18 March 2011

Profiteers clean out ipad2 stock

Profiteers have cleaned out the New York Apple store of its iPad2 stock, as part of a scheme to sell the tablets on at heavily inflated prices.

The scammers bought the newest iPad at its retail price of US$800 at the Fifth Avenue store and indicated that they planned to on-sell them for $1700, the The New York Post reported.

The highly organised plan played out in public with the ringleader handing out a large number US$100 notes to five others who then passed the money onto about 200 people outside the store.

The people then went inside and bought all the iPads in stock.

The boss of the scheme told The New York Post that the tablets they purchased were on their way to China where the Apple product is not yet available.

An Apple employee at the store told The New York Post that the scheme was“sad and disgusting” but was powerless to stop it.

"These people are preventing ordinary folks from getting their hands on an iPad," he said.

aap 17 Mar 2011

Apple also sell their products at overinflated prices, so why is the media NOT jumping on this?

The 'profiteers' are buying the items for $800, and selling them for $1700

i.e. a profit margin of 112%.

The clothes industry in Australia from a wholesale level to a retail price can be worth anything from 200% to 500% profit.

Where are the headlines of profiteering there?

As reported by corpau a while back, a children's jacket from J.K Kids Gear landed in Australia, brought in from China, cost $2 and retailed for $49.

Australia's Internet Policy - World's Worst

  • Internet Enemies Internet Enemies
  • Countries under surveillance Countries under surveillance

This illustration above shows the areas where governments are oppressive towards the masses with regards to internet usage.

In from the list above :

The enemies are:

Burma, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkmenistan and Vietnam.

and the Countries under surveillance are:

Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, Egypt, Eritrea, France, Libia, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela.

Australia's rank is held in amongst other third world countries, which is disturbing to say the least.

It is irrespective, which government, whether Liberal or Labour is officially pedaling "Internet Censorship", as there is always that "Good Cop" / "Bad Cop" play for the masses, one fact is for sure that Australia's policy on the censorship is amongst the world's most oppressive.

This has nothing to do with so called crime or internet pedophilia, but rather about "FREE SPEECH".

In an era long gone, information to the masses was controlled by only a selected few.

Even though today's mass media in Australia, 70% of it is controlled by the Rupert Murdoch empire, information can be put out there in raw format without censorship or political agenda.

Governments provide false information to the masses, falsifying reports, manipulating statistics, depending on political agenda's with the help of the mass media moguls who form the social circles of the 'untouchables'.

In recent events with the civil unrest in Egypt, the government has 'shout down the internet', i.e. communications. The same can and may happen in Australia given certain circumstances.

Certain events will happen that will push through heavy internet censorship within Australia.

Just what those events will be remains to be seen. The strong focus currently seems to be pedophilia.

Nixon dishonest and unprofessional: report

Embattled AFL player manager Ricky Nixon has been found to be dishonest, unprofessional and lacking in integrity.

An investigation by a prominent Melbourne lawyer into Nixon's dealings with a 17-year-old girl who claims he had been involved in a sexual relationship with her also found Nixon had a prima facie case to answer.

The AFL agent's accreditation board formally suspended Nixon in the wake of the report, but is yet to determine what action it will take against him.

Nixon, 47, last week admitted himself to a rehabilitation clinic, acknowledged he had a substance abuse problem and stepped down indefinitely from player management.

The AFL agent's accreditation board's chairman Ian Prendergast said Nixon would be given seven days to respond to the report by David Galbally, QC.

Galbally found Nixon had failed to act with honesty and integrity towards players he represents and had failed to give those players a complete and truthful account of his dealings with the girl.

Prendergast said his board also accepted Galbally's findings that Nixon had failed to meet the standard of conduct for maintaining his accreditation as a player agent and had engaged in conduct unbecoming an agent.

Among the eight key findings released on Thursday was evidence questioning Nixon's competence to serve in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of players; that he failed to act in the legitimate best interests of players; and that he disregarded the personal and professional welfare of the players he represents.

The investigation into Nixon was prompted by revelations he had spent time with Kim Duthie in a Melbourne hotel.

She claimed the pair was involved in a sexual relationship, but Nixon denied the claim, admitting only to "inappropriate dealings" with the girl.

Duthie had previously posted nude photos of one of Nixon's clients, St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt, on the internet claiming she had taken them in a hotel room.

