22 August 2009

Charity Draw winners amongst freemasonry

Dead Freemasons tell no tales, but live ones do.

Charities amongst the Western cultures are regarded in high esteem, and cannot in general be written about negatively.

One aspect totally forgotten is that they are exempt from taxation, and the books are run in such a manner as to show that they are non-profit.

In the order of the brotherhood there are various 'degree's' and various tasks for its members.

Although in the newsprint sometimes it is quite clear that Mr. John Citizen, was a Freemason, by the insignia, in the death notice, during their lifetime their membership or their function was NOT talked about.

After the passing of her Freemason husband, the wife admitted that they 'won' prizes from raffles as a reward for his service to the brotherhood.

In a separate conversation with another member of the brotherhood, he mentioned that he 'wins' at the pokies to entice others to play. The monies that he wins MUST be put back into the machines or spent on the premises.

The winnings are STRICTLY controlled by staff in the computer rooms behind the scenes.

This type of inside information never makes it out to the mass media.

The pokies gaming monopoly is run by Tattersalls.

The gaming industry in Victoria costs the general public $4,000,000,000 per year.

Rene Rivkin - theif and liar

(illustrated: Rivkin illegally traveling without a seat belt, no fine)

Rene Rivkin is a migrant to Australia from Russian-Jewish heritage.

In the later years he was most famous for his cheap (i.e. cheap TV advertising rate from 0:00 - 5:00) commercials.

In his commercial he promoted his trading business, and how his Rivkin Report gave information to buy low and sell high, one of the most well known fundamentals, that you did not need to buy his report in order to know.

What was unknown to the public at the time is that he was insider trading, a practice that is (not only illegal, but) common amongst the higher echelon of business. Other examples that did not see jail time for anyone are:

ABC Learning
Norwood Abbey (AX:NAL),

Multimedia LTD (AX:MUL)

What Rivkin did to fraudulently obtain his 'millions' was to buy an old printing company. for approx. $3,000,000 and together with the help of the insurance personnel that were in on it, politicians and solicitors, they then insured the company for $52,000,000 and then burned it down (a common practice)

When this became public knowledge, the scapegoat was Rivkin, with the other business people out of sight.

Since there was to be public trial, as the matter could not get resolved internally within the lodge, the official version given to Rivkin's death was suicide.

Case CLOSED no need to look into the missing millions.

At the trial the implication of others involved, was to name politicians, lawmakers and others which was very uncomforatble to the involved.

Rivkin was therefore murdered, and he did NOT commit suicide as the official version stands.

As in this case and many others, at the end of the day, the people got defrauded, as the insurance company will recoup their losses through higher insurance premiums.

No Bingo Gameshow Fraud

Information in this post is really nothing new, as most Australians are /were aware of the fraudulent game show "No Bingo".

The television show that was aired on Australian TV focusing on the Bingo way of winning.

This was later proven to be fraudulent by a 'numbers expert' of which the game organisers were fully aware of.

The public were deceived into believing that they have a chance of winning whereas is reality there was NONE.

This was later documented by A Current Affair and subsequently, the show has been taken off air.

A Current Affair Reference : 26/11/2007 : - More Bingo Scandal

These series of posts focuses on the fraudulent ways of the gaming empire, of which they are above the law, and WILL NOT be prosecuted.

See reference to a whistle blower working for the 'Pokies' - which are owned by Tattersalls.

Pokies money laundering winnings fraud.

New burger has fried chicken 'bun'

A new KFC monster burger that uses two slabs of fried chicken in place of bread buns has gone on sale in the US to the dismay of nutrition experts.

The "Double Down Chicken Sandwich" contains two slices of bacon, pepper jack cheese, swiss cheese and sauce, wrapped between two fillets of chicken.

Would you eat this burger? Have your say here.

A television advertising campaign bills the US$4.99 ($6.00) Double Down as "so much 100 percent premium chicken, we didn't have room for a bun".

A spokesman for the Australian arm of KFC did not rule out the burger being sold locally in the future.

Ninemsn contacted a KFC store in Omaha, Nebraska, where an employee said sales of the Double Down had exceeded expectations.

But the burger, which does not appear on KFC's official website, has raised the ire of health experts.

"The world does not need [these burgers]," top Australian nutritionist Dr Rosemary Stanton said.

"These sorts of burgers have become a rite of passage for kids and young men ... but pity about your arteries, your waistline and your chin."

Burgers such as the Double Down made a mockery of fast food chains' persistent claims to provide healthy and balanced menus, Dr Stanton said.

Online food forums have been flooded with both criticism and support for the burger.

"Wow, I couldn't believe that American fast food has sunk this low," wrote one person on foodgeekery.com.

But another wrote: "Oh … oh my God. That is the best thing ever."

"I don't know what 'Colonel's Sauce' is, but it is like a party in my mouth."

Another person said he recently received an invitation to complete an online survey on the Double Down in exchange for US$10 KFC voucher.

KFC in Australia today issued a statement saying "we don't have this product in our plans at present".

21 August 2009

Centrelink defrauds pensioners

In Australia, Centrelink is responsible for Social Security payments for it's 7,000,000 customers with a financial pool of approx $6,000,000,000

Insider information has been documented in a file called Secret Monies outlining the fraudulent activities and secret tradings of the government with respect to 'your' money, but will not be the focus of this post.

In an attempt to boost profits, Centrelink has resorted to targeting pensioners, as they offer the least amount of resistance.

Naturally 'unwritten' instructions have been given to Centrelink staff not to process pensioners bank details with the correct bank balances, inflating the real figure, in order to pay a lesser amount of benefits to the customer.

Details obtained show that Centrelink refuses to amend the correct figures.

In an identical role reversal move, if a customer gives an incorrect figure to Centrelink, in order to claim more monies, Centrelink then prosecutes the individual together with backpay AND interest.

An individual is NOT able to exercise the same laws against Centrelink.

Laws like this are analogous to
the Dictatorship of Nazi occupied Germany.

20 August 2009

Mossad to monitor all Australian phone calls

Solomon Trujillo, with close corporate American ties, has paved the way for the future of Australian Telecoms with similar results to the United States of America.

It is now an established fact that AmDocs (American Documents? - an Israeli Company) is the current document holder for all records of American telephone conversations.

Knowledge kept away from the general masses, Australia's Telecom Monopoly, Telstra, has contracted the services of AmDocs that will eventually hold information of all telephone conversations made in Australia.

The purpose of mossad holding information of Austrlian phone conversations is about a relevant, as a an air-conditioning company from Antarctica providing consultancy for Israel's desert region.

19 August 2009

The BIGGEST loser Australia

Australian TV is all about losers.

The loser (farmer) wants a wife,

45 stone loser (virgin),

Australia's loser (perfect) couple,

10 years loser (younger) in 10 days,

Australian loser (Idol),

BIG loser (Brother),

So loser (you) thinks loser (you) can dance,

and last but NOT least ....


One way to keep the masses entertained is through $PORT and LOSER (politically correct term = inspirational) TV.

There is very little in terms of quality entertainment or quality news.

The masses are given goals (sporting idols) who at the end of the day are nothing more than CA$H cows for corporations, and the monies thrown to the sports people are pittance compared to what is really made from them.

A $750,000 salary 'seems' a lot to the average Joe, but to the corporations it's pocket money, so the general public are being encouraged to be exploited by others, and these sports losers are promoted as the pinnacle (some who cannot spell, or even talk properly) of success.

You are a 'HERO' sports person, if you are a 'bad boy' and take drugs (drugs are ILLEGAL, but sports people get away with those crimes) , and have general bad behaviour.

Schools for the masses only focus on blue collar work, and are NOT designed for students to go past a certain level in society, whereas the schools that nurture our future leaders are out of the reach of most/all parents IRRESPECTIVE of the child's ambitions/ abilities.

In Australia, there are only 3 major media players, of which one single corporation (Telstra) provides 60% of the content.

News and information is carefully selected, in order NOT to keep the public informed.

17 August 2009

Government Tender Fraud

It is a fact of business that contracts and / or tenders are arranged through 'mateship' (Cronyism, brotherhood ties, etc).

In this example, a conversation with an I.T vendor revealed that they had to tender for a government contract in order to obtain the work. The government department resided in Collins St. Melbourne.

Within the government department, the person dealing with the tenders wanted his 'mate' (also a Freemason) to obtain the work.

Prior to the expiry of the
lodgement date, information was given to quote a certain figure below a value (an illegal act of fraud).

This would make it certain that they would be legible for consideration, and then the other party would make sure that the contractor would 'win' the bid.

This sort of practice is widely known and accepted in all forms of industry, BUT is not reported or considered for exposure to public knowledge, by the mass media outlets. Contracts that have been fraudulently obtained can vary from tens of thousands to multi million dollar deals.

The difference being, that the exposure of such fraud of multi - million dollar deals is protected by an ARMY of lawyers.

Poland on the NWO hitlist

Poland has a long and turbulent history, as it is placed geographically, between the political boundaries of the east, and west.

It was recognised as a 'country' towards the end of the 1st Millennium only after it became catholic.

It rose to an empire from sea to sea.

It ceased to exist as a country during World War II, being given to Germany, and Russia.

During WW II freight trains of gold ran from Russia to Germany to fund Adolf Hitler's World War II, and no matter what sort of government propaganda opposes this view, there are still people alive today that have seen this with their very OWN eyes.

Documents available today, show that the Bush family, together with banks such as J.P. Morgan, supported Nazi Germany.

In today's age Poland faces another threat, and that is one of total division.

United we stand, divided we fall.

As it has been done in the past with the area, great powers like Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, have been disassembled by the powers of the day.

It is in the plan to divide Poland into 12 states. In one area known as the Śląsk (Lower Silesia) , the southern part of Poland bordering with Germany and the 'Czech Republic' there are VAST amounts of natural resources.

In order of the economic super powers to get their hands on it, at the present time there has to be dealings with 3 separate countries, which leads to opposition, etc.

In order to rape the people of their natural resources, an environment WILL be created which will facilitate the forming of the area into the 'industrialists' hands.

Bushfire Royal Commission


This probably rates as one of the GREATEST waste of taxpayers dollars.

After the devastating Victorian bushfires, of which some were caused by a 'firebug' and some were caused by the lack of maintenance of power lines by the PRIVATISED electricity companies, a ROYAL COMMISSION had to occur, accoring to the state government.

In this Royal Commission, it was found that people must abandon their property, in the event of a bush fire and NOT stay behind and combat the unstoppable fire ball.

A bushfire that approaches quicker than a driving vehicle, with the intensity of a furnace, people need to be told to leave, are the findings of this Royal Commission.

What a Joke !!

It's called Darwin Awards, let nature take its 'toll' (pun not intended).