13 April 2020

Colony’s police forces immune from social distancing ‘rules’ (& COVID-19)?

You may have heard the marketing jargon, from Australia’s legal businesses like:

-    Ignorance of the law is no excuse, or

-    No person is above the law

-    We live in a free country (oops sorry that’s inaccurate and another topic altogether)

What we may say is whatever law applies to the serfs does not apply to the authorities, where this can be seen how they ‘get away’ with certain actions (paedophilia for example), in this place of business we call a court which is realistically just a circus.

The general population is reminded about ‘social distancing’ (currently at 1.5m) from each and every person through radio and television ‘advertisements’, akin to propaganda messages analogous to some sort of dodgy régime from over the seas.

So, what's this 'social distancing’ all about?

Well, apparently it's there for the serf's safety so that lives 'could’ be saved.

But what about the safety of the people in government, in this example the police?

If they’re not following the ‘social distancing’ directive that means they are putting themselves AND the community at risk.

That then becomes an OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) issue.

So, what happens if the ‘social distancing’ directive is a law rather than a rule?

That means the colony’s police forces are breaking the law.

So, what is the punishment for them for breaking that law?

Are they exempt from that law?

So, breaking the law for ‘public safety’ is acceptable for the colonial government?

Legal documentation would state otherwise.

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