club').

Tumour-causing chemical found in Coke, Pepsi, group says

US regulators, reviewing an advocacy group's complaint that a chemical used in colas causes tumours in animals, said there's no immediate risk to consumers from the substance.

A person would have to drink more than a thousand cans of soda in a day to match the doses administered in studies that showed links to cancer in rodents, Douglas Karas, a US Food and Drug Administration spokesman, said in a statement.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer-health group in Washington, said in a statement today that high levels of the chemical 4-methylimidazole were found in drinks made by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. The chemical is part of coloring used in colas and the subject of a study the group released today. An industry group disputed the findings.

“This is nothing more than scare tactics,” the American Beverage Association said in a statement today, calling the claims “outrageous.”

The FDA has no reason to believe consumers are in danger, the FDA's Karas wrote in an e-mail. The agency is reviewing the group's petition, he said.

The consumer group said it commissioned laboratory studies of products including Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Snapple Group's Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper, and Whole Foods 365 Cola from Washington-area stores.

“Coke and Pepsi, with the acquiescence of the FDA, are needlessly exposing millions of Americans to a chemical that causes cancer,” said Michael F. Jacobson, the Washington-based group's executive director, in a statement. “The FDA needs to protect consumers from this risk.”

California standards

Pepsi's products, Diet Coke and regular Coca-Cola had levels that were high enough to require a warning notice in the state of California, according to the centre's release.

The chemical was included on California's list of carcinogens even though there are no studies showing it causes cancer in humans, the industry group said.

Diana Garza Ciarlante, a spokeswoman at Atlanta-based Coca- Cola, referred questions about the report to the beverage association. Gillian Galasso, a spokeswoman at PepsiCo in Purchase, New York, didn't respond immediately to a phone message seeking comment.

smh.com.au 6 Mar 2012

The chemicals that are in these products have long been associated with tumors, but the information has been suppressed.

Another misinformatin campaign led by the multinationals as it has been done in the past with cigarettes by Phillip Morris.

Coke has an approximate 5000% profit margin in its product.

Suppliers tackle Coles and Woolworths with complaints to ACCC

Supplliers to Australia's two dominant supermarket chains have approached the consumer watchdog to complain about the behaviour of Coles and Woolworths.

Rod Sims, head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, has revealed that his recent call for information about the alleged bullying tactics of the supermarket giants had yielded a number of contacts.

Mr Sims last month promised to protect any supplier who complained about Coles or Woolworths, which together control more than 70 per cent of Australia's grocery spending.

He made the call after claims that some suppliers were being squeezed as a result of the price wars between Coles and Woolworths over fruit and vegetables, milk, bread and other fresh produce, toilet paper and washing powder.

Some suppliers have, in private, claimed the supermarket chains encouraged them to invest in infrastructure to meet demand, and then asked for further discounts once they had borrowed to fund expansion.

The complainants have ranged from small produce suppliers to multinational companies.

Mr Sims told The Age that a number of ''major listed companies'' were among those who had responded to his call for evidence of ''unconscionable conduct'' by the supermarket giants.

''We are encouraged by the responses we have had so far,'' he said.

At the time of his call for information, Mr Sims cited a 2008 inquiry that did ''not support the proposition that retail prices have risen while farm gate prices have stagnated or declined''. Since then, however, supermarkets have increased their use of generic-label foods and have been accused of squeezing out branded goods and cutting producers' margins.

Late last year Woolworths announced plans to double own-brand sales over the next five years. Goldman Sachs analysts estimate this will shift around $4.5 billion of sales to own-brand products.

The liquor industry is the latest to feel the squeeze. Woolworths said last week that its house-alcohol sales - including beer, wine and spirits - were now equivalent to the second-largest supplier to its liquor division by value.

Last year, private-label wines were the biggest growth area in Woolworths' liquor business. At the time, family-run winery De Bortoli complained there was less shelf space for its brands as private label wines expanded.

smh.com.au 6 Mar 2012

It has been long said that the ACCC is in collusion with the Supermarket / petrol duopoly of Coles / Woolworths.

There are too many examples to list here of the complaints that have been filed in the bin, by the ACCC.

Another useless organisation setup by the government for the corporates, rather than for consumer protection.

Migrants pouring in at a rate of 184,000 each year

MIGRANT numbers have hit a two-year high, confirming that we are hurtling towards a "Big Australia".

