30 October 2010

Alternative Energy - Deliberate misinformation

In today's world, whether it's through politics or science, the new agenda is to promote self sustainability, through using less resources, and promoting a cleaner environment.

Catch phrases are being used like:

Green Energy Revolution
Renewable Resources

to push people onto the conservation bandwagon together with fear to motivate purchasing of expensive technology by advertising :

"Do it now or the offer will no longer be valid."

or by using the images of smiling children, and by saying that if you do not do this, your children's future is jeopardised. Who would NOT do anything for their children?

One of the ways to a cleaner environment is for governments to push the masses to create their own electricity.

In this post wind generation will be examined.

There is a DELIBERATE attempt to hide the facts with respect to costs regarding electricity generation, or the fact that the end user is put onto a higher electricity tariff, if a self generating electricity device is connected to the residence.

The above shown illustration is that of a wind turbine detracting from the normal windmill type installation.

It consists of two modules that generate total maximum of 1,000 watts for a price to the consumer of $AUD 4,500.

Each module can produce up to 500 watts at an advertised wind speed of 12.5 m/s.

The number 12.5 'seems' a small number, and to most people that would not mean much.

If the wind speed was converted to 45 km per hour or 28 miles per hour, that would give a better understanding to Mr. Joe Average.

On the Beaufort scale : 12.5 m/s or 45 km/h or 28 mph is a
Strong breeze or a Beaufort Number: 6

The Land conditions of such a breeze are defined as :

Large branches in motion.
Whistling heard in overhead wires.
Umbrella use becomes difficult.
Empty plastic garbage cans tip over.

For most suburban areas of Australia i.e 95% of the population, wind generated electricity is NOT an option for the end user, as the wind speed does NOT get anywhere near the manufacturers optimum for power generation, as the average wind speed is generally in the vicinity of 5 m/s or 18 km/h or 11 mph.

Aguilera's perfume ad 'like soft porn'

A television commercial for Christina Aguilera's latest scent Royal Desire has been branded "soft porn" and too risque for younger audiences.

The ad features the 29-year-old pop star clad in a plunging nude-coloured dress, custom made by her stylist to match the perfume's packaging.

The Genie in a Bottle singer is seen standing in a "royal chamber", when she notices a package sitting on her throne.

Aguilera bends down to pick the package up, displaying her cleavage to the camera.

Delighted by the perfume bottle she finds inside, the ad then cuts to a scene of Aguilera lying back on her throne with her legs exposed.

Viewers then see a close-up of Aguilera's cleavage as she sprays the perfume on her decolletage and writhes in pleasure.

The Daily Mirror slammed the ad, saying it looked "more like a low budget soft-porn film".

Other celebrity blogs agreed, saying the starlet shouldn't have even bothered with clothing.

"The new commercial for her fragrance Royal Desire leaves little to the imagination," The Celebrity Truth wrote.

But others thought the commercial was tame compared to what the pop-star had done before.

"Aguilera has done far racier fare in years past," AdRants said.

"Look no further than the work she's done for Sketchers, Virgin Mobile and Virgin Atlantic."

Aguilera said she wanted to create a feel of "luxury" when she filmed the ad.

"I wanted to create a fragrance for women to feel desirable, sexy and adored, as we should be," she said.

The perfume is Aguilera's fifth, and based on its name is less risque than the first one she produced in 2004, Xpose.

Aguilera became known for her attention-grabbing outfits, which included underwear exposing chaps, when she came into the spotlight as a solo-singer in 1999. That look was reinforced with her second album Stripped.

The star's other perfumes include Simply Christina , Inspire and By Night.

7 Sep 2010

One of the disturbing 'goals' of the mass media is to propagate sexual images, that ultimately influence the impressionable youth of the masses, destabilising their sense of worth, and degrading their values .

This is done by the Hollywood Media Moguls, who portray women, as cheap Whores.

The founders and financial controllers are amongst others:

Samuel Goldwyn, Jesse Lasky, Hal Roach, Louis B. Mayer, Carle Laemmle, The Warner Brothers, William Fox, D.W. Griffith and Lew Wasserman.

The current mass media 'songstresses' of the likes of Kesha, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa etc, show images that you are 'cool' if you are whore like, and a social animal.

They were nobodies before, and are nothing more than Hollywood puppets.

War in Afghasistan - Hidden Treasure

Governments more often than not, supply the masses a plausible solution, in order to achieve a specific goal of a hidden agenda.

It is only through leaked documents or 'whistle blowers' that sometimes the truth comes out.

Generally whistle blowers are intimidated, or their families threatened before or after the exposing of the truth.

None can be more true than that of the recent publication of the Afghan War Diaries.

The founder of wikileaks.org, Australian born Julian Assange, in August 2010 released military information with respect to the 'War on Terror'.

As a response to his actions the governments accused him of rape, in order to incarcerate him, later only to be withdrawn.

ref: http://www.salon.com/news/opinion/glenn_greenwald/2010/08/21/assange/index.html

Whilst saying that this was detrimental, United States government officials also played down the leaks, saying that no lives will be lost.

Even if the global community will be aware of the real resons for the invasion of another country, or the systematic mass slaughter of civilians, ANY reaction by the masses will be extinguished with overwhelming military force.

Afghanistan is rich in natural resources which are NOT under the present control of the US Bankers and Financiers.

Afghanistan is also a large supplier of heroin, which the distribution of is directly supported by the US government, which makes its way to the US and other countries worldwide.

Afghanistan is billions of dollars in debt to the United States, as a result of the war.

In order to gain control, Afghanistan's government officials who cannot be bought off, will be killed, under the guise of insurgent terrorists.

U.S. led companies will be in charge of resource mining and will have FULL financial control of Afghanistan.

In a German documentary film, "Iraq, why do they hate us?", soldiers are clearly aware that the war is about economic control, and not the mass media sponsored propaganda of liberating the oppressed Afghani people.

Nasa unveils bold plans to send humans 'one-way to Mars to colonise planet'

Humans could be sent one-way to Mars under ambitious plans being investigated by Nasa to permanently colonise other planets in space.

Space agency officials confirmed feasability studies were under way to asses whether astronauts could be permanently sent to the red planet, or its moons, to establish human colonies.

The multi-billion pound mission, titled Hundred Years Starship, is being spearheaded by the Ames Research Centre, one of Nasa’s main research centres, based in Moffett Field, California.

Officials from the Pentagon's Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are also heavily involved in turning the science fiction idea into a reality.

Early estimates put the cost of such a mission, which has “just started” at more than £7 billion and could be achieved by 2030.

Scientists have been given £600,000 government grant – including £100,000 from Nasa – to start research into the idea, according to US reports.

The world’s billionaire’s, including Larry Page, Google’s co-founder, have been asked to help fund the project.

Pete Worden, the Ames director, confirmed the plans to a conference in San Francisco at the weekend.

“You heard it here. We hope to inveigle some billionaires to form a Hundred Year Starship fund,” he told the Long Conversation event at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

“The human space program is now really aimed at settling other worlds. Twenty years ago you had to whisper that in dark bars and get fired.

“Within a few years we will see the first true prototype of a spaceship that will take us between worlds.”

Such a space journey would take up to nine months with volunteers embarking on the mission knowing they would never return to earth.

This is because the cost of returning astronauts to earth would make the project prohibitively expensive. Supplies would be sent to make them self-sufficient.

Such a mission would be gruelling for humans with forbidding conditions including sub-zero temperatures and a thin atmosphere.

Mr Worden said Mr Page was keenly interested in the project.

“Larry asked me a couple weeks ago how much it would cost to send people one way to Mars and I told him $10 billion and his response was, ‘can you get it down to 1 or 2 billion’,” he said.

“So now we’re starting to get a little argument over the price.”

But he admitted that he did not know how such a mission would work in reality.

"How do you live in another world? I don't have the slightest idea," he said.

"If you're a conservative, you worry about it killing us; if you're a liberal, you worry about us killing it.

“I think things like synthetic biology have lot of potential for that. I think rather than make an environment on Mars like Earth, why don't we modify life ... including the human genome ... so it's better suited to [Mars]?"

A DARPA spokesman later confirmed details of the mission.

"A key element of the study is exploring models by which sustained co-investment by the private sector in these areas can be incentivised,” he said.

“The study is currently in the early formulation stage, but will be entirely open and unclassified, with more details forthcoming in early 2011."

It comes as researchers claimed such a human mission was technologically feasible and was cheaper returning astronauts to earth.

Their new study, in the Journal of Cosmology, found the costs of safely returning a crew would eat up the majority of such a mission’s budget.

Dirk Schulze-Makuch, from Washington State University and Paul Davies, from Arizona State University, said four volunteer astronauts could undertake the first mission to permanently colonise Mars.

“A one-way human mission to Mars would not be a fixed duration project as in the Apollo program, but the first step in establishing a permanent human presence on the planet,” they said.

“There are many reasons why a human colony on Mars is a desirable goal, scientifically and politically.

“The strategy of one-way missions brings this goal within technological and financial feasibility.”

They added: “Nevertheless, to attain it would require not only major international co-operation but a return to the exploration spirit and risk-taking ethos of the great period of Earth exploration, from Columbus to Amundsen, but which has nowadays being replaced with a culture of safety and political correctness.”

Such a mission would come with natural “ethical considerations”, they admitted.

telegraph.co.uk 28 Oct 2010

What the government's are NOT telling you is that they are preparing wars on many front's to reduce the population, a side benefit to alleviate the world's food shortage problem.

Government scientists are fully aware of the food shortage, and the exponential population growth of Canon Fodder of the Third World nations, is spread all over the world under the banner of 'humane' treatment of political 'asylum' seekers.

There is an urgency for the elite to get off this planet, prior to leaving Planet Earth a desolate place.

Egypt police shoot dead Sudanese migrant

EL-ARISH, Egypt, Oct 29 AP - An Egyptian security official says a man from Sudan's Darfur region was shot dead trying to sneak across the border into Israel.

Egyptian border guards surprised a group of Africans and their Egyptian smugglers trying to cross into Israel 10 kilometres south of the Rafah border town, said a security official.

The two sides exchanged fire and the Sudanese man was killed while two others were taken into custody.

The remaining Africans and their smugglers scattered into the desert border region.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to speak to the press.

Many migrants seeking political asylum and jobs try to cross into Israel with the help of Bedouin traffickers. Egypt has killed dozens of migrants in recent years.

30 Oct 2010

All the other countries are forced to accept 'asylum' seekers on the grounds of 'humane' treatment., except Israel.

Israel must pave the way and show how humanely it can treat all of the other species of the world.

29 October 2010

Drug mule lost his way, court told

A drug mule was busted with $21,000 worth of heroin in his car after he became lost while trying to make his delivery, a court has been told.

Viet Tan Huynh, 48, came to police attention on November 11 last year when he was driving erratically down a service road at Inala, the Supreme Court in Brisbane was told on Friday.

He was arrested after police noticed two bags of heroin on the passenger seat and then found more drugs under his seat.

The court was told the heroin was worth $21,000.

Prosecutor Vicki Loury said Huynh initially lied to police, telling them he had found the drugs on the side of the road.

He later admitted he was delivering them in return for money.

Huynh's barrister, Don MacKenzie, said his client was an "unsophisticated man" who had come to Australia as a political refugee after the Vietnam war.

Mr MacKenzie said Huynh had gone home to Vietnam to care for his sick mother, and that when he returned to Australia in 2009 he had found himself broke and in desperate need of money.

"He went from being a peasant in Vietnam to being a suburban peasant in Inala," Mr MacKenzie said.

He told the court Huynh was "not a very good courier", and that he would benefit from supervision upon his release from jail.

Huynh pleaded guilty to five charges including supplying a dangerous drug and possessing a dangerous drug.

He was sentenced to three years' jail and will be released in May next year after having already spent almost 12 months in pre-sentence custody.

29 Oct 2010

Australia 'deliberately' imports social trash, so it causes disturbances amongst society.

There is deliberately no screening methods in place to minimise the risks to society these criminals bring to Australian shores.

Scum like this should be deported immediately.

Not just the drug mule BUT also the suppliers should be shut down, BUT that is NOT on the agenda.

Opium fields are large, and can be easily detected using today's technology.

Nuttall's mate still on govt payroll

The businessman who testified he paid kickbacks to jailed former Queensland cabinet minister Gordon Nuttall is still on the state government's payroll.

A Brisbane jury found Nuttall, 57, guilty of official corruption and perjury in the District Court on Wednesday.

It's the second time Nuttall, 57, has been found guilty of receiving kickbacks.

He is currently serving seven years for taking secret commissions.

The crown alleged in the latest trial that between October 1998 and April 2006, Nuttall corruptly received $150,000 in payments while he was the minister for industrial relations and health, from his friend, businessman and former plumber Brendan McKennariey.

It was alleged that in return for the payments, Nuttall used his ministerial influence to help Mr McKennariey win government contracts.

Mr McKennariey has indemnity from prosecution because he gave evidence at the trial.

But the fallout from the case continues, with revelations Mr McKennariey's company GBG Project Management Services has a state government contract worth $30,000 for a sewerage system at Greenbank state school.

He also has a contract with Redland City Council for a waste water project worth almost $800,000.

Premier Anna Bligh's spokesman said the government contract with Mr McKennariey's company was awarded in 2006 and expires in four months.

Redland City Council chief executive Gary Stevenson said the council will examine its contract, which was signed off in August.

"Until recent media reports we were not aware at all of the association with Gordon Nuttall," he told ABC radio.

"Council would obviously need to ensure that its contract with the company is properly established and fulfilled.

"If there was any suggestion that there was any impropriety about the matter then we would certainly investigate that."

On Thursday in parliament, the opposition questioned Premier Anna Bligh on whether her ministers had any other dealings with Mr McKennariey.

Ms Bligh distanced herself from the former minister, saying he tricked her and his cabinet colleagues, who had no idea of his dishonest conduct.

"This entire saga has come to pass because this was secret, it was covert, it was covered up by everybody involved in it," she said.

"So did I know about it? No I did not and ... I am sickened and appalled that as people sat around our cabinet table believing they were sitting with someone genuine, they were being so deceived."

Opposition Leader John Paul Langbroek has called for a full investigation.

"The stench of corruption surrounds this Labor government," he told reporters in Toowoomba on Friday.

Comment has been sought from Mr McKennariey.

29 Oct 2010

This is how the government deals with criminals within its own ranks, clearly showing that the SAME law is applied differently to its own than to the masses.

You are untouchable if you are part of the boys club, and have support from within.

This is a deliberate failure of the criminal justice system.

SE Qld waterways show little improvement

Urban and industrial developments in southeast Queensland will have to meet new guidelines to reduce water pollution from storm run-off and other contaminants.

From March 2011, future development applications before Queensland councils will have to adhere to the State Planning Policy for Healthy Waters.

The policy comes on the heels of a new study showing only minor improvements in the region's waterways.

Queensland Climate Change Minister Kate Jones said it was hoped the policy would minimise pollution from urban stormwater as the population grew.

"All councils will have to look at the effects of the development to see whether it is reducing contaminants in the waterways," Ms Jones told reporters in Brisbane.

"As our population continues to grow, it's vital that we arm councils with development assessment processes that reduce run-off into our waterways."

Part of the policy requires developers to install long ditches and artificial wetlands to clean up and slow down stormwater flows before they are discharged to waterways.

A study out on Tuesday showed there had been only a slight improvement in southeast Queensland's water quality.

The Healthy Water Partnership examined 400 freshwater catchments, estuaries and marine areas across the region over the last year, ranking them from A to F.

There was no significant change in the overall health of SEQ's freshwater streams from 2009 to 2010, the Ecosystem Health Report Card said.

No freshwater catchments were awarded an A for water quality.

No estuaries received an A, either.

The Lower Brisbane, Oxley Creek and Redlands freshwater catchments received Fs, as did the Oxley, Bremer, Logan, and Albert estuaries.

Only one marine area received an A, the Eastern Banks.

Professor Paul Greenfield from the Healthy Waterways Partnership said Moreton Bay only saw a mild improvement, from D to C.

The region was hard hit in 2009 by nutrients and sediments that were deposited in 2009 during heavy rain, and more than 250 tonnes of oil leaked into the bay in March 2009 from the container ship Pacific Adventurer.

Professor Greenfield said that despite the small improvement from 2009, Moreton Bay still fell short of its 10-year average of B for water quality.

"This highlights the need to build the resilience of our waterways and address diffuse source pollution," he said in a statement.

Although Moreton Bay has only partially recovered, more than half of the zones that were monitored showed some improvements in ecosystem health.

The health of estuaries varied across the region, demonstrating some increases and some declines.

There were improvements in Maroochy, Caboolture, Pine, Cabbage Tree and Tingalpa Estuaries, with the greatest improvement occurring in the Maroochy Estuary (D to C).

The greatest improvement occurred in Waterloo Bay (D+ to B), while Pumicestone Passage was the only region to drop a grade (C+ to D+).

The Liberal National Party (LNP) opposition said the waterways have gone backwards, with 40 per cent of tested locations showing no improvement or in worse condition than a year ago.

LNP spokesman for Climate Change Glen Elmes said the results were shocking and government policing hadn't made any difference.

"It's frightening to see the long lists of Fails for our estuaries. At Oxley, Bremer, Logan, and Albert there's been no improvement and we need some answers," Mr Elmes said in a statement.

He said the Bligh government had thrown $8 million at these locations to try to limit sediment run-off, but there'd been no improvement.

20 Oct 2010

Deliberate corporate sponsored profit driven, ignorance (disregard) towards the environment.

Cage calls for united fight against crime

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage says nations must work together in the battle against organised crime.

Cage, a United Nations goodwill ambassador for global justice, says the threat posed by criminal networks is too big for communities or states to confront on their own, so countries must co-operate with one another.

"Organised crime is a deadly infection that preys on human beings," Cage told delegates at a conference aimed at boosting support for a UN convention to curb organised crime on Thursday.

"It sows fear and violence in cities, towns and villages around the world."

Cage warned that regions weakened by conflict, lawlessness and extreme poverty are especially susceptible to traffickers of illegal drugs, weapons and even humans.

"It feeds off instability, and also makes instability worse," he said.

Cage, who won a best actor Oscar in 1995 for his role in Leaving Las Vegas, described being a UN goodwill ambassador as his "most challenging and meaningful role" yet and divulged that he even once considered leaving the movie business to devote more time to helping others.

"At some point I wanted to stop being an actor and start taking action," he said.

Cage was visibly touched when talking about child victims he met in Uganda and Kenya and a 15-year-old Somali boy serving a 10-year prison sentence for piracy. These encounters were "heart-wrenching" and "deeply humbled" him, he said.

Cage highlighted the role of NGO's, judges, prosecutors, doctors, religious leaders and others in helping victims of organised crime, saying he now understood "who the world's real heroes are".

Yury Fedotov, head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, praised Cage as a "humanitarian" who promoted a "victim-centred approach" to tackling organised crime.

22 Oct 2010

This is an ask that will realistically NEVER happen, as it is an idealistic approach to society.

What is most concerning is that the erradication of crime / drugs, etc goes AGAINST the policies of the New World Order.

What will (IS) be happening is the 'visual ' fight against crime (TERRORISM), by governments conning the public, that DATA COLLECTION is for the masses protection, thus the new beginnings of a Prison Planet.

Qld govt misleads on wild rivers: Pearson

The leading opponent of Queensland's wild rivers laws, Noel Pearson, has accused the state government of "pedalling (sic) misinformation" about potential developments near the rivers.

Mr Pearson said few of the 100 development applications approved by the state government actually involved developments.

"They were merely applications for such things as exploration permits which did not result in any development," Mr Pearson said.

He said an analysis of the applications by Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation had shown that of the 113 alleged development applications approved, 79 were for exploration permits, 17 were awarded to Queensland government agencies for gravel extraction and fencing, and eight related to a mining project that existed before the wild rivers legislation.

"I call on the premier and her minister to explain these misrepresentations, and prove that they have not deliberately and mischievously hoodwinked the Australian public and provided misinformation to federal parliament," Mr Pearson said.

Other indigenous leaders in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Cape York regions support the state government's initiative in limiting development along 10 rivers in Queensland.

This week the state government introduced a bill to extend its controversial wild rivers legislation to restrict development near three major Lake Eyre Basin rivers, Cooper Creek and the Diamantina and Georgina rivers.

Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson said the bill would pave the way for the rivers to be nominated for wild river declarations.

28 Oct 2010

Another rort, where government officials are payed off by business.

Single woman marries herself

A 30-year-old Taiwanese woman has put an unusual twist on the traditional white wedding by ditching the husband part and marrying herself.

Office worker Chen Wei-yih said she wanted to show other single thirty-something women that they were not failures, media reported.

“I was just hoping that more people would love themselves,” Chen said.

Chen splurged on her $5,700 solo-ceremony, renting a banquet hall, hiring a wedding planner and photographer and inviting 30 of her friends to witness the event.

She is also planning a honeymoon to Australia.

Chen was matter-of-fact about her decision: “age 30 is a prime period for me. My work and experience are in good shape, but I haven’t found a partner, so what can I do?,” she said.

“It’s not that I’m anti-marriage. I just hope that I can express a different idea within the bounds of a tradition,” Chen said.

Chen’s move has won her fans and sympathisers worldwide through an online publicity campaign leading up to the wedding.

But it was reported that the ceremony did not officially certify Chen as married, meaning that if she does happen to find a suitable partner later on, she will not have to divorce herself in order to get married again.

ninemsn.com.au 23 Oct 2010

Marriage is a sacred church ceremony between two people.

The act that she is doing is blasphemous and anti - religious, which is offensive to ALL church believers.

The mass media's agenda, again is focusing on 'trash', in order to detsabilise religious beliefs.

Calvin Klein 'gang rape billboard' removed

A Calvin Klein jeans advertisement which critics say is suggestive of gang rape has been removed from Australian billboards after dozens of complaints.

The ad, which showed a jeans-clad man straddling a near-naked woman while another man pulls her hair, attracted 40 to 50 complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau.

Bureau chief executive Fiona Jolly said the highly sexualised nature of the advertisement was behind the regulator's decision to take down around half a dozen billboards across the country.

"The industry standard says you can use sexuality and nudity provided to use them with sensitivity to the audience," she told ninemsn.

"These are large billboards so they have a broad audience of anyone who can see them."

Ms Jolly said most of the Calvin Klein billboards have now been removed, while one in Melbourne will be down by the end of the week.

Women's advocate and author Melinda Tankard-Reist wrote in her blog that advertisements like the Calvin Klein billboard promote the idea that women and girls "exist for male gratification and pleasure".

"Another example of violence against women being promoted as sexy, with intimations of the gang rape of an inanimate young woman," she wrote in her September 29 blog.

20 Oct 2010

This is how Multinationals (together with governments) are working to desensitise the children of the canon fodder.

Suggestive images like this are used in the mass media to groom the minds of the goyim (cattle's) children.

Klein was born in The Bronx to Jewish-Hungarian immigrants. He attended the High School of Art and Design and matriculated at, but never graduated from, New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, receiving an honorary Doctorate in 2003. He did his apprenticeship in 1962 at an oldline cloak-and-suit manufacturer (Dan Millstein),[1] and spent five years designing at other New York shops. He later, in 1968 launched his first company with a childhood friend,[1] Barry K. Schwartz.[2]


Klein (from the german word meaning little).

Russian spy Chapman honoured, strips off

Russian spy Anna Chapman has stripped off for a cover spread in a men's magazine, striking a number of James Bond-style poses in her latest stunt since she left the United States.

The publication of the pictures — which show Chapman sporting G-strings and wielding a semi-automatic — comes after President Dmitry Medvedev bestowed top state honours on the spies in the espionage scandal that brought her global stardom.

Chapman's antics since being deported from the United States in July along with nine other Russian spies have by any standards been unusual for an employee of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

They have included a (fully clothed) photo-shoot for a Russian celebrity magazine and her mysterious resurfacing at Baikonur cosmodrome earlier this month to watch Russian and US astronauts blast off into space.

The Russian men's magazine Maxim posted the new pictures in a trailer on its website, promising more images and Chapman's first interview since her exposure when the magazine is published on Thursday.

In images which are anything but subtle, Chapman is pictured as the ultimate femme fatale with her gun, elbow-length black gloves and skimpy red lingerie which leaves very little to the imagination.

"No, you are not dreaming and your eyes do not deceive you. The red-haired spy has not only stripped off for Maxim but has broken her vow of silence, talking about men, flirting and plans for life," it gushed.

"Anna has done more to arouse patriotism in Russians than our football team and the Bulava missile put together," it claimed.

Russia's national side has been through a thin period while the army's new Bulava nuclear-capable missile has misfired several times in testing.

Medvedev on Monday gave top state honours to the spies involved in the espionage scandal at a ceremony in the Kremlin, his spokeswoman said. No further details were given and it was not clear if Chapman was among them.

The group of 10 spies, many of whom had been working for years undercover in the United States as sleeper agents, returned to Russia in a sensational spy swap that saw Moscow send four Russian convicts to the West.

The spies received a heroes' welcome and even sang patriotic songs with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, but former intelligence agents went on the record to denounce their outdated spy craft.

AFP 20 Oct 2010

Another charade to keep the peasants amused.