She later admitted to stealing the photos from the camera of another St Kilda player, Sam Gilbert.

Duthie had also claimed to have been pregnant with twins fathered by Gilbert, but earlier this month admitted she had invented the pregnancy.

It was during her initial claims against Gilbert that she first dealt with Nixon.

But it wasn't until last month that she revealed their relationship by releasing video she said she took on her mobile phone of Nixon cavorting in his underwear in a hotel room.

The video also showed a white powder which was purported to be an illegal drug.

She filmed personal items identifying Nixon and claimed she had been involved with him for some time.

Announcing the findings, Prendergast defended his board against criticism that it had acted too slowly on the Nixon case and had still failed to finalise the affair.

"This was uncharted territory for us," Prendergast said.

"In my view we have been responsible (in our approach)."

Nixon will now be invited to respond to the findings.

Prendergast said a penalty would then be considered and would be announced next week.

He said Nixon had not yet been spoken to directly by the board, although his lawyers had been consulted.

Duthie also questioned his ability to act as a player manager.

"How can he be a manager when he can't even manage his own life," Duthie said.

She said she had initially felt sorry for revealing her involvement with him.

"But now I feel no remorse at all after what he's done," she said.

17 Mar 2011

Here is another typical example of the power of the corporate dollar.

Whilst Nixon may fall, the 'untouchable' Australian 'religion' the AFL will NOT fall.

When light was first shed on the matter, the AFL supported in 'destroying' the girl in the middle of it all.

There was NO 'sorry' involved when he was in his briefs in a hotel room about to have sex with a 'young girl' involving drugs.

A VERY familiar attitude with the ROCK APE mentality of the AFL.

Activities involving drugs are more common within the players than mentioned by the mass media, BUT since the AFL must exist to keep the masses amused, this kind of behaviour is turned a blind eye by the authorities.

Possession and use of drugs is illegal and a criminal offense.

Police complaints system 'broken'

The system of handling complaints about police in Queensland has broken down and enjoys little, if any, public credibility, the Council for Civil Liberties says.

In a letter to Premier Anna Bligh, council vice-president Terry O'Gorman says Queensland has reverted to a system whereby, in all but the most serious cases, police are investigating police.

Mr O'Gorman said "the almost inevitable outcome of such complaints seems to demonstrate an almost reflexive approach by the investigating police to come to a conclusion clearing the conduct which is the subject of complaint".

He called for "a thorough root and branch reform of the police complaints process" covering the police, the Criminal Justice Commission (CMC) and the parliamentary committee supervising the CMC.

He cited the matter of a citizen's having success in a private criminal prosecution against a police officer after both the Queensland Police Service and the CMC declined to prosecute despite video footage of the use of excessive force.

Mr O'Gorman said that in another case a complaint that police had allegedly endangered a 15-year-old by forcibly deflating his bicycle tyres because he was not wearing a helmet was referred back to the same police station for investigation.

"It is absurd that the complaint against the police concerned would be investigated by the senior sergeant of the very station at which they were based," he said in the letter.

Mr O'Gorman said the failure to level disciplinary charges over police investigations into the 2004 death on Palm Island of Cameron Doomadgee while in police custody is reason enough for a thorough overhaul of the police complaints system.

"Now that the Palm lsland scenario has ended so disgracefully that none of the police are to face discipline charges, it is our submission that either a royal commission into the entire Queensland complaints system should be undertaken or an eminent lawyer and an eminent retired police officer from interstateshould be brought to Queensland to review the complaints process spanning the (police), the CMC and the parliamentary committee," Mr O'Gorman said.

He said royal commissioner Tony Fitzgerald, in his 1989 report into widespread police and political corruption in Queensland, had warned that mechanisms to deal with police excesses "start going backwards at least 10 years after reforms are put in place".

"Having regard to the fact that in excess of 20 years has now gone by since the Fitzgerald Report and the subsequent establishment of the CJC (now the CMC), we contend that the passage of time alone, let alone other matters, justifies a fundamental root and branch review and subsequent reform of the police complaints process in Queensland," the letter to Ms Bligh said.

17 Mar 2011

Another failure of the system, aimed at maiming the public.

Whether it be through Masonic influences or other mechanisms, the public are put at risk via corrupt Police.

17 March 2011

HBA Insurance - You were ok

Insurance companies are about making a profit, and nothing else. They do this by 'selling' you health insurance.

