30 September 2011

Sacked lawyer fights back over murky police affair

AN underworld consultant deputised by former chief commissioner Christine Nixon allegedly abused his position to conspire with senior officers to concoct a false Victoria Police investigation and leak sensitive police documents.

Court documents allege this was done to pressure a wealthy immigrant to settle a civil matter.

The documents reveal new details of a murky affair that damaged Ms Nixon's reputation after an underworld consultant she personally appointed, Kerry Milte, was revealed to be a conman.

The affair involved Crime Department boss Cdr Rod Lambert and led to the 2005 sacking of Christopher Antony Dale, a partner at law firm Clayton Utz.

Mr Dale was sacked after the law firm alleged he and Mr Milte had used "rogue police" to leak documents and concoct a false police investigation.

The firm alleged the conspiracy was designed to force Korean businessman Che Sul Won to settle a civil matter against one of Mr Dale's clients, Cheuna Schmidt.

The affair also ruined the careers of an Australian Federal Police officer who leaked immigration records - a major embarrassment to Clayton Utz as the department was a client - and a junior VicPol constable.

Now, Mr Dale has launched legal action in the Supreme Court, claiming his dismissal was unfair because he was never charged or convicted over the affair or found guilty of misconduct.

According to Mr Dale's statement of claim, Cdr Terry Purton told the firm's board in September 2005 that Mr Dale's behaviour was "both criminal and unethical", even though he was never charged.

Mr Dale's statement of claim also includes a report by Barry O'Keefe, SC, whom Clayton Utz bought in to investigate.

Mr O'Keefe claimed Mr Lambert leaked documents to Mr Milte, who in turn sent them to Mr Dale.

"The strategy that was applied to Mr Won was that he was made to think there was an official police investigation into his activities with a view to a prosecution," Mr O'Keefe found.

But Mr Dale says none of the accusations levelled at him was substantiated.

heraldsun.com.au 30 Sep 2011

Another instance of corrupt officials are working with crime syndicates.

Once out into the open, governments distance themselves from the 'people' involved in the criminal activities, even though others are involved, but not yet implicated.

The public naming of these people is futile, as there will never be any justice served.

The top dogs of the police force can never be taken down for working with the drug lords.

Navy rapist treated victim like a prop

A NAVY sailor jailed for raping a sleeping female colleague while filming on his mobile phone treated her like a prop, a judge said.

Keith Eric Calvert, 24, turned the camera on himself and gave the thumbs-up signal after digitally raping the woman, who was lying face down and unconscious on a bed after a night out drinking.

County Court Judge Michael Tinney said the footage was disturbing.

He said the victim "lay inert, silent and motionless, out to the world ... she was entirely unconscious".

He said Calvert held his phone in one hand while penetrating the 18-year-old with the other, treating her "as no more than an object or a prop".

"You should be ashamed of yourself," Judge Tinney said, calling it "disgraceful conduct".

Calvert's lawyer, David Sexton, had argued that bragging about sexual exploits and videoing them was part of the culture at the HMAS Cerberus training base south of Melbourne.

Calvert was found guilty last month of digitally raping the woman in a Melbourne home after a drunken night out at Crown Casino with five male colleagues in January, 2009.

The trial was told the woman stripped to her underwear during a game of truth or dare before the assaults. When Calvert tried to film her in this state of undress, she told him to stop.

Judge Tinney said this should have alerted Calvert to her attitude.

The woman was unaware she had been raped until three months later, when a colleague revealed he had seen sexually explicit images of her with Calvert.

Judge Tinney ordered Calvert to serve 3 1/2 years' jail before being eligible for parole.

heraldsun.com.au 30 Sep 2011

Another government cover up, where the government states that there is nothing wrong, whereas the actual climate for female staff is degrading and harassment, is a regular occurrence, of which the authorities are well aware of, but quieten any matters down before they escalate further.

The general method employed by the powers that be, are of intimidation, and career demotion or even the threat of not finding another job, ever.

These fear mongering tactics are used against women in order, so that the government has a 'pristine' record.

Victorians losing $300,000 an hour on pokies

VICTORIANS are losing $300,000 an hour on the pokies at pubs and clubs - $2.6 billion in the past year.

The losses are $55 million more than in 2009-10 and come as Victorian clubs admit they are spending, on average, 5c out of each dollar of net revenue on direct community benefits.

Some clubs have claimed the cost of darts, beer gas, Sky Racing subscriptions and staff drinks as community benefits.

No club declared spending any money beyond the legal minimum on problem gambling.

Victoria's most lucrative pokies venues are pubs, and the Epping Plaza Hotel brought in the most ($21 million) in 2010-11.

Other top venues were Werribee Plaza Tavern ($20.6 million) and the Plough Hotel in Mill Park ($20.2 million).

Hotels must pay 8.33 per cent tax towards the community support fund, which is controlled by the State Government.

But clubs are entitled to avoid this tax if they can show they have spent 8.33 per cent of net pokies revenue for the community's benefit.

An analysis of documents lodged with the Victorian Casino and Gaming Authority show that 5 per cent of club revenue went to direct community benefits.

This includes donations to charity, maintenance of club sporting amenities and subsidised food and non-alcoholic drink for members.

About 1 per cent of pokies revenue was directed to external charitable causes.

Indirect community benefits, which include club operating costs, soaked up 23 per cent of pokies revenue.

Clubs Victoria executive director Richard Evans said clubs were non-profit groups, as distinct from hotels.

"They're very conscious of providing a benefit back to the community," he said.

"They can't take a dividend. They return all their surplus back to the club."

A spokesman for Gaming Minister Michael O'Brien said the rules had been set by the former government.

"(We are) keeping a watching brief on claims to ensure that the scheme is working effectively," he said.

"The revenue that clubs receive from gaming is important to assist them to keep their doors open.

"These funds are used to provide club facilities for members as well as keeping thousands of people in work."

heraldsun.com.au 29 Sep 2011

The government has no interest in the well being of the society, and only in one lowest common denominator, that being revenue.

Other reports suggest that Victorians are spending over $5 billion annually on poker machines.

The poker machine industry is fraudulent, and conducive to drug money laundering.

Many millions of dollars are being transferred via the casinos.

Since the government is raking in the dollars, this industry is unshakable from its foundations.

Anyone trying to take the industry to court will be met with fierce opposition, eventually posing a risk to their well being.

Another fraudulent industry supported by the government .

Teenager charged over fatal stabbing

A TEENAGER has been charged with murder in relation to the stabbing of a 20-year-old man found dead in a Dandenong carpark stairwell.

The 18-year-old Frankston man was arrested at 2.45pm yesterday and was later charged after being interviewed by homicide detectives over the stabbing death on September 6.

The victim, from Berwick, died after being assaulted in a carpark of the Dandenong Plaza Shopping Centre, allegedly after an argument over alcohol hours beforehand.

Police received reports regarding a brawl involving more than a dozen youths near the library, across the road from the car park, shortly before the stabbing.

The teenager will appear before a children’s court on September 19.

heraldsun 17 Sep 2011

Another carefully worded, yet not quite accurate event described by the mass media.

The Melbourne suburb of Dandenong is approximately 30km south east of Melbourne, which is quickly becoming a slum of imported African and Indian low class society. In essence it can be referred to as a slum.

Many youths of foreign backgrounds create a disturbance against the Australian populous in general, but this usually goes (deliberately) unreported by the mass media.

The mass media also focuses on racism in that only white-Australians are racist, knowing that many ethnic communities are racist, a fact that is well known within the mass population.

There are many instances of racial crime in the government created slum areas of Melbourne's suburbs that go unreported, as the media's agenda is to promote the government's 'refugee' intake policy, and not to alert the population to the real tragedy of importing 'slave labour'.

Questions remain over security breach at Barwon Prison

NO prison officers have been disciplined even though the fatal bashing of Carl Williams was captured by a live CCTV feed that was not picked up.

Authorities have acknowledged systemic issues in Barwon Jail after Matthew Johnson was able to bludgeon Williams to death with an exercise bike pole.

But the Baillieu Government has vowed to stand by Justice Department secretary Penny Armytage amid questions over her approval of moving Williams from isolation at the prison into a unit with Johnson and Tom Ivanovic.

Johnson has told how he could not believe he had time to bash Carl Williams eight times in the head and drag his body into a cell.

The man who calls himself "The General" had expected prison guards to storm the high-security Acacia Unit 1 well before he rained down his eighth blow in full view of the dayroom's two security cameras.

"In my mind I thought the officers would have got there before I finished hitting him," Johnson admitted during his trial.

A coronial inquest will investigate how Carl Williams was able to be killed.

The Herald Sun has posed crucial questions to Corrections Victoria about the murder.

A spokesman last night acknowledged its investigation had already identified "systemic issues".

But the spokesman said: "No prison staff have been disciplined and Corrections Victoria's focus has been to improve the way we operate across all prisons.

"There are further proceedings currently that need to run their course.

"Exercise bikes are still in some units, but Corrections Victoria has taken steps to secure loose parts."

Surprisingly, Johnson had access to an exercise bike - and a sandwich maker - in the unit day room.

Surprising because Johnson was involved in the gang bashing of prisoner Greg Brazel in the Acacia Unit's exercise yard 4 in October 1998.

A bike seat and sandwich maker were used as makeshift weapons during that assault on Brazel.

Questions have also been raised over the decision to move Williams into a unit with Johnson and Ivanovic.

Ivanovic, it was submitted in court, had former links with a former police officer who Williams was making claims against.

It is believed a secret briefing paper written by Ms Armytage to three senior ministers explains how she came to make the fateful decision, and identifies senior police and corrections officers who were involved.

A Justice Department spokesperson said Ms Armytage endorsed "high-profile or highly sensitive" placements based on factors including staff's risk assessments, prisoners' own views, and police advice.

A spokesman for Premier Ted Baillieu said: "The Government has and retains full confidence in Penny Armytage."

heraldsun.com.au 30 Sep 2011

The mass media and subsequently the legal system has not mentioned that the prison guards have been payed off by the drug syndicate.

Even though prisoners are in confinement, their contact with the outside world greatly effects the guards standard of work.

A much more effective system has been established by prisoners in that guards are rewarded for actions that are conducive to the prisoner.

This has been well known to authorities for quite some time, as the corruption stem to the legals system's lawyers and judges.

There is deliberately no action taken against the corruption within the system.

25 September 2011

Space junk crash-lands on Earth

THE biggest piece of US space junk to fall in 30 years has crash-landed, but the precise location is not yet known, NASA says.

NASA has repeatedly said there is only a "very remote" risk to the public from the 26 fragments of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) which were expected to survive the fiery re-entry into the atmosphere.

The satellite fell back to earth today but the precise re-entry time and location "are not yet known with certainty", NASA said.

"The satellite was passing eastward over Canada and Africa as well as vast portions of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans during that period," the space agency said in its latest update.

On its Twitter feed, NASA said that if debris fell on land Canada was the most likely area.

The two dozen parts of the UARS that may have survived re-entry could weigh anything from one to 158 kilograms, the space agency said, and the debris field is expected to span 800 kilometres.

The tumbling motion of the satellite has made it difficult to narrow down the location. And given that the world is 70 per cent water, an ocean landing was considered likely.

"In the entire 50-plus-year history of the space program, no person has ever been injured by a piece of re-entering space debris," said Mark Matney, an orbital debris scientist at NASA.

"Keep in mind we have bits of debris re-entering the atmosphere every single day."

On Friday, a NASA spokeswoman said the US Department of Defence and the space agency were busy tracking the debris and keeping all federal disaster agencies informed.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a notice on Thursday to pilots and flight crews of the potential hazard and urged them to report any falling space debris and take note of its position and time.

Also on Friday, Italy's civil protection agency warned that the probability of a crash in its northern territory had risen from 0.6 to 1.5 per cent, and urged residents to stay indoors, on lower floors, preferably near load-bearing walls.

Orbital debris experts say space junk of this size from broken-down satellites and spent rockets tends to fall back to earth about once a year, although this is the biggest NASA satellite to fall in three decades.

NASA's 85-tonne Skylab crashed into Western Australia in 1979.

The surviving chunks of the tour-bus-sized UARS, which was launched in 1991 and was decommissioned in 2005, will likely include titanium fuel tanks, beryllium housing and stainless-steel batteries and wheel rims.

"No consideration ever was given to shooting it down," a NASA spokeswoman said.

The craft contains no fuel and so is not expected to explode on impact, and NASA also said on Twitter that talk of "flaming space debris" was a "myth".

"Pieces of UARS landing on earth will not be very hot. Heating stops 36km up, cools after that," NASA said, adding that UARS contains nothing radioactive but its metal fragments could be sharp.

The US space agency has warned anyone who comes across what they believe may be UARS debris not to touch it but to contact authorities for assistance.

Space law professor Frans von der Dunk from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln told AFP that the US would likely have to pay damages to any country where the debris falls.

"The damage to be compensated is essentially without limit," von der Dunk said, referring to the 1972 Liability Convention to which the US is one of 80 state signatories.

news.com.au 24 Sep 2011

Another company that provides misleading information to the public.

From a billion dollar enterprise, and a company that tracks space debris and orbital debris,
NASA is unable to tell the general population where the 'junk' is going to land.

It is concerning that a company with such technology is unable to tell the trajectory of such a large object.

NASA is also referred to as Never A Straight Answer.

From NASA's website:

Space Debris and Human Spacecraft
More than 500,000 pieces of debris, or “space junk,” are tracked as they orbit the Earth. They all travel at speeds up to 17,500 mph, fast enough for a relatively small piece of orbital debris to damage a satellite or a spacecraft.

ref: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/news/orbital_debris.html

The politics at the end of the day is to keep the masses in the dark.