19 August 2017

Nick Xenophon the illegal alien

We here at the blog called "Corporate Australia" are not fans of memes.

We believe this meme's message is 100% factual, accurate and real.

A message on social media accompanying the meme was as follows:

ILLEGAL Aliens Hidden in Plain Sight 101 - Nick Xenophon
(his name says it all !!!)

From the Greek - Xeno = foreigner + phon = short for phone (τηλέφωνο).

In other words; foreigner, phone (home) !!!

Go back to where you came from you unlawfully sitting (in office) mutt !!! !!!

Oops, hang on a minute, the media will now accuse us of ....
Xeno - phobia

How rude !!! !!! !!!

Government concealing Domestic Violence by Police?

You don't have to even be a constitutional lawyer to know that 'domestic violence' is not on, as it's even mentioned in our founding document called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, or the 'Constitution' for short, right?

All you have to do is look at Section 119:


Protection of States from invasion and violence
                   The Commonwealth shall protect every State against invasion and, on the application of the Executive Government of the State, against domestic violence.

(ref: http://www.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/coaca430/s119.html)

Pity some people have not read the "Quick and Garran" especially the section;

¶ 467. “Domestic Violence.”

where there is no reference to violence at a private residence only at state level.

Just like, some "facebook lawyers" even claim that the herd population of Australia have the right to "bear arms"(as if the 'administration' would allow that !!!) according to (Australia's) Constitution, while showing a picture of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Go figure, and if you point the 'error' of this institutionalised person's post, you get 'de-friended'.

Who needs 'constitutional lawyer' friends anyway!

That damn pesky 'Constitution' is claiming a few MP scalps especially those dealing with Section 44.

So let's get to the meat of this post that being a document called -

Domestic violence in Australia - Submission 136

with the 'keywords' :-

  • Police Officer Domestic Abuse,

  • Queensland Police Force,

  • Victoria Police

and many others

There are plenty of words in the document, where one can keep in mind the following:

"As Tony Fitzgerald stated, “ Skilled police are acutely conscious of how laws can be
circumvented or broken without penalty. The better they are at their job, the more they
learn. ..” (38)"

The document: 

is available for download in its entirety from;


15 August 2017

Australian government to hand over all your data to Microsoft

People should know that Australia was started as a "chartered corporation" as mentioned by ex PM Tony Abbott.

Any action by a 'person' on this colony is an action in business, trade or commerce.

The general population of Australia are used as slaves to fulfill the corporate actions of people in government.

The obedient slaves of Australia have now learned that the incompetent imbeciles in government cannot keep hold data on government servers and have put forward some falsified documentation that builds a case for cloud storage (at great expense to the tax slaves).

Despite whatever BS assurances you get from the imbeciles in government or their brethren (with whom they've struck up the deals), cloud storage is not secure meaning it is hackable.

At least when the data was held at a government department site you could point the finger at someone when something went wrong, now just point it to the clouds.

The best part about it is that the people involved in storing your data may never tell you the truth, what data was stolen or when, as there are no laws / treaties that mandate this, or even a 'remedy' to the victims if such a law was put in place.

What the Australian mainstream media does not mention is that the US government agencies will have access to  every bit of information on Australians, officially.

With every new action the government takes, it puts the good people at greater risk.

They sure must hate their tax paying slaves.

You can read the article from 15 Aug 2017 by news.com.au of the headline;

 Microsoft to build hyperscale cloud regions for Australian government, to unlock power of AI

MICROSOFT has struck a deal that should dramatically modernise how the government handles our information.

Microsoft and the Australian government are partnering to create the first hyperscale government cloud designed to handle unclassified and protected government data.

MICROSOFT has struck a deal with the Australian government to build cloud infrastructure designed to dramatically modernise how the government handles our data, and the services it provides.

Microsoft, in partnership with Canberra Data Centres, and the Australian government announced the initiative on Tuesday describing it as the first hyperscale government cloud designed to handle unclassified and protected government data.

The basic idea behind the project — which has been about three years in the making — is to modernise the system that underpins services such as healthcare, immigration, border protection, welfare and tax to pave the way for things like individual digital identities and connected health records.

Due to come into operation in the first half of 2018, Microsoft will effectively build two new cloud regions over the top of government data, which is being securely stored in Canberra.

“We’re building cloud platforms close to where the data is. By building our cloud infrastructure in the data centre where most government data already lives we can really unlock some of that data and innovate on top of it,” the lead engineer for Microsoft Azure in Australia, James Kavanagh, told news.com.au.

Described as “nation building infrastructure” the initiative will allow government agencies to unlock the potential of innovative technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligent bots and blockchain.

It could even usher in a new and more efficient tax system, Mr Kavanagh said.

At a basic level, the partnership will mean that the government can join together services for Australians, helping to connect healthcare records, education records and other data to make it easier to access government services.

“The Australian Government has embarked on a sweeping program of change, bringing digital innovation to the transformation of the Australian public sector,” said Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation Angus Taylor.

Mr Kavanagh believes being able to unleash artificial intelligence on public data could be a real gamechanger.

“I think what’s going to be key is artificial intelligence and applying things like bots and machine learning and language translation — bringing all these capabilities that frankly right now aren’t really accessible to government because of their security and privacy requirements.”

James Kavanagh from Microsoft Azure and Greg Boorer from the Canberra Data Centre.Source:Supplied

“Making that available you can imagine some scenarios where blockchain could be used for protecting our healthcare records, you could see artificial intelligence being applied to human services,” he said.

“When you ask government for advice actually getting tailored advice to what you want rather than generic advice to everybody. It’s just incredible the possibilities it could open up.”

Today’s news follows a June announcement in which the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) formally certified an expanded range of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 services for inclusion on its Certified Cloud Services List.

The two CDC campuses are also the only private data centre facilities in Australia with the security controls and accreditations appropriate for the handling of top secret government data.

“We have some of the strongest privacy and data laws in the world,” said Greg Boorer the CEO and founder of Canberra Data Centres.

While the CDC handles secret government data, such data is “isolated and protected in a different way to the data that will enter this platform,” he said.

As the largest provider of data capacity to the Australian government, Mr Boorer said the new partnership is “all around unlocking the potential of that data to the benefit of the Australian citizen”.

Bill Gates 1999 predictions1:27

In 1999 Bill Gates made some bold predictions about the future, which sounded crazy at the time, but in 2017 how far off the mark was the Microsoft founder?

14 August 2017

PUBLIC WARNING - Do not buy from Android Enjoyed, Camera Sky and Klukkur

There is a plethora of dodgy businesses being set up purely to rip off Australian 'customers' of vast sums of cash.

Many of these businesses put a false Australian shop front either in the form of a website domain name registration or a so called 'office' in a tech centre.

The problem is that once they've stolen your money, the Australian authorities can do very little in terms of offering the victim a 'remedy'.

The New South Wales government has issued a public warning in 2016, where customers have had their cash stolen by the company who also trades under other names as Camera Sky and Klukkur, where they could not reach them on behalf of Australian customers.

One year later and the company is still trading.

irrespective of what the so called reviews are.

See article from the NSW Department of Finance Services & Innovation of the headline:

Public Warning: Do not deal with Digital Skies Group Pty Ltd