11 September 2020

State of Emergency & curfew acted out illegally by Daniel Andrews?

During this fiasco people have been made aware that people in government lie.

They lie to protect their cronies.

They lie to protect the business interests of their family members that rort taxpayer funds.

They lie with regards to the so called COVID-19 death rate.

Once the lies start to fall apart the consequences are seen.

The Chief Medical Officer bails on Andrews.

The newly appointed chief commissioner of Victoria Shane Patton (that's another 'joke' for another post) bails on Andrew as well.

So, if the law applies to ‘every person’ including the enactment of various stages of emergency/lockdown/curfew, why isn’t that adhered to?

Is the premier immune from the law?

Is he immune from the consequences of not following the law?

As usual they bail, never to be held accountable for their actions, ‘disappearing’ to other portfolios never to be hounded by the mainstream media, like the serfs are if they do something ‘wrong’ (whatever that may be at law in this prison isle).

Was the letter of the law followed by Andrews?

See reference: https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/publications/research-papers/download/36-research-papers/13962-emergency-powers-public-health-and-covid-19

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