02 April 2011

Fukushima 'much bigger than Chernobyl'

JAPAN'S unfolding nuclear disaster is "much bigger than Chernobyl" and could rewrite the international scale used to measure the severity of atomic accidents, a Russian expert says.

"Chernobyl was a dirty bomb explosion. The next dirty bomb is Fukushima and it will cost much more" in economic and human terms, Natalia Mironova said.

Ms Mironova is thermodynamic engineer who became a leading anti-nuclear activist in Russia in the wake of the accident at the Soviet-built reactor in Ukraine in 1986.

"Fukushima is much bigger than Chernobyl," she said, adding that the Japanese nuclear crisis was likely to eclipse Chernobyl on the seven-point international scale used to rate nuclear disasters.

Chernobyl, which a 2005 report by UN bodies including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) called "the most severe in the history of the nuclear power industry", was ranked a seven on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES).

But Japan's ongoing crisis, triggered by a massive earthquake and tsunami three weeks ago which took down the main electricity and back-up power supplies needed to power cooling systems at several reactors at Fukushima, could be "even higher" on the INES scale, she said "Chernobyl was level seven and it had only one reactor and lasted only two weeks. We have now three weeks (at Fukushima) and we have four reactors which we know are in very dangerous situations," she said.

Japan's nuclear safety agency has maintained its rating of the Fukushima accident at four, while a French watchdog has upgraded it to six.

Chernobyl's death toll is hotly debated. UN agencies estimate up to 9000 people could be expected to die as a direct consequence of the accident, and the disaster will end up costing hundreds of billions of dollars.

Environmental groups such as Greenpeace say up to 100,000 people could die.

Ms Mironova is touring the United States with other Russian anti-nuclear activists, including Tatiana Muchamedyarova and Natalia Manzurova, who worked as a "liquidator", or emergency clean-up and recovery worker, at Chernobyl.

Their visit was originally planned to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl meltdown, which occurred on April 26, 1986.

But in the wake of the disaster in Japan, Ms Mironova and her colleagues rewrote their presentations to compare the accident at Chernobyl with Fukushima.

'Won't clean up nature, will clean wallet'

THE carbon tax Prime Minister Julia Gillard promised never to introduce will cost average families $860 a year, Federal Government modelling has revealed.

Based on a carbon price of $30 a tonne, families would pay up to $218 more for electricity, $114 for gas, $187 for petrol and $88 for food, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Treasury documents, released under FOI, revealed households would pay the fixed price for between three and five years (before moving to an emissions trading scheme), leaving families with a bill between $2589 and $4315 over that time.Heavily censored documents claim price rises would "drive household behaviour change, with households substituting to less carbon intensive goods over time".

But it was acknowledged in a Treasury executive minute last October that low-income families would suffer the most because they spend more on things like electricity and are least able to afford low emissions technology.Treasury also raised fears the tax would reduce people's wealth.

"A carbon price will also affect wealth as the change in prices flows through to the value of financial assets, including shares, and reduces the real value of savings," the minute states

"This just demonstrates that the Government has known all along that its carbon tax won't clean up the environment but it will clean out your wallet," Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet dismissed the claims today, arguing they were based on a now aborted emissions trading scheme.

"We haven't yet settled all the design elements, including the starting price for carbon, so what these figures are are various scenarios based upon the design of a previous emissions trading scheme," he told ABC Radio.

Mr Combet said it was "perfectly appropriate" to model different carbon price scenarios.

"They are not the modelling that would reflect the Government's current approach," he said.

The Government is reportedly considering tax and welfare breaks of between $600 and $1500 a year.

It comes as an exclusive survey by The Daily Telegraph reveals why voters are so angry about the proposal.

A quarter of the 2500 households surveyed said they were already struggling to make ends meet and almost 9 per cent said they didn't have enough money to pay bills.

"I think it might be an unnecessary tax, I could probably do better with the money in my pocket and make a concerted effort to reduce my carbon emissions, rather than be taxed," Greg Hudson, 32, from Neutral Bay, said yesterday.

01 April 2011

Speed Kills, Smoking does not

According to government propaganda (TV advertisements) speeding kills an alarming number of people on Australian roads.

From what we are told officially, by the same source (government) reality actually could not be further from the truth.

The advertisements are aimed at justifying the speed cameras existence on freeways (where there are NO fatalities), and the huge amount of (police) resources used to catch speeding motorists rather than fighting crime.

In the above illustration, in 2011, on a packet of cigarettes sold in Australia, the Australian public are treated to information dating back some 13 years from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

It states that:

Causes of death in Australia:

19,019 - Tobacco
2,831 - Alcohol
1,731 - Motor Vehicle Accidents
831 - Illegal Drugs
203 - Murders

From the above information there is a ratio of 10 to 1 of Tobacco related deaths to Motor Vehicle Accident related deaths.

  • If the government was REALLY serious about preventing its citizens from dying, then it would address the sale of tobacco and ban it.

At the end of the day it is about the money the government MAKES from tobacco, and NOT the dollars it saves in health care.

According to tobaccoinaustralia.org in 1998 $2.746 billion has been raised from tobacco taxes.

see article : 13.6 Revenue from tobacco taxes in Australia

When it come to drugs:
  • Marijuana causes impairment, and it is illegal,
  • Alcohol causes impairment and kills 60% more people than speeding, but is legal for sale,
  • Tobacco kills 10 times more people per year than speeding, but is legal for sale.

It is not about the well being of the masses but rather how much money is made by the multinationals from the peasants.

South Africa - The place to rape women


Former rugby star charged over axe rampage

A former South African rugby star has been charged with three axe murders allegedly committed to avenge the gang rape of his daughter.

The 34-year-old former Blue Bulls player faces three charges of murder and one of attempted murder after one of his victims escaped, the Afrikaan newspaper Beeld reported.

The murders happened after the former player found out his daughter had been infected with HIV during a gang rape in Durban.

Khangelani Mdluli, 27, from Durban told the Argus newspaper in Capetown he narrowly avoided becoming the fourth victim of the axe attack.

Mdluli said a man stopped his car and approached him saying, "Did you know we would ever meet? You think I'm stupid, you infected my daughter with HIV". The murder suspect then allegedly lunged at Mdluli with an axe.

Mdluli said he tried to avoid the swinging axe, which grazed his stomach, and was able to run away from his attacker.

After the failed attack on Mdluli the former rugby player allegedly killed 46-year-old Paulos Hlongwa, a security guard at a KFC.

Hlongwa's body was decapitated, with his head found in a rubbish bin 2km away from his body.

Another victim was found last week with the head only being attached to his body "by a nerve," police said.

No information is available on the third victim.

Durban police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Vincent Mdunge said the former provincial rugby player was arrested after a tip-off from a member of the public.

Lt-Col Mdunge said police found the accused with an axe which they believe to be the murder weapon as well as clothes with blood stains.

Police have alleged the former Bulls player stalked his victims around Durban before going on the axe rampage.

This is not the first time a Bulls player has been in trouble with the law, another player, Jacobus Roux, is awaiting trial after allegedly beating a police officer to death last year.

31 Mar 2011

From the above mentioned article, the player has alleged that his daughter had been gang raped.

If this was true, then there should have been some court time for the perpetrators. From the information in the article, there is NO mention of any court time. If there was then could the courts have let them go free?

If so, then the Bulls player has taken justice into his own hands after no satisfaction from the legal system.

If there has been court time, and the people involved set free, then does this mean that the courts support gang rape?

In Australia, there have also been many cases where gang rape has occurred, by Middle Eastern or Muslim men against 'western' (Australian nationals) women, and cases have been dismissed.

Authorities know what apps your using on your iphone

The iphone is one of the MOST marketed mobile phones in recent history.

It is touted as a phone that 'you' can do anything with, and as the global marketing kings say: "There's an app for that".

What the general populous may NOT be aware of, is that the telcos (hence authorities) also know what apps are on your phone and most importantly where you are EXACTLY.

Many might say "so what!!!", or "I have nothing to hide!", but that is not the point, but rather you are losing your Civil Liberties.

The iphone has an onboard GPS (Global Positioning System), that is accurate to within meters. It has been long known within the telecommunications industry that a general location of a digital mobile phone can be established.

There have been cases where mobile phone users have called for help in life threatening instances, BUT have received NO help from authories, as they claimed they did not know where the caller was. This is done deliberately in order to not let the general populous know that the technology exists to track people. As a result lives have been lost needlessly.

In an article recently (19 Mar 2011) posted at redmondpie:

AT&T knows you are using a jailbroken iphone

illustrates this fact.

CorpAu has also reported (in 2009) that Golden Circle (Australia) tracks their workers unbeknown to them (illegally - a jailable offence), via their Motorola GPS enabled smartphones.

see article:


Nothing has been done, and Golden Circle has not seen court time even though they have acted illegally.

Again, the same law applies differently to the masses and to the corporations.

Authorities learn to 'tweet' in disasters

Emergency authorities and media experts will meet in Brisbane next week to learn how to better use social media in disasters.

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter played a notable role in recent natural disasters including the Queensland floods and the Christchurch earthquake, but they also circulated misinformation.

Queensland University of Technology researcher Dr Jean Burgess said the symposium would bring together media and emergency authorities to examine what could be improved.

Dr Burgess said Twitter was more effective during the Christchurch quake than in the Queensland's floods, as a hashtag denoting official information was agreed on sooner.

"Within two to three days, there was a coordinated flow of recovery information among local residents, including everything from accommodation to port-a-loos," she said.

The symposium will be held at the State Library of Queensland on Monday.

30 Mar 2011

Surely this has got to be a JOKE right?

Allegedly some of the greatest minds are employed by the government, and 'they' do not know how to 'tweet' i.e. use a computer and type 140 characters.

Surely this has to be a secret agenda to use the tax payers money to fund a lavish dinner with lots of alcohol.

Await the next headline from the government:

Minister Sends Fax (all by himself) in Emergency.

Twitter has been around since 2007.

Is this what Australia has really become?

31 March 2011

Global Warming - Companies Profiteering

There are many catch phrases of the 21st Century, and depending on the individual the first thing that comes to mind will vary.

One of the undeniable catch phrases is:

There is undeniable evidence and proof that the less material resources we use the better for everyone in terms of financially / economically and environmentally.

The general order of the day is for governments to introduce taxes on the masses which punish them for using the resources they need to survive, that being electricity or gas for heating and cooling and various other resources.

The governments spend millions in propaganda (advertising) to brainwash the masses that it is for their BENEFIT that they get taxed heavily, but where the finances go from the taxes are the government secrets.

Corporations are some of the worlds GREATEST offenders in terms of environment destruction.

In this example some of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers, the likes of :
Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Apple, Sony-Ericsson, HTC

will be taken into the spotlight.

These companies sell millions of mobile phones of each model they produce.

For example, LG sold 27.5 million mobile phone in the 3rd quarter of 2010.
By the end of 2007, Nokia managed to sell 440 million mobile phones.

Together with this comes one accessory that the mobile manufacturers are profiteering, i.e. ripping off the public, and in general creating a huge waste. This accessory being the humble wall adapter or charger.

Most phones work around the 3.7 volt battery, which can be recharged from a voltage of 5V from the adapter.

Each company brings out its own adapter, with its own plug, sometimes with every new model, in order so that the customer must purchase their expensive ($40) adapter for the company to achieve maximum profits.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) has been around for quite some time, designed in 1996, has made its way into Personal Computers, gaining popularity with the advent of Windows 98. The voltage used in USB is 5V

Mobile phone manufacturers could have universally utilised phone charging by USB, BUT chose NOT to, in order to sell their chargers at a high profit margin.

Enter the year 2011, some 15 years after the advent of USB, and there is some sort of move to standardise one adapter for all companies concerned.

This initiative is called One Charger for All from the European Union.

Road Works when there are No Works Scam

Here is another typical scam run by the government of Australia.

There are too many numerous sites around that have the same identical circumstances as illustrated in this picture.

Road works signs are set up and barriers put up to inform motorists that there are works being carried out during this time.

Most importantly speed limits are reduced.

Survey carried out across a wide variety of sites indicates otherwise.

There is NO road works present, and there are NO workers on that particular stretch of road barricaded, as indicated.

One of the results of this is the deliberate slowing down and congesting of traffic, where there is absolutely NO NEED for this.

The other main reason for this is to trick motorists in the speed signage and obtaining revenue from the lowered speed limits.

Another revenue raising initiative brought to you by the Australian Government.

RDS in Australia - NO info for you

RDS is a communications standard that stands for Radio Data System.

Without going into the technical specifications (see Wiki article Radio Data System) , it is designed to run parallel with receiving audio radio signals, and displaying them on your radio's digital display.

This standard has been around for quite some time, and as shown in the illustration there is an example of an Australian Radio Station displaying information:

What users of RDS are accustomed to seeing on their display is station id, current song information, weather update and even traffic information.

Unlike for the rest of the world this is NOT the case for Australia.

Again Australia is subject to the Technological Dark Ages regarding INFORMATION.

Government and telco policies of Australia are that of USER PAYS (and rather dearly) for ANY information services, and in some cases services are shut down deliberately.

Services that are standard elsewhere or at minimal subscription cost are charged at premium rates to the Australian masses.

Another thumbs up to the monopolies of Australian Telecommunications.

Road Warriors - Ferrari Number Plates

Here is another example of the same law, "one for us and one for them".

It is law in Australia that a vehicle must have affixed number plates that are registered to it, both front and rear, that are visible.

In this case a Ferrari is on the road with only a number plate from the Middle East, whilst displaying a registered plate on the rear.

There are MANY scenarios that are presented before the Australian Courts, that are 'mysteriously' dismissed.

The reasons are many, some legitimate, some obvious, and some not so.

One of these NOT SO OBVIOUS reasons, is that the accused belongs to the Masonic brotherhood, and since they MUST help their members out, charges are mysteriously dropped.

This happens in all aspects of the court room, from road fines, right up to the High Courts of Australia regarding crimes from murder to Corporate Fraud.

Road Warriors - GPS Blocking View

Here is a photo of a MORON in his blue Toyota Yaris.

In this illustration it is clearly visible that the GPS unit is stuck to the windscreen directly in front of his field of vision.

It is illegal to have any objects obscuring the vision of the road.

It is of little doubt that this driver has driven past police, or even parked next to police at a set of traffic lights.

It can be easily seen that drivers like this are of a greater danger than a speeding motorist (say for example 103km/h in a 100 zone) on a deserted highway.

BUT NOT according to the government propaganda videos aired on Australian television.

No one focuses on this REAL aspect of drivers.

Road Warriors - Government Policy

This is the introductory post to the new category:

Road Warriors.

During the everyday life of people, we come across some drivers that we see, and their actions that we witness as plain and simply MORONIC and STUPID.

Some of these actions endanger the lives of others and some only the driver.

Whilst it may be true in certain circumstances, it is widely promoted by the government and the mass media that speed is a killer, in order to obtain easy money from the masses.

If the government was serious about reducing road deaths, then more police would be put on the job to combat the driving habits that lead to death rather than the revenue raising schemes employed to surprise speeding drivers.
But that is an expense and does NOT RAISE REVENUE.

AS a result at least 1/4 of the drivers (if not more) on the road would be taken off, but that would have adverse effects on the revenue raising associated with bad driving.

Government Policy.

The government's policy is to hand out drivers licenses as used in the Australian colloquial term 'from the back of a Corn Flakes packet' in order to create an economy, that flourishes from the revenue raised by 'bad' drivers.

The purpose is NOT to educate the drivers on how to drive but rather to give the license, so that they are on the road as soon as possible.

A classic example can be seen in the new migrants that have come to Australia, with very little or no automotive driving experience in their own country of origin.

When they are 'given' the license, they put themselves and others at risk, by not being able to be in command of the vehicle. This can be seen in their poor driving skills, poor judgment of distances, lack of parking skills etc.

These people on the road are an invaluable asset to the government, as they provide the much needed taxes associated with the purchase of vehicles, fuel, creating accidents which keeps the economy going, and the like, BUT most importantly FINES.

The government knowingly puts these 'high risk' drivers on the roads at the expense of public safety for the sole purpose of REVENUE RAISING.

30 March 2011

Govt seeking info in 'vanished' writer

The federal government is urgently seeking to confirm the whereabouts of a Chinese-Australian writer who has apparently vanished in China.

Novelist and influential online commentator Yang Hengjun has reportedly not been seen since he called a friend from Guangzhou airport on Sunday claiming he was being followed by three men.

There are fears the Sydney-based man has been detained by Chinese authorities as part of a crackdown on political expression in the wake of the democratic uprisings sweeping the Middle East.

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson said officials were seeking more information.

"Consular officers in Guangzhou are seeking to confirm with Chinese authorities the whereabouts of an Australian novelist as a matter of priority and provide him with consular assistance if needed," the spokesperson said.

Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said he had "strong concerns" for Dr Yang's welfare and called on the government to raise the matter at the highest levels.

"The prime minister is visiting China in April," Senator Ludlam told AAP.

"It's very important that this issue be raised if the situation hasn't been resolved by then."

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd should raise the case with the Chinese government immediately, he said.

29 Mar 2011

This does not ONLY happen in China.

In Australia there are also other ways of getting rid of 'uncomfortable' people.

Apple's Ipad 2 - consumer fraud

Apple's iPad 2 sells out worldwide

Stocks of Apple's next generation iPad 2 tablet are running low in Australia, with reports the tablet has already sold out in other countries after its international launch last Friday.

Apple's flagship store in Sydney told customers it had no iPads left in stock yesterday with other independent and third-party retailers uncertain of their chances of resupply, The Australian reports.

Some customers had waited in line for more than 50 hours at the Sydney's George Street store last Friday to buy the new tablet that went on sale at 5pm AEDT.

In Adelaide, hundreds lined at one of six retail outlets which opened their doors to sell the tablet. But dozens went home empty-handed after the second-generation iPad was sold out within an hour in some stores, the Adelaide Now reports.

In Brisbane, Big W — which offered the cheapest new iPads — were out of stock by Saturday the Courier Mail reports.

Apple's Chermside and Robina stores sold out yesterday, and Harvey Norman stores were sold out of the 20 new iPads they had in stock soon after they opened sales at 5pm.

Terry Smart, chief executive of JB Hi-F, told The Australian Financial Review that even with triple the quantity of stock, he still could not keep up with the demand for the new device.

A lot of retailers had extended trading hours to cope with demand, with the gadget also available for purchase at the online Apple store.

Apple set up a "reserve and pick up" system where customers can reserve an iPad 2 online by 9pm so they could buy it the next morning at their local store.

However, it is not clear whether there is stock left for those who had reserved it online.

Apple gagged retailers from revealing stock levels and one store told the Herald Sun that stock was allocated, not ordered.

The overwhelming demand may also mean shipping delays of up to four weeks.

The Choice consumer organisation said Apple needs to explain to customers why stores had rapidly run out of supplies soon after the launch.

"The only explanation for the shortage is either someone is careless in estimating demand or Apple are very cunning in their marketing strategy," Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn was quoted in The Australian as saying.

"You don't have to be a genius to know the iPad 2 would take off."

Similar stock shortages and supply problems have been experienced around the world, with the iPad 2 selling out across the US days after it went on sale on March 11.

In France, according to Forbes, one shopper said more than 3000 items were sold in just five hours at the Opera Store in Paris, with the store eventually selling out by late Saturday.

In London, supplies were all sold out on Saturday at the Apple stores in Regent Street and Covent Garden, just 24 hrs after it went on sale, the website Pocket-Lint reported.

Outside of London, stores in Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester also ran out of the iPad 2, with one representative saying there were no more items in the whole of south-west England.

The iPad 2 is a slimmer and faster version of its predecessor and comes equipped with two cameras for video chat.

The worldwide launch started off in New Zealand, then Australia, followed by France, Britain, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Canada and Mexico.

In Asia, the iPad 2 will be officially available in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and other countries in April, with sales delayed in Japan.

29 Mar 2011

Another consumer fraud 'overlooked' by the Australian Legal System.

Apple has stated that you can reserve you ipad 2 online, then come into the store and pick it up.

People who have done this are NOT guaranteed that they will receive 'their' reserved gadget.

This practice is ILLEGAL under Australian Consumer Laws, and again NO ONE is doing anything about this.

Coles chicken - No Hormones added - Lies

Another lie perpetuated by the Australian Food giant, but this time with a twist.

Cole at this point in time is not advertising this through the regular mass media outlets e.g. television or radio, but rather in store.

This picture was taken from the meat section of a Coles supermarket.

An interview from a source that supplies chickens indicated that there are hormones present in the chickens.

The statement made by Coles means that there are no more added hormones than already in the chickens.

Certain institutions will say that the hormone ban has been in place in Australia for over 40 years, but the people within the industry know better.

  • What is also NOT mentioned is the the chickens are overdosed on antibiotics, so that they do not get any diseases within their short life prior to slaughter.

This is one very important aspect DELIBERATELY overlooked by the mass media, which has adverse effects on the mass population.

Online Media Forcing you to watch ads

In Australia, there is the propaganda that you live in a free country, that you have a choice, and all the other associated goodies that come with a so called 'democracy'.

In reality this could NOT be further from the truth, both politically AND economically.

The online mass media, in this example ninemsn.com.au provides news stories to the masses.

The news stories also appear in video format.

A screen capture taken from the 22 Mar 2011, has shown the story of one Rebecca Black, who has released a trashy video, with moronic lyrics.

When one was to click on the article one was FORCED to watch some sort of health insurance video.


I want to ONLY see the article.

In Australia there is something called the Advertising Standards Bureau, that when one complains to WILL action this.

What a farce. They did NOT do anything about this.

Parking in front of driveway is NOT illegal

Parking in front of a driveway in Australia is illegal.

So much so that the government will pursue this to the nth degree if one has been fined doing so.

If you do not pay a government fine, you may be brought before the courts and JAILED.

The above may NOT always hold true, especially in the unnamed City Council where this driveway resides.

The rocket scientists Town Planners and the approval engineers, have decided otherwise, as shown in the above illustration.

You are allowed to park in front of this driveway.

It is of NO surprise that the lemming worker I.Q brigade also sealed the Town Planners ideas onto the pavement.

Another stuff up courtesy of the Australian Government!

29 March 2011

Arthur Freeman - The system that killed Darcey

On Tuesday the 29th of March 2011, the Australian Legal System concluded that Aurthur Freeman was guilty of murdering his daughter Darcey by throwing her from Melbourne's West Gate Bridge.

The mass media then dug deep to put together the life of the condemned person. In the Herald Sun many a page has been dedicated to the life and personality of Mr. Freeman.

It is of little relevance whether he is a geek, or an I.T. genius, or a bullied person at school, who had 'that look' in his eyes when pushed too far, or even someone who had a mild case of Asperger's Disease, but rather the events that lead up to the irreversible tragic event of the loss of an innocent life.

Only a fleeting comment was mentioned by the mass media that Freeman's relationship with his wife ended, and a 'BITTER' custody battle ensued .

