28 July 2020

Mainstream media lies on 'young conspiracy theorist'

Headline grabbing BS "COVID OUTRAGE".

Doxed by the mainstream media.

Character assassination?

They're all the elements that you've done something right?

How about: "Woman in Australia appears to drive straight through COVID-19 checkpoint".

Like ploughed through a barricade, not following police directions, where women and children were seen running and heard screaming?

Let's take a closer look at what happened, with reference to legal documents as compiled by an official legal source.

So from the moment Ms. Black interacted with the police officer, she was not belligerent nor disrespectful to the police.

Towards the end of the interaction with police:

Eve: "Have I committed a crime?"

Officer: "No... keep going"

Ms Black was then waved by police to move on.

She followed a police directive, to keep travelling.

She did NOT: " drive straight through COVID-19 checkpoint" as stated by The Telegraph.

She stopped at the checkpoint, conversed with the police officer, and then followed the police officer's directive.

NOW, let's get onto the 'conspiracy' stuff:

Did she have to answer ANY questions by police?

- NO, she did not.

See screen capture below:

The above screen capture was compiled by LEGAL AID VICTORIA of the title:
Police powers: Your rights in Victoria, put together in August of 2019.

See reference to the whole document within Legal Aid Victoria at:

Time to take out a lawsuit against mainstream media?

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