20 December 2011

Corrupt judges accepting bribes

In the legal system many cases ‘mysteriously’ get dismissed or there is not enough evidence to prosecute the offending party, in legal procedures which are not followed by judges or magistrates.

In an insight into many cases, the judges or magistrates from traffic infringement courts all the way to the high courts of Australia are accepting bribes for lenient or dismissed sentences.

The government officials are accepting bribes ranging from notebooks to goods and services rendered at their premises in the exchange for dismissing of matters.

Legal firms are also in on it, in that they suggest to the guilty party that if they cooperate in a manner that both the legal firm and/or the presiding judge benefits, the case will be dropped.

This practice has been going on for quite some time in the courts and since some people may be ready to come out publicly, the response has been the judges are now apparently going to have their phone tapped.

This is quite ludicrous as this verbose action only warns the corrupt judges to seek alternative actions in committing the serious offence of contempt of court.

In some high profile criminal cases, police allegedly commit administrative errors, with the blessing from their superiors, to let the case slip, in essence supporting the criminal’s actions.

Further insult to injury is that the government allows the cash flow from the proceedings of crime to be kept by the allocated personnel of the crime syndicate.

What seems to the general public, as a clerical error is a well orchestrated plan by both the authorities and the legal system to let out the ‘Mr. Bigs’ of the organised crime world.

Even if the corrupt judges and police are named, they will be supported by their brethren, and the legal system, to commit further crimes.

Corey Worthington friend accused of excavator rampage

A FORMER pal of party-boy Corey Worthington is accused of causing $570,000 damage with another man after they allegedly stole a front-end loader and excavator from an industrial site and went on a destructive rampage.

Christopher Oscuro, 21, and another man who has not been charged, allegedly broke into the Coates hire site at Langwarrin South yesterday and after commandeering the machines and flattening a $65,000 work shed, they left the earth movers on fire, Melbourne Magistrates Court heard.

Mr Oscuro is also accused of leaving his car on nearby railroad tracks which was subsequently hit by a passing goods train about 4am, the court heard.

One of the ruined machines was worth $200,000 and the other was valued at $300,000, the court was told.

Also destroyed in the trail of destruction was a $5000 generator belonging to Coates, charge sheets before the court state.

Mr Oscuro, who sat in court sporting a tattoo down his left arm, had a part-time labouring job and worked nights at Coles, the court heard.

The young man was released on bail and, holding a hard hat and other possessions in a prison-issue plastic bag, raced through a TV media crew outside court.

As well as theft, arson and reckless conduct, Mr Oscuro was also charged with driving whilst disqualified.

Mr Oscuro has also been charged with using methamphetamine, or ice, as well as marijuana the day before the machinery heist at the centre of the charges.

Chief Magistrate Ian Gray described the incidents as an "extremely high seriousness of actual offending" but released Mr Oscuro on bail, on condition he live with his mother in Pakenham, abide by a 10pm to 6am curfew and report to police twice weekly.

He was told not to associate with any co-accused person in the matter and to return to court on March 1.

Mr Oscuro had a falling out with former friend Corey Worthington - who gained national attention for his nonplussed attitude in hosting a MySpace party at Narre Warren which attracted 500 riotous teenagers.

Mr Oscuro last year claimed Mr Worthington had spat on his car and attacked it with a bed post outside his house, as well as the pair having a disagreement over a girl.

heraldsun.com.au 15 Dec 2011

Another example of how the government is supporting crime, by setting the example that there are no consequences to one's criminal actions.

This is a deliberate policy employed by governance to degrade the youth of the masses, ultimately into slavery. This is done at a level that most of the general populous are not conscious of.

Corey Worthington shot to fame by being promoted by the mass media, to let other sheep follow him. As a result he was recruited by a promotions manager, who made more than 10 time the amount given to Corey.

Another puppet in the corporate arena.

Police yet to talk to burnout hoon

A HOON accused of a bridal burnout has used the cover of dark to remove his hotted-up Holdens from his home in a bid to prevent police seizing it.

The move appeared to be a bid to prevent police seizing it.

But it was a wasted effort with police admitting they could no longer impound the cars under the state’s hoon laws because they had waited too long.

“He moved the cars out at 11 o’clock last night,” neighbour Gina said.

“He had a tray truck come down and he put the red one on it and then he came back and got the white one after that.

“He’s not been home (since) … he’s done a runner.”

Gina said if police had acted when they were first given the video, "it wouldn’t have got to this and these cars would have been impounded.”

Earlier, police admit their inaction meant they are unable to strip him of his cars.

Police have 10 days from the date of an offence to seize cars under the state's hoon laws.

Eighteen days after they were first given footage of a local hoon, and 18 months after Taylors Hill residents first complained about the hoon, police are yet to speak with him or anyone else at the house.

Meanwhile, the family who gave footage of the hoon to the Herald Sun in a bid to force police to act were subjected to a frightening attack just hours after the Herald Sun was confronted by the suspected hoon on Tuesday.

A 6kg box of explosive fireworks was ignited outside their home at 11.11pm on Tuesday.

Once again the family said they had difficulty getting police to attend.

"We are all shaking," 'Gina' said.

"(It) took two phone calls to the police to get them down here and when they arrived we copped the comment, 'Oh. we thought it was just kids letting off crackers'.

"Seriously ... does that box look like crackers to you?" Gina added that it was the second box of fireworks to have been set off against their fence.

Other neighbours said hoons were active almost every day and night, with two parked cars written off in the street because of high-speed crashes.

"It's scary ... there's lots of families in the area who have little kids," Joanne Gurman said.

"Somebody will eventually get killed. I'm waiting for a car to come through my bedroom window."

Residents said their pleas for speed humps in the street to stop cars speeding at up to 100km/h had been ignored.

Caroline Springs Supt Graham Kent said police had not interviewed the driver about his behaviour.

Although it was too late to seize the cars under hoon laws, Supt Kent said the video could still be used as evidence to build a case against the man.

heraldsun.com.au 15 Dec 2011

What seems as lack of police action, is actually the support of the criminal act.

The police are fully aware that by delaying any action, the criminals cannot be bought before the courts.

By so called inaction the police are letting the criminal free, only to terrorise more victims.

It has also been alleged that the perpetrators are harassing the victims, another non-action on the behalf of the police, to charge the persons involved.

There are many more similar examples that are not bought up by the mass media, in order not to raise the inefficiencies of the government's police force in what would be an exposé of the government not protecting its citizens.

This could be seen as an action which may cause civil unrest, which cannot be initiated under any circumstances by the government sponsored corporate media.

Smugglers' sales pitch to lure refugees

ALMOST 1000 asylum seekers have arrived in 17 days, some of them expecting to be freed into the community within months.

As the latest boat arrived yesterday with 76 people aboard, it emerged smugglers had promised visas, housing and internet access.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said the only way to stop the boats was for Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to back her plan to change the Migration Act to allow offshore processing of asylum seekers.

"We said without that power there'd be more boats," Ms Gillard told the Herald Sun.

Yesterday a Hazari detainee in the nation's newest detention centre, at Wickham Point, Darwin, said he knew the Malaysia deal had collapsed and that he expected to be given a visa.

The refugee, 21, recently arrived from Pakistan after paying people smugglers $4000 in Indonesia. He expected to be out of detention within four months and released into the community.

"The country of Malaysia is not good. If this was possible (being sent to Malaysia) then I would be back home, not in Malaysia," he said.

At Wickham asylum seekers sleep two to a room in airconditioned shipping containers.

It is believed the top three questions being asked by those who have arrived since the Government announced bridging visas last month was when will they get a visa, a house and internet access.

Refugees complained the new centre's 40 computers were not enough and four English classes were insufficient.

A Iranian engineer, 34, said he paid $15,000 to people smugglers in the Middle East and used multiple fake passports before boarding a boat in Indonesia, but he said he had been given no specific promises.

He said people smugglers offered to take him to France or Australia but he decided reaching Australia was easier.

"In my country I have a house and a car," he said. "I had one problem, I had to leave my country, some people could kill me."

Mr Abbott toured the $200 million Wickham centre yesterday and called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to immediately reintroduce the temporary protection visas from the Howard Government.

"This would immediately mean much less of a pull factor for people currently waiting across the Indonesian archipelago," he said.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Bowen attacked the Coalition for not supporting law changes to allow the Malaysia people swap after it was struck down in the High Court.

"All the expert advice is that the Malaysia arrangement would be a genuinely effective deterrent to prevent these boat journeys," he said.

heraldsun.com.au 17 Dec 2011

Illegal immigrants, i.e. criminals are being treated better than the native citizens of Australia.

Australia is fulfilling its role in the new order of the world of globalisation, and settling in criminals, to the danger of the generals populous.

From the previous migration waves, Australia has imported some of the worst criminals from the Middle East and Asia.

These crime gangs run the drug cartels with full knowledge of the police / authorities, with the government idly standing by.

There are no orders to wipe out the drug trade, but rather to have it at a manageable level, with only the 'top dog' operators, and heads of government being involved.

19 December 2011

Home care fraud rampant

The home care industry in Australia is very lucrative as it largely exists with the help of government handouts to the business operators who are in essence placed by government heads.

Many of these business owners are cooking the books both ways, defrauding both the government and the customers. This is done in full knowledge of various authorities.

Information has been obtained from persons within the industry that home care business owners are operating fraudulently in a variety of methods.

A large auditing / accounting firm was ordered to look at the books of a few of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs home care businesses. Upon initial investigations it was found that these businesses would be shut down and their operators facing court.

Since many individuals in government support the charity industry, it was decided against the official looking into (auditing) of the businesses, purely from a business perspective.

It was also found that these businesses are employing migrant labour, predominantly Indian, for the paltry sum of $5 per hour not on the record book, to engage in domestic house chores.

Operators are also fraudulently obtaining government funds for claimed nonexistent services, as well as monies being allocated to staff is grabbed for private affairs.

These businesses predominantly operate under the multicultural banner, registered in both the eastern and western suburbs of Melbourne.

Since these people have government liaisons, they are above the law and hence prosecution.