20 November 2020

QR code fraud by the Dan Andrews government?

People should comprehend that any sort of government action must be supported by the correct paperwork.

If the government tells its people that they must do something, this must be carried out according to the law, and passed through lawfully.

The people in government have acted illegally with many reactions with regards to the so called pandemic, where so far they have gotten away with it.

MANY people have been arrested unlawfully by (say) Victoria Police where they should/must seek a remedy in terms of suing police, but this is another topic for another post.

So, as a result of your newly granted freedoms by the government of Victoria, for the purpose of contact tracing you allegedly must scan a QR code at various premises, especially eateries otherwise you will not obtain service.

Apparently you are 'encouraged' to scan a QR code before you enter a supermarket, e.g. Woolworths.

What happens if you do not own a smart phone?

Are you being discriminated against by the government/business?

What happens if you have not got your smart phone on your ‘person’?

Remembering that you do not have to have [their] driver licence on your person if you’re over 26 years of age (See Road Safety Act 1986, Section 19 (8).

So, if this is a (Victorian) government mandate, show us the law i.e. Act where it states that people must scan QR codes.

Otherwise is this another business transaction you should decline.

Show us the lawful tender process which gave the owners of guesthq.com.au the rights to obtain your details.

Show us the code where the data goes.

This is ‘just’ another fraud like the covid apps the government told people to use, which at the end of the day was a 'money for mates' job and was a totally useless exercise for the purported purpose of preventing further infections.

Please note: We do not recommend scanning QR codes for the purpose of 'contact tracing'.

19 November 2020

Victorian government falsifies COVID test results

He (Daniel Michael Andrews) has done it (falsified reports) before, now he’s doing it again.

Ever thought that the so called ‘cases’ are miraculously zero, given the allegation that the mainstream media was reporting outbreaks in the low class suburbs of Melbourne just not that long ago?

We've obtained information from a reliable government source that stated last week that the Dan Andrews government has been falsifying the COVID test results, for the output to be zero under all circumstances for one very specific reason.

That reason is not for the benefit of the people, so that they can be together to be together, instead of staying apart.

That reason is not for the mental health of those who suffered being isolated, or who withdrew from society or have obtained mental health issues, as a result of Dan Andrews’ ‘directions’, integrating back into society.

The only reason we have been given a figure of zero cases is for an action which we have given it the term an action in business/commerce/trade.

That action is just one word.


Now the real question is when it’s over, will we get a miraculous spike in so called ‘cases’ in 2021 just like South Australia did now?

18 November 2020

How effective were the government mandated masks?

Do as we say and not as we do

One law for us another for you.

(Picture taken when the masses were told to wear masks. Source: supplied)

Whatever the deal is with the government of this colony, you can be sure with regards to the so called pandemic, when it comes to instructions what the serfs 'must' do, its doesn't make (biological) sense.

You were told that you must wear a mask outside of your home.

For example when you are walking down a suburban street where there is no one else around, you must wear a mask.

When you are in a park and there is no one else around you, your mask must be on your face.

Doesn't make sense right?

So no one can accuse us of 'fake news' (lol), let's not forget the article by the Sydney Morning Herald that a 'Farce mask' is only safe for 20 minutes.

If the government of this colony told you to wear masks on your body, most would WITHOUT any questioning:

This was just another psyop in subservience by your friendly sociopaths in government, where the herd passed with flying colours.

So without further adieu, see how effective the government mandated mask wearing was within the video (~20min, 56MB @ 720p):

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcm8Sc8f66o

Note: The video has since been removed by Google.

See video at alternative site:


17 November 2020

Canadian government exposed in PsyOp against its people

The Canadian government is on a propaganda response in order to cover up a psychological operation, against its primary enemy the general population.


The Canadian army composed a letter that looked as if it originated from the government of Canada in relation to install fear into the general population with regards to wolves.

The ‘authorities’ (government, army, police) and mainstream media news outlets are enacting a task that we call Public Behaviour Modification Program (PubBeModPro) in order to influence the herd population to whatever action/reaction or ‘corner’ those in power want.

Think it’s not happening in Australia?

See Victoria, under Daniel Michael Andrews.

See video (59.3MB, 19m35s):

If the video does not load see it at:


Source: https://www.corbettreport.com/the-canadian-military-declares-war-on-canadians-propagandawatch/

16 November 2020

Corporations lie where you just have to catch them out

[People in] corporations lie, they lie a LOT, where you ‘just’ have to catch them out, but that may not be as easy as it may seem.

Have the corporations that you require safe and secure communications from like the courts, banks or financial services institutions communicated via Zoom?

If so, then your person’s private and confidential data may have been exposed where those corporations may not even know about it or even if they do then they could hide that fact from you as this may affect their profits if ‘customers ‘ leave due to insecure data storage/transmission.

Please note that email is also not secure, where crucial or identifying data is transmitted via plain text across the internet, yet many corporations require you to communicate with them via email therefore compromising your (and NOT their) privacy/security when the data is being transmitted.

Please also note that your email on ‘free’ email service providers is scanned/read by other people, where this should be stated on the terms and conditions.

See more within link: