31 October 2020

Apple does not allow the iPhone 12 to be repaired by third parties

Apple claimed that the iPhone can have basic repairs made by third parties.

Does this also hold true for the iPhone 12?

It seems that Apple does not allow your (that's right YOUR, not theirs) iPhone 12 to be repaired by external repair companies.

It seems that Apple have embedded 'anti 3rd party repair' technology into the iPhone 12, so that Apple can rip off the customer for repair costs.

Please note: We do not recommend the use or purchase of Apple products.

Realistically, Apple should be sued, again! 

See video:


Government to enact medical monitoring illegally (i.e. without your knowledge or consent)?

Whatever the oppressive régimes of the world can think up of, or conspiracy theorists lament over, in a colony at the arse end of the world, a communist agenda labor premier of the small state of Victoria, by the name of Daniel Michael Andrews, has put together Orwellian/draconian ways that would make the other tyrants blush (to a delightful shade of orange?).

See video (0.8MB, 37s), and listen to his words carefully:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz2tOIz3yUA

Welcome the new era of slavery, as approved by the people, since silence is acquiescence.

Australia, the real life penal colony, where soon you will not be able to leave it unless they allow it, under whatever pretext they see fit.

Once these new measures are implemented, they will never be removed, that's how it's always worked.

30 October 2020

Government’s ‘false’ report delayed

What’s the delay in producing the hotel quarantine report?

Well, the answer is not as complicated as you may think.

Quite simply put there are two versions of reports when it comes to matters of this calibre.

A ‘true’ one, and another for public consumption.

The public were given a rare glimpse into the behind the scenes operations of government departments recently, with the ‘wrong’ report making it out into the public domain that being the ICAC report into corruption of Gladys Berejiklian

See article: https://corpau.blogspot.com/2020/10/corrupt-government-hides-true-report.html

In any event aren’t courts supposed to be ‘courts of public record’ or isn’t this a public interest matter, because it is we the ‘public’ that funds the criminals in government?

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, right?

25km ‘ring of steel’ but for who?

So, the authorities will have you believe that 'no person is above the law', as they spruik this fallacy where there are too many examples to the contrary.

Well what about rules?

For a start, rules are made to be broken, and most importantly rules are not law.

So the ‘rule’ that is being spruiked by the Daniel Michael Andrews (Communist supporting) Labor Party is that Melburnians are under a strict 25km 'ring of steel'.

Which ‘Melburnians’?

Well the serfs, silly, you know the plebs that travel in their automobiles.

On the 29th of October two flights originated from Essendon Airport (IATA: MEB, ICAO: YMEN) that being VH-FOX (Lindsay Fox’s) and VH- XNR at approx 08:05.

Now if we are to implement this so called ring of steel around Melbourne, then if a pleb was to travel from Essendon Airport, then the allowable distance would be the outer Melbourne town/suburb (the boundaries are geeing blurred nowadays) of Mickleham.

Not so if you’re in Lindsay’s (we're on a first name basis) chopper.

You can go as far as Broadford if you like, approx 72km away or even further.


What gets interesting around Broadford, is that XNR’s transponder is switched off, where FX1 went to Tullarook.

Now you see it, now you don’t.

So what happened around Broadford/Tullarook that the serfs weren’t allowed to see?

Isn’t is so much fun breaking the ‘rules’, especially, when you're not a serf!

28 October 2020

Police behaving badly (read: illegally)

The colony has gone feral! 

MANY people do not comprehend that when interacting with police, the police can and do lie to people every single day.

The police also commit illegal activities against their victims, that being the person usually being arrested.

It is of paramount importance to record interactions with police and obtain the names of the men/women arresting you in order for you to obtain a remedy at a later point in time, either from their place of employment or the policeman/woman directly, in a lawsuit.

The 'problem' is the police act illegally and with impunity.

People MUST take action against illegal activity of police personnel.

See video from Kings Way, South Melbourne:

27 October 2020

Facebook, Palantir using AI from the data you feed it against you

(Illustration: Mark Datazuckerberg, a blend of the character Data from Star Trek, and Mark Zuckerberg)

Zuckerberg claims no knowledge of Palantir's involvement with the Facebook, Cambridge Analytica scandal, was the headline of a couple of years ago.

What a liar!

How can you trust someone with lies of this calibre?

How can you trust ANY Facebook company like Instagram or Whatsapp with your data?

Well billions of people worldwide do.

Next thing they’ll tell you that Whatsapp (or Messenger) is ‘secure’ or ‘private’ when it comes to communications.

Well guess what, it’s not!

A better solution would be to use an open source program, which has been peer reviewed by security experts (not by tech dweebs on YouTube) and given the thumbs up.

An even better program would be one that does not require an identity hook, like your phone number of email address, but that’s a whole different topic for another time.

Facebook should be called Facecrook base on its actions, where the pictures you upload of all your family members end up global databases where people who did not ask to be tracked or maybe even consent to their photo being put on Facecrook have now been catalogued.

We’ve seen people upload ALL their family snaps from an occasion/celebration onto ‘social media’.

What for?

Haven’t the ‘public’ been tortured enough with (say) 40 of your photos, from almost  every angle of your retarded relatives?


What, you want to ‘show off’ how great your existence is, where in reality it’s a farce you’re portraying on social media?

Facecrook not only scans text before it’s posted on the advertising medium, but also uses AI to scan screen captures or photos to identify objects that it considers inappropriate, especially in relation to political campaigns or the virus situation, or independent articles from the mainstream media’s directive, where the US company is basically throwing the First Amendment under a bus.

Facecrook also acts illegally in Australia, where the government boffins have not picked this up, raising the question of how much the Australian tax payers are paying for this incompetence, but again that is another topic for another time.

Facecrook also uses slave labour from countries like India, with full support of the governments concerned.


It seems that people will never learn, where it truly shows that they love all forms of slavery that they’re in.

Corporations: 2.7 billion (Facecrook users, allegedly),  Slaves:0

See also:

Facebook’s billions are backing two tech direct listings on Wednesday: Palantir and Asana

26 October 2020

About Google:- What the msm tells you vs What you should know

This is what the mainstream media tells you about Google:

This is what every internet connected person who uses Google should be aware of:

Video source:


Can Google really be effected by a government of a colony?

25 October 2020

Australia’s totalitarian police force

What’s wrong with Australia’s police forces?

A shorter response would be to a question as to what’s right with them.

An example as to what’s wrong with them can be described in a Human Rights Committee report from August 2019 into Victoria Police’s predatory behaviour and sexual harassment and discrimination, where another problem is that this report is the one made for ‘public’ consumption.

What many people see as a systemic failure or a failure of government is literally quite the opposite, as the people in government have designed the laws/rules that govern those actions to be as they are played out.

If you are reading this post you should know that Australia is a colony, (where if you don’t know, it might be to your benefit for you to read the constitution and comprehend it) and the colony’s police forces are subservient to those in government analogous to private military contractors, not subservient to the people as erroneously thought by many.

While the police can and do record interactions with the general population at large, modern technology with the help of slave labour has allowed the general population to afford similar technology at a much more affordable entry point, where that man/woman/child can have a recording of the interaction with police should the police delete their recording if it does not follow their narrative in a court.

‘Social media’ has also allowed people to publish their interactions with police for their own safety in something we call live streaming, so that these interactions can be seen/recorded by others.

A recent social media post highlighted what’s ‘wrong’ with this colony’s police forces.

Contrary to popular belief that Australians live in a democracy, we actually live in a corporatocracy / authoritarian / totalitarian / fascist state, depending on one’s point of view.

This is reflected in the above comment made by police.

The New South Wales police force (the penal colony’s first police force actually made up of criminals, what a proud achievement) quite clearly states without hiding it that people should be afraid of them.

Is that really what the community expects?

Aren’t the police there to preserve the peace, protect life and property and prevent offences?

So, let’s get one fundamental aspect of policing out of the way.

The police do not ‘enforce the law’.

That is the job of the courts.

Let’s take a simple example of the issuing of an ‘Infringement Notice’ in relation to a driving offence.

Say the police allegedly saw you travel through an intersection on a red light or used a device to obtain your vehicle’s velocity, where as a result you obtained an infringement notice.

This infringement notice is an ALLEGATION that you have broken whatever section of the law.

On the back of this infringement notice you have a right or rather a duty to fill in the details in order to take the matter to court as only a court can ‘enforce’ this so called allegation.

In many alleged road offences the police are not a reliable witness, they tamper with evidence, their claims are vexatious and frivolous in nature, or even pervert the course of justice, where the alleged offence should be thrown out, but it’s up to you to ‘keep the bastards honest’ i.e. both the police and judiciary.

The police also act under something called dictation (nullifying any alleged infringements), as seen in a recent video documenting a protest in Melbourne regarding a bus driver’s advertising material posted on his bus, where we obtained information that Daniel Michael Andrews ordered police onto him.

MANY fines have been issued under dictation, where Victoria Police is trying to keep this secret and out of the public eye, where in  reality a class action should be undertaken in 2021 to expose this fraud.

So, in your travels ask your friendly cop whether they read the law or just follow orders, but not before you record the conversation as the answer depends on whether you get a deadbeat cop who may assault you.