08 June 2018

Police destroy Mildura man's home with no accountability in sight

Many people do not comprehend the political and legal realities in action on this colony called Australia, but that topic is beyond the scope of this post.

What the mainstream media will not tell you is that:

Victoria Police apparently have a code of conduct, code of ethics:

and apparently a manual stating Policy Rules:

What the mainstream media will also not tell you is that since 2013 Victoria Police are a corporate entity as defined within the Victoria Police Act.

With relations to the actions of Victoria Police, and their oath, once again something the mainstream media will not inform the general populations is that fines are not handed out lawfully by Victoria Police as documented by an ex-Victoria Police officer:


Many cases of police corruption do not make it out into the public, as the victims are threatened if attention is drawn to their matter.

Many figures have been thrown around in the media with regards to how much is paid by Victoria Police to its victims, where they are silenced by NDA's (Non Disclosure Agreements) once a settlement has been agreed upon.

Many truly innocent people have been scarred by Victoria Police, where one of the more famous cases
is that of Corinna Horvath where she was beaten by 8 (eight) men in uniform to an inch of her not remembering her name.

A very brief story made it out into a local publication called Sunraysia Daily, where the text only version is after the headline:

POLICE yesterday raided a Mildura house as part of an ongoing investigation.

Police in unmarked vehicles descended on the Heron Avenue house about 1pm and spent several hours searching the premises.

Several windows in the front of the house were broken yesterday, however it is unknown if that happened during the raid or whether police were required to use force to enter the premises.

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The following comment is from the man himself who experienced the home invasion:

Ok, so it’s about time I shared something that Xavier and myself went through early last year. It’s been almost a year and a half and I have heard nothing but bullshit from the parties involved. It’s time I let people know, how out of control certain departments of the police force are.

I’d appreciate it a LOT if you also shared this.

**This is LONG, DETAILED and VERY DISTURBING to read, stay with me though, we all need to know that this could be happening quite often to innocent people**

So on a beautiful Mildura day back in early January last year, a day I was planning on taking Xavier yabbying for the first time. We were woken up by the sound of what we thought, was an explosion. Glass flew all over the bedroom, all over Xavier and myself, and all we heard was screaming! I jumped up ready to defend his life with mine, only to be gutlessly hit in the back of the head with the butt of a rifle by an armed, masked intruder, with 7 more rushing in front of me! Mind you, they were all wielding high caliber machine guns. The type used when the terrorist squad are on patrol in major cities. It took me a minute to realise The Special Operations Group and a large group of men in suits were raiding and destroying my home! I asked (yelled) “what the fuck do you want”, to the screamed and muffled reply “Police, get on the floor, NOW! Get on the floor”... I couldn’t comprehend what was happening, I continued to yell “who are you what the fuck is going on, my sons in the room” till they rushed me, knocked me down and began kicking and punching me in the ribs. I was defenceless screaming “my son is in the room” and all I could hear was Xavier screaming and crying “daddy daddy” and the police laying into to me like I was an animal that needed to be stopped from attacking! I was rolled onto my stomach and both my hands and feet ware zip tied. My mind was blank. I couldn’t hear anything. I was frozen with fear.

Two detectives, one short and stocky the other tall and gangly, like someone who had been bullied all their life and they can now get the bullies back because of their title, walked up my hall, while I was being stood on by one of the Special Operations Group (SOG) members, toward me. “Ryan Naumenko” asked one, later I find out his name after hours upon hours of questioning, Brian Strangman. “Yes?” I said. “You’re under arrest for Bomb Threats made to various government departments and having close involvement with Vladimir Putin and financing Russian organised crime”. I laughed... was this a prank? Was I on a tv show? What the fuck were they talking about. “Are you serious” I asked, “deadly” replied Strangman. I was stunned, shocked and confused. For one, I have a Ukrainian background, not Russian, and bomb threats? Really!? As for being involved with Vladimir Putin, if this was the case I wouldn’t be living in a modest home in Mildura and driving a Nissan Maxima. Wow.

Finally I got to see Xavier, while still zip tied. They had called his mother to come and collect him. He was shaking, crying, and so insanely scared. I hope no parent ever has to see their child in such a state. His mother arrived and was in shock also, I explained to her very briefly what I was accused of and even she said “what the hell, that makes no sense” in front of the police. As time went on throughout the morning and into the late afternoon various other parts of my house were destroyed, whilst I was chain smoking, handcuffed, on my back entertaining deck. Absolutely ludicrous accusations were being thrown at me. The imbecile detective who led this raid (which has cost the taxpayer upwards of 100k which includes choppers, personnel, salary, home repairs, and various other bits and pieces) Brian Strangman, had no idea what he was talking about. He had the wrong man. But why me? To this day, I still cannot answer that. Was it corruption? Did someone make a false statement against me? Who knows. But in time I’ll find out.

I was thrown into a cell at the Mildura Police Station, still having no idea what happened. I wasn’t able to take my blood pressure or heart medication and was feeling weak and defeated. I wasn’t going to lay down and let them do whatever they wanted. I was going to fight these dogs until they knew they had the wrong person. I was refused water, food, and legal representation and was put in a cell being lit by a bright pink light... why? To make people go crazy? This was unusual, as I’ve never seen nor heard of a cell like this at any police station! Finally in an interview room an interview begun. Insane question after insane question. I had no clue about any of this. After around 2 hours, and my life being threatened by the detectives, I was fingerprinted and thrown back in a cell, still with no charge.

2 hours later (around 10 hours all up), a uniformed cop came and got me. I took my things and was told to wait out the front. I was asked none of the usual “how was your treatment” type questions. Just, “there’s your shit, go out to the front”. Two other detectives were waiting for me, bigger, steroid riddled men; in tight t shirts and jeans with automatic handguns strapped to their legs. “we’ll drive you home”... really!? Were they serious “fuck off, I’ll get a cab”. To the reply “get in the fucking car, now”... Argh, so what was up now. I got in the car and we started heading home. The trip I had was in total silence... Until we arrived at my now destroyed and uninhabitable home. “If you speak about this to anyone, we’ll come back harder and armed to the hilt. Accidents happen all the time in raids mate”... wow... did a member of the Police Force just threaten me. My reply “wow”. I got out of the car and walked to mine. They sped off and that was that...

A few weeks of freedom, and avoiding being anywhere near police (caravan parks, mates places), and 3 months in jail later (where I was threatened with physical violence by detectives, and where a record of interview vanished), I was cleared of any wrong doing, everything that was seized, was returned. I was never apologised to, nor have I heard anything from anyone involved with this raid. How can the police get away with this? Why should I let them? Why should I remain silent and suffer through PTSD, Depression and Anxiety on my own. People ask why I’m “moody” or in a “bad mood”, well, imagine yourself going through this, then re-think the question. Xavier, now, is fine. For months after this, every tiny noise scared him. He now understands there are Good and Bad people in every walk of life, including our ever so honourable, police force.

I was never charged. I was never apologised to. I was never provided with a warrant. I was told the raid was “unauthorised” by a detective I spoke to at West Melbourne Police Station when they returned by electronics. Really?!

I was and am still the victim of a corrupt police force, and those responsible, for my now destroyed neck, my mental health journey and my sons memories which will haunt him forever, think they can get away with it. Really. No way. This has to be heard, and it has to be stopped! I’ll never stop fighting until I get what Xavier and I deserve!

Below is a video documenting the damage done to my property. More so for future court cases than anything else, but after reading this, put yourself in my position, and try and feel even 1% of what I felt while watching.

Thanks for reading (and sorry for any typos).

See video:

Law makers escape prison for fraud

The Australian people are governed by 'white collar' criminals who have set up the legal system to their favour to the detriment of Australia's general population, something what you'd call against 'community standards'.

Would you really want an MP who is defrauding tax payers still in office making laws to his//her or corporate brethren's favour?

The law makers of the Lower House (or Legislative Assembly) are committing fraud, where they apparently cannot be touched, because the Upper House (or Legislative Council) has referred the matter to the Ombudsman, i.e. a 'technicality' or a loop hole.

No such 'luck' for the governed, where if you've committed a criminal activity, you're going down (errors, omissions and  favoured criminals excluded).

There is plenty more criminal activity within the offices of government, but this is what the general population is allowed to know with regards to this matter:

07 June 2018

Government fail on electricity rip-off and oversupply

It may seem that whatever the (Victorian) government touches is a deliberate 'failure of government' at the expense of  the tax slave population, but rather a carefully orchestrated conspiracy to plunder the masses further into financial ruin.

As the people in government orchestrate an influx of migrants at an approximate level of ten times the natural growth rate, they take away power (or electricity) from the people in the form of shutting down Hazelwood power station in the Latrobe Valley east of Melbourne.

As a result of this action electricity bills have tripled since the closure.

At the same time the government has been giving the masses incentive to purchase solar panel setups, where the people are then producing electricity which they 'sell' to the corporations at wholesale prices then purchase it back from them at the grossly overinflated price.

To make it worse (for the 'mums and dads') there is an oversupply of electricity and the people are still getting screwed over by the people in government.

The supply of electricity from domestic solar panel installations is a huge scam that has been going on for years, where the people (general population) are the victims, but the authorities have chosen to ignore this.

Another fraud supported by the Australian Government.

How to stop the privatisation of the Titles Office?

Comment from social media:

" A friend had to pay $1,300 for a "Digital" Certificate of Title. 
 If she wanted in paper form, it was a couple of hundred dollars more. 
Any, EVERYONE must write a submission and simply say No!!!!"

Inquiry into the Proposed Long Term Lease of Land Titles and Registry Functions of Land Use Victoria
(link: https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/epc/inquiry/944)

Latest news

Information about this inquiry will be posted in the tabs above as it becomes available.

Public hearings

The Committee is holding public hearings on Wednesday 6 June 2018 at Parliament House — see the Hearings and Transcripts page for more information.


The Committee is calling for submissions for this inquiry — see the Submissions and eSubmissions pages for more information.

Media Release

25 May 2018 Submissions invited for land titles inquiry  (pdf, 481KB):

06 June 2018

Cheap Chinese phones come with free Malware

For those of you who purchased cheap crap from China:


Note: We do not recommend the purchase or use of (insecure) ZTE modems, as supplied by Optus

05 June 2018

Royal Commission into banking, ASIC offers no protection from banks committing fraud against their customers

While Westpac may have been the first bank to commit fraud against their customers, today in Australia it seems that the Commonwealth Bank is at the forefront of criminal activity.

If a member of the (tax) slave population robs a bank, then there is a real possibility that the person will be imprisoned.

What happens in Australia when a person from a bank commits a criminal activity (e.g. fraud, theft) against a (tax) slave member of the general population?

Well, according to the law, it seems that very little happens to the criminal employed by the business called a bank.

It seems that the law is deliberately stacked up against the poor tax slave in Australia.

"I, like so many have no protection under ASIC despite the provisions in the ASIC Act (for example, unconscionable conduct in s 12DA(1), s 12CB(1) and s 12CC(1) of the Act..."

See document:

04 June 2018

Scam letters - the Sheriff of Victoria

WARNING - Australia Post is being used to send out scam letters to unsuspecting victims.

This is a scam letter that is being sent out by the "Sheriff's Office Victoria" in order to extort cash from the unsuspecting victim.

To incite the unsuspecting victim, to commit to a business transaction with the Sheriff's Office of Victoria,  the classic approach is by appealing to necessity, urgency or emotions of the victim with a so called 'statistic' being in this case:

"Nine out of ten people do the right thing ..."

This letter is as a result of (alleged) fines that have not been paid as a result of being issued by an "Infringements Court" which is apparently located on the Ground Floor at 277 Williams St. Melbourne, where your person had the opportunity to present the case before a magistrate / judicial registrar, in line with a "Chapter III" court.

Since the burden of proof is on the claimant the Sheriff of Victoria, Mr. Brendan Facey claimed that there are X amount of outstanding (spectacular?) warrants, Mr. Facey MUST do the "right thing", or rather the lawful thing and produce them as mandated.

Please note: Warrants do not exist as required by law in relation to your alleged fine/s.

Scam letters - the Australian Tax Office

There are plenty of scam letters going around in order for people to commit to an action in business / commerce or trade.

To incite the unsuspecting victim, a classic approach is by appealing to necessity, urgency or emotions of the victim with a so called 'statistic' like:

"... 8 out of 10 people ..."

In this case an excerpt from a template letter from the ATO (Australian Tax Office) is shown.

People should be aware that in Australia lodging a personal tax return is a voluntary action. 

If a person has not filed a tax return (formerly agreed to a contractual obligation with the ATO) that person is not obliged nor mandated to conduct a business transaction with the ATO in order to deposit or obtain cash for the purposes of taxation.

If you have not filed such a form within the ATO you are therefore "no longer required to lodge" as mentioned within the template letter, where your response should reflect this.

Bank fraud exposed - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

 Ian Mark Narev, no longer CEO of CBA

Continuing from the post that started it, Bank fraud exposed - The List,

Documentation regarding Commonwealth Bank of Australia is as follows:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia changed documents B:


Commonwealth Bank of Australia changed documents A: