09 February 2013

Royal Bank of Scotland fined $A596m

STATE-RESCUED Royal Bank of Scotland says it will pay fines totalling $US612 million ($596 million) to US and British regulators to settle allegations of Libor interest rate rigging. 
RBS, which is 81-per cent owned by the British government, said it has agreed to pay the equivalent of 391 million to regulators, becoming the third bank to admit its part in the Libor affair after Barclays and UBS.

The investigations uncovered "wrongdoing" by 21 employees, predominantly in relation to the setting of the bank's yen and Swiss franc Libor submissions between October 2006 to November 2010, the bank said.

RBS added it had been fined $US325 million by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, $US150 million by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) and $US137 million by Britain's Financial Services Authority.

The bank has also entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the DoJ, in relation to one count of wire fraud relating to Swiss franc Libor and one count for an antitrust violation relating to yen Libor.

RBS Securities Japan Limited has agreed to enter a plea of guilty to one count of wire fraud relating to Yen Libor, it added in the statement.

Japan's Financial Services Agency said the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission has been investigating the local arm since mid-November for involvement in LIBOR manipulation.

British finance minister George Osborne condemned the "totally unacceptable" behaviour at the bailed-out bank and insisted the taxpayer would not pick up the bill.

"Those responsible will face the full force of the law," Osborne told reporters.

The Edinburgh-based lender, which was rescued with taxpayers' cash at the height of the global financial crisis, said that it would recoup about STG300 million ($A458.02 million) from its staff bonus pool and by clawing back previous pay awards.

John Hourican, chief executive of the bank's Markets and International Banking division, will leave RBS and forfeit his 2012 bonus and long-term incentive shares.

"This is a sad day for RBS, but also an important one in continuing to put right the mistakes of the past," Royal Bank of Scotland chairman Philip Hampton said in the statement.

"That is why those responsible have left the organisation or been subject to disciplinary action."
RBS said its derivative traders sought to influence the bank's yen and Swiss franc Libor setters over the four-year period.

"Two RBS traders based in London colluded with other banks and brokers in making and receiving requests for higher and lower" rates, it said.

The total fines slapped on RBS are more than those handed last year to Barclays for attempted Libor rate-rigging, but less than the amount paid by UBS for similar offences.

Libor, or London Interbank Offered Rate, is a flagship instrument used all over the world, affecting what banks, businesses and individuals pay to borrow money. Euribor is the eurozone equivalent.

Libor is calculated daily, using estimates from banks of their own interbank rates, and affects the pricing of more than $US300-trillion of contracts across the world, according to British regulator, the Financial Services Authority.

aap 7 Feb 2013

Whilst the bank may be 'fined' for fraud, what about the monies returned to customers?

Corporate criminals are allowed to keep the proceeds of crime.

Australian banks are miniscule compared to the global market.
To the average Australian, the amount of a $600 million fine, may seem a lot, but in the perspective of the Aussie 'Big Four' banks only represents one tenth earnings of just one bank per annum.
The Anglo-Masonic legal system in full swing, 'supporting' corporate fraud.

Grocon police 'overkill'

NEARLY 1000 police officers were used on just one morning at the height of last year's Grocon dispute - about one in every 13 sworn police in Victoria.

The massive response is underlined by police data - released under freedom of information - that reveals 3067 police shifts were worked in just two weeks at Grocon's Myer Emporium site in central Melbourne in August and September.

Victoria Police refuses to disclose how much the dispute cost it - and taxpayers - as a legal case against the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union is under way. But it defended its response as necessary to ensure safety.

CFMEU state secretary John Setka denied the union was to blame for the costs and said the number of police used was an ''absolute disgrace''.

He said it was not the fault of police, it was a result of Premier Ted Baillieu backing Grocon chief executive Daniel Grollo. ''It's just one little rich boy helping another little rich boy.''

The data reveals that on August 31 - 10 days into the bitter dispute - 967 police were used in an early morning push to seize control of the site from protesters.

The 3am push encountered little opposition. Police took control of the site and erected a fence that blocked two lanes of Lonsdale Street. The move allowed about 30 Grocon workers to return to work, about one-third of the usual number.

A week before the push, Mr Grollo had formally asked Chief Commissioner Ken Lay for help. In a letter dated August 24, released under FOI, Mr Grollo said he made the request reluctantly. ''Our employees are keen to return to work but are presently unable to do so - from our perspective, the timing of any attempt to return will be determined solely with their safety in mind,'' he wrote.

Mr Grollo also said there were long-term issues for Victorian businesses arising from the blockade. ''There are of course longer-term multi-site issues relating to companies seeking to go about their lawful business in the face of unlawful activity in the state of Victoria,'' he wrote.

Mr Grollo said his request was made with ''reluctance'' and acknowledged that it ''poses a burden on your (police) time and resources''.

In the fallout from the dispute, the CFMEU is facing a $10.5 million damages claim from Grocon and is also being pursued by the federal building industry watchdog for fines and damages.

Mr Setka, who was union assistant secretary at the time, played a central role in the dispute and has been accused in court documents of having used phrases to Grocon employees such as ''you're a f---ing dog'', ''scab'' and ''rats''.

Mr Setka said police officers had told the union they did not want to be there, had been pulled from country stations and were upset at ''being used as political pawns''.

''I don't blame the Victorian police for a moment, they're sent where they're ordered to go,'' he said.

The dispute remains unresolved and Mr Setka said the union was planning further action. ''To be honest, it's a bit like a military operation,'' he said.

Police Association secretary Greg Davies said the costs from the dispute would be significant but said the scale of the police response had helped ''dampen the enthusiasms of anyone for any sort of altercation''.

''It is a big number [of police] but then we had a reasonably recent experience, the World Economic Forum at Crown casino, where we were under-resourced,'' he said. ''If it's all going to turn to porridge, it's the police that will bear the brunt of it.''

A police spokeswoman said the large response was justified. The FOI data shows a heavy police presence on other days, with 763 police used on September 4 and nearly 700 the following day.

''A large number of police resources were used to maintain a presence at the site during this period. We believe the number of police deployed was sufficient and necessary to ensure the safety of the public, our people, Grocon employees and any other person involved in the dispute,'' the spokeswoman said.

theage.com.au 6 Feb 2013

The police are at the disposal of their employers, the government and their corporate brethren.

The purpose is to enforce the 'law' on the masses and not to prosecute the ruling hierarchy.

The police work for the 'corporatocracy', a fact the the general population is not aware of, and totally ignorant to dismiss as a 'conspiracy theory' if this is pointed out to the 'Joe Average'.

One of the primary objectives is to keep the peasants in line, and controlled.

A recent example of this is when a gathering of the masses was staged supporting a (media supported) group of young delinquent loser group of teenagers called the Janoskians, where a protester (against the Janoskians) was carted away. 
See Herald Sun article:

06 February 2013

Sex tourism comedy sketch angers Thais

A US comedy skit that makes fun of Thailand's booming sex industry has angered the government and it is trying to block videos of the sketch on the Internet, the Thai culture minister said on Monday.

The skit on the Saturday Night Live programme is a parody of an advertisement for a Thai-language course by the Rosetta Stone company, which shows men surreptitiously learning phrases for use in Thailand's notorious night-life, such as: "Take your clothes off."

Culture Minister Sonthaya Kunploem was not amused.

"The sketch misrepresents Thailand and its people," Sonthaya said. "We're working with the Foreign Ministry to let the US know it is offensive and we have asked our information ministry to remove the clip."

Predominantly Buddhist Thailand is deeply conservative despite its vibrant sex industry, and its censors often target nudity on television and in print. Prostitution is illegal though widespread.

In the comedy skit, men can use the language course to practise phrases such as "How much?" and "Is that for the whole night?"

One embarrassed character insists he's learning Thai for business, only to hide his head in shame.

The comedy show on the NBC network came in for lots of criticism on Internet forums but some Thais said authorities had to face the facts.

"The government is simply trying to close its eyes and ignore the problem," Thanachai Chomchurnjai said in one Internet chatroom, referring to prostitution.

theage.com.au 5 Feb 2013

Governments will quite often deny there is a specific problem, as this indicates a control failure.

This is more evident in the lucrative and expanding sex industry of Asia.

In Thailand there are many 'sex destinations', and 'sex tours' which are well organised events.

The sex industry in Thailand is controlled by the Russian and Chinese mafias.

High profile Australian business men, as well as politicians and High Court judges travel to Thailand for sex with underage boys.

The authorities of Thailand turn a blind eye to these acts of paedophilia, as do the authorities of Australia.

When it comes to a Mr. Joe Average committing acts of paedophilia, then there is a corporate media outcry, but when it comes to government officials committing the same crimes there is an enormous coverup.

Myki Ticketing Fraud

Information has been obtained by corpau from within the industry that the operators of Melbourne’s public transport ticketing system ‘Myki’ (pronounced - my key) are responsible for defrauding their customers.

The corporate media, which is an official government propaganda tool, is very quick to run stories of how consumers are evading the ‘controversial’ ticketing system, but are very slow to report fraud of the other direction.

The ‘controversial’ ticketing system is plagued with technical difficulties, over budget (read 'Money for Mates’), corruption and underperformance just to name a few.

Melbourne’s public transport system previously had a perfectly adequate working system, that of a card with a magnetic strip. 

In accordance with ‘secret’ government agendas to monitor the masses, from all aspects, the ‘Myki’ system was introduced which monitors the card holder in real time.

The propaganda machine kicks in to illustrate the benefits to the consumer, but in reality, they are negligible, compared to the data which is obtained by authorities.

Authorities ‘illegally’ spy on registered ticket holders, and even if one is not registered, one is caught on camera, and monitored accordingly.

The way the operator is committing fraud against the customer is that a customer must swipe the card upon entry to a public transport system service, then swipe when exiting the service. Once this is done an appropriate amount is deducted from the account holder.

When a card reader is offline, there is no way of the system knowing when the user has finished their journey. Instead of the user being debited for that journey, an amount is debited as if the journey was taken to the end of the line.

The operators are fully aware of this fact, including their ticketing inspectors, but still support this fraud.

Australia’s legal system is a ‘basket case’ that favours the corporatocracy, to the detriment of the masses or the consumer.

04 February 2013

Stupid Obese Aussies

The rate at which Australians are becoming obese is quite frightening.

Some parents who feed their children "chips and lollies", because anything else is "too hard", not only should be taken to court for child abuse but also have their children confiscated, as they are not fit to raise them.

Junk food heavy weights like McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Hungry Jack's (Burger King), are literally making a 'killing', supplying carcinogenic 'food' to their purchasers.

In today's day and age, one can quite easily argue that there is no excuse for 'not knowing' the dangers of consuming junk food, of which also the products of Coca Cola Amatil fall under, as there is ample information available to the 'Average Joe' or even "Below Average Joe", from sources like the Internet, health experts, nutritionists, or even just plain old General Practitioner's.

The average lemonade contains approx 67.8g of sugar per 600ml (approx 17 teaspoons) , or approx 339g, 0.75 pounds (or approx 85 teaspoons) of sugar per 3 litres of soft drink.

On every bottle of lemonade sold in Australia, it is mandatory to provide a list of ingredients of the product. The amount of sugar per serving or per 100ml is provided to the consumer.

Low class workers or plainly put ignorant or the uneducated masses are more likely to fall into the obese or even morbidly obese category, due to the consumption of junk food or poor diet.

An example has been presented in the labour or left winged newspaper the Herald Sun with an illusion that an individual was unaware of his poor health until he had a free 15 minute WorkHealth check.

The 33 year old, 136kg (300lb) male subject, who drank 3 litres of soft drink per day, had a staple diet of junk food, who felt 'sluggish and tired', had sleep apnea, and life threatening breathing problems, showed nothing less than ignorance and stupidity towards his ailing health.

The propaganda machine used the fact that a 'free' WorkHealth check saved his life, whereas the signs were there for quite some time, where the subject chose to ignore them.

It is easy to see how the (herd) population are in a (cattle) class of their own.

See Herald Sun story:

'Jobs for mates' crosses Parliament

THE state government has appointed dozens of Coalition backers and former MPs - including one of Ted Baillieu's relatives - to plum positions on boards and agencies around the state.

 Despite Mr Baillieu slamming the former Labor government every time a so-called ''jobs for mates'' scandal emerged, little appears to have changed since the Coalition came to office two years ago.

An analysis of appointments in health - where Victoria and Canberra continue to trade blows over hospital funding - shows many positions have been given to former ministers, MPs, political staffers and party officials.

For instance, Kennett government minister Mark Birrell was made the deputy chairman of VicHealth, former health minister Robert Knowles was appointed to the Royal Children's Hospital board, former Caulfield MP Helen Shardey was made chairwoman of The Alfred hospital, and former Nationals MP Noel Maughan was appointed chairman of Goulburn Valley Health.

The water industry is similar. Former Kennett government treasurer Alan Stockdale is chairman of City West Water, former minister Geoff Coleman is on the board of Westernport Water, and former upper house MP John Vogels is on the Wannon Water board.

Mr Baillieu's brother-in-law Graeme Stoney - a former MP - was granted a role on the board of VicForests, while some of the Premier's former top aides have also received government roles.

They include Michael Kapel, Mr Baillieu's friend and former chief of staff, who is now based in San Francisco as the Commissioner for the Americas, and Di Rule, who was a key adviser to Mr Baillieu in his early years as opposition leader, and is now on the board of the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority.

The appointments are among dozens in the past two years given to government associates. Mr Baillieu's spokeswoman Kate Walshe insisted that all were made after an ''extensive selection process to identify qualified, skilled and experienced individuals for the position, unlike the previous Labor government who unashamedly made partisan appointments without regard to their ability or experience to perform the duties of the role''.

Opposition scrutiny of government spokesman Martin Pakula rejected this claim, accusing the government of blatant hypocrisy. ''Having once been horrified by jobs for the boys, Mr Baillieu has now made an art form of it,'' he said. ''If you have ever been a Liberal MP, candidate or staffer, you're pretty much home and hosed for a cushy government gig.''

Appointing party ''mates'' has long been an issue at Spring Street. Former Labor premier Steve Bracks came under fire early in his first term for appointing an old friend, Jim Reeves, to head the Urban and Regional Land Authority.

Mr Baillieu was then opposition planning spokesman and a vociferous critic of the decision, citing it as an example of ''special access'' for government mates. A decade later, his government picked Liberal Party stalwart Peter Clarke - Mr Baillieu's close friend - to lead planning authority Places Victoria.

theage.com.au 3 Feb 2013

The 'Money for Mates' fraud, has been around for quite some time.

Many factors come into play, where also the membership to the Masonic brotherhood counts if all else fails, of which the corporate media under no circumstances is allowed to mention this well known fact.

Their 'mates' obtain positions fraudulently, and under Australian law, should be sacked for misrepresenting, but by whom, their mates or brotherhood buddies? They should be taken to court by the 'people'.

Another fraud supported by all concerned in government and authority.

Locals losing out on jobs because of high immigration

HIGH immigration is harming the job prospects of young Australians, says a Monash University study.

The report found about 200,000 migrants who arrived here over the last two years had found work.

heraldsun.com.au 4 Feb 2013

Australian politicians are fully ware of the economic 'damage' the high migration policy Australia has undertaken.

The politicians are locked up in their microcosm, in Canberra, totally isolated from the  rest of society.

The plan is to devalue the cost of the worker, in effect creating slave labour conditions, favourable to corporations, and employers.

Under 'false pretenses' politicians are importing 'refugees' in order to push out the higher payed Australian worker.

Businesses are benefiting from lower payer worker, and in many cases illegitimate workers who are off the books, i,e, tax fraud. This occurs across many industries in Australia, and is actually a supported government policy.

This is one of the largest economic assaults on the masses the general population has ever seen, but the uneducated cattle will probably lay dormant, or rather like a door mat.

State to lay claim to Melbourne's stormwater

Every cloud ... Water Minister Peter Walsh has confirmed the Coalition is investigating ensuring that the ownership of all stormwater is officially 'vested in the Crown'. Photo: Paul Rovere

MILLIONS of litres of rainwater falling onto Melbourne's streets and down drains could soon become officially the property of the state, under new laws being considered by the Baillieu government.

Water Minister Peter Walsh has confirmed the Coalition is investigating ensuring that the ownership of all stormwater is officially ''vested in the Crown''.
Quite rightly, we now understand it is a valuable alternative-water-supply opportunity and, therefore, it makes sense to address constraints that might be preventing optimum use. 
The idea - an implicit recognition that rain flowing into drains should no longer be seen as a waste product but as a valuable resource - is that licences to use the water would then be sold to the highest bidder.

''Stormwater has always been seen as a drainage matter,'' Mr Walsh said. ''Quite rightly, we now understand it is a valuable alternative-water-supply opportunity and, therefore, it makes sense to address constraints that might be preventing optimum use.''
He said about 450 billion litres of stormwater runs off Melbourne a year - about the same as the total amount of drinking water consumed.

He said that as Victoria had emerged from a decade of drought, it was increasingly difficult to justify using drinking water for outdoor uses such as watering gardens.

The idea of clarifying the rights to use stormwater was included in the Baillieu government's economic statement, released late last year. It states ambiguous property rights had prevented new investment in infrastructure to use stormwater more effectively.

''Unclear property rights to water sources such as stormwater and recycled water constrain new entrants and productive investment in such resources,'' the statement said. ''Clarifying rights to these sources will encourage new investment and innovation.''

The most likely outcome is that ownership of stormwater in local-government drains would be owned by Melbourne Water, which would then issue licences to take and use stormwater, probably on a ''use it or lose it'' basis.

The state government argued the desalination plant commissioned by the former Labor government, which has the capacity to produce 150 billion litres of drinking water a year, has been a waste of money.

Mr Walsh said making smarter use of alternative water sources such as stormwater, wastewater and rainwater meant the need for further costly infrastructure would be minimised.

The government is introducing new targets to manage wastewater and stormwater run-off, with a new suburb near Werribee the first area to test the new rules.

The government eased water restrictions on the first day of summer, allowing residents to use sprinklers on any day of the week between 6pm and 10am.

The permanent rules also allow people to wash paved areas ''for health and safety reasons or to remove stains once a season, using either a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle or a high-pressure cleaning device''.

Opposition water spokesman John Lenders said that while harvesting stormwater was sensible, it was hypocritical of the Baillieu government to be considering imposing even greater costs on consumers while refusing to use the desalination plant.

''It is hypocritical if they are putting up costs even more simply because they want to make a political point about the desalination plant,'' he said. ''Stormwater is not cheap.''

theage.com.au 4 Feb 2013

Australia has truly become a fascist corporate dictatorship.
The government supported suburban households to store water in government sponsored storage tanks. Anyone who owned one was registered by the government, also their water rates went up, effectively paying more for their water before the installation of the water tank.

What is proposed now is highly illegal, but it is doubtful that many will catch on.

The government is finding new ways to extort money from the peasants.

03 February 2013

Girl who performed for Barack Obama shot dead

A 15-YEAR-OLD girl who performed at President Barack Obama's inauguration last week has been shot dead in Chicago by a gunman who opened fire on a group of kids hanging out in a park, police say.

The schoolgirl is the latest face on the ever-increasing homicide toll in the president's hometown. She was killed in a Chicago park as she talked with friends by a gunman who apparently was not even aiming at her.

Chicago police said Hadiya Pendleton, who performed in a marching band at this month's inauguration, was in a park about a 2km from Obama's home in a South Side neighborhood yesterday when a man opened fire on the group. Hadiya was shot in the back as she tried to escape.

The city's 42nd slaying is part of Chicago's bloodiest January in more than a decade, following on the heels of 2012, which ended with more than 500 homicides for the first time since 2008.

It also comes at a time when Obama, spurred by the Connecticut elementary school massacre in December, is actively pushing for tougher gun laws, though he faces ardent opposition from the National Rifle Association and its allies in Congress.

Hadiya's father, Nathaniel Pendleton, spoke today at a Chicago police news conference, which was held in the same park where his daughter died.

"He took the light of my life," Pendleton said. He then spoke directly to the killer: "Look at yourself, just know that you took a bright person, an innocent person, a nonviolent person." Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy consoled him, the girl's mother and 10-year-old brother.

Hadiya was a bright kid who was killed just as she was "wondering about which lofty goal she wanted to achieve," her godfather, Damon Stewart, told The Associated Press. Hadiya had been a majorette with the King College Prep band.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said that the president and the first lady's "thoughts and prayers are with" the teen's family, adding: "And as the president has said, we will never be able to eradicate every act of evil in this country, but if we can save any one child's life, we have an obligation to try when it comes to the scourge of gun violence."

In Chicago, gangs routinely and often indiscriminately open fire. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and McCarthy are pushing for tougher local, state and national gun laws and longer prison sentences for offenders.
About three blocks from Hadiya's school, she and a group of 10-12 young people, including members of her volleyball team, had taken refuge under a canopy at a park to avoid the rain Tuesday afternoon.
A man climbed a fence behind the park, ran at the group and started shooting, and then jumped back over the fence and into a white Nissan. The group scattered, but Hadiya was shot once in the back and a teenage boy was shot in the leg.

Police said Hadiya had no arrest record and there was no indication she was a member of a gang or was the gunman's target. In fact, McCarthy said there are no indications that anyone in the group was gang-affiliated.

He said the police suspect that the gunman may be a member of a gang that considers the park its turf and that he mistook somebody in the group as someone from an encroaching rival gang.

McCarthy vowed to put a police officer at the park "24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year" if that is what it takes to show the gang that the park belongs to no one but the community.

Comments by both Stewart and the girl's father echo the message that city officials have long said: Gun violence is not confined to street corners in dangerous neighborhoods. Obama's neighborhood, Kenwood, is just north of the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry.

"Her parents had done everything right and she was doing everything right," he said. Stewart, who was 12 when his own brother was shot and killed, said his family and Pendleton's family were so close that his own children saw the 15-year-old as an older sister.

"The worst thing in the world was when yesterday I had to sit there and tell my children that their sister is gone," he said.

heraldsun.com.au 31 Jan 2013

There can be no denial that the loss of any life through a 'senseless' killing is devastating not just to the family but to an entire community, or even a nation.

Certain events can be staged or used as a catalyst to support a hidden government agenda.

The first call to total government control of the masses is to disarm them. Once this is achieved (dictatorial) laws can be put through without any resistance, and the government can sleep easily that it will not be harmed.

In Australia, the catalyst was the Port Arthur massacre, where the knee jerk reaction of the government was to disarm the nation, under whatever pretext seen fit at the time.

Criminal gangs and organizations, including outlaw biker communities DID NOT hand in their weapons, only law abiding citizens did.

Not one single gun related crime has been committed in Australia with a registered weapon since 1954.

One of the guns used in the Port Aurthur massacre was with a gun confiscated by Victoria Police, from across the Tasman sea.

In the United States the gun lobby is approximately 80 million strong, which makes the corrupt politicians and corporations uneasy.

An event that uses the emotions of the uneducated cattle masses is used to push through a hidden government agenda.

In this case the killing of not the President's daughter, but rather a singer for the President is used as the emotional catalyst to disarm the nation.

A 'perfect' scenario for one of the world's largest slave nations.

'Mrs X' siphoned off $3 million from her vulnerable husband

AS she smiled for the camera, the bride knew her wicked plan was on track. Soon she would fleece her new husband of his millions and be set for life. 

Dressed in a demure gown and holding a simple bouquet, the bride exchanged vows with the man before her, and in the eyes of the law, became Mrs X.

For legal reasons, The Sunday Mail cannot name the South Korean woman or her husband.

Lonely after the death of his second wife, the Brisbane man, 82, was pining for companionship, and in May 2011, Mr X met his wife-to-be.

The millionaire's deteriorating health was a blessing and a curse for the 55-year-old bride.

Mr X, once an astute and successful businessman, began losing his short-term memory and the ability to make complex decisions after he suffered two strokes in 2011.

It meant sometimes he also forgot he was married or the name of his new wife.
Between July and November 2011 - only weeks after they met - Mr and Mrs X married three times, in South Korea, Australia and the US.
It wasn't long after their first ceremony that Mrs X began transferring cash from Mr X's bank accounts into new accounts that she had set up.

Queensland Supreme Court documents reveal Mrs X moved the money to South Korea, then back to Australia to fund a new company.

Within eight months she had siphoned more than $3 million out of her husband's accounts and bought three businesses in Brisbane and properties in South Korea.

Mrs X knew arrangements were in place at Suncorp's Chermside branch that prevented large amounts of cash being transferred without "certain protocols'' being met, so each time she took her husband to different branches in Queensland and NSW to move his money.

If it wasn't for the man's family, and their application to appoint the Public Trustee as the official administrator of his assets, the "unconscionable'' fraudster would have stolen more and got away with it.

Now the Public Trustee has sued her and her company for dishonestly stealing her husband's money.

And on October 9 last year, becoming concerned that the South Korean national had advised she would soon leave Australia, the Public Trustee sought and won orders that froze her and her company's assets and interests. It also seized her passport.

But the woman's passport was returned when she gave assurances to the court she would return to Australia by October 26 to give evidence.

The next day she left the country and has not returned.

In December, Justice Anthe Philippides ordered she repay the Public Trustee more than $3 million on behalf of the ageing Brisbane man.

"I am satisfied that (she) implemented a scheme to orchestrate and effect the transfer of moneys to her and (her company),'' Justice Philippides said.

"I am satisfied that (Mrs X) . . . (deliberately took advantage and exploited her husband's) known vulnerability and mental impairment.''

On January 15, Mrs X filed an appeal but is is not known if the court will grant her leave to file the matter.
Mr X now receives 24/7 care in his home and cannot recall the cruelty inflicted upon him.

thecouriermail.com.au 3 Feb 2013

This kind of behaviour is not limited to Asian brides, but also occurs on a greater scale with native Australians.

Information has been obtained from legal sources, that approximately 40% of marriages are of false pretenses, where the only objective of the female is to financially ruin the male.

The financial ruin can occur on many levels, one is just to buy the time and claim 50%, or the other is to have children, then to be set up for the next 18 years living from the child maintenance.

Vexatious women are also known to falsely claim physical abuse, after their rage and ultimatums like" If you do not give me another child, I'm leaving you."

Reports from police from the suburbs indicate that 80% of domestic disputes are as a result of financial stress.

The law is fully aware of the machinations used by women to entrap men, but does nothing about this, as this would mean less work for lawyers, i.e. bad for business.

Once entering the law courts, the male is considered guilty or the aggressor, and must prove his innocence, and not as the catch phrase in the mass media suggests "Innocent until proven guilty".

The legal system is set up in such a manner that the (vulture) lawyers win and not the client.

New system glitch puts some poker machines out for hours

POKER machine punters across Victoria were left fuming and had their money stuck in limbo for hours after a gaming company bungle.

About a third of the state's 27,500 pokies were out of action from 11am, when a glitch hit a machine monitoring system being rolled out by Intralot.

heraldsun 2 Feb 2013

Victoria's largest gambling venue, the Crown Casino, is involved in a multi hundred million dollar annual fraud, connected to some of Australia's most well known crime families.

Along with Asian drug cartels, that launder drug monies through Crown Casino, along with their drug money funded 'legitimate' Asian 'food businesses' numbering in the many tens connected to one owner, the authorities turn a blind eye to this.

Corpau has also posted how the casino operates fraudulently, and via the control room, allocates winnings to certain machines or rather 'people'.

Officially ambling costs Victorians $5 billion dollars annually, or approximately $96 million weekly, or approximately $1,000 per every man woman and child in the state.

The illegal drug industry in Australia, from sources within is worth approximately $1.2 billion per month.

Many politicians, senior police, lawyers and high court judges are involved in the illegal payments by the drug cartels.

The corruption is so high that it is doubtful that the internal workings will never be exposed in the corporate media, as the corporate media is the official government propaganda tool.