07 June 2008

Bunnings - Designed to Close you down

If you're a small hardware or paint shop owner, you have your livelihood to fear.

With the opening of a new Bunnings store in Melbourne, up on the notice board was a list of all the competing small businesses.

The goal of the store was to close down ALL of the competition.

As each one of the small competing stores closed down, they would be stuck from the Managers list.

One way to achieve this is to severely discount a line of products that a competing store offers. The small business is then unable to compete, ultimately ending in foreclosure.

Another tactic used was that suppliers would sell the paint to the small business paint shop at a rate the Bunnings would retail the product, thus making the small business unable to compete.

The principles of which are documented in a video on YouTube Is Wal Mart Good for America.

IBM GSA - Slave Drivers, No Pay

In an internal memorandum to Line Managers and Team Leaders IBM GSA instructs them to enforce their full time employees to work back to a 45 hour week without extra pay.

The standard working week consists of 37.5 hours. IBM GSA instructs that ALL (100%) of its employees time MUST be billable to the customer.

In the internal memo IBM GSA instructs that it will NOT pay overtime for its employees until over 45 hours have been reached.
Therefore the employee is defrauded 7.5 hrs, in effect 1 working day by IBM GSA. The rate charged to the customer can vary from $120-$150 per hour, or $900 - $1,125 per day.

The law system in Australia supports IBM GSA and not the rights of the worker who was defrauded a days pay by IBM GSA. IBM was founded by Rockefeller and is part of the Order of the New World. Read article : IBM Caused World War II .

06 June 2008

Ozzy Osbourne wins damages over slur*

Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne won "substantial" damages from the publishers of the Daily Star newspaper over a report that the singer's poor health had thrown a music awards show into chaos.
Osbourne sued the tabloid for a story titled "Ozzy's Freak Show", which said the 59-year-old rocker and reality TV star had toppled over twice just before the annual Brit Awards, which he and his family presented on live television.
The article also alleged that Osbourne had to be ferried around the February awards show on an electric buggy.
"The claimant is a highly successful touring artist who has just completed a sell out world tour (there is NO shortage of STUPID people out there!!!) ," said John Kelly, a solicitor for Osbourne, who was not at London's High Court to hear the conclusion of the action.
"The publication of false allegations that the claimant was in such a poor state of health that he was incapable of hosting an awards ceremony .... are extremely serious," he added.
Kelly said the allegations had not been put to Osbourne or his representatives prior to publication, and if they had the newspaper would have been informed they were "utterly false."
The undisclosed damages will be donated to the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program run by Osbourne's wife.
The Daily Star's lawyer, Kate Wilson, told the court that the newspaper apologised for the distress and embarrassment caused by the article, and accepted the allegations were untrue and should never have been published.

ninemsn 6 Jun 2008

*Slur - get it !! Does he slur his speach? Just look at his show, and YOU be the judge !!! An individual who abused drugs (illegally), over the years, have taken a toll on his health, and this is taboo to mention?? What a joke the legal system is.

Paris baby bump rumours rubbished

Paris Hilton's representative has been forced to deny rumours the celebrity heiress is pregnant.

Celebrity bloggers were in a spin yesterday after pictures of Hilton, apparently revealing a small baby bump, were published online by US magazines.
Hilton, 27, was snapped out and about with boyfriend Benji Madden in Hollywood this week, wearing a green satin dress that exposed a slight bulge in her middle.
But a representative for Hilton told US Magazine the pregnancy reports were "completely false".
Pictures of Hilton at the MTV awards last week also appear to rule out the possibility the socialite will be a mother any time soon.
Wearing a figure-hugging black and white dress, Hilton appeared to be her usual rake-thin self on the award ceremony's red carpet.
It may not be too long before a genuine baby bump does appear, however, with Hilton telling OK Magazine she would like to have a baby with boyfriend Madden, who is a guitarist for the punk band Good Charlotte.
"I do want a baby, pretty soon," Hilton was quoted by the magazine as saying.
"Not yet because I'm so busy, but next year.”

ninemsn 6 Jun 2008

Almost anyone with a computer, or TV or radio is aware of Trash Hilton. Not much time goes by without a story cropping up in the media about this perpetual usless party goer, that gives no real / tangible contribution to society.

Pity it is that this creature will breed, only to create a dysfunctional family. What an accolade it will be to have a mother that is known for spreading her legs. Nothing more and nothing less than pure and unadulterated Trailer park Trash.

Drug cop charged with corruption in 1982

The NSW police investigator arrested this week over a conspiracy to import pseudoephedrine into the country was charged nearly 30 years ago with corruption, it has been revealed.

NSW Crime Commission assistant director of investigations Mark Standen was charged this week with conspiracy to import 600kg of pseudoephedrine, used to make the drug ice.
He also faces a charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
But Fairfax reports that in 1982 the Stewart Royal Commission into drug trafficking heard that Federal Narcotics Bureau agents Standen and Stephen Innsley had both been charged after being caught flushing drugs down a toilet.
The men were charged after it was found they had not only disposed of the 18 foils of cannabis, but also had failed to report they had ever seized them.
The charges were dropped after assurances Standen and Innsley would not be appointed to the newly formed Australian Federal Police (AFP) - assurances that were subsequently ignored in Standen case.
The new claims come the NSW opposition increases its calls for a judicial inquiry into the Standen case - calls so far resisted by the Iemma government.
Standen was recruited from the AFP to the Crime Commission 10 years ago.

6 Jun 2008

So no one did a check to see if he was a convicted criminal ??? ??? Or maybe they did, as it looks like it is a prerequisite to be part of law enforcement in Australia.

03 June 2008

RTA 'would not reinforce collapsed road'

A Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) engineer involved in the construction of a section of the Old Pacific Highway which collapsed last year, killing a family of five, has told a Sydney inquest his requests to reinforce the road were denied.

Adam Holt, 30, his partner Roslyn Bragg, 29, their daughters Madison, two, and Jasmine, three, and Ms Bragg's nephew Travis, nine, died after their car plunged into a collapsed culvert at Piles Creek at Somersby on the NSW Central Coast, during heavy rains on June 8 last year.

Peter Bamford was the resident engineer overseeing the construction of that section of the road from 1981-82.

He told the Glebe Coroners Court on Tuesday, it had been the first time he had used sealed pipe culverts in road construction during his career.

Mr Bamford said he had been made aware at the time of a propensity for the culverts to corrode over time and that the method of preventing this was to line them with concrete, but a request to do this had been denied.

"We asked if (head office) wanted it lined, and they said no," Mr Bamford told the inquest.

Paul Menzies, counsel assisting the coroner, asked him: "Do you know why it was that the F3 was given the tick (reinforced) but not Piles Creek?"

"No, I don't," he replied.

Neil Lamb, another RTA engineer who worked on the construction of the Old Pacific Highway, said it was common practice at the RTA at the time for only the most susceptible roads to be reinforced.

"It would have come down to degrees (of urgency)," he told the inquest.

The inquest continues.

nine news 3 Jun 2008

Another typical example of governments negligence, resulting in the death of innocent people.
A government inquest into the actions of another government department. Maybe the innocent victims could be at fault ???

The Government Supports Business 'Water Cheats'

(just one of many car wash businesses not using Tank Water )

The Government and Media label the General Public, who do not conform to illegally placed 'water laws', as WATER CHEATS.

To punish the public, the government has set up the 'Water Police'.

If you wash you car at home you can/will be prosecuted, BUT if you take your car to a 'Car Wash' and PAY $8-$15, that's O.K, even if the business does NOT have a water tank. Washing your car at home can cost as little as 3 cents.

If they do not have a water tank and are using mains water to wash cars they are in breach of the same laws that the general public are punished for.
It looks like no one is interested in the corporate side of the Water Cheats.

The government has failed to supply adequate water to the general public. Since the privitisation of Melbourne's water there has been no expansion of infrastructure, consequently resulting in water shortage.

Car Washes have been sprouting up over the last 15 years. It was well known then that there would be a water shortage, and that new laws put in place would see these businesses flourish.

Kicking bouncer 'simply lost balance'

The sacked bouncer photographed kicking a man as he lay cowering on the ground says he wasn't being violent but "just falling over".

Damning photos showing Melbourne's Bar20 security guard Eddie Attal in the apparent attack drew nationwide criticism after they were published on the front page of the Herald Sun yesterday.

Mr Attal said he was embarrassed by the snaps.

"It looks like I'm kicking him [but] I'm trying to regain my balance," he was quoted in the Herald Sun as saying.

"It looks bad. It's a shot that captures the whole thug issue. There's not much I can say."

The father-of-three claimed he and another guard were the victims of racial taunts by three drunken men who were leaving Bar20 on Sunday night.

The men spat on him and asked "how does a wog work on the front door of Bar 20?", he claimed.

Mr Attal said the violence erupted when he tried to defend another person being attacked by a group of people.

A friend of the victim said he had been to get CAT scans and that his hair had been ripped out "like it was done with a drill".

Police Assistant Commissioner Kieran Walshe said the images were "very disturbing".

"That's not behaviour we would expect from crowd controllers," he told reporters in Melbourne yesterday.

"Crowd controllers are licensed to provide security and safety around venues, not to get involved with physical altercations with patrons."

Mr Walshe said it would be up to the Melbourne Criminal Investigation Unit whether to lay charges against the bouncer.

3 Jun 2008

So the understanding is that the bouncer was falling over with his heel on the head of the victim 20x ??? !!! ??? If the bouncer has that much trouble balancing maybe he should be in a wheelchair.??

This was a revenge attack for calling the bouncer a 'wog'. The law system will support the bouncer, and the victim will not have the level of compensation that he deserves

The law states that an equal force must be used to subdue any perpetrators. This is clearly not the case, as evident by the injuries of the victim.

Top cop's arrest sends shockwave through police ranks

The arrest of one of Australia's top police investigators over an alleged drug conspiracy charge has sent shock waves ( ?????? ) through the nation's law enforcement community.

Fifty-one-year-old Mark Standen, who works with the New South Wales Crime Commission, is expected to appear in court today (Tuesday) accused of alleged involvement with a syndicate working to produce large amounts of the drug 'ice'.

As a senior officer with the Commission, Standen was a key player in an elite crime fighting agency whose job was to bust drug traffickers.

The drug ring he is alleged to be involved with is an international operation with connections in the Netherlands, Dubai and Pakistan.

He is being investigated over allegations that he used his knowledge of law enforcement methods to help with one of the biggest-ever drug importations planned to come into Australia.

News Limited newspapers say police will allege the plan was to hide more than 600 kilograms of pseudoephedrine in a shipment of rice. That is enough to make around 500 kilograms of 'ice' with a street value of at least $120 million.

The ABC has been told that 12 significant suspects were arrested in several Dutch cities late last week.

The arrests were linked to Operation Octans, run by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and involved work with authorities in the Netherlands, Pakistan, the UK, the United Arab Emirates and Portugal.

Portugal was home to James Henry Kinch, a British national born in Ireland who was arrested in Bangkok on Saturday and is described as a crucial middle man.

'One of the best'

Within the Australian law enforcement community, the New South Wales Crime Commission is regarded as an elite unit, and Standen is viewed as one of it best criminal investigators.

Among his achievements are spearheading the commission's investigation into a cocaine-smuggling ring involving Sydney drug lord Michael Hurley.

But yesterday it must have seemed as though his world had turned upside down when the AFP raided the Crime Commission's offices in Sydney.

AFP officers shut off computers and locked the building down. They then arrested Standen for his alleged involvement in a major chemical importation plot.

Veteran ABC Four Corners journalist Chris Masters says Standen has a fierce reputation as an investigator.

"Even though this is not somebody who's well known across Australia, within policing circles he's very well known," he said.

Standen's career began 30 years ago, policing Sydney's docks.

He then joined the AFP before being recruited by the New South Wales Crime Commission a decade ago.

Chris Masters says the arrest has sent shockwaves through the highest echelons of Australian policing.

"This is a senior police officer who was seen to be extremely effective," he said.

"The New South Wales Crime Commission are pretty much the elite of crime fighting in New South Wales and one I have to say, I know it's controversial, but one that I've had a lot of respect for over the last decade or so. They do a lot."

Rotten core?

Standen became a person of interest in May last year, but because the world of top flight police investigators in Australia is so small, less than a dozen people could know he was under investigation.

The ABC has been told the only person who knew at the New South Wales Crime Commission was his boss.

His arrest is likely to have wider ramifications for the New South Wales Crime Commission.

The Commission has special investigative powers, which include the right to compel witnesses to testify and the ability to conduct covert surveillance operations.

Phillip Boulten SC, president of the Criminal Defence Lawyers' Association, says there is growing concern among lawyers that the Commission is overstepping its mark.

"The New South Wales Crime Commission is a very powerful body with draconian powers that is next to unaccountable," he said.

"It's been running very strong in this state for many years without anybody really checking into it.

"I'm suggesting either that there be a Royal Commission into the operation of the New South Wales Crime Commission or that a judicial officer be given full power to review its operations so as to report back to the Parliament of New South Wales about whether or not the Crime Commission is indeed fulfilling its charter."

Adapted from AM reports by Michael Edwards and Rafael Epstein.

abc news 3 Jun 2008

No surprise here really. The NSW Police force is touted to one of the most corrupt in the country. Its is just a matter of being caught.

Since some of the countries most senior positions are held within the 'boys club', there could be a matter where the individual does not follow the lodge's orders, hence the consequences.

Nothing out of the ordinary here for those in the know.