18 April 2020

Gov has no legal authority to ‘force’ app download


The so called ‘Australian Government’ is stating that you may be forced to download the Coronavirus app in order so that your movements will be tracked.

We would love to see that law (i.e. Act) and the Bills enabling that law, together will ALL the ‘checks and balances’ associated in the lawmaking process of that mandatory action.

Straight off the bat, you can be guaranteed that the law will not be passed lawfully.

The ONLY way the government would be able to get you to use their app, is by your consent, and by other alternative means employed often to get people to do something in the colony, that being force, fear and intimidation.

Also, please pay attention to the words in the headline, in particular the word ‘may’.

You may be forced does not have the same meaning as you will be forced.

Fear tactics by the mainstream media?

16 April 2020

Problems with Cell Phone evidence tendered to 'prove' the location of a person

So, the Australian Government wants you to download an app in order to track you with your 'consent'.

Well, guess what?

NEWSFLASH: The (Australian) government is ALREADY tracking you, WITHOUT your 'consent' by 'hoovering' the metadata that your smartphone generates.

In any event here is a legal document for (all) Australian smartphone users to consider, with an internal document name of: The uses and abuses of mobile phone evidence:


The lies of the movers and shakers in the colony called Australia

" 'No one is making any money': New taxes needed to fund recovery "

In these ‘virus times’ it’s not so much about what the serfs do but rather what the people in positions of power do and tell the commoners.

With ‘self isolation’ advertised all over Australia, no one can deny that certain businesses have taken a financial hit, while other businesses have made huge turnovers and therefore profits.

You can trust bankers, right?

So, how did the royal commission into banking help you, the commoner, the people that lost their homes as a result of a fraudulent banking system, fiat currency?

According to a ‘wealth’ manager (i.e. a person ‘supporting’ the fraudulent banking system), Brett Paton, from Escala Partners “no one is making any money”.

What a load of rubbish, crap, bulldust (that’s Aussie lingo for lies)!

There are PLENTY of people, companies ‘making a killing’ (again Aussie term for making huge profits) out of this global pandemic.

Aside from the fact that in an article from today’s paper Jeff Bezos (Amazon) stated that “Money makes money”, online retailers have had a surge in sales.

Supermarkets that are having their shelves emptied, i.e. stock being moved which would be otherwise idle profit, are also making profits, especially since people are hoarding.

Online delivery platforms have sprung up, bringing for example beer to boozed up Aussie bogans.

Some online retailers have their products sold out (once again idle profit), whereas in a ‘normal’ economy there would be stock.

One thing is for sure you wouldn’t really want to see liar Brett for your financial advice, given his lies about the current situation, now would you?

More tax, for the plebs hey? ANYTHING to screw over the 'mums & dads'.

What about corporations paying tax?

See original article at:

14 April 2020

How to thwart (Google’s) tracking during COVID-19

We'll make the virus go away, if you give us your data.


Coronavirus lockdowns could end in months if Australians are willing to have their movements monitored

Your privacy and security is second to none, where no government or corporation will cherish it, especially when we know that (for example) Google passes on your details to your ‘adversaries’.

It has been made quite clear that governments will use location services to track you during these ‘virus times’ whether you are infected or not.

Governments and corporations are pushing ‘consumers’ i.e. the commoners to use their smartphones for a large range of services including government services like social security, which realistically do not need to function via an app.

Information Technology technical journals have also mentioned that governments use apps with ‘malicious’ code, to the end user’s detriment.

Smartphones are promoted to be used as a user’s primary internet connected device, as they are literally data sives, where an app can obtain all sorts of personal and private information without the user’s knowledge even though permission may not have been granted by the end user.

The ‘cat is out of the bag’ with Google still being able to track you via Bluetooth even though you have turned it off.

During this pandemic, the authorities of the colony called Australia, have shown that they cannot be trusted, where now they apparently state the you will be asked to ‘volunteer’ your location via the coronavirus app.

Well first and foremost, you should never download the coroavirus app.

Google can STILL track you even if you turn off Bluetooth,

Even if your ‘location services’ (i.e. satellite tracking) is switched off, your location can be obtained via tower triangulation

There is a deliberate reason as to why consumers have only a duopoly (Apple and Google’s operating system) to choose from when it comes to smartphones, and that’s primarily for surveillance purposes of the masses.

In order to minimise your tracking, you should leave your phone at home, turn it off or remove the battery if you have the ability to do so.

If you must communicate to others while on the go, try using a 3G phone, which still can be used on Australian mobile networks, also keeping in mind to turn it off or remove the battery when not needed.

At least then you will not leave ‘bread crumbs’ on your phone, via the Android or iOS operating systems where only tower triangulation will establish your whereabouts.

If you MUST use a smartphone, there are alternatives to Apple’s and Google’s operating systems, where some solutions are easy for the ‘average’ consumer and others require a certain amount of technical skill.

In any event to NOT download the ‘cororavirus app’ that the government may recommend.

See article from the ABC of the above headline at: