15 June 2020

Cafés requiring your details lawful? Privacy guaranteed?

If the Australian Government did not obtain your private and personal information during the so called pandemic, then you are required to provide your name and number and of those with you during more relaxed times, but is this lawful and what assurances are there of privacy and ‘punishment’ if there was a breach?

Now that the apparent pandemic is on its tail end according to the authorities of many states and territories of Australia, people’s movements are met with less restrictions but there is one aspect (of many) that still does not make sense and that is more data collection.

Apparently  when you now decide to conduct business inside a café, eatery they ‘require’ your details e.g name and phone number.  

So, now let’s be very clear about this. If you are required to take an action it MUST be defined in a law i.e. an Act.

In your response to this post, can you point us to a lawfully enacted Act that states this, as we have not seen such an Act?

Secondly, what are the privacy guarantees, given the fact that we have seen people put their details on a clip board where the details of others were visible?

What are the guarantees that the business will comply with privacy law, given the fact that the above example already occurred?

- What is the punishment for the business for such a privacy breach?

- Will you be notified of this breach?
(Let’s take an educated guess, and say no)

- What financial compensation will you receive for such a breach?
(Let’s go out on a limb here, and say none)

Just another scam the people are blindly following.

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