28 May 2011

VCAT verdict remains a puzzle

A CONVICTED criminal who was so drunk he cannot remember king-hitting a barman and putting him in hospital will be allowed to work with children despite a government department's opposition.

Even the tribunal that overturned the department's ban was shocked by the violence and described it as "grave".

The man, a country Victorian football volunteer coach who deals with juniors at the club and who works with apprentices, was jailed for eight months, with six months suspended.

The man was drunk when he entered a hotel and had an argument with his wife, including some pushing and shoving, but the barman who intervened was the one who took the worst blow in the 2009 assault.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, raised both fists then clubbed the barman on both sides of his head, according to a recent Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal judgment.

The man, known as TGN, punched him in the face, knocking him to the floor, then struck him a further three times, tribunal deputy president Bernadette Steele said.

The victim who was at least 14 years younger than the then 34-year-old had surgery to insert two titanium plates permanently in his broken jaw, Ms Steele said.

"I was inclined to consider the offence was so violent and unprovoked that (they) could not be a suitable person to work with children."

But Ms Steele said witnesses had testified TGN was good with children and he regarded himself as a role model at the football club.

"He said he considered that nothing could justify his actions that night, that he had let down his community," she said.

"He wanted to continue with his work with the club as a way of repaying the community.

"(The father of two is) a mature and hard-working person anxious to provide leadership in his community."

Ms Steele ordered the Department of Justice to overturn its refusal to grant TGN a certificate to work with children.

heraldsun 2 Jan 2011

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    There should be an inquiry into the decisions of VCAT. All of their decisions are puzzling. Stinks.

One of the major influences in law / politics / business is that of the influence of the the brotherhood of the Freemasons.

What may seem a 'puzzle' to some is very clear to others.

The judgment of many cases is already predetermined at the Lodge level, but when in the public view it seems illogical that some of the decisions have been handled in the manner they have been.

Corpau has information relating to conversations preceding court judgments that say to the participant, that they will 'win' the matter if they were to inducted into the brotherhood.

Corpau has Police documents that show that Police provide false statements with regards to matters, and the court system supports their claims without any punishment, but rather cautions them, for perverting the cause of justice, instead of incarceration as is done to the masses

The court system is corrupt in Australia, but this is not brought out into the open by the government sanctioned mass media.

Prolice Corruption probe will be a farce

In recent light of the fact that the police have provided fraudulent information into the public arena, an action that is covertly sponsored and supported by the government in order to put the masses into a false sense of security regarding the real figures of crime, there comes talk of an inquiry.

This may sound good in theory, but the reality is that there will be more cover ups by the government, irrespective of any real findings.

One factor that the mass media is not allowed to write about, is that of the influence of the Freemason's within the ranks of politics.

The members list of any Lodge is secret, and therefore any public revelation that Mr. X of the Police Force was told to falsify facts by his Grand Master, will be met with stiff opposition, and will result with the whistle blower dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Any public inquiry as to the corruption and misconduct of the Police Force will be a public circus display, that will NOT lead to anyone being incarcerated.

This is the way of the Anglo - Masonic leadership in Australia. They cannot and will not public crucify their own.


Aussies ripped off by retailers: Misinformation

A hot topic within the Australian public and now the mass media is the fact that Aussie shoppers are ripped off by the globalists.

Many years ago the Australian retail giant Myer was reported on one of those evening current affairs programs for 'profiteering' at the expense of the public.

They were questioned about how a $1 shirt imported to Australia from China ended up costing he consumer $10.

Myer's excuse was that it was handled through various wholesalers 'self companies'.

The mass media (heraldsun.com.au) has provided misleading information with relation to the real markup cost of items.

In Australia the 'average' markup price for clothes is approx from 300 - 500%, and consumer electronics can be from 100 - 300%.

heraldsun has mentioned that the Mark Up for items is as follows:

Clothes : 142%
Electronics : 85%

When consumers are held to ransom with high prices from retailers, they are met with hostility that the retailers MUST charge those high prices in order to make a living.

The real facts could NOT be further from the truth. Globalists are gouging the public in blatant rip offs.

Only a small cross section of consumer rip offs has been detailed by corpau in this blog.

Dick Smith Electronics imports for example phone sockets from China for 10 cents each, and sells them for $9.95.

This is one example of BLATANT consumer rip off.


Gap between rich and poor widening

THE gap between rich and poor is widening and almost 70 per cent of Australians know someone who is struggling to pay for basic necessities, a new report says.

In the run-up to the Salvo's Red Shield Appeal Doorknock this weekend, the charity has released Roy Morgan data based on a random telephone survey.

It reveals 11.1 million people, or about 60 per cent of Australians, think the gap between rich and poor has increased in the last year.

In addition, 12.5 million people, or 68 per cent of Aussies, say they know people who are finding it difficult to pay for basic necessities such as electricity, gas, water and food bills.

Internal research shows almost one in four of the charity's clients think they are a lot worse off than they were last year.

Sixty-five per cent of them say they have had to cut down on luxuries such as hair cuts, cosmetics and shampoos.

The Salvos' Major Neil Venables said the findings were "alarming".

"To see so many people indicating they know someone who is finding it difficult to pay the basic necessities of everyday life is shocking," he said.

He said the increased cost of living was impacting "in a big way" on low-income families, with the charity now estimating more than 2.2 million people live in poverty, including about 12 per cent of Australian children.

"We need donations urgently because the simple fact is that the demands on our social and community services are growing," he said.

A string of recent natural disasters across Australia, such as the flooding in NSW and Queensland, had stretched resources to the maximum and the need for funding was critical, he added.

"After all the challenges of recent months, including implementing a comprehensive flood response plan, our resources are severely stretched," Major Venables said.

"We help around one million people a year - if you put them in a line, it would stretch from the centre of Melbourne to Newcastle."

The annual doorknock starts on Saturday and ends on Sunday with a goal to raise $79 million.

Major Peter Sutcliffe reminded people that the charity was about more than just "food and blankets".

"We provide crisis accommodation, telephone counselling, emergency services, employment help, support for families in need, disaster relief and much, much more," he said.

The Roy Morgan Research survey sample size was 660 nationally.

theaustralian.com.au 27 May 2011

The politics is to widen the gap in society between the rich and poor and as result this is not only being seen by the masses but also written about in the mass media.

The politics may not be clear to most people, but indeed the results speak for themselves.

When people are financially oppressed they do not have any room to move against any authority.

These are the deliberate plans put in place by governments and businesses alike to plunge the masses into poverty and NOT prosperity.

24 May 2011

Benign Fascist State the New Australia.

In Australia there is an unnerving trend in governance to flaunt in front the general populous the strength the government has in terms of financially and electorally, with little regards to official policies and procedures, simultaneously plunging the masses into poverty.

After the expulsion of Kevin Rudd as Australia’s Prime Minister, there was what is called a Hung Parliament. Since neither party had the votes to claim majority, there should have been another election. Instead Julia Gillard was put into Parliament via the form of bribes.

Australian State and Federal Governments are introducing new taxes at an alarming rate, including a new proposal to introduce a license to smoke cigarettes.

A recent proposal by the government is to displace elderly people from their housing into smaller premises, possibly against their will in essence denying them the freedom of choice. This is text book communist rule, something the western world is taught is detrimental.

One of the major differences between the Australian people and generally European or other nationality migrants is that the non-Australians are more politically aware than the Aussies. Much of this has to do with the education system, and also the sense of patriotism which is very strong within the European community.

Australian politicians are working hard at keeping the Aussie masses subdued, both mentally and spiritually. The lack of education is a top priority and the results speak for themselves. Low scores are just the beginning with the culmination being what the public education system ‘teaches’ the next generation, with the help of the mass media, that being a detraction from education, and an avid focus on entertainment and on-line celebrity status.

The government is demonstrating that it is NOT accountable before anyone for its actions, and is slowly eroding one’s rights. This is done at a level that is not clearly visible to the general population, and once all the new laws will be in place, the people will be monitored and their movements controlled at every stage of their lives.


Victorians will pay for carbon tax mess, says leading power supplier

CARBON tax uncertainty will see power prices doubling over six years, a leading supplier says.

And an industry body has warned Victorians will be hardest hit because of their reliance on bigger polluting brown coal generation.

A 40 per cent rise in prices in the past three years was driven by rising demand while spending on new power stations had stalled as the Government waited to set a final carbon tax policy, TRUenergy chief executive Richard McIndoe said.

He said the carbon tax would now add a further 30 per cent to household bills in the next three years.

"Over the last three years, electricity prices have gone up by 40 per cent," he said yesterday.

"Over the next three years, we expect them to go up another 30 per cent ... as a result of fuel costs going up and gas prices moving up.