And more than 160 protection visas are being issued to asylum seekers each week as the Federal Government deals with rising numbers of arrivals by boat and air.

About 146,000 permanent settlers came to Australia in the past year, the most since 2010.

There were 14,210 arrivals in January alone - a 41-month high.

But the growth in population is much higher when the number of foreigners given permanent residency visas is taken into account.

Net overseas migration is about 184,000 a year and is expected to reach 204,000 by mid-2015, according to the latest Immigration Department forecasts.

The so-called Big Australia target of 36 million by 2050, disowned by PM Julia Gillard before the last election, is on track with annual net migration of 180,000 and above.

Monash University population expert Dr Bob Birrell said permanent immigration was at a very high level and temporary migration was increasing at an even higher rate.

"This is a sign of what's in store for us given the Government's policy settings," he said.

Separate Immigration Department figures show 4260 asylum seekers were given protection visas in the second half of last year. This compares with 4818 visas for the whole of 2010-11.

About half of the successful visa applicants were from Afghanistan and Iran, while significant numbers also came from Iraq and Sri Lanka, according to the department's latest Asylum Statistics Australia report.

Of those given visas in the second half of last year, 2845 were boat arrivals and 1412 sought asylum after arriving by air.

Adult boat arrivals are initially detained, but the Government's policy is to release people while their refugee claims are assessed.

heraldsun.com.au 7 March 2012

In this migration phase Australia is on the road to 'slave labour' conditions, which are supported by both governments an businesses.

This is all done under the umbrella, of 'human rights' and anyone opposed to the government policies is labelled as not humanitarian.

During this migration process, Australian government is also importing criminals, criminal families, under the safety banner of 'refugee' status.

Migrants are generally used as a cheap labour source, only to the benefit of corporations.

Overseas advertisements show how to come into Australia and live from social security.

The Department of Sustainability has failed to provide enough resources for (example Victoria's) current population, but the government still insists in importing more people.

The government has upset the balance of a natural growth rate, for the simple calculation of more money, at the expense of the general populous.

Automakers aim to ape app success with network car

Forget texting at the wheel: automakers want you to be able to check Facebook, listen to internet radio and book a table online, while live traffic information displays the least congested route to your destination.

Envious of the booming market for mobile phone applications, manufacturers such as Ford and Mercedes used the Geneva Motor Show to unveil their latest efforts to attract younger customers for whom smartphones are more appealing than Smart cars.

Ford is rolling out its SYNC system to European drivers this year, starting with the new B-Max family car. SYNC _ already available in North America _ lets drivers control their phone with voice commands, have a computer read out text and Twitter messages, or stream music through the car speakers.

When the air bag is deployed, indicating a crash, the system will automatically call an emergency number and report the location of the car based on GPS coordinates. It will then attempt to connect the operator to the driver.

Experts such as former Ford chief technology officer Richard Parry-Jones say such systems could make driving a lot more pleasurable and help ease road congestion.

But they also pose risks.

"Quite a lot of work still needs to be done to ensure safety and compatibility," Parry-Jones told The Associated Press on the sidelines of an industry meeting at the auto show Wednesday.

Privacy, too, could become an issue just as it has with phone apps that track users' location, he said. "We should worry about it but it's not an insoluble issue."

US company Harman - best known for its hifi systems - was one of the first to see the potential of onboard infotainment systems that connect to drivers' smartphones and the Web.

The company already makes sophisticated dashboard systems for premium auto manufacturers like Mercedes, Lexus and BMW. At the Geneva event, it showcased a next-generation system that can recognise different drivers and personalise the system to suit their needs.

But amid the general euphoria over in-car apps, some automakers are cautious.

Pitt Moos, the product manager for Smart's electric vehicles, said manufacturers need to make sure customers really want all the distractions that come with being online all the time.

"There's a risk of technology overkill," he said.

For now, Smart is concentrating on letting users remotely check the charge status of their electric car, not the Facebook status of their friends.

theage.com.au 8 Mar 2012

In Australia there are strict rules as to the using of mobile phones and items of technology, such as Pocket PC's GPS's, TV's etc.

For example, it is illegal to browse the internet whilst a vehicle is moving, or it is illegal to use your phone whilst driving.

These rules have been put in place for safety reasons, for both the driver and other road users and pedestrians.

It is the distraction from the road that these devices cause that can result in serious accidents or even death in cases.

Instead of making the driving experience more simpler, the manufacturers are putting lives at risk, with the social bandwagon phenomenon.

06 March 2012

Woman groped at The Game concert in Adelaide

Video has emerged of rapper The Game urging an unwilling female fan to show her breasts at a show in Adelaide before his friends grope her and eventually push her off stage.

The footage, which follows another clip of the US rapper spitting at a group of women on the Gold Coast, has led anti-violence groups to condemn his behaviour during his Australian tour in February.

In the new video The Game’s crew, including rapper Kid Red, can be seen gathering around a woman who they had invited on stage at the HQ Complex in Adelaide on February 19.

"Show us your t---ies," The Game yells several times, prompting cheers from the audience.

The woman appears visibly uncomfortable as Kid Red approaches her and tries to remove her top himself.

When she continues to refuse, Kid Red pushes the woman off the stage onto the crowd below.

A ninemsn reader who attended the concert said a fight broke out after the show when a member of The Game’s entourage made advances on a male fan’s girlfriend.

South Australian police confirmed officers were called to a "massive fight" at the venue at 10.40pm, but those involved refused to provide statements and refused an ambulance.

Yesterday ninemsn released video of a young woman who had apparently been spat on by The Game at the Bourbon Bar.

Dr Michael Flood, an ambassador for anti-violence group White Ribbon, said The Game and his crew's behaviour legitimised an attitude that violence against women was acceptable.

"In the scene where those guys pressure her to take her top off, they’re supported by the audience," he said.

"What these are symptoms of is a style of hip hop based on the objectification of women and hostility towards women. The Game is one of a number of rappers who portray women as sexual objects."

Dr Caroline Lambert, executive director of YWCA Australia, said it was "really disappointing" to see the footage.

"Violence is unacceptable. The Australian government and the Australian community have really stepped up to that message in recent years," she said.

The Game, real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor, grew up in the LA neighbourhood of Compton, where he allegedly was a drug dealer with ties to the Bloods street gang.

In 2001 he was shot five times and was in a coma for three days but recovered.

In 2008 he was sentenced to 60 days in jail, 150 hours of community service and three years’ probation after pleading no contest to a felony weapons charge.

Canadian immigration officials denied him entry to the country for a tour last year due to his alleged gang connections.

A spokesman for the Australian Department of Immigration would not comment on The Game’s touring visa specifically, but said criminals who had served less than 12 months in prison could still enter the country.

The Game apparently responded to the controversy this afternoon on Twitter with the message: "n----- be givin these hoes too much power".

news.com.au 6 Mar 2012

Another example of governments letting in criminals into the country.

Sexual predators degrading women looks like part of the globalist agenda.

No deportation? No criminal convictions? Is anyone surprised?

We're failing our kids at school

VICTORIAN schools have been warned to lift their game as a new report revealed students' basic skills in reading, writing and arithmetic had all dropped.

The reading skills of Australian school students fell to seventh in the world from equal second while students' maths skills have plummeted from fifth to 13th in the world.

The alarming results are revealed in the Government's Gonski Review of Funding for Schooling, released today.

It also said the gap in literacy between disadvantaged and advantaged students was equivalent to almost three years of schooling.

It's believed the report will recommend an extra $5 billion be spent on education with state schools set to take up to 75 per cent of funding for disadvantaged students.

The Government refused to answer questions about the report's findings yesterday, but announced a week-long talk fest for Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Education Minister Peter Garrett.

The pair will visit schools and hold forums with parents, teachers and principals to discuss the report.

It will also hold a public forum in Canberra, which will be shown live around the country via the internet.

The report said Australian schools had to stop their rapid decline.

"Australian schooling needs to lift the performance of students at all levels of achievement, particularly the lowest performers," the report said.

"Australia must also improve its international standing by arresting the decline."

A new funding system for all students was also recommended.

"Australia lacks a logical, consistent and publicly transparent approach to funding schooling," it said.

The Government has already ruled out a "hit list" of private schools who will have their funding removed.

It also said no school would lose a dollar of funding, but refused to guarantee funding in real terms, meaning some schools could lose funding in the long term.

Last week it was revealed the average 15-year-old Australian maths student was more than two years behind their counterparts in Shanghai.

heraldsun.com.au 20 Feb 2012

There is no policy to 'educate' the children of the masses.

The real education is kept away from the state school curriculum, that is for the leader's children.

Education is no longer a right but a privileage i.e. privately funded.

Our state students are in good shape

CASH-strapped state schools still pack a punch when it comes to providing quality education for our kids.

The national Naplan literacy and numeracy results have revealed public secondary schools are maintaining close to average or above average levels of education despite the funding stretch.

But experts have warned parents not to read too much into the raw data, with some concerned it paints an inaccurate picture.

"Parents need to be careful about drawing conclusions around the school programs on the basis of these results," teachers union boss Mary Bluett said.

"It is not a terribly accurate measure. Parents making decisions around where to send their kids would be better served by going to the school."

But Ms Bluett said the survey did show government schools were kicking goals.

"It shows there are a lot of schools out there with a high proportion of students from disadvantaged backgrounds that are delivering great outcomes," she said.

Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals president Frank Sal said the figures showed kids didn't need a private education to do well.

"It's difficult to wonder how a school can offer the same level of education when their resources are so much lower," Mr Sal said.

"I don't know that they are necessarily excelling but I think they are definitely demonstrating improvement at significant levels," he said.

"It's really up to governments to ensure resources are pumped into those schools and they are supported so all kids can get a fantastic education."

Education Minister Martin Dixon said the survey was a good snapshot.

"It's one good indication of what's happening in our schools," he said.

"The results thrown up are just one measure but in the end nothing beats a walk through the corridors."

Mr Dixon said it was proof state schools were not only providing high academic results but were also working with children from low socio-economic backgrounds and turning their lives around.

"They may not have the high scores but they are having a really positive influence," he said.

Charlton College principal Kelvin Baird said the level of funding mattered little when it came to school culture.

The flood-affected school notched up some of the best results in the state, out-performing many selective entry schools.

"Money isn't a factor," Mr Baird said. "It's about the teachers' passion to develop each student to their capacity.

"It hasn't occurred over night but we have a strong culture of achievement and high expectations."

heraldsun.com.au 29 Feb 2012

So called 'new' reports are falsified to the tune of a political agenda, not necessarily reflecting the true status of the education system.

The true fact is that the government or state school education system is failing the students, but rather producing future cheap blue collar worker slave labour.

Audit questions prostitutes cash

JULIA Gillard faces fresh turmoil just two days after seeing off a leadership challenge, with new revelations over the use of Labor MP Craig Thomson's credit card to pay for prostitutes.

A 120-page audit found Mr Thomson failed to question why $5000 was spent on prostitutes -- even though he was supposed to be the card's sole user.

The report also found the NSW MP gained a "personal benefit" from his Health Services Union credit card.

The investigation, by Slater & Gordon and BDO Kendall, heavily criticised the former HSU boss over inappropriate spending and found he was likely to have breached industrial laws by taking his then wife on 19 flights.

The report has been forwarded to Victoria Police and Fair Work Australia, which are conducting investigations into the Labor MP.

If convicted and sentenced to 12 months' jail, Mr Thomson would have to leave Parliament, loosening the Gillard Government's hold on power.

Mr Thomson withdrew cash advances of $100,000 in his five years as HSU national secretary, the audit shows.

The 2009 audit reveals Mr Thomson failed to question seven credit card transactions for adult services totalling $5000.

He denies paying for the prostitutes but the audit team questions how he could have allowed seven transactions involving adult services to slip through.

"We remain unable to reconcile these denials with Thomson's apparent failure to draw attention to these transactions before this investigation despite the accounting procedure . . . requiring the presentation of supporting documents for each transaction occurred," the audit said.

It found some cash advances were not "appropriate expenditures".

Last night, Mr Thomson said: "I deny any wrongdoing. I have fully co-operated with police and Fair Work Australia."

The latest revelations come amid new evidence the industrial watchdog has been dragging the chain during its three-year investigation of Mr Thomson. It has spent $912,000 in legal fees on the HSU inquiry, but just $250,000 of this was spent from April 2009-July 2011.

Yesterday, Treasurer Wayne Swan said the Government was focusing on the economy. "The thing (Labor) is proudest of, is that today there are more Australians employed than at any other time in our history," he said.

heraldsun.com.au 29 Feb 2012

Another example of a corrupt government and a corrupt legal system at work.

Watch as another criminal from the political scene walks free from 'charges ' of fraud, and other other offences relating to the matter.

The politicians are trully "Above the Law".