18 June 2011

Man charged after child porn found at home

A MAN has been charged with child pornography offences after a search of his home in Sydney's north west.

Detectives searched the home in Ryde this afternoon, seizing computers, mobile phones, videos and DVDs.

Police said they were responding to a complaint about a man allegedly promoting child pornography online.

The 35-year-old occupant of the home has been arrested and charged with two counts of using a carriage service to transmit or promote child pornography.

He was granted conditional bail and was due to appear at Ryde Local Court on July 20, police said.

heraldsun.com.au 16 Jun 2011

It is articles like this that are being used to push through an agenda, of internet censorship via the new NBN (National Broadband Network), in Australia.

It is stated that the man used the internet to obtain child porn, therefore there will have to be a mandatory policy to 'censor' the 'net for our own protection.

Once in court, the system does NOT incarcerate the individual, but rather frees them into the community, to commit further offenses.

The REAL purpose of censoring the internet is to limit the flow of information, so that only 'authorised' sources can publish information, and to put a stop to free speech.

The government has already put this technology in place, but is waiting for the right 'event' to put it into action.

Corrupt judges in law courts

In recent times there has been talk of police and government corruption in Victoria.

The press has apparently brought out information pertaining to corruption, fraud and lack of integrity within government departments.

But there is an eerie silence with respect to the people at the top of the legal food chain.

The judges are untouchable when it comes to fraud, kickbacks, and perverting the cause of justice.

These people are usually high ranking Freemason's, who are to be left alone, no matter what it takes.

It is known to corpau, that the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), has three residing members that are corrupt.

It is of no use to name them individually, as they will not only be protected by the law that they create, the information obtained from the source will not only be inadmissible in any court, but also the livelihood of the individual will be at risk.

The government does not take kindly to whistle blowers, and once being identified, are under intense scrutiny, and government harassment.

Amongst politicians and others, judges belong to a group of people that are self selected.

This means that no other judge will act against any other of his colleagues, not matter how damning the evidence is.

Is is important to know that the judges NOT mentioned in this post should not only be banned from the bar but should never be employed in their field.


16 June 2011

VCAT gives molester the right to work with children

A CONVICTED child sex offender who molested a boy while he slept has been given the green light to work with kids because it is in the "public interest" and a lack of proof he "is a predator".

The man successfully appealed for the right to work with kids despite admitting sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy while his mother slept next door.

The Herald Sun cannot name the man, who is now free to follow plans to work with education providers.

The State Government rejected the man's application, but because the sex offender has shown "shame, remorse and empathy for his victim", and had "come to terms with his sexual identity", VCAT granted his application.

The State Government is considering an appeal.

The offence happened in 2005 when the 16-year-old boy was staying at the man's bed-and-breakfast.

After the boy went to sleep, the man crept into his room and indecently assaulted him.

If the offender committed the offence today, he would be put on the Sex Offenders Register for eight years.

He pleaded guilty in 2006 but was spared jail, receiving a $1500 fine.

The man - who works in the hospitality industry - applied to the State Government for a certificate to work with children.

The Government rejected his application, leading him to appeal to VCAT.

In fighting the application, state government lawyers argued the man had no references from employers or friends.

But in her judgment, VCAT vice-president Judge Sandra Davis said the man, now in his 50s, "was depressed at the time, withdrawn and isolated, and suffering after the break-up of his first homosexual relationship".

Judge Davis also ruled that although the age gap between his teenage victim "is significant, it is also relevant that the victim was not a very young child, which would exacerbate the offence".

She also pointed to psychologist reports that found the offence happened because of "his low self-esteem and his inner conflict about his own sexuality", and was a low-risk of reoffending.

The psychologist report also found it was significant the offender "had no interest in pornography or involvement with minors", and that while his assault on the boy was "predatory", he was not a predator.

In approving his application, Judge Davis said she was "satisfied that it is in the public interest to give the applicant the assessment notice he seeks".

"I am satisfied ... that giving an assessment notice would not pose an unjustifiable risk to the safety of children," she said.

A Justice Department spokeswoman said: "The Department of Justice opposes the granting of a Working with Children Check in this application.

"The Department of Justice is assessing VCAT's decision and is seeking legal advice on any grounds for further review."

heraldsun.com.au 16 Jun 2011

This is another example of how the law works against the masses.

A child molester is set free.

This is done on purpose by the politician and the law makers in order to create disharmony within the masses.

It is not their children that are molested, so it does not matter to them if he is free.

The government allows and supports these types of decisions

The government's policy is to censorship the internet to protect 'our' children yet it lets out molesters.

Simon Overland resigns as Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police

FORMER police chief Christine Nixon does not believe Simon Overland was forced to resign as the state's top cop.

And she predicted a number of "very ambitious" people would already be circling to take the post Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police.

Her comments come as the police union said it was time to “get back to basics” as contenders jostle to replace Mr Overland.

Ms Nixon said she was very doubtful Mr Overland had been pushed out of her job.

"I don't think so... I just think he's come to the point that says the organisation has been damaged and times up,'' Ms Nixon told ABC radio today.

"He’s a responsible man, he’s very tough, he’s a tough operator as well."

She said she expected there were some “very ambitious people in Victoria Police and around who will want to step up for the job”.

“That’s always been the case. It was when I applied and it was when Simon applied.”

She hoped the new chief was able to “calm things a little, but also continue the reform process”.

Ms Nixon dodged questions about Sir Ken Jones, saying “I didn’t really even know Sir Ken”.

She encouraged people to judge Mr Overland on his efforts as head of the underworld killings Purana taskforce and as a deputy commissioner before being named chief.

"I do think he actually probably started out with a reasonable slate but he wanted to make change and I think you make enemies, some of those were the same ones I had,'' she said.

Fresh start for police as Overland goes

Police Association secretary Greg Davies said today he was shocked to hear of Mr Overland's resignation, despite the union’s continuing strident criticism of his tenure.

“We don’t have an issue with Mr Overland,” he said.

But he agreed with Mr Overland’s assessment that the continuing drama around the use of police statistics had become a damaging distraction for the force’s rank and file.

Earlier today he blasted the outgoing chief's handling of dodgy crime statistics just before the election as "incomprehensible", after a scathing report by the Victorian Ombudsman released to Parliament singled out Mr Overland as being responsible for their release.

"The police force should get back to basics, which is serving Victorians,” Mr Davies said.

Mr Davies said he hoped whoever replaced Mr Overland would be either a “homegrown'' Victoria Police officer or somebody with the community policing expertise of Sir Ken.

And while at least one senior officer has already put up their hand as a possible replacement, Mr Davies said it was “way too early” to say who should be in the top job.

In response to questions he said he was “open” to deposed deputy Sir Ken putting his name forward as Assistant Commissioner Ken Lay met with the Government as he prepared to take the reins as the state's acting chief.

Jamieson hints at return

Former Assistant Commissioner Gary Jamieson is not ruling out a tilt at the top job.

Mr Jamieson, whose tenure as a police officer finishes next month, said he may be prepared to come back.

”It’s always been my honour to serve Victoria Police,” he said.

The details of Mr Overland's payout are being kept confidential by the Government, with Mr Baillieu only saying “the terms were consistent with the position that he has held”.

Sen-Sgt Davies said he wasn't aware whether Mr Overland was pushed into resigning by the State Government.

“Clearly he has tendered his resignation. He hasn't been sacked,'' he said.

“He's taken the course he has and he has obviously given it some considerable thought beforehand.''

Sen-Sgt Davies said Deputy Commissioner Sir Ken Jones had been shabbily treated by Mr Overland.

He said the force had been heading in the wrong direction ever since Mr Overland took over just over two years and the first task of the new chief would be to rebuild the organisation.

The police association said it was unfortunate that it had taken so long to resolve the problems with police command.

Top cop's fall follows report on dodgy crime stats

Mr Overland offered his resignation to the State Government following the tabling of a damning Ombudsman's report on the release of dodgy crime statistics prior to last year's state election.

“I now find myself in a position where I believe it is in the best interests of Victoria and Victoria Police for me to no longer continue in that role," Mr Overland said.

His resignation today met with mixed reaction.

Mr Overland said contrary to media reports he left behind a “a talented, cohesive and effective leadership team".

He said he would be going on leave "effective today", with his resignation taking effect from July 1, before leaving the force as a “private citizen”.

He called on the media to leave him and family in peace after today.

"I will be making no further public comments after today,” he said, stressing there were several matters still under investigation he could not discuss.

A grim-faced Mr Overland refused to answer senior Herald Sun reporter Keith Moor’s question as to whether Sir Ken Jones would be a good replacement for him.

“That’s a question I’m not prepared to answer,” he said.

Asked why he had quit, he repeated it was in the best interests of the state and the police.

“I’ve always sought to act in what I think the best interests of the organisation, and in an honourable way. And I believe this is the appropriate thing to do following discussions with government."

He accepted “external pressures” had contributed to his decision, but refused to go into any detail.

“It’s been pretty clear that there’s been a lot of distractions over the last little while. It seems to me they are unlikely to abate. And it’s got to a position where my continuing in this role is counter-productive to the best interests of the organisation and the people of Victoria," he said.

“Accordingly I’m doing what I think is the right thing and am stepping aside and let someone else take on this important role.

He rejected suggestions he was pressured to resign by Police Minister Peter Ryan, and also would not disclose anything about what is believed to be a large payout.

“I am not going to go into any matters that are essentially of a private matter.”

He played down the significance of the Ombudsman’s report, saying it “essentially questioned a judgment call I made and said I should have qualified some statistics”.

“It’s not the straw that’s broken the camel’s back as far as I’m concerned. There’s clearly been a lot of issues running … they have become a significant distraction for the organisation.”

He stressed there was “no evidence” he did anything to influence the last election, which is backed up by the Ombudsman’s report.

Asked if he had “any regrets about your time in the top job?” Mr Overland was unequivocal: “No”.

The media conference was due to begin at 1.30pm but started five minutes early and Mr Overland abruptly ended it less than four minutes later, as the media pressed for more detail about his decision.

Baillieu announces Overland's fall from grace

Earlier today, Mr Baillieu said he had had discussions with Mr Overland about the Ombudsman's report.

"We have had discussions since receiving this report with the Chief Commissioner and the Chief Commissioner has advised that he will today be submitting his resignation to the Governor. And indeed I understand that that has now occurred," Mr Baillieu said.

"We thank him for his service to the State Government of Victoria."

Mr Ryan said he had considered the report over the past 24 hours and rang Mr Overland last night.

"In the course of our discussions, he (Mr Overland) indicated to me he would offer his resignation as commissioner of police. I indicated that offer would be accepted," Mr Ryan said.

"We wish him well in his future career."

Mr Ryan said he would not go into details of his discussion with Mr Overland overnight.

He refused to confirm or deny whether he had asked Mr Overland to resign, but admitted the resignation only became a prospect mid way into the talk even though both men had been aware of the full details of the report before the conversation began.

Neither Mr Baillieu or Mr Ryan would publicly admit to being relieved that the tense standoff was over, but the mood of both men was in stark contrast to the pressured image they have presented at previous appearances during the unfolding scandal.

Standing side by side on the parliament steps, the Coalition leaders were prepared to answer all questions from the media in a far more relieved manner.

Mr Baillieu said there were "significant concerns" in the report despite the recommendations having been followed.

He stressed the Rush inquiry into police command would still go ahead.

Ombudsman report finds Overland behind release of misleading stats

The Ombudsman's report found crime data released last October was distorted and was always likely to be used as a political tool.

Ombudsman George Brouwer found the police claims of a 27.5 per cent reduction in assaults was "misleading and inconsistent with all other available data''.

The decision to release the dodgy crime statistics on the eve of entering election caretaker mode was the Chief Commissioner's and his alone.

But Mr Overland gave evidence that his decision to rush the statistics and release them before they had a chance to qualify the data was far from being politically motivated, saying his decision was made to avoid releasing them closer to the election.

"I do accept that is a reason why it is important to qualify data...and that it was an oversight and mistake not to have done that on this occasion,'' he told the Ombudsman.

"My evidence is quite clear that I appreciated the political sensitivity of the release of quarterly crime statistics at this time...relying on unsettled data without appropriate qualification was a mistake, but there is no basis to suggest it was conscious manipulation.''

Release of stats "incomprehensible" - union

Mr Davies said the report showed that despite the police commissioner’s denial, concerns about the release of the statistics had clearly been raised with him.

“I think it’s clear when you read the entire report, that there was a large body of disquiet amongst senior police at the force about these figures," he told 3AW radio.

“Despite the police commissioner’s denial that anyone spoke to him about it, he chose to release them.

“I think it’s incomprehensible that he would do that in the face of that advice.”

He said Mr Overland told the inquiry the force would never had relied on the figures.

"It's not good enough to make operation decisions on, but it's good enough to release in the middle of an election campaign on law and order,” Mr Davies said.

“It’s almost beyond belief.”

This morning's report also criticised senior police for failing to pass on the force's senior statistician's warning that the data was not complete.

Overland adviser warned him about figures

It also found Mr Overland was warned by his senior media advisor Nicole McKechnie about the "volatility" of the figures and urged him against including them.

"I raised it with the Chief Commissioner . . . essentially it was, I’m - concerned about including these figures. I understand the Government’s keen to have them in but I’m concerned about them being included because – because of the perception,” the report quotes Ms McKechnie as telling the Ombudsman.

The report notes Ms McKechie said it was the Chief Commissioner’s decision to release the crime statistics and that there was some haste to get the media release out before the start of the caretaker period.

Mr Brouwer said Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe should have recognised the data was misleading as he attended a crime statistics forum just three weeks before the data was released and the figure for assaults was a 4.2 per cent increase.

Mr Brouwer found the faulty data let rank and file police officers down by undermining their ability to push for greater resources.

He recommended an independent body be set up for managing the release of crime statistics.

Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said the report vindicated the former Labor government by finding the quality and timing of the data release was decided by police alone.

Mr Andrews said the report failed to justify the "unrelenting campaign" being waged by the Coalition against Mr Overland and denied the police chief was proven to be incompetent.

Former Labor Police Minister James Merlino denied he or anyone else had ever placed pressure on the force to release the data and that he simply commented on it after it had been independently released.

"The timing was absolutely a decision of Victoria Police," Mr Merlino said.

heraldsun 16 Jun 2011

More lies from the Top Cop in Victoria.

He previously mentioned that he welcomes any inquiry, as he has nothing to fear, and that he is the right man for the job.

Then today the press are treated to the news that he resigns.

Top Jobs are given to mates, and NOT based on the person's ability to perform in the role.

Christine Nixon was given the job as Victoria's previous Top Cop, not based on her ability, but because who she knew.

She was an incompetent head, and this was show in its pinnacle when she went to a dinner during the Victorian bushfire crisis.

Overland's resignation saves the corrupt politicians that supported him.

There will be not inquiry into the government corruption behind Overland.

The masses are aware of the corruption behind the scenes, but nothing will be done about this.

IT can be clearly seen, these are the people who are ABOVE the LAW.

One Law for us another for them - vehicluar assault

Here is another classic example of one law for the peasants and one for the rulers.

The first article goes by the title:

Alleged police car rammer charged with attempted murder

A MELBOURNE man who allegedly rammed a police car, seriously injuring two officers, has been charged with five counts of attempted murder.

Tam Quoc Thai, 31, of Cranbourne North, faced a total of 14 charges in an out-of-court hearing last night.

Apart from the attempted murder charges, he faces five counts of reckless conduct endangering life, two counts of causing serious injury and two counts of intentionally causing serious injuries.

Thai, sporting a bruised cheek but otherwise uninjured, did not seek bail and will appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court today.

It's alleged Thai had sideswiped a truck before speeding at about 80-100km/h at the police car.


Hit-and-run taxi driver wins VCAT hearing

A TAXI driver who ran over a pedestrian before fleeing the scene and lying to police could be back behind the wheel within months.

The Victorian Taxi Directorate tried to ban the driver for 12 months, but a tribunal has reduced that penalty to six months.

Kulvinder Singh said he did not see the pedestrian at the corner of Barkly and Carlisle streets in St Kilda during the early hours of January 7 last year.

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal deputy president Catherine Aird said the pedestrian lights were green.

"After colliding with the pedestrian, Mr Singh stopped for three or four seconds before driving off," Ms Aird said.

Mr Singh later said he drove off because the victim's friend had banged the bonnet of the taxi, and he was afraid of being attacked.

The victim suffered a broken leg.

Mr Singh told the tribunal that he had intended to report the accident to police, but had picked up more passengers.

Mr Singh initially denied to police he had been involved in an accident, confessing only when he had been taken to the police station.

Police informed the taxi directorate of the charges on March 31 last year, and the directorate issued Mr Singh an interim suspension notice on April 7.

Mr Singh pleaded guilty to four driving charges in Melbourne Magistrates' Court on September 21 last year.

His driver's licence was suspended for six months and he was fined $1000, but no conviction was recorded.

Meanwhile, the state's taxi watchdog has admitted it has no idea how many accidents or other incidents taxis are involved in.

But it concedes the industry generates about 400 pages of complaints every week.

The Herald Sun sought access to reports of incidents and accidents involving cabs under but the Directorate said no such documents existed.

These two articles show how the same law deals with vehicular assault on police and on a civilian.

There are too many examples where supposedly the same law protects civilians, but it does not.

Public servants in toner cartridges rort still on payroll

PUBLIC servants caught taking thousands of dollars in kickbacks as part of a massive rort of toner cartridges won't be named and are free to remain on the public payroll.

An Ombudsman's report found Arts Victoria staff, teachers and a prison employee were among government staff who received gifts, including iPhones, for wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayers' dollars on overpriced printer toner.

They bought hundreds of cartridges from a Victorian company that sold them at up to four times the price offered by the Government's recommended supplier.

In return they were lavished with smartphones, pre-paid Visa cards, MP3 players, cameras, TVs and vouchers for Coles and Safeway.

But the Ombudsman's report into "Tonergate" stopped short of naming them or recommending police charges.

Premier Ted Baillieu has asked the Ombudsman to re-examine the evidence to see if any laws were broken.

He is also looking at tightening regulations on gifts for public servants.

Most of the staff sprung by Tonergate are still on the government payroll.

The worst case was the Arts Victoria project officer who spent more than $80,000 on enough black toner cartridges to supply the government department for 40 years, although the cartridges were due to expire in two years.

In return, she received $8300 in pre-paid visa cards and Coles Myer vouchers from the cartridge company.

"My investigation found no evidence to suggest that her actions were the result of anything other than a desire to obtain free gifts," Ombudsman George Brouwer said.

"She has also been willing to lie to my office and to Arts Victoria to conceal her conduct."

She resigned during the investigation and most of the toner has been returned to the company.

Two teachers and an assistant principal also caught out have been disciplined but remain in their jobs.

The Ombudsman declined to identify the toner company in his report, but Mr Baillieu said the company should be named.

The report was critical of Arts Victoria director Penny Hutchinson's failure to deal with the management problems that allowed the corruption to flourish.

Mr Baillieu has called for Arts Victoria to stop the culture of freebies.

heraldsun.com.au 16 Jun 2011

Kickback in government are NOT new.

They have been going o for quite some time, in all sectors, where possible.

Only a few reported cases make it out into the public arena.

Business deals are made in this fraudulent manner.

No scalps will handed over and definitely NO court time will be allocated to such matters.

Rape and Go Australia's New Policy

A disturbing new trend is emerging that criminals are being let off, and thrown back into the community re offend.

The newspapers are reporting that criminals are being let off the hook, and their crimes are not being carried out in incarceration.

This is particularly true of sex offenders and child molesters.

In a recent heraldsun.com.au article:

Sleeping woman rape trial sparks fury

a man was set free after an alleged rape.

The policies of the Anglo Masonic court system are very clear and that is to spread disharmony amongst the community of the masses.

If the woman in question was one of either a daughter or policy maker, then the law would be changed immediately.

Laws are generally put in place for the benefit of the the financial, political and legal communities, to name but a few.

Child molesters are now being set free with GPS anklets (which will NOT stop them from re offending).

The government verbosely states that there MUST be internet censorship in order to protect children from pedophiles, whilst at the same time, same government lets these criminals out into the community.

Internet censorship to safeguard 'our' children, is another deliberate lie perpetuated by the government.


Solar Hot Water System for $4500

One of the greater consumer rip offs and government supported 'scams' is the sale of solar energy in the southern states of Australia.

The industry uses the figures of solar panels electricity generation measured at 25 degrees Celsius at the equator in summer at noon.

In a recent advertisement in a 'smart' home publication, the recommended retail price for a solar hot water service is valued at $4,500.

In another recent article from the heraldsun.com.au, it was revealed that the energy efficiency of such an installation at the more southern states of Australia, Victoria and Tasmania is only 50-60% efficient, on top of an only 16% efficency coversion rate of solar to electricity of Photo Voltaic cells.

Governments and corporations alike, are deliberately 'misinforming' or rather not informing the general public on the real facts of solar electricity prior to the consumer's purchase.

13 June 2011

Ted Baillieu braces for meeting about Victoria Police crisis

PREMIER Ted Baillieu is bracing for an explosive meeting tomorrow with a growing group of MPs increasingly unhappy with the crisis surrounding Victoria Police.

After more than a week of damaging headlines and paralysis at the top, Liberal MPs are demanding action and leadership.

Outspoken Liberal backbencher Bernie Finn yesterday told the Herald Sun he shared the deep concerns of colleague Bill Tilley over the treatment of the ousted deputy police chief, Sir Ken Jones.

The feud within police command between Chief Commissioner Simon Overland and Sir Ken has blown into Mr Baillieu's first full-scale political crisis since winning power in November.

Mr Tilley, the parliamentary secretary for police and emergency services, had warned he might go as far as sitting as an independent because he was so unhappy with the Government's handling of the problem.

But after a day of political pressure and in a brief two-line statement, Mr Tilley last night said he remained "a committed member of the Liberal Party and a strong supporter of the Baillieu Government".

He warned, however, that he "will be working within the parliamentary party to address issues of concern".

Any defections would put the Coalition's slim majority at risk. The Coalition has 45 seats to Labor's 43 in the 88-seat Lower House.

The State Government went into shutdown mode yesterday, with advisers failing to provide answers to key questions asked by theHerald Sun.

Mr Tilley, who served in Victoria Police for 11 years, is the most vocal of a growing group of Coalition MPs furious the Government's meddling in Victoria Police has backfired.

They are especially unhappy with the role played by Mr Baillieu's right-hand man, Michael Kapel, in undermining both Sir Ken and Mr Overland.

Mr Finn confirmed there is a growing anger within the party over the issues and it will be raised for debate in the party room.

"I share Bill Tilley's concerns," he said.

"I will strongly express my views in the party room.

"Hopefully this will be sorted out this week as I don't want to see more good people hurt."

Many MPs contacted by the Herald Sun are refusing to publicly comment about the problems, but, behind the scenes, there is deep unrest at Mr Baillieu's style of leadership.

"Things are running out of control and it doesn't look like anybody is in charge," a Liberal MP said.

Last week, Mr Baillieu said no decision would be made until all four reports into Victoria Police were made public.

It may be next year before the report into police command is completed.

heraldsun.com.au 13 Jun 2011

Comments from Article:

g of oz Posted at 7:09 AM Today

The OPI and Simon Overland should be removed!

The extent of police corruption is being covered up, by naturally the police itself and the government.

No one is mentioning the corrupt police with regards to illegal prostitution in the Melbourne suburbs of St. Kilda and Footscray.

No one is mentioning the corrupt police dealings in the the drug strong hold controlled areas of Carlton.

No one is mentioning the kickbacks and the police involvement of known associates within in the crime ridden areas of Broadmeadows and Werribee.

More government cover ups, dismissals of hearings, inadmissible information, and threats made to whistle blowers as the inquiry into police corruption in Victoria is made.

Imported New Cars a Death Trap

In Australia there is a variety of imported vehicles from overseas, from luxury to cheap daily drivers, that once have reached their warranty period, are designed to go to the scrap heap.

The cars manufactured in Australia, go by the brands of Mistubishi, Toyota, Ford, Holden (General Motors), exist largely from government subsidies, whilst all other cars are imported.

From imported cars the government obtains taxes, which make up a large portion or revenue for the government.

Recent imports into Australia include (financially) cheap cars from Hyundai, Daewoo, Ssangyong and now Great Wall.

In the automotive industry there is 'apparently' a standard called the ADR (Australian Design Rules), which motor vehicle manufacturers must adhere to. For example ADR 27 is with regards to the emissions output by the vehicle, and the vehicle must come equipped with such devices that lower the pollutants from its exhaust.

In Australia, there is no ADR with respect to the structural integrity of the actual vehicle itself.

Information obtained by corpau from automotive engineers, has indicated that the majority of the cheap branded cars on Australian roads are ‘death traps’.

Engineers have indicated that the vehicles have unsafe breaking distances, high susceptibility to rolling, and structurally unsafe in the event of a low speed collision.

In Australia, currently there is NO regulation that states a car must be able to break from a certain speed in a certain distance.

The Australian politicians and law makers are putting the lives of the general populous at risk.

This is done on purpose, as the car industry will pull out of importing cars (denying the government revenue) if the government introduces safety laws put in place that will actually measure the performance of the vehicle's 'crash worthy' state.

Another example of how corporations shape the law to the detriment of the masses.


12 June 2011

iPod dock speaker quality

One of the greater consumer rip offs in electronics / information technology is in the accessory business from the iPod /iPhone market.

One example of this is the $5 (retail) ipod dock connectors that are currently sold at JB HiFi for $29

But, the products in question in this review are that of the ipod / iphone speaker docks.

The majority of the speaker docks available to the consumers are well and truly overpriced, especially in Australia, as has been reported by the mass media.

The marketing behind these products is second to none, but once the product is analysed or dissected, in a more palatable format, it becomes quite clear that not only the consumer is not getting value for money, but rather being gouged.

The product illustrated is just one example that being a portable iPod dock by Altec Lansing. Elsewhere in this blog, another Altec Lansing product has been reviewed as a sub standard product fro the price tag.

Most portable speaker docks, have common and cheap electronics (controls and amplifiers), that drive one of the most important items in high fidelity, that being the speakers.

The speakers offered in these portable or small audio docking stations are of very average quality.

Most manufacturers are coy about providing technical specifications on their drivers in the enclosure, but choose to use marketing terms that the user cannot place any real comparisons to, like:

  • dynamic audio sound,
  • vivid music response, or
  • bass enhancement technology,

rather than the actual frequency response.

Typical speakers in these docks are of 2"(51 mm) to 3.5"(89 mm) diameter or dimensions, and have a retail price of approximately $6 each at an electronic hobby shop.

These speakers usually carry a 5 watt rating and would typically have a frequency response of 200 hz to 10 khz.

The price of $200 in the above illustration is not indicative of the quality of audio one would expect from an audio item irrespective of ipod connectivity.

Current information from Altec Lansing's own website, does not give any specifics to frequency response of their audio product.

A vital piece of information that is deliberately left out, in this apparently technologically aware society.



Cheap Globes Short life

Another reality check from the cheap $2 shops that have littered the shopping malls and shopping strips of the neighbourhoods.

The product in question is the packet of globes illustrated. IT contains 4 globes that have a 7 watt rating with a connection type of Edison screw size 14.

The bargain may seem cheap at $4 for the packet, BUT the longevity of the globes is appalling.

Tests have been done, that indicate that the globe's lifespan is in the vicinity of tens of hours.

With the advent of globalisation, companies can sell us products made to a price with cheap quality, for huge profit.

These globes are worth cents and are sold for dollars.

China is feeding the world with cheap and nasty consumer goods, from the quality of clothes materials and stitching, to consumer electrics.

The real cost of food

In recent times there has been a trend in television advertising to inform the masses that you can feed your family for $10.

This has been spurred on by the so called reality cooking shows, and as a result of economic hardship the general populous is facing despite what the government says, and what the 'official' figures are.

The average Australian family is considered to be consisting of mother, father and two children.

The claim by the television show chefs are that you can feed your entire family for $10.

When one purchases for example 1 kg of sugar, for an average price of $1.80, and one only uses 100 grams of this product, the cost of sugar considered in the equation is $0.18.

Based on this method of calculating meal costs, this is how the cost of $10 is derived from, to feed a family of 4 people.

Current advertisements from Junk Food Giants, Red Rooster, cost a family $20 to eat their products. A cost of 2 times what the advertisements claim that you can feed your family for at home.

This indicates that junk food is expensive, and considering that supermarket chains are making a profit on the sale of foodstuffs, junk food chains sell their food including preparation for twice as much as the family spends on home cooked items.

This shows how much profit is made by the Junk Food Industry.

The above illustration was taken by corpau, which is an actual purchase of items from one of the two supermarket duopolies in Australia.

Breakfast cereal, bread and milk account for a $10 food purchase.

Whilst it can be said that the packet of cereal can account for a few servings, as to the slices of bread in the loaf, the cost of living of everyday items has increased considerably, despite the government's official figure of 3% for the CPI (Consumer Price Index).


Agencies keeping you in the dark

VICTORIA has been branded "the secret state", with authorities bugging people at alarming rates and major government agencies refusing access to basic information.

The number of court orders that information be withheld or hearings be closed to the public has exploded as government agencies spend taxpayer cash buying advice about how to dodge scrutiny.

Now there are calls for a radical shake-up of public disclosure laws.

A Herald Sun analysis of government reports reveals how public institutions are keeping Victorians in the dark. It reveals:

MORE than 400 warrants for thousands of secret listening devices, hidden cameras and computer monitoring bugs have been deployed across Victoria since 2006, some with authorisation only from police rather than a court.

THE number of suppression orders issued in Victoria's higher courts has more than doubled since 2005.

VICTORIA Police, which receives more FoI requests than any agency each year, granted in full only 5 per cent of requests last year, down from 32 per cent in 2000.

Across all government agencies, access is fully granted in about 75 per cent of FoI applications. Police hold more sensitive information than other agencies which may partially explain the difference.

The Herald Sun has revealed that judges last year allowed police to tap the phones of 388 Victorians, up 57 on the previous year.

Mark Woods, of the Law Institute of Victoria's access to justice committee, hit out at the rampant use of bugs.

He warned of a culture of secrecy in government and said lawyers felt privacy laws were being selectively applied in decisions to deny access to information under FoI laws.

"Personally, it does trouble me," he said.

Mr Woods said law firms routinely advised government agencies in FoI disputes and FoI administration. One such firm describes such work as "preventative, proactive assistance".

Monash University governance expert Dr Ken Coghill called for an overhaul of disclosure practices through "right to know" legislation.

"If information is held by government, it should automatically be available unless there is some public interest reason for making it unavailable," he said.

The Baillieu Government expects to introduce its FoI Commissioner this year.

heraldsun 11 Jun 2011

Victoria has been long considered a Police State.

The rules and regulations brought in by government are not only taking away the civil liberties of the people, but also the new laws are putting the masses into passive slavery.

Mainstream reporters are now slowly reporting this fact, and information is being put forward that there is not only a large amount of corruption in government but also a secrecy, and blatant coverup.

The Eureka Stockade was a protest by workers for fair work conditions.

As a response to this, the government sent troops up to Ballarat to shoot the protestors.

This attitude of governance is NOT different today, but rather is not carried out in the extreme form it was done in the 1800's.