03 February 2017

PM Malcolm Turnbull another cheat in office

There is so much 'misbehaviour' from the people in the office of the executive that it isn't funny but rather criminal.

To the average Joe Blow it's all too hard to deal with, where footy and beer are more comforting and less confrontational, or maybe the mentality is that it doesn't effect him.

But in reality it does effect the "little people" and if the little people do not get off their arse and take action, the criminals in government will keep on getting away with their criminal actions.

We say Australia's current PM is "cooking the books".

When the plebs don't show their 'books' they get penalised, but no such 'law' applies to the executive.

Let's look at a couple of real life examples;

If a pleb is on the dole, this pleb must fill in a diary that they are looking for work. If the diary is not filled in then the pleb gets penalised, something called a breach, where it is quite a severe financial penalty in comparison [in terms of percentage] to the welfare payment given.

If a member of the herd populace say an accountant or a voluntary tax paying customer of the ATO (Australian Tax Office) "cooks the books" (i.e. puts in false information) then they get penalised and maybe even a criminal record, and as an accountant most likely will lose their licence.

So what happens to the head of an organisation, say the PM of Australia Malcolm Turnbull if he does not fill in the diary which he is supposed to?

Long winded response; Nothing.

It 'seems' like the law makers are above any criminal laws that apply to the plebs.

Apparently the 'authorities' also tell the plebs "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear" where that rule does not apply to them.

China got it wrong when they said Australia was once roamed by "rascals and outlaws", it still is but this time they're in government.

Australia's government swamp really needs to be drained.

We say that the criminals in government never (never say 'never', but in this case we will, as it involves the actions of the herd population) need to fear, as the people will do nothing about it.

See article from 23 Jan 2017 by skynews.com.au of the headline:

Turnbull withholds diary from day-one as PM

at:  http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2017/01/23/turnbull-withholds-diary-from-day-one-as-pm.html


Article from 1 Feb 2017 by shm.com.au of the headline:

Malcolm Turnbull refuses to details his donations to the Libs despite transparency call

at: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/malcolm-turnbull-refuses-to-detail-his-donations-to-the-libs-despite-transparency-call-20170201-gu2yfk.html

02 February 2017

30 dodgy Labor member's dodgy house address

You can literally bet your tax dollar that when it comes to Australia's executive, if you dig a little (doesn't have to be deep) you'll find some kind of activity, be it fraud, deception or various other forms or derivatives of the common law crime of theft.

Let's put aside for one moment that belonging to a political party, according to the law (read An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia) is a no-no.

You see the corporation conglomerate known as the government has been caught out many times in registering "official" government departments under dodgy business names or even other people's private home addresses, only later to cover up their tracks by even deleting the records.

So what are these dodgy members up to?

Well... they all (allegedly?) live is this dump.

That's right, at 11 Lever St. Coburg, 3058 Victoria Australia.

"Oh those poor 30 people living in such a squalor..." you belch mindlessly,
"... maybe we should give them more money?"

Maybe the herd population 'should' wake up and take action against people in office committing  criminal offences?

Fear not ye ol' "rascals and outlaws" ( a description given by the Chinese government of people in Australia) in office, the herd population does not give a damn and most likely will never do anything about it.

Do you know who is the highest authority of law on this land?

Post your answer in the comments section.

(We acknowledge that the Faifax media publication has posted about this address in Nov 2015)

01 February 2017

Netgear router users vulnerable to attacks

You better upgrade your Netgear firmware of your router before it’s too late. A new report has it that they are not safe at all.

The alarming fact is that a bug lets anyone enter 31 different Netgear models, or over a million users. And the worse part is it can even be done remotely, if the remote management option is switched on.

This feature is off by default but anyone that has physical access to the network of the router can still gain unauthorized access. According to the post on Trustwave’s blog, everyone can abuse the defensive mechanisms and turn the routers into botnets.

Netgear confirmed the flaw and released a full list of the affected models. In case you own any of the listed models, you better update your firmware to get the fix.

NETGEAR is aware of the security issue that can expose web GUI login passwords while the password recovery feature is disabled. This vulnerability occurs when an attacker can access the internal network or when remote management is enabled on the router. Remote management is turned off by default; users can turn on remote management through advanced settings.
Firmware fixes are currently available for the following affected devices. To download the firmware release that fixes the password recovery vulnerability, click the link for your model and visit the firmware release page for instructions:
NETGEAR has also released firmware that fixes the web password recovery vulnerability for the following cable modem router:
  • C6300
For cable products like the C6300, new firmware is released by your Internet service provider after NETGEAR releases it to them. The firmware fix for the C6300, firmware version 2.01.18, has been released to all service providers. Until your service provider releases the firmware fix to you, NETGEAR strongly recommends that you use the workaround procedure explained in this article. To see your C6300’s current firmware version, visit the following knowledge base article and follow the instructions: How do I view the firmware version of my cable modem or modem router?.
NETGEAR has tested the following devices and confirmed that they are not affected by the web password recovery vulnerability:
  • V6510
For the following affected products, NETGEAR recommends using the workaround procedure explained in this article.
Router Model and Firmware Version:
  • R6200 v1.0.1.56_1.0.43
  • R6300 v1.0.2.78_1.0.58
  • VEGN2610 v1.0.0.14_1.0.12
  • AC1450 v1.0.0.34_10.0.16
  • WNR1000v3 v1.0.2.68_60.0.93
  • WNDR3700v3 v1.0.0.38_1.0.31
  • WNDR4000 v1.0.2.4_9.1.86
  • WNDR4500 v1.0.1.40_1.0.68
DSL Gateway Model and Firmware Version:
  • D6300 v1.0.0.96
  • D6300B v1.0.0.40
  • DGN2200Bv4 v1.0.0.68
  • DGN2200v4 v1.0.0.76
If your affected product does not have a firmware fix available, NETGEAR strongly recommends that you follow this workaround procedure to remediate the vulnerability:
  1. Manually enable the password recovery feature on your device.
    For more information, visit Configuring router administrative password recovery.
  2. Ensure that remote management is disabled.
    Remote management is disabled by default. For more information, check the user manual for your product, which is available from http://www.netgear.com/support/.
The potential for password exposure remains if you do not complete both steps. NETGEAR is not responsible for any consequences that could have been avoided by following the recommendations in this notification.

We appreciate and value having security concerns brought to our attention. NETGEAR constantly monitors for both known and unknown threats. Being pro-active rather than re-active to emerging security issues is fundamental for product support at NETGEAR.
It is NETGEAR's mission to be the innovative leader in connecting the world to the internet. To achieve this mission, we strive to earn and maintain the trust of those that use NETGEAR products for their connectivity.
To report a security vulnerability, visit https://bugcrowd.com/netgear.
If you are a NETGEAR customer with a security-related support concern, you can contact NETGEAR customer support at techsupport.security@netgear.com.
For all other issues, visit http://www.netgear.com/about/security/.
The security@netgear.com email address is no longer accepting messages and is no longer actively monitored.

Source gsmarena / netgear.

Criminals in Australia's Department of Education

Whatever the herd population can muster up in terms of fraud against the business called Centrelink (ABN: 29 468 422 437) is literally petty crime compared to the fraud government officials are committing against the tax paying private people.

See article from 28 Jan 2017 by the Herald Sun publication in illustration below:

Australia's 'tender' process is corrupt to the core, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Australia's top criminals reside in the executive.

29 January 2017

Australian Government blocks access to Noosa Magistrates Court video

The buffoons, haters of the people and of free speech in the corporation conglomerate known as the 'Australian Government' have forbidden Australia's herd population to view a video on YouTube of the title Noosa Magistrates Court, see attached screen capture below.

This video has been actually deleted from YouTube before, but currently still resides at the address:

but you cannot (allegedly) view it from YouTube's Australian address, i.e. youtube.com.au.

Naturally there are ways around this, as an example; 

- one can mask their IP address that indicates that the computer user is from another country,
- or one can type in youtube.com ("simples")

Another totally useless action brought to you by the (I.T. outsourced?) morons working for the 'Australian Government'.

So, how much did this USELESS action cost the Australian tax slave population?

Australia's Orwellian Internet censorship policy

So you reckon you;

  • live in a 'lucky country' - been listening to too many government propaganda programs, have we?

  • live in the 'world's most livable city' (Melbourne) - not with the African migrant's crime spree in full force.

  • are a 'freeman on the land' - PMSL, ROTFLMAO, etc, etc.

  • live in a 'democracy' - you have zero idea about politics or law.

  • live in colony of the British empire - you're getting on the right track.

Well this lucky democratic free 'Straya the people live in has some of the Western world's most restrictive Internet policies.

Well, that's what you get for living in a colony.

Here's what the OpenNet Initiative has to say in it's opening words on Australia and New Zealand:

"Australia maintains some of the most restrictive Internet policies of any Western country and over the past two years has taken steps toward a nationwide mandatory Internet filtering scheme. Its neighbor, New Zealand, regulates the Internet considerably less rigorously. Australia’s constitution does not explicitly give the right to free speech,1 and in fact contains a clause giving the Australian government ‘‘communications power,’’ allowing it to regulate ‘‘postal, telegraphic, telephonic, and other like services,’’ including the Internet.2 A number of state and territorial governments in Australia have passed legislation making the distribution of offensive material a criminal offense, as the constitution does not afford that power to the national government.3"

You can download the ONI report on Australia and New Zealand from:


You can also compare Australia to other countries like Ukraine or Israel or example.