The mass media DO NOT mention the details of many 'classic' cases regarding Child Custody where a relationship has gone pear shaped, and the woman uses the children, vindictively to inflict pain on her ex partner, by denying access to them.

In this case this is one of those text book scenarios, where the ex partner has withheld the children from their father.

Freeman's actions were an act of desperation which had irreversible consequences, irrespective of his state of mind.

In many cases Family relationship workers do their job from e.g 9 to 5, and then go home at the end of the day. There is little care about the job or rather the case, or even the best interest of the child.

Australian laws are geared up to break up the family unit. This type of analysis is NOT taken by the mass media, as it is against the 'system', and this type of reporting is NOT necessary for the masses to know.

After the family separation, the legal system, gives the father (once a fortnight) 'access' to the children, whereas previously under unity of the family, the spouses has 'equal' access to them.

Access or visitation rights are usually associated with criminals. The legal system sees the male as a criminal and NOT a parent.

It is the legal system that failed Darcey Freeman that ultimately led to the irreversible action made by Arthur Freeman.

28 March 2011

School cleared of condoning bullying culture

The western Sydney high school attended by the teenager famed for slamming a bully into the floor has been cleared of condoning a bullying culture.

The NSW Department of Education has cleared Chifley College of ignoring playground attacks, despite the principal allowing more than 60 incident reports involving Casey Heynes to stack up, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Fifteen-year-old Casey Heynes became an online sensation when video appeared of him throwing year seven student Ritchard Gale to the ground, after seemingly being provoked at his school.

In interview with Channel Nine's A Current Affair, Casey claimed to have written up to 70 incident reports to the school about bullying.

A department spokesman said Chifley College principal Tim Jones would not be disciplined because he had done nothing wrong.

"Students who are subject to repeated bullying receive regular specialist and individual support," he said.

"The school supports students who report being bullied. The students are supported by a full-time counsellor, additional year advisers and peer mediators."

The media has been restricted from asking questions directly of Mr Jones or any teachers at the school about Casey's complaints.

But speaking on the condition of anonymity, a school source told the Daily Telegraph Casey's incident reports had been ignored.

"The incident reports don't go anywhere — they just stack," the source said.

The department spokesman said every report filed to the principal had been addressed.

However, he provided no details as to how these had been addressed, or how many reports had been received, but said the school had several ways to resolve instances of bullying including self-esteem programs, counsellor intervention and support and learning plans.

The spokesman remained adamant the school had done nothing wrong and had no need to overhaul its response to bullying.

27 Mar 2011

Another example of where going against the 'system' results in FAILURE.

The school was aware of the bullying years prior to this very public event.

The school system created for the masses is to keep the peasants in their place.

This is a classic example of it is executed. The school cannot be found 'guilty' as this would mean 'compensation', and will allow other families of bullied victims to claim.

Teachers also turn a 'blind eye' of rather turn their back on bullying when it happens in the school ground in order not to get involved, hoping that the children will sort it out amongst themselves.

Teens raced at 160km/h before crash: court

Two P-platers were racing at speeds of up to 160km/h on a Melbourne freeway before one of the cars crashed, killing four teenagers, a jury has been told.

Simon Farrugia is on trial in the Victorian County Court charged with causing the deaths of four teenage friends who were in the car he was allegedly racing at the time of the fiery crash.

The driver of the other car, Hasan Burke, 18, and his passengers Salih Niyazi, 18, and 17-year-olds George Loizou and Peter Stavrou died when their white Holden Commodore went out of control on the West Gate Freeway at Altona North and hit a tree on December 9, 2007.

Opening Farrugia's trial, prosecutor Tim Hoare said witnesses reported the two drivers were travelling at high speeds as they drove home from the Mornington Peninsula.

Mr Hoare said the jury was open to conclude Farrugia was encouraging Mr Burke to drive faster and that his negligent driving was a substantial cause of the four teenagers' deaths.

Mr Hoare said a crash reconstruction expert will testify that Mr Burke's car was doing at least 149km/h when it started to skid.

Witness Justin Behrens said he saw two cars rapidly coming over a rise behind him as he drove along the West Gate Freeway that day.

They appeared to be even with each other and travelling at an estimated 140-160km/h, he said.

Mr Behrens said a white sedan passed his vehicle while the darker car dropped back.

He said the white car then suddenly veered across four lanes in front of his vehicle, its wheels began smoking and it began to go out of control.

His partner Lana Beintema said she heard cars accelerate before she saw a dark car, then a white car, pass them at a speed of up to 150km/h in the 100km/h zone.

Farrugia, then 19, later denied to police he was speeding or racing the white vehicle.

The jury heard he allegedly told them: "I was just driving like everyone else."

Defence barrister Damian Sheales said the only two people who could recall what happened were Farrugia and his sole passenger Mahmut Temurci, both of whom were uninjured.

He said both denied the cars were racing. They were interviewed separately by police and gave the same version of events.

Mr Sheales questioned whether witnesses could reliably remember the details of such a traumatic event.

"They all cannot be right. There's conflict all over the evidence," he said.

Farrugia, of Kings Park, has pleaded not guilty to four counts of culpable driving causing death and a count of reckless conduct endangering life.

The jury was told a toxicology report showed Mr Burke had traces of ecstasy in his system, but it was unlikely to have acutely affected his driving.

Cannabis was also detected, but it would not have affected his driving, according to a forensic physician.

The trial continues on Wednesday.

22 Mar 2011

There is a certain element in society that cannot be 'weeded' out.

The Trailer Park Trash element has and always will exist.

The government use these examples to tighten laws up on 'speeding' (traveling at a great velocity), by saying that speed was the contributing factor.

The real contributing factor was that the driver was a moron, of very low respect for his surroundings or himself.

27 March 2011

Australia knowlingly imports criminals

The Australian government has been importing criminals from various countries under the 'humanitarian' banner for over three decades.

This is a well known policy to the law makers and politicians within parliament, and is done on purpose. One of the benefits is to create upheaval and disorder in society whilst simultaneously profiteering from the monies gained from the proceeding of crime.

Some of the most organised crime gangs in Victoria or Melbourne are of imported ethnic origins.

They are housed in suburbs which they create later into ghettos. The authorities are fully aware of the operations with those areas BUT stand by idly.

Crime is not race biased, but rather attributed to a certain element or percentage in society. 'Trailer Park Trash' Australians commit violent crimes on par with their migrant counterparts. Australia has imported some of the most violent criminals from the Middle East from areas like Lebanon and Turkey, as well as from Vietnam and other Asian countries.

In Melbourne, Victoria there are the ghetto suburbs where the crime gangs operate with full knowledge of the authorities.

They are the suburbs of Roxburgh Park and the surrounds where the Middle Eastern crime gangs operate. From drug production and trafficking to motor vehicle rebirths are common place.

Other areas where the Asian gangs operate in Melbourne Victoria are Footscray, Sunshine and the surrounds. Drug trafficking and prostitution are high on the agenda of criminal activities.

The government keeps 'tabs' on this and keeps it at a 'controllable' level. Politicians, Lawyers, Police Officers make up the teams that are on the payroll of these crime gangs.

There is no need to 'expose' the people involved in the 'high' places as they are usually acquitted by their brethren (Masonic Judges), and the lives of the whistle blowers are then put in danger.

New Wave of Criminals:

The new wave of criminals that are imported into Australia are from African countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the like.

The people form criminal gangs and terrorise the Australian community.In shopping centres they move around in packs, and the shop keepers call them 'carriers' mean they carries weapons, mainly knives.

Within their community, it is well known that these people have racist views, as their attacks are primarily gear towards 'whites'.

The government's catch phrase that "Multiculturalism Works in Australia" is nothing more than government propaganda, with the help of news agencies masking the truth behind the racist gangs and attacks within the Australian community.

The government has fraudulently masked the real crime figures of Melbourne, as reported by the Herald Sun newspaper.