"A carbon price will add another $300 per household on top of that.

"So over a six-year period, you're seeing an effective doubling in electricity prices per household with no tangible benefit."

Mr McIndoe said uncertainty over long-term carbon prices had stalled capital investment in the industry and in addition to driving up prices, could lead to power shortages.

Energy Supply Association of Australia chief executive officer Brad Page warned households could suffer the highest rises in bills because of their reliance on bigger-polluting brown coal generation.

"Because Victorians have higher emission generation from brown coal it is quite likely that their carbon costs will be higher than for consumers in other states, at least in the first three years," he said.

"Changing our emissions in the electricity sector is supported by the industry, but something that takes time and a lot of money, and the faster you try to do it the more it is going to cost consumers."

But AGL, one of the largest electricity and gas retailers in Victoria, believed the carbon tax would have a relatively minor impact on bills compared with other cost pressures.

Its analysis shows an average family's electricity bill is likely to be $150 a year more under a carbon tax and pointed out the Government would compensate some of those people.

"The rise for household electricity from a carbon tax is likely to be less than $3 a week," an AGL spokesman said. "This represents about 10 per cent of an average household's annual electricity bill.

"The big drivers of the price increases will be multi-billion-dollar upgrades to the energy network, as well as rising fuel costs for coal and gas, and higher prices to build power generators."

heraldsun.com.au 23 May 2011

Another government scam (Carbon Tax) where the public will be doubly taxed, once by the government and the other time via the power company.

The government is paying for it failed projects by double taxing the general populous.

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suzy-q of morang south Posted at 11:18 AM May 23, 2011

You have got to be joking, how the hell are people going to live ? We are going to have so much crime, homeless, old people will suffer realy badly and yet the Banks charge big fee's and the TRU energy are already charging to much ( smart meter's) and our wage's are the same ,the kid's arnt moving out ,oh and how do we make the kid's help pay ? Yeh good on ya mate ( Juliar ) WHAT ARE WE CALLED THE LUCKY COUNTRY.

Pensioners' TV set-top boxes on scrap heap

FAULTY television set-top boxes are sitting idle less than 12 months after they were issued under the Federal Government's controversial $308 million set-top box installation scheme.

A Herald Sun investigation has revealed dodgy set-top boxes given to Mildura residents, the first in the country to switch to digital-only TV, have already been replaced by digital TVs.

The investigation also revealed set-top boxes were being given to pensioners who already had digital TVs.

It comes as the Government faces increasing scrutiny over the program that has been likened to the bungled home-insulation scheme, which was linked to fires, rorts and deaths.

Mildura locals said since switching to digital TV in June last year, the scheme had been plagued with problems, including dozens of reception black spots.

Local pensioners also slammed the Government's average installation cost of $350 a household as a waste. Similar set-top boxes could be bought at major retail stores for as little as $48.

Almost 150 complaints about the installations have been lodged nationwide.

Pete Taylor, of Mildura, said his set-top box broke down less than a month after it was installed, while a neighbour decided to buy a new TV shortly after he received his device because it had stopped working.

Pensioner Neville Wilson said he had problems from day one.

"I just want to sit down, relax and not get frustrated ... someone is making a lot of money out of us (pensioners), by doing quick jobs," he said.

One local, who asked not to be named, said he knew several people who had taken the Government offer despite already having digital-ready devices.

"They just hide them in a cupboard, get the new one from the Government, and then pass that on to a friend or family member," he said.

David Shafer, a spokesman for discount electronic retailer Kogan, said many more set-top boxes could end up being discarded.

"The major pitfall ... is that the Government is trying to extend the life of ageing technology rather than replacing it," he said.

heraldsun.com.au 23 May 2011

Another money for mates scam within the government, where its failure will be paid for by the general public in the form of higher taxes.

The government is flaunting its failures in an unashamed way with NO accountability for the failed projects.

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Stephanie of Melbourne Posted at 7:16 AM May 23, 2011

Another Gillard government waste / failure. They are easily the most incompetent government of all time.

Liberal State Council push to force elderly out of homes

Elderly people could be moved from public housing to smaller units under a plan to be debated by the Liberal Party State Council. Source: HWT Image Library

UPDATE 10.50am: ELDERLY residents should not be forced to give up their homes to make way for units if a policy proposal to be discussed at next week's Liberal State Council gains momentum, community housing advocates say.

The state motion, to be brought before the council next weekend, suggests older residents who occupy large blocks of land should subdivide their large blocks in exchange for a new unit within their original piece of land.

Residents could be forced from their homes to live in a unit a fraction of the size, on their old block of land, under the motion.

Community Housing Federation of Victoria spokesman Steve Staikos said no one should be forced to move if the measure was taken up by the Government and became policy.

"I would urge all delegates to remember that these are actually people we’re talking about. People who have been in their homes for many years and probably do not want to go," he said.

Mr Staikos said the idea of taking away people’s backyards to create more housing was questionable, because it could leave less family homes for future tenants.

"Community Housing Federation of Victoria believes that every person deserves long term security of tenure, especially older members of our community in social housing already battling with cost-of-living pressures and aging related health problems."

Council on the Ageing CEO Sue Hendy said the potential policy was insensitive to elderly residents and "not a good idea ... This sounds like a way to shoehorn people into smaller places to create more land," she said.

Ms Hendy said many older public housing residents had lived in their homes for decades, and relied on the support of their neighbours and local friends.

She said while the proposal suggested residents still live on the same site, a unit would not be suitable for people who looked after their grandchildren or had family visiting.

Any policy like this would be a concern for the elderly, who would feel they had no choice but to agree or face being moved to another neighbourhood where they had less support, she said.

The motion will discuss "the potential level of interest amongst older people with existing large blocks of land to further subdivide their large blocks of land in exchange for the 'free' acquirement of a new unit within their original piece of land".

Two years ago, the Herald Sun revealed pensioners were being forced from homes they had lived in for decades so the former Brumby government could cash in on their rising value.

Hampton great-grandmother June Smith, 73, was allowed to continue living in her public housing home after she publicly complained about being ousted from her home of 36 years.

"I'd be very disappointed if this started happening again," she said.

"Particularly for older people I think it's appalling. I know the housing situation is terrible but there's got to be something better than what they're proposing.

"People would have to get rid of all their furniture to squeeze into a unit and they wouldn't be able to have their grandchildren over."

A Government spokeswoman yesterday said: "As part of an ongoing review of the older stock program, the Coalition Government is looking at better ways to utilise older stock more effectively."

heraldsun.com.au 23 May 2011

Another example of where the rights of people are being eroded.

People will be no longer given the "Freedom of Choice".

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Regular reader of Melbourne Posted at 8:47 PM May 23, 2011

Stop the avalanche of refugees into our city and the never ending demand for public housing. That's what needs to happen. And let's start planning for the future, like demolishing some of those revolting high rise ghettos. Apparently sizeable chunks of our public housing are vacant anyway ! And areas like Collingwood could do with a complete make over.

Victorian politician shown drug den

In Victoria the illicit drug trade is an organised crime syndicate that has roots from a few well known migrant families. These families are well established and known to authorities.

They have largely been ‘allowed’ to operate with the occasional arrests of new players in the turf wars that arise from time to time.

Many entities are involved in the production and distribution of drugs, from the low paid gofers (couriers) to the logistics minds, including bribed local police officers, legal representatives and judges.

Many people within the local areas knew of the personalities that were drug lords, yet amazingly when a report surfaced to police or the mass media there were surprises all around.

If these matters made it to court they were ‘mysteriously’ dismissed or not guilty or any other excuse the judge sees fit for the matter not to make it to court time.

A well known drug precinct to many, is that of Lygon St. in Carlton, an inner city fringe suburb of Melbourne, Victoria.

Ever since the visual display of killings within the Melbourne’s drug lords, there has been pressure to show the public that the law is combating this issue. As a result a few of the ‘amateurs’ have been weeded out, whilst the industry’s heavyweights scaped conviction.

The mass media has glorified the drug industry in its portrayal in the print and visual media, implying that these people are financial geniuses hiding their wealth from authorities, whilst everyone concerned knew who was on the payroll.

A Victorian politician was taken to a drug house off Lygon St. Carlton and shown the ropes of that operation. The people involved were in shock that one of their own bought in an outsider, but were later assured that there will be no repercussions. This person is a hidden asset to the drug industry.

Previously bribery was done with a handshake complemented with an ‘envelope’. Today the payment method is done via a card with the P.I.N given to the person with the bribery amount in that account. There is no point publicly naming the individual or the operatives, as the corruption in government is too great that result in cover ups, denials and later the ‘gun’ is pointed at the whistle blower.