21 July 2017

High Court of Australia changing the law overstepping their authority?

As a result of Rodney Culleton being in the senate it is now in the public domain that the High Court of Australia unlawfully removed the 'Queen' (as to which one, that's another matter) from proceedings.

This is a criminal action that must be pursued.

As a further action unfolds against Rodney Culleton, it seems that the High Court of Australia has literally changed the law, an action that is beyond the legal capacity of the people residing within the High Court.

Did the High Court of Australia change the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 Section 25 (1)

from the words "The Local Court must not"


"may not" ?

See for yourself in the video below (size: 9MB):

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19 July 2017

No Lawfully Enacted Laws 101 - 1982 to 2003 Pt1

Australia's legal system (for the better term of it)  is truly a basket case.

This has been so from the very inception of this colony.

A fact that the authorities would rather the masses not know about is that in the early days,  due to the severe 'misbehaviour'  of people in government, the 'motherland' brought in a law called the Colonial Laws Validity Act of 1865, 

which reigned in the 'misbehaviour' and brought in line the local laws (of the colony) to that of the Imperial (British) laws.

Very little has changed today with regards to the 'misbehaviour' by people in government regarding the making of laws, except for the fact that the good people are more distracted and deceived by the people in government.

Would a U.K Monarch truly give Royal Assent to an Act known to be ultra vires, e.g. the Australia Act by signing it on top and not the lawful place the being at the end of the document?

Apparently many centuries ago Plato said;

" One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."

where this holds much weight in today's Australia.

Recent news reports show that MP's are scrambling for cover.

The reality is they should be "thrown under a bus" i.e. charged for criminal offences and expelled, something the authorities are turning a blind eye to, i.e. criminal activity, yet the authorities do not turn a blind eye to your 'criminal' activity of traveling 3km/h more than road signage indicates.

We have obtained papers in a series of documents from various sources that proves that there have not been any lawfully enacted laws (i.e. Acts) in Australia, in this case from the period of 1982 to 2003.

Straight off the bat ANY Commonwealth law enacted from 1982 to 2003 is NULL and VOID.

In order to obtain a 'remedy' with regards to harm caused to your 'person' you must comprehend the law making process and the points of failure at each step of the way.

Do you know the correct law making procedure?

Do you have what it takes to appear in your person's name in a court in order to obtain a remedy for your person with a document that shows an 'error' in procedure?

18 July 2017

Australia's PM attempting to sabotage the Constitution?

The Australian authorities are getting pretty edgy with regards to the masses being aware that the people in government MUST abide by a document called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

Very briefly ALL laws MUST be checked against the 'Constitution'.

This means the laws that are used to issue you fine by an 'unreliable witness' called a red light camera, or a speed camera.

This also includes a parking fine from your friendly local council / city council / superannuation fund / information booth business or whatever other dodgy 'unconstitutional' authority they claim to be.

As always the people in government are working VERY hard to deceive the general population.

So the propaganda machine is in FULL swing to deceive the masses.

Australia's current Prime Minister, (who's role is NOT defined in accordance with the 'Constitution') goes by the legal name of Mr. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull a member of the Liberal Party (another 'unconstitutional' entity).

On social media, Turnbull is commonly referred to as Malcolm Turdball, or Turncoat or even Halal Mal, wants to change the Constitution, which is ONLY allowed to be done so in accordance with Section 128 of that Act, in order to have the 'politically correct', warm n fuzzy feeling to include an "indigenous voice" within the Act.

WTF is an "indigenous voice" ??? !!! ???

Why not the "Indigenous people" ??? !!! ???

Because the Indigenous people are ALREADY included in the Act.

"Whereas the people", as the opening words within the Act.

These words were carefully chosen by the framers to be non-discriminatory also including the Indigenous population.

Do NOT fall for this deception, by Turncoat.

16 July 2017

Australia a nation of whingers attracted to problems not solutions

Over a week ago we posted a shocking law that allows the corporation commonly referred to as the government to take the land from right under home owner's feet, in Victoria.

This draconian law was enacted in 2014, and from what we understand was not mentioned in the mainstream media.

This action by the 'government' comes into force in order to take away the land from the wogs who brought it really cheap in the 1960's and 70's in the Ninety (90) Mile Beach area, where now the 'corporation' want it in order to 'corporatise' the land in the form of fracking and/or expensive real estate.

We also posted a 'remedy' that people have not only with regards to that law, but ANY law enacted by the people in government.

What we have seen is that people are attracted to the problem rather than the solution with regards to this matter at a ratio of 5:1.

What the 'authorities' are doing is concealing the fact that the people (i.e. masses / general population) are the ultimate authority in this country.

The people even still today can act against this law.

We reckon the people will not act against this law, much to the delight of those in power, and the corporations will be rubbing their hands together as to how stupid the Australian population really is.

Another WIN to the corporations coming up...
thanks to the ignorance, stupidity and laziness of the herd population.

They really do deserve the slavery they're in....
well as long as there are PLENTY of distractions; MKR, footy, Voice, S!ut Island, etc etc.

Optus now sells your data to 'trusted' 3rd parties.

Which ever way you look at it, the herd population are little more than consumers, useless eaters, corporate slaves or just plain resources to be made profits from.

Last year the inhabitants of this colony have been conned by a company called the Australian Electoral Commission  (AEC) to complete a transaction for business, trade or commercial purposes call a 'census'.

This commercial action was vigorously promoted in television advertisements.

How do we know this was a 'commercial' transaction?

By the fact that the AEC sold YOUR data for $41,000,000.

So now we have another company, Optus, informing you that they are passing on your information to apparently 'trusted' 3rd parties.

Who are those 'trusted' parties with YOUR information.

What guarantees does the slave have?

What punishment is executed on the perpetrator or rather what remedy does that salve have if there is a privacy breach?

Apparently you are told that you can 'opt out'.

Uuummm we did not 'opt in'.

Can you really 'opt out' after others have already obtained your data / information?

Just another action showing the slaves that are nothing more than a resource for making profits from, with the illusion that they have a say in it.