In many cases the monies that you spend in insurance is NOT worth the return to you at the end of the day.

The money that you pay and do NOT use is used to make profits for the company.

It is used in various ways in the global money markets.

A letter to an insured of HBA states the following:

"In the last financial year HBA paid a record $821 million in claims nationally, which is an increase of 5.9% on the previous financial year."

"From 1 April 2011, your premium will change from $85.60 to 93.95 per month. This includes the Federal Government 30% Rebate on private health insurance, which amounts to $40.30 per month off your premium."

In this case the insured used to spend $1027 per year, and now has to spend $1127 per year.

This is an increase of 9.75%.

HBA stated that there was an increase of 5.9% in claims. As part of this business operating expense, HBA has not only passed an increase in claims to the customer, they also added another over 50% more, at the expense of the insured.

Another money making scam, that the government has deliberately overlooked.

Banks are also in the business of making money (on your money).

Since the peasants were jumping up and down that the banks are raking in fees 'unfairly', the government make an initiative to 'regulate' the banks earnings.

This has only displaced the problem, in that banks have made up the difference in other 'hidden' ways.

The same should be done to the Health Insurance Industry.

14 March 2011

Smart Meters - False Advertising

Here is another scam supported by the government in relation to "GOING GREEN" in order to help the environment.

The Australian government is pushing the people to install "SMART METERS" in their homes at a cost to the consumer, in order to 'combat' Global Warming.

The installation of these smart meters does absolutely NOTHING to reduce this so called 'Carbon Footprint' that we are told to reduce.

The installation company Powercor, claims that its meters when coupled with a home display will give the user information required to reduce their consumption of electricity.

Powercor has not shown any such device capable of such a service, nor has Powercor indicated that there ever will be such a 'home display' divice.

Another fraud under the "Go Green" environmental banner supported by the government.

Kyle Sandilands - Australia's Biggest Loser?

A recent story in the mass media reported about Kyle Sandilands health problems in an article:

Kyle feels pressure, rushed to hospital

In the article is quoted:

Sandilands was taken for treatment at St Vincent’s Hospital, where he spent “about four or five hours” and received new medication for the high blood pressure condition, which can be associated with being overweight and headaches.

Kyle got through most of the day’s taping but was feeling unwell and couldn’t finish the day,” a Seven spokesman confirmed yesterday.

He’s home and resting up.” Minogue and McFadden yesterday filmed Talent without Sandilands, who has previously spoken about smoking a packet of cigarettes a day while drinking 30 coffees and eight litres of Coke.

Unless he is sponsored by coke to drink the carcinogenic fluid, and if it is true what the article mentions about drinking habits, he drinks 8 litres of coke per day he is on his way to the Darwin Awards.

In the 1970's and 80's Coke was called Battery Acid, describing its acidic properties when dropping in a 1 or 2c Australian coin (made of copper), into a glass of Coke, would strip it of oxidation and leave it as shinny as the day it came out of the mint.

Australia's media focus of 'heros' is people who act (or in reality are) like losers. They have to have this 'shock' component in them to woo the plebs.

Sandilands is well known for his foul mouthed on air displays, also being a self opinionated and self proclaimed 'super star'.

A new show being aired on Australian T.V is called "Winners and Losers".

Australia is all about LOSERS.

Japan Quake - Government Lies

It is NO secret that in governance there are lies (fraud), deception, as well as money for mates schemes whether it be trough the Masonic Lodges or top level business cronies making deals between themselves that steal money from the public.

No governments are immune whether they be from the East or West, Democratic or Dictatorial, from the widely critised regimes to the so called 'pristine' governments.

Government fraudulently forge data to support a particular policy of the day or to conceal the truth to introduce new policies or laws befitting an agenda, hidden or publicised.

With the recent events of the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami, the government has lied.

According to an article from ninemsn.com.au, it stated that :

From there, conditions steadily worsened, although government and nuclear officials initially said things were improving. Hours after the explosion, they contended that radiation leaks were reduced and that circumstances had gotten better at the 460-megawatt Unit 1. But crisis after crisis continued to develop or be revealed.

This has clearly shown that the government has covered up the extent of the damage done.

This is NOT good enough as the people concerned need to know accurately the extent of the damage as to implement the necessary procedures according to the risk level.

The government has CLEARLY put the public at risk for providing FALSE INFORMATION.

Read the full story here: