29 December 2009

Caltex Fuel Rip off

During the festive seasons, the petrochemical companies jack the prices up of fuel in a BLATANT consumer rip off plan.

The mass media very rarely bring this into the spotlight of the general public, even though EVERY SINGLE motorist is fully aware that they are being ripped off.

In the illustration above, the photo shows the price of fuels of Unleaded/Diesel/LPG at 123.7 / 123.9/ 62.9 (cents per litre) respectively.

Just prior to the holiday season of Christmas the average price of LPG was 48 (c/litre).

An increase of approximately 28% has jumped literally overnight.

There is NO plausible reason given for this, and if such an event were to happen to a company's shares whilst trading on the stock market, there would be an inquiry.

The Australian Price Consumer Authority (ACCC) is literally doing NOTHING about this, and in effect supporting the petrochemical company's ripping off the consumer.

Gary Unmarried - Another LOSER show

Just recently another 'loser' television show has made it to the Australian air waves.

This time in the wrapping of Gary 'unmarried'.

Australian 'free to air' TV has his a rock bottom in terms of ANY programs that offer any sort of mental stimulus.

These show are a diet set for our children by the media. It is really cool if you are a loser, and make useless funny jokes that in reality would have you up for sexual harassment either in the workplace or in your private life.

This is a deliberate tactic employed by the people in power to DUMB down the Nation, and to generally lower ethical standards towards others.

16 December 2009

Geoffrey Edelsten in helicopter crash

Dr Geoffrey Edelsten has vowed to fly again despite crashing his helicopter today while attempting his first solo flight.

Edelsten, 66, escaped with only minor injuries after crashing the aircraft at Melbourne’s Moorabbin Airport at about 10.15am today.

Nine News helicopter pilot Ben Harris, who was one of the first people on the scene, said the craft yawed strongly to the left shortly after take-off.

"You need to put a fair bit of 'pedal' in the aircraft when you take off and it looks like he just failed to do so," Mr Harris told the Nine News 11am bulletin.

Edelsten walked away from the crash and was treated at the scene in an ambulance for cuts to his hands.

“His first phone call was to his new bride, Brynne Gordon,” a spokeswoman for Edelsten said.

Walking a little gingerly, Edelsten left Moorabbin Airport shortly after midday to be reunited with 26-year-old Gordon.

He confirmed to a waiting media pack that he was fine — and that he had no intentions of quitting flying.

“It all happened very quickly,” he said.

“I was on my back looking up at the broken windshield and glass thinking this can’t be happening.”

He would not say where he was to meet Gordon as he got into a waiting car.

Edelsten’s spokeswoman confirmed the medical tycoon was on his first solo flight when he crashed.

But she insisted he was “an experienced pilot [who] has flown fixed-wing aircraft previously”.

Edelsten’s helicopter was incinerated despite the efforts of bystanders using extinguishers.

Mr Harris said he initially thought the tycoon was trapped but was quickly proven wrong.

"He was fine when he got out … he was walking around.

"He said something like, 'I wish that didn’t happen'.”

Ambulance Victoria spokesman Paul Bentley said the sole occupant was treated for a minor cut to the hand.

"He was assessed by paramedics but didn't go to hospital," he said.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade spokesman John Taylor said Edelsten was walking on the tarmac when fire crews arrived.

Mr Taylor said fire crews were on site to mop up fuel leaking from the helicopter.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) was also in attendance, he said.

Last month Edelsten, 66, wed 26-year-old Brynne Gordon in the most expensive wedding in Australian history, with the nuptials carrying a price tag of $3 million.

PHOTOS: Edelsten weds in $3m ceremony

The extravagant ceremony at Melbourne’s Crown Casino raised eyebrows after '90s sitcom stars Fran Drescher and Jason Alexander were brought in to host the event, which was attended by more than 550 guests.

with AAP

A user commented on DIGG:

The gold digger nearly got his money sooner than she expected.

The media also labeled him as an AFL 'personality'. Dr. Edelsten cannot 'practice' in Victoria as a result of fraud. Another concerning part about this is that he is an 'experienced' pilot.....

15 December 2009

Octopuses using coconut shells as tools

Octopuses have been captured on camera using coconut shells as disguises and for protection, astonishing the Australian scientists who made the discovery.

Footage shot off Indonesia shows an octopus crawling along the ocean floor with two coconut shell halves suctioned to its underside, behaviour which biologists describe as "bizarre".

The octopus then reassembles the coconut and hides inside it, confirming the species as a tool-carrying animal, according to National Geographic.

Researchers from Melbourne's Museum Victoria filmed 20 veined octopuses carrying the coconut shells that were nearly twice as big as their 8cm bodies.

"We were blown away," biologist Mark Norman said.

"It was hard not to laugh underwater and flood your [scuba] mask."

The discovery comes from a 10-year study filming octopuses off the coast of Sulawesi and Bali.

Tool use by animals is seen as a sign of mental sophistication, with dolphins and chimpanzees also using tools.

Octopuses are considered to be among the smartest animals on Earth.

aap 15 Dec 2009

'Mr Christmas' loses 20kg due to financial crisis

A British man who has eaten a full Christmas dinner every day for the past 15 years has dropped nearly 20kg after being forced to cut his portions during the financial crisis.

Andy Park, dubbed "Mr Christmas" by the UK press, has been forced to cut his yearly dinner and decoration budget from $19,500 to $8900, The Sun newspaper reports.

Mr Park, a 45-year-old divorced electrician, has consumed nearly 118,000 brussel sprouts and about 5000 bottles of Moet champagne since he decided to get into the festive spirit full-time in July 1994, but since January he's had to slash his dinner portions.

"Before the credit crunch I was eating a 14-pound (6.3kg) turkey, now I'm down to a four pounder (1.8kg)," he told The Sun.

Mr Park has also cut down from nine large roast potatoes to four, now eats just 12 mince pies per day instead of 40, has just a tablespoon of peas and makes his bottle of champagne last two days.

He's also cut his sprout and stuffing ball consumption by more than half — leading to the drop in weight from 123kg to 101kg.

The budget cuts have been a boon for Mr Park's fitness: he is now walking every day and even able to complete 50 pushups.

The tight times have also forced the father-of-one to cut down on his use of party poppers and crackers, but he still manages to munch on mince pies and drink sherry for breakfast and a roast-turkey lunch before rewatching the Queen's Christmas speech on video.

Mr Park said he started the bizarre festive fetish when he was "feeling fed up" one July.

"I was bored, so I went home and put the decorations up — suddenly I was happy," he said.

"Since then my routine every day has been to get up and have seven or eight mince pies and a glass of sherry for breakfast —: after that I open my presents I've wrapped for myself."

07 December 2009

AAMI Insurance - Fraudulent Claims

One of the current commercials aired on Australian television by AAMI Insurance, shows rather naive looking young lad polishing his VolksWagen Golf.

The lad then claims that from the savings made from his insurance policy he was able to re-spray his vehicle (from it's original colour) to Fire Hydrant Red.

AAMI then states that an average saving on it's policy is approx. $166.

A professional looking (as depicted in the advertisement) 're-spray' on any car in no where near the magnitude of the quoted $166, or even 10 times that amount.

Deliberately fraudulent claims and misleading information given to the general public.

A move that is supported by the advertising networks and omitted my the spineless ACCC.

As always NO legal action will follow.

04 December 2009

IBM Wages Fraud - Corporate Crime

To anyone outside the I.T. industry, IBM Australia, represents a name that is synonymous with a large blue chip vendor, of quality and service.

From the inside though an entirely different picture exists.

Documentation, obtained, and partially reproduced in the above illustration indicates a slave labour camp.

IBM's managers are instructed to push (encourage) their workers to work above their 37.5 hours paid week, up to and over a 45 hour week, the added hours for free (i.e NOT paid for the hours worked, which is illegal under the Australian Trade Practices Act) , whilst IBM charges the customer, and reaps huge profits.

The documentation also reads that the workers must be at least 87% productive and the billable time must be a minimum of 91%.

In the documentation it is also urged for all profits to be diverted to IBM. (?)

IBM regularly fraudulently charges the customer for work NOT done but billed.

In a 5 day working week, IBM forces its employees to work an extra day for ZERO dollars.

From a financial perspective, if IBM's workforce is approx. 3000 people, then IBM has defrauded it's employees (3,000 x 7.5 ) is 22,500 hours per week. If charged at $120 / hour, then the fraud equates to $2.7 million dollars per week.

As a result IBM's customers are also getting ripped off in the process of false accounting.

This fraud has been confirmed by a leading law firm in Australia, and IBM is still getting away with it.

The bigger the crime the bigger the cover up.

03 December 2009

Police hunt for Melbourne rape gang

Police are searching for up to eight youths believed to be responsible for the brutal gang rape of two 15-year-old girls in a park in the north of Melbourne.

In an attack described as "shocking", police said they believed the gang of men and teenagers planned the horrific rape in a well-lit park in Roxburgh Park, the Herald Sun reported.

Members of the gang followed the pair of schoolgirls from Broadmeadows train station to a McDonalds where the girls were lured to a park and repeatedly raped at around 10.30pm on October 24.

After drinking with the gang, the two girls were dragged to opposite ends of the park and raped, Detective Inspector Glenn Davies said.

"The girls were calling out to each other from either side of the park. Those calls were heard by witnesses," he said.

Police have released CCTV images of several men believed to be part of the gang of rapists responsible.

02 December 2009

NZ imports 'unskilled and here to stay'

New research has proven what many Aussies long suspected - Australia is a magnet for New Zealand's most unskilled workers.

An analysis of census figures has revealed for the first time that New Zealanders who migrate across the Tasman are far more likely to work as machine operators and labourers than as professionals.

The research also showed that these less skilled workers are more likely to stay in Australia for life.

The findings were released as part of a New Zealand government investigation to lift Kiwi wages into line with Australia's and to stop the heavy trans-Tasman migration.

Wellington demographer James Newell found that 2.8 per cent of employed people in the Australian census were born in New Zealand.

These Kiwis make up 4.3 per cent of all machinery operators and drivers in Australia and 3.4 per cent of all labourers. They make up only 2.4 per cent of all professionals.

It also showed indigenous Maori New Zealanders are also more likely than non-Maori to have crossed the ditch.

"Net trans-Tasman population loss is skewed towards New Zealand-born without professional qualifications or skills," Dr Newell concluded.

Queensland sociologist Mary Power said the revelation supports Aussies' widely-held belief that only the poor and less skilled New Zealanders make the crossing.

"There's definitely a feeling among Australians that New Zealanders occupy our working class suburbs," said Dr Power, of Bond University.

"Especially because the Maori people are so distinct and visible on the streets, in Brisbane particularly.

"And this study seems to support that."

She said her research had proven this was actually a "myth" and the migrating Kiwis came from all walks of life.

But Dr Newell stands by his findings.

He said it is not yet clear if this is happening because Australia is more attractive to the less skilled, or whether they're going there only because they can't get into other countries.

The new findings come hot on the heels of other research released by the taskforce showing why Australia is so appealing to New Zealanders.

The study found that Aussies live longer, in bigger houses, with more money and more leisure time.

In fact, we scored better on every test of living standards except one dubious marker showing New Zealand had more McDonald's burger bars.

The imbalance is clearly getting to the Kiwis who on Wednesday exclaimed on the front page of their New Zealand Herald "even their Christmas parties are better than ours".

aap 2 Dec 2009.

Australia, the dumping ground for trailer park trash.

A deliberate political move to devalue the work force.

01 December 2009

Police investigate doctor after second death

Police are investigating a Sydney doctor after the body of a young Brazilian student was found in his apartment, the second body to be found in the Elizabeth Bay unit this year.

Suellen Dominguez Zaupa died from a suspected cocaine overdose and was found dead in the apartment of the doctor on November 21, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Ms Zaupa had travelled from Brazil to Sydney to study hospitality management, and was living in a share house at Crows Nest on Sydney's North Shore.

She wrote on her Facebook profile that "Life looks after those that live it" less than a week before her death.

Last Thursday police charged a 41-year-old neurosurgeon with supplying an indictable quantity of a prohibited drug.

He has since been suspended by the NSW Medical Board and will face Downing Centre Local Court on December 15.

Ms Zaupa is the second young woman to die in the doctor’s home after the body of another woman in her 20s, named by the Daily Telegraph as Victoria McIntyre, was found in the Elizabeth Bay apartment on February 16.

Police have not released details of Ms McIntyre's death, but the NSW Coroner is investigating.

Neighbours told the Herald women dressed as "party girls" would constantly come in and out of Dr Nair's apartment.

Friends close to Ms Zaupa said she was not a prostitute as reported over the weekend.

"The lifestyle she lived was by no means that of a high-class escort and none of us who knew her well believe she would be capable of doing such a thing," Ms Zaupa's flatmate, who did not want to be named, told the newspaper.

She said Ms Zaupa went out to Kings Cross occasionally but would usually spend time closer to home or on Sydney's northern beaches.

Ms Zaupas father is understood to be on the way to Sydney from his home in Brazil.

aap 1 Dec 2009

So how many more girls does this doctor have to kill before some stops him ??? !!! ???

Naturally he WILL get of, and the legal system AGAIN will fail the victims families.

Just like the girl who died in Garry Ablett's drug sex party in a hotel.

30 November 2009

Blair 'didn't know Iraq war was illegal'

Tony Blair has denied a report that the British government's chief legal adviser told him before the start of the Iraq War that deposing Saddam Hussein would contravene international law.

Asked by CNN television whether an allegation was true that then-attorney-general Peter Goldsmith was "gagged" after trying to dissuade Blair from lending Britain's support to the US-led war, the former prime minister responded: "No, it's not."

"But I think the best thing with this inquiry is actually to let us all give our evidence to the inquiry," Blair said, responding to a question about the report in Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper.

The newspaper wrote that ministers were secretly told at a July 23, 2002 cabinet meeting that the United States and Britain were set on "regime change" in Iraq and that Goldsmith, who attended the meeting, strongly expressed his disagreement with the policy in a July 29 letter he wrote to Blair.

In the letter, Goldsmith pointed out that war could not be justified purely on the grounds of "regime change", the newspaper reported.

Goldsmith eventually gave qualified legal backing to the conflict days before the war started in March 2003 in a brief, carefully drafted statement.

Sources reportedly said Goldsmith was subjected to such pressure by Blair's close inner circle over his advice that he threatened to resign.

But Blair refuted the newspaper account on Sunday, telling CNN he would have more to say on the matter when he testifies before an inquiry that is probing Britain's involvement in the war.

"I've been through these issues many, many times over the past few years and I'm very happy to go through them again. But I think probably the appropriate place to do that is in front of the inquiry," the former prime minister said.

The inquiry heard in its first week that Britain's ambassador to the United Nations at the time, Jeremy Greenstock, believed the invasion to be "of questionable legitimacy".

The inquiry, Britain's third related to the conflict, is looking at its role in Iraq between 2001 and 2009, when nearly all its troops withdrew and is to report its findings by the end of 2010.

aap 30 Nov 2009


A 'head of state' makes up 'excuses ' that invading a country and KILLING it's INNOCENT civilians, is supposedly legal in 'his' eyes.

BLATANT ANGLO - MASONIC ties overriding Human Rights.

Milosevic did the same thing and HE was tried for WAR CRIMES.

BLAIR the Modern Day Molosevic.

28 November 2009

Manpower Australia employment fraud

The advertising of positions is mostly done through so called 'agencies'.

These agencies are large database collection points, and by the time a position is advertised, most of the employment procedures have been exhausted.

FACT: Only 30% of positions make it to the advertised level in the market place.

Documentation held, with an 'alleged' professional 'position' from manpoweraustralia.com.au had contact details of a person, which do NOT exist once a correspondence reply was tried.

The company used fraudulent means to obtain information from prospective employees with NO position description given.

Kesha - Tik Tock - Promoting Underage Drinking

Music is a VERY powerful tool that shapes society, especially youth. Through music moods can be brought up, or alternatively moods can be brought down.

In modern 'pop' culture (or rather lack of) music also is used to send out messages that influence the younger generation.

The current politics of record companies and song writers, is to promote 'partying', and that you're cool if you end up drunk in a bath tub or wherever.

Performers like Kesha ( or as she wants to be known as : Ke$ha ) promote the break up / disharmony of the family unit, through a 'partying' lifestyle.

Through this the image of underage drinking is clearly promoted / evident. Even though Kesha's birth year is 1987 according to (wiki) and the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, the teenage lifestyle is evident where alcohol is the dominant party beverage.

Lyrics :

"Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack" (Daniels)

"Trying to get a little bit tipsy"

"Aint got a care in world, but got plenty of beer"

promote alcoholism, and the delusional megalomaniac attitude that:

"No, the party don't start till I walk in"

play a very important part in the shaping of the children of the general populous.

Nothing more nor nothing less than PURE ENTERTAINMENT TRASH.

The politics is to degrade the youth of the canon fodder.

26 November 2009

Erin McNaught 'in freak motorbike accident'

Former Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught has reportedly suffered a partially severed a finger in a motorcycle accident.

McNaught, 27, was filming a segment for the Nine Network's gaming and gadget program CyberShack on Tuesday afternoon when she fell from an electronic dirt bike, a report says.

She reportedly lost balance after the vehicle sharply accelerated and her right hand became jammed in the wheel — partially tearing off her index finger.

"She is having a major operation to reattach the finger, reconnect nerves and blood vessels in the finger that were severed in the accident," the Daily Telegraph reported McNaught's spokeswoman Kathy Ward as saying.

The report claims the model was rushed to Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital where she underwent emergency microsurgery.

She is set to spend six weeks in a cast and is unlikely to appear at tonight's ARIA Awards, where she was scheduled to host the red carpet arrivals for pay television channel MTV.

The freak accident caps a difficult year for McNaught, following her split from footballer partner Braith Anasta in August.

She had been living with the Sydney Roosters star at his Coogee apartment for six weeks.

In January, she reportedly accused a contender for the Cleo Bachelor of the Year of assaulting her.

The Canberra-born beauty told judges that another rugby league player, who was never named, forcibly grabbed her and kissed her at a Sydney nightclub, a report said.

The aspiration for all young women.

Bureaucracy blamed for child's death

The man charged with investigating the bashing death of a two-year-old toddler has blamed a disjointed state bureaucracy for the tragedy.

Hayley Monteau died in August, four weeks after being bashed by her father, who later committed suicide.

The girl was known to child protection authorities and the case has since attracted widespread scrutiny.

Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary undertook an investigation but a report has not been released publicly.

However, on the day a damning ombudsman's report exposed gross failures of Victoria's child protection system, the government released its response to Mr Geary's findings.

The commissioner also spoke publicly, albeit guardedly, about the systemic failures that contributed to Hayley's death.

He said there was no cohesion between government departments and agencies, such as police and the Department of Human Services (DHS).

"The information that I gave to government alluded to, in my opinion, a dearth in the way in which some of the systems, the silos interacted with each other," Mr Geary told reporters.

"I made criticisms and expressed my concerns around just how the different government silos interacted with each other and felt that people weren't acting together in the interests of the child's safety and wellbeing."

Mr Geary would not go into specifics, saying they would be contained in a broader report he would submit to the Victorian Child Death Review Committee.

In a snapshot of his findings, released by the Victorian government, Mr Geary identified problems with workloads and staff shortages in the child protection office managing Hayley's case.

Supervision and training was limited in the rural locations where the toddler lived, and there needed to be more interaction between police and child protection workers, he found.

Community Services Minister Lisa Neville said the government would adopt all of Mr Geary's recommendations

26 Nov 2009

23 November 2009

Grieving family urges Scientology probe

For the three days leading up to soldier Edward McBride's suicide, his family say he was bombarded by telephone calls and texts from Church of Scientology members.

The family believe the church played a major role in his death but have spent the past two years without answers or recourse.

Now they've urged the federal government to initiate an inquiry into the controversial religious group, under fire following recent allegations of blackmail, sanctioned beatings, forced abortions and financial fraud.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon last week made a scathing parliamentary attack on Scientology, accusing it of using religion as a front for criminal activities.

He wants the organisation to be investigated by parliament - a call which has so far won the backing of the Australian Greens, but not the government or opposition.

Senator Xenophon and Greens leader Bob Brown on Monday flanked Mr McBride's brother Stephen as he appealed directly to the prime minister to support a formal inquiry.

Police investigating his younger brother's death in 2007 had been stymied by the church, which failed to provide personal audit files as requested, Stephen McBride said.

"Every time I think of Scientology I still get a real bad aftertaste in my mouth," he told reporters in Canberra.

"There's something just not right about it."

Mr McBride was adamant the church contributed to his brother's suicide, with the coroner reporting the telephone messages contained intimidating statements, such as "this behaviour is unacceptable" and "you have missed your interview".

He had spent $25,000 on Scientology courses in his time with the church.

"The bombardment of 19 telephone messages backed him into a corner with no room to breathe," Mr McBride said.

"We've been through hell the last two years - please don't let my brother's death be in vain."

Senator Xenophon has yet to win the support of the government, despite Prime Minister Kevin Rudd saying last week he also had concerns about Scientology.

"It doesn't seem the numbers are there yet, but I will continue to build my case," he said, adding this was not a crusade against freedom of religion.

"This is a hell of a week and I think we are distracted with other issues, but I think it's inevitable there will be an inquiry one way or the other."

Senator Brown, who labelled Scientology a cult, said he would be angry if the government and coalition quashed any move for an inquiry.

aap 23 Nov 2009

Scientology - a 'cult' created by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard in order to avoid tax.

There is nothing 'religious' about it.

Our Children Target for pedophiles

IT IS highly disturbing to find documented proof that our children are unwittingly being used as test subjects for the treatment of pedophiles.

The Sunday Herald Sun has uncovered a document which reveals authorities deliberately expose our children to intellectually disabled pedophiles in shopping malls and supermarkets.

The Disability Forensic Assessment and Treatment Service (DFATS) document records the behaviour of pedophiles when they encounter children on these trips. It describes children as "targets".

This newspaper revealed two weeks ago that sex offenders were intentionally taken to public places frequented by groups of children.

The escorted trips were used to establish whether pedophiles were still a danger to children, or whether they could be released back into society.

What a dangerous game this is. It places our children in danger, both emotionally and physically.

Hetty Johnston, founder of Bravehearts, said it was "frightening" for a program to have children in the company of known pedophiles.

"They're dangerous men, they're always going to be dangerous to children and you don't need to expose them to children to know that," she said.

The document that lists the "results" of the pedophiles' trips out refers to children as "target groups". What a horrifying description.

The pedophiles in the program have been charged with sex offences but deemed to be intellectually disabled. Instead of prison, they undergo treatment in a secure centre in Fairfield or live in a halfway house.

They are escorted on regular trips to shops, libraries, cinemas and football matches.

The pedophiles allowed out include a man who faced 12 charges of sexually assaulting children. On a recent trip to a supermarket he reached out for a little girl in a checkout queue and his support worker had to intervene.

After the Sunday Herald Sun's revelation of the breach, Mental Health Minister Lisa Neville ordered DFATS to double its security of the men when they were in public places.

It is not good enough.

These trips must be stopped immediately. Our precious children are not "targets" or guinea pigs to be used in some bizarre experiment to discover whether pedophiles are still dangerous.

The attempted rehabilitation of pedophiles should not come at the expense of our children.

Herald Sun, Sunday 22 Nov 2009

20 November 2009

Sony 16GB M2 Memory

Sony's proprietary (M2) memory currently retails for approximately $130 for 16GB versus $86 for the more common SD format from the same card manufacturer, San Disk.

That is a premium of approximately 50% over the SD format to the detriment of the general public.

Sony accessories are OVERPRICED and do NOT represent value for money to the consumer.

Ultimately the prices of memory are subject to anti-competitive behaviour.

Gloria Jeans Supports slave Labour

A recent advertisement of Gloria Jeans promotes its beans as 'Glorious' by being 'Hand Picked'.

The reality of the situation is a little different, and FAR FROM GLORIOUS.

The so called 'Hand Picked Beans' are picked by black slaves in Africa, who are paid 50 cents per day.

The exploitation of black slaves on the farms is supported by both businesses AND governments alike and is further compounded by 'globalisation' supported by the financiers of the world.

Battery name Fraud

Not that this is any type of multi billion dollar investment or banking fraud, BUT none the less it is still a consumer rip off.

The Chinese Battery manufacturer : YIWU JIN LING BATTERY CO. LTD has named their product auspiciously similar to another to that of another well known electronics manufacturer.

At the end of the day politics has a lot to do with it, as there is NO attempt made to stop this kind of activity.

If an individual imports 'named' brand glasses, hand bags, and they are caught at the border (customs) the are convicted, YET companies that have a similar practice go unnoticed.

Supermarket food price rip off

In the mass media recently, supermarkets have self styled current price comparisons to the ones of yesteryear to be cheaper.

The mass media has gone on the bandwagon to 'promote' that the consumer is better off now than before with respect to the purchase of groceries.

Over the past few years, essential goods have gone up steadily at the cost of approximately 20-30% per year.

By NO means lemons are a price index indicator, BUT in this illustration, the price is 60 cents each (at a well known supermarket) compared to 25 cents a couple of years ago at the same supermarket.

There are only two major supermarket retailers in Australia, who's primary objective is to destroy ANY competition.

18 November 2009

No water for Adelaide

The mass media has reported that there is not going to be enough water for the population of Adelaide in the summer of 2010.

As a result the drinking water will have to be bought in bottles.

Australia has been in a 'drought' in on form or another during most of its modern inhabited human life. Every decade in the most populated cities there has been some sort of drought for a couple of years.

During this time NOTHING has been done to alleviate the growing need for water for the growing population.

Governments have deliberately left the population 'thirsty'.

Whilst water was in the 'governments hands' it was ILLEGAL to set up water tanks, as this would detract profits for the government.

Once water has been privatised, 'businesses' selling water and tanks have flourished.

The government STILL has NOT implemented any structure for water production.

17 November 2009

Speeding truckie jailed for pair's death

The family of an elderly couple killed when a speeding truck driver crashed his "45-tonne missile" into their car say the justice system has failed them.

Terrence and Moira Codling had just returned from celebrating their 70th birthdays in October 2007 when the truck, travelling nearly 40km/h too fast, tipped, crossed onto their side of the road and crushed their car at Toolern Vale, northwest of Melbourne.

Truck driver Michael Matthew Aparo was sentenced to a minimum of three years' jail in the Victorian County Court on Tuesday.

The sentence was greeted with gasps and shakes of the head by members of the Codling family.

Outside court, the Codlings' son Paul expressed disbelief at the sentence.

"To take two lives and he has got three years to serve, to us it just seems absolutely ludicrous," he said.

"He wilfully drove that truck like an idiot and took the lives of our parents who were absolutely beautiful people, never did wrong by anybody.

"He has just robbed us and our children and all their friends of two beautiful people and I just can't believe the judge can sit there and give that sort of sentence."

Sentencing Aparo, 24, of Glenroy, to a maximum of six years' jail, judge Stuart Campbell said he realised his sentence would not please either the Codlings or the family of Aparo.

He described the truck as a "45-tonne missile" and said its trailer could not cope with the speed it was travelling.

The court heard the trailer, laden with sand, had swerved onto the wrong side of the road, narrowly missing another car as it travelled down a hill and around a sweeping bend.

"You will have to live your life with the knowledge you, by your actions, or inactions caused the death of two loved people," Judge Campbell said.

Aparo was found guilty by a jury of two counts of culpable driving and two counts of reckless conduct endangering life.

The court heard another motorist was injured when her car hit the crashed trailer.

A fourth man had to swerve off the road to avoid being struck by the trailer.

Mr Codling said his parents, from Clifton Springs near Geelong, had been together since they were 17, and were to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary a few months after the crash.

He said on the day of the crash the couple were visiting his house on the way home from celebrating their birthdays in the Yarra Valley.

"They would be the first people to tell him they forgive (Aparo)," Mr Codling said.

"We won't. What we have lost, there is no way we could ever forgive him for what he has done to our family".

aap 17 Nov 2009

What else do you expect from a Convict - Anglo-Masonic Legal System.

Australia the Lucky Country - Where you can kill someone, and do minimum jail time.

13 November 2009

Cash for Gold

The current trend in the mass media, at the moment is to advertise to obtain you 'old' gold.
The perception given is that you 'old' gold is 'worthless', and you can cash in on it, since it is at an all time high, i.e. it is to your benefit.

The reality is that according to the Financiers that control the prices of gold, the reality is that the price is low at the moment, and will rise another 50% soon.

See story : Lihir says Gold could reach US$1500.

Gold in Australia is controlled by very few men.

Joseph Gutnick's profits from the Gold mines of Australia, are taken overseas to Israel to built settlements on occupied land.

Joseph Gutnick, in 1999, along with partner Robert Champion de Crespigny, were found to have illegally structured a takeover of a mining company and Gutnick was ordered to return $28.5 million to investors. The court found that their behaviour in jointly bidding $450 million earlier that year, for a company called Great Central Mines, was unlawful and deceptive.

12 November 2009

Werribee Police involved in Stolen Car Racket

In the outer south western suburb of Werribee, which is approximately 30 min drive from Melbourne on the way to Geelong (Victoria's second largest city), an organised car stealing syndicate operated.

A local plumbing business in an 'Industrial Park' was where stolen cars were stripped and refitted or rebirthed.

The way the syndicate operated, was that they targeted 'unique' cars, and stole them. They then stripped the vehicles and then abandoned them.

Once the vehicles were found, if insured, the cost of repair would be higher than the value of the car, and the insurance company would then 'write' the car off.

The vehicle would then be auctioned off at a fraction of its price, in which the thieves would purchase from the insurance company.

The would then take the car back to the plumbing supply 'business' in Werribee, to refit the stolen parts.

The vehicle would then be returned to its former state, and LEGITIMATELY owned by the thieves.

This was all done with the help of certain corrupt Police officers from the Werribee Police Complex.

The name of the business and the corrupt Police Officers has not been published in order to protect the guilty.

December rate rise likely after surprise employment numbers

The Reserve Bank is set to raise interest rates next month after a surprise jump in the number of employed Australians.

The overall unemployment rate rose to 5.8 percent in October, after falling in September to 5.7 percent. However, the number of people employed increased by 24,500 to 10.8 million.

Part time employment, meanwhile, also increased with 21,500 people moving to part-time work last month, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

That increase in part time work pushed the total number of hours worked down by 1.9 million in October to 1.5 billion hours.

The overall rise in unemployment came in line with analyst expectations but the increase in actual jobs was a surprise and shows the resilience of Australia’s economic recovery, economists said.

"Australia is truly living up to its mantle as the wonder from down-under," said Savanth Sebastian, economist at CommSec. "Overall 24,500 jobs were created in October – a phenomenal result considering that in September the domestic labour market recorded the best job gains in two years."

The increase in jobs created in October makes a Reserve Bank interest rate rise more likely, he added.

"It appears almost certain that the Reserve Bank will break tradition and raise rates for the third consecutive month in December," Mr Sebastian said.

"The Reserve Bank does have the option of not raising rates, however the data over the last couple of weeks has been surprisingly strong. Keep in mind that the Reserve Bank does not hold its next meeting till February, so it may just be that the central bank raises rates in December and takes a well deserved break over Christmas."

Meanwhile, the ABS also reported that the number of unemployed Australians is at its highest level since January 2002, according to official figures.

The ABS said 670,100 people were unemployed in October, a rise of 11,000 compared to the previous month.

Last month’s fall in unemployment shocked economists, who had expected the number of jobless workers to rise further to 6 percent as cautious employers continued to keep a tight hold on costs.

Earlier this month, the government lowered its forecast for unemployment to peak at 6.75 percent next year.

money.ninemsn.com.au 12 Nov 2009


Unemployment levels have RISEN and NOT declined as mentioned.

The jobless rate is on a steady increase.

The so called 'rise' in employment is an official excuse so banks can rip customers off for more money.

This is supported by both the governments and the business community as a whole.

Economists use the REAL figure of 50% more than the governments official jobless rate.

The government deliberately lies about the jobless rate.

Police IT 'riddled with dodgy deals'

The Victoria Police IT department was riddled with dodgy multi-million-dollar deals, records were a shambles and staff were cashing in on free hospitality when there was no one in charge, a report shows.

A scathing Ombudsman's investigation has blasted the Victoria Police Business Information and Technology Services Department (BITS) for gross mismanagement of taxpayer funds.

The report, tabled in state parliament on Thursday, found records of IT contracts worth tens of millions of dollars were kept on handwritten notes, while other files were missing or poorly kept.

Contracts were awarded without going to tender or by bypassing proper process.

And at the top no one was in charge, with the former chief information officer Valda Berzins admitting she did not keep tabs on the department's budget, worth almost $200 million.

"Ms Berzins acknowledged that she did not closely monitor the operation of the BITS budget, which in 2008-09 was approximately $191 million," Ombudsman George Brouwer said in the report.

That responsibility was left to group manager of business and planning John Brown "by virtue" of his position, he said.

"The extent of Mr Brown's control over knowledge of BITS finances and the general lack of proper records is best illustrated by the fact that Victoria Police's figures relating to the funding of a contract worth in excess of $27 million are largely based on a handwritten note he provided to a BITS manager in a meeting several months after his resignation."

Mr Brouwer described record keeping and file maintenance within the department over the past three years as "largely inadequate".

"My investigation was hampered by gaps in documentation, records that were not dated, not signed or did not include author details, and a general lack of any apparent systematic record-keeping," he said.

"My investigators were often required to go to a number of sources to locate documentation and in some instances had to make requests direct to vendors regarding key documents relating to multi-million dollar contracts that Victoria Police had not retained or could not locate."

Mr Brouwer said the investigation uncovered several examples of managers' apparent disregard for proper procurement and contract management processes.

In one case, documents for a $20.1 million contract were prepared in 24 days when it should normally take 10 to 18 months.

The contract was not put to tender in exchange for a 90 per cent discount that was never scrutinised, the report said.

The department gained approvals to redirect security services from IBM to Fujitsu but the contract blew out to $27.2 million - $15 million more than had been approved.

The ombudsman also identified conflicts of interest, with staff cashing in on free hospitality from IT companies, including tickets to the Australian Open Tennis, the AFL Grand Final and the Melbourne Cup.

In another case, external contractors engaged by the department were involved in a procurement process that they were tendering for.

Mr Brouwer said three external reviews, five internal audits and two criminal investigations had been conducted into the contracts, finances and reporting of the department since 2006.

They revealed a $39 million funding gap as a result of contracts entered into, managers breaching their financial duties, breaches of state procurement guidelines and a culture of staff inappropriately accepting hospitality.

"Despite these earlier findings, Victoria Police has only recently undertaken remedial action to address the concerns raised in these reports," Mr Brouwer said.

Police chief commissioner Simon Overland admitted the behaviour described in the report was "embarrassing".

"It is embarrassing, yes, obviously no one likes to receive criticism of this nature, but I have to say I think the ombudsman has been very thorough and very fair," he told reporters.

"I accept the findings the ombudsman has arrived at and the recommendations he has made in terms of what we do to fix the issues that he has identified."

Mr Overland said the behaviour of accepting gifts and hospitality, such as tickets to the grand final and Melbourne Cup, was unacceptable.

"I would hope that that is understood now, we've certainly taken steps to reinforce that," he said.

"We have new policy drafted and in place, there is a broader government review being conducted by the State Services Authority on this question.

"I don't believe my senior managers are under any misapprehension around what are appropriate gifts, benefits and hospitality."

ninemsn.com.au 12 Nov 2009

11 November 2009

World revolts against capitalism, BBC survey shows

World revolts against capitalism, BBC survey shows
20 years after the berlin wall fell, capitalism is unpopular

Dissatisfaction with capitalism is widespread around the globe 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall that heralded the demise of European communism, a poll released Monday showed.

Only 11 percent of people surveyed across 27 countries thought free market capitalism is working well, while 51 percent believed its problems can be solved with more regulation and reform, the poll said.

In only the United States (25 percent) and Pakistan (21 percent), did more than one in five people agree that capitalism works well in its current form, the poll conducted for the BBC World Service said.

Comment: Capitalism: The tragic love story that spawned the GFC

The survey of 29,033 adults comes after the worst global financial crisis since the 1930s Great Depression and amid celebrations for the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall which abruptly ended the Cold War.

"It appears that the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 may not have been the crushing victory for free-market capitalism that it seemed at the time -- particularly after the events of the last 12 months," said Doug Miller, chairman of polling firm GlobeScan which co-conducted the survey.

Most people (54 percent across all countries) backed the breakup of the Soviet Union, while 22 percent said it was a "bad thing" and 24 percent did not know.

Support was highest in the US (81 percent) and Western Europe, particularly Germany (79 percent), Britain (76 percent) and France (74 percent).

But support was divided among former Warsaw Pact countries. Most Russians (61 percent) and Ukrainians (54 percent) said the Soviet breakup was a "bad thing".

In contrast, four in five Poles (80 percent) and 63 percent of Czechs felt the disintegration of the USSR was a "good thing".

Conducted between June 19 and October 13, the survey was jointly carried out by the University of Maryland's programme on international policy attitudes.

An average of 23 percent across all nations said capitalism is fatally flawed, and a new economic system is needed -- including 43 percent in France, 38 percent in Mexico, 35 percent in Brazil and 31 percent in Ukraine.

And majorities in 15 out of 27 nations wanted their governments to be more active in owning or directing control of their nation's major industries.

Support was highest in the former Soviet states of Russia (77 percent) and Ukraine (75 percent), but also in Brazil (64 percent), Indonesia (65 percent) and France (57 percent.)

Furthermore, majorities supported governments distributing wealth more evenly in 22 out of 27 countries, particularly in Central and South America. Some 92 percent backed the idea in Mexico, 91 percent in Chile and 89 percent in Brazil, the survey said.

"Some features of socialism, such as government efforts to equalise wealth, continue to appeal to many people around the world," said Steven Kull from the University of Maryland.

After the collapse of financial institutions and huge government bailouts, majorities in 17 countries wanted more government regulation of big business.

Brazil led the way on 87 percent, followed by Chile on 84 percent, France 76 percent, Spain 73 percent and China 71 percent.


10 November 2009

ATO 'illegally accessed' Hogan documents

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) illegally accessed confidential documents concerning Paul Hogan's tax affairs and only followed official guidelines in retrospect to establish a "veneer of respectability", a court has been told.

The Crocodile Dundee star, his artistic partner John Cornell and their financial adviser Tony Stewart have been accused of hiding tens of millions of dollars from the tax office in offshore companies.

Stewart is being prosecuted for refusing to disclose information about the trio in an interview with the ATO earlier this year.

But Stewart has argued that forcing him to answer questions about the matter is an unlawful breach of his professional privilege, or "accountant's concession", and that private accounting files seized by the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) were protected by this privilege.

He has asked for any documents held by the ATO be destroyed and for any staff who have seen them to be taken off the case.

In the Federal Court on Tuesday, his barrister Michael Abbott QC accused the ATO of illegally or unlawfully using documents provided by the ACC in their case against the men.

He said the ATO had only applied for the documents officially once Stewart had claimed privilege, "to give a veneer of respectability to what was otherwise indefensible material".

"We have acted to our detriment on the basis of the representations made by the tax office," Mr Abbott said.

"Had we known that the tax office's attitude was that the guidelines never applied to this material, then a challenge would have been made much earlier."

But the ATO's barrister Jeffrey Hilton SC said Stewart's allegations were "bizarre and baseless".

"We did not act illegally ... we did not act unlawfully ... and finally we submit that we did not act contrary to the accountant's concession because it did not apply," Mr Hilton said.

Stewart's application could not be granted by the court because it would prevent the ATO's commissioner from being able to do his job, he said.

"Since this case started, what the applicant studiously and deliberately has sought, without demur, has been a permanent injunction and relief restraining us ever from dealing with this material," Mr Hilton said.

"That has been repeated and repeated and repeated ... (but) no court in Australia would ever grant such relief.

"(It) would prevent the commissioner from doing his job for ever."

Justice Nye Perram has adjourned the matter while he considers his judgment.

aap 10 Nov 2009

Where the A.T.O is ABOVE the law.

Illegally obtained evidence is considered null and void (inadmissible).

Harassment from the VERY TOP.


Not the first time NOR the last time a government has done something illegal,

BUT there will be NO punishment against the people concerned, just a cover up.

09 November 2009

Teen driver jailed after girlfriend dies

Hobart teenager Alani Moeakiola would visit his girlfriend's grave twice a day, and regularly wash and fold some of her clothes, says the judge who is sending him to jail for killing her in a car crash.

However, despite Moeakiola's remorse, Justice Peter Evans says his case only serves to highlight the very real danger young male drivers pose to others, in particular their friends.

"It cannot be overstated," Justice Evans said in sentencing the 19-year-old on Monday to two years' jail, with a non-parole period of 12 months, and a six-year driving ban.

Intellectually impaired, Moeakiola had been smoking cannabis before he started arguing with his girlfriend Kayla Maher, 17, as they drove through Hobart's suburbs on January 30.

As their row escalated, so did the speed and danger of Moeakiola's driving before he crashed and rolled the vehicle, killing Ms Maher almost instantly, the court was told.

Witnesses told the court Ms Maher had said: "Just drop me off here," before the unlicensed driver in charge of an unregistered and unroadworthy vehicle sped up to 90km/h in a 50km/h zone in a perverse effort to keep her in the car.

Even though Ms Maher suffered fatal head crush injuries, Moeakiola was found at the scene trying to resuscitate her, the court was told.

"His grief is palpable," Justice Evans said in his published judgment on Monday.

"He thinks about her death every day, dreams about her every night.

"Her death is the first thing he thinks about when he wakes.

"He visits her memorial at the cemetery twice a day and regularly, approximately fortnightly, rewashes, dries and folds her clothes.

"He suffers from recurring suicidal ideation and he has real fears about how he will be treated during his impending incarceration."

Justice Evans said that as genuine as his remorse was, "it pales into insignificance when it is remembered that it arises from him causing the death of a 17-year-old".

Moeakiola had earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of causing death by dangerous driving.

The Hobart teenagers had been boyfriend and girlfriend for more than two-and-a-half years.

Moeakiola had never had a proper driving lesson or held a driver's licence and had a string of driving offences and periods.

His IQ was so low that he could not read, write, add or subtract.

He had been caught driving while disqualified four times between May 2005 and January 2007, and had served about two years' jail in total for five crimes involving dishonesty.

"Once again, the court is confronted with a relatively young male inexperienced driver who has caused the death of another by dangerous driving," Justice Evans said.

"The court's sentencing database demonstrates that these characteristics are almost invariably present when this crime is committed and moreover, that the victim is usually a friend of the perpetrator.

"The very real danger that young male drivers pose to others, in particular their friends, cannot be overstated," he said.

9 Nov 2009

In Australia you can kill someone by 'accident' and only receive 2 years prison.

The criminal 'Justice' system in Australia is a (deliberate) joke.

27 October 2009

CIA to monitor Twitter?

America's top spy agency has started investing in a software firm that develops programmes to monitor social media.

In-Q-Tel, the rather coyly named investment department of the CIA, has begun investing in Visible Technologies, a US software company that produces social media monitoring programmes.

According to Wired, Visible Technologies screen over half a million social media sites a day, trawling over a million posts and conversations from blogs, open social networks such as Twitter and Flickr, as well as online forums, and even Amazon user reviews.

Subscribers to Visible's service are offered a streamlined feed of what is being said online about them online. Visible's technology does not extend to "closed" social networks like Facebook.

The CIA has described this move as an extension of part of an existing program it calls "open source intelligence" — monitoring information that is already publicly available, which essentially means anything that is published or broadcast.

"Anything that is out in the open is fair game for collection," Steven Aftergood, an intelligence analyst for the Federation of American Scientists told Wired, although he considers the harvesting of such data by the CIA as "problematic".

"Intelligence agencies or employees might be tempted to use the tools at their disposal to compile information on political figures, critics, journalists or others, and to exploit such information for political advantage. That is not permissible even if all of the information in question is technically ‘open source."


Phone fraud

There are real fears thousands of mobile phone users are being exposed to the risk of identity fraud, which could end up costing them thousands of dollars.

Charlie Brown joins the show with the risks involved.

1. The first risk is our increasing exposure to identity fraud through mobile phones

  • Mobile phones that are lost, stolen or recycled are exposing thousands of people every week to identity fraud.
  • According to recent data, there are approx 19 million mobiles in service and another 16 million stored away. Aside from those phones that are traded in, figures show almost 3200 mobile phones are reported lost or stolen each week.
  • When people trade these phones in or sell them on eBay they rarely think about protecting their identity and the identities of their friends who reside on the phone.
  • Experts warn that we should ensure that data stored on an unwanted mobile is erased, first by deleting the information and then by restoring the phone to its factory default settings.
  • We are also warned that when disposing of a mobile, we need to destroy its SIM card by snapping it down the centre before disposing of the phone.

2. The second issue ties in with the issue of identity fraud and has to do with a technological breakthrough that will allow text messages from mobile phones to be retrieved five years after they were deleted.

  • The new device, called an "XRY FORENSIC DEVICE" mines old SIM cards for long-erased nuggets of personal information.
  • Companies which handle mobile forensics for Australian police, private companies and suspicious individuals have started using the technology and say old text messages can be easily found within minutes.
  • The XRY forensic device costs $25,000

How the device works:

  • The XRY System can read SMS messages, phone numbers, address books, pictures, videos and much more from the mobile phone memory and the SIM-card .
  • You simply insert the SIM card into the XRY device, which is shaped like a hockey puck and connected to a computer..and it brings up deleted items from the phone onto the PC.
  • The tool supports more than 800 phone models and SIM cards and is easily connected to your PC.
  • The Sunday Telegraph tested the abilities of the XRY forensic devices last week and were able to retrieve hundreds of messages from a seven-year-old SIM card, including a "Merry Christmas" from December 25, 2005.
  • They were able to ascertain the owner's date of birth, home address, brother's name and high school attended - all from deleted messages.

How can deleted items be retrieved?

  • When you delete an item from your phone, it does not actually remove the item, but rather deletes the pathway to the item. The mobile phone you are using has just "forgotten" where on the drive that information is sitting but it is still there.
  • This information can last forever, depending on whether new information is copied over the top of it or not.
  • The problem is that we do not know when our deleted items have been replaced and when they are still in our phone, but unable to be retrieved by us.

Below are some examples of information that can be retrieved - even after they have been deleted:

  • Telephone books with names, numbers, etc.
  • SMS messages that have been sent, received and archived
  • Pictures
  • Calendar information
  • Sound files
  • Call logs
  • Multimedia messages

Wider implications

  • In decades past, phone memories could only handle text messages and a contacts book however the latest smartphones offer GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity and can download emails directly to the phone.
  • Consequently, there is now a vast amount of personal information that can be obtained using the forensic device.
  • People have always trusted their mobiles and have therefore been willing to feed personal information into them.
  • They often store their bank details, Tax File number etc. in their phones so there is a real threat of identity threat.
  • However, this new technology is incredibly effective for police, private companies and suspicious individuals keen to catch wayward spouses!

26 October 2009

KFC records 'purged' since allegation

Sales records and CCTV footage of purchases made at a Sydney fast food outlet the day a customer claimed she developed salmonella poisoning have been purged, a court has been told.

Monika Samaan, now 11, is suing KFC - through her father Amanwial Samaan - claiming she developed salmonella poisoning from a Twister he bought her at a KFC restaurant at Villawood on October 24, 2005.

KFC denies being responsible for her illness, maintaining there is no sales data to prove a Twister was purchased by Mr Samaan at the time he claims it was.

In the NSW Supreme Court on Monday, Mr Samaan's barrister, Anthony Bartley SC, told the court he believed a "substantial volume of documents" kept by KFC had been purged.

"The purge means we will never have the documents that might allow us to refute there was not a single Twister sold after 3pm on October 24 (2005)," he said.

"If we had those we would be able to match the amount of chicken cooked with the amount of chicken sold."

The court heard the sales records and CCTV footage of the sale were destroyed at the commencement of proceedings.

"We weren't able to find it in May '09," Mr Bartley said.

Mr Bartley is seeking to have KFC's computer records analysed, which he estimates will take three months and cost $100,000.

"We have to deal with these documents that should have been produced, at the latest, in May," he said.

Mr Bartley requested the case's hearing date of November 30 be rescheduled, to allow more time for the purged documents to be accessed and examined.

Justice Stephen Rothman asked for the request to be put in writing, so he can decide whether or not to adjourn the hearing date.

Lawyers for KFC applied to the court to amend its defence to deny that a Twister was bought by Mr Samaan.

"KFC emphatically rejects the suggestion of counsel for the plaintiff that any documents relevant to KFC's sales data have deliberately not been made available by KFC," KFC general manager Angus Armstrong said in a statement on Monday.

"These are totally unsubstantiated suggestions and appear to be an attempt to distract attention from the real issue, which, in light of the sales records, is proving Mr Samaan actually purchased the Twister from the store in the first place."

aap 26 Oct 2009

Show me the money!

Fun fact: women who consistently negotiate their salary increases earn at least $1 million more during their careers than those who don’t. Enticing?

Here are six easy steps to negotiating your next pay rise:

Step 1. Don’t wait to be offered
It’s time to stop being so polite; if you feel an offer is unfair, you should speak up. What’s more, negotiating only what your employer is presenting is silly in this day and age. Consider added benefits like further education, a laptop, a car or days in lieu.

Step 2. Talk yourself up
Have you noticed that those who are good at self-promotion get better jobs and more pay – even if they are not as good as you? Learning to "toot your own horn" is important. Ensure that if you are doing a great job that you let those who matter know about it.

Step 3. Learn about salary negotiation
Have you read any books or taken any courses on salary negotiation? Without this it is likely you lack confidence with salary negotiation, as you don’t now the rules or where to start. Start by educating yourself on the subject.

Step 4. Practice makes perfect
Role-plays, practicing in front of the mirror or in the car are easy ways to improve your negotiating skills. Ensure you adopt powerful and active language and remember there is always the option of a Negotiation Coach if you feel you need a little more support.

Step 5. Value yourself
Be clear about the value that you bring to your employer, the skills that you have and where you excel. Don’t take your expertise for granted - value yourself and others will also. Know your worth!

Step 6. Putting it all together
Begin with points one to five, research what the job market is paying in your sector, and have clear examples of where you have excelled at and why your employer should pay your more. A well-prepared business case is more likely to lead to a pay rise. Good luck, girls!


Another misrepresentation perpetuated by the mass media.

Influences NOT talked about in the article :
Company Politics or Masonic Influences,
which DO dictate whether ones gets a salary increase or NOT .

This perpetuated information gives the teenagers a nice and fuzzy feeling, and by no doubt does work, in the lesser significant positions.

NO ONE is irreplaceable in their position, and if they are replaced , more often than not by a cheaper worker.

Hollywood studios to ban stars using Twitter during productions

Cameron won't be tweeting about the next Shrek (Getty)

Executives for some of the American film industry's biggest studios are allegedly preparing to draft Twitter and Facebook clauses into the contracts of Tweet-happy Hollywood A-listers.

In a pre-emptive attempt to curb social media leaks from some of Hollywood's biggest stars and studio creatives, film executives and their legal advisors have begun tailoring confidentiality clauses to include Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media.

Speculation that contracts were being altered to include potential breaches of confidentiality via social networking sites increased when The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Disney had inserted just such a clause into its new talent contracts, specifying that confidentiality extended to "interactive media such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other interactive social network or personal blog."

"This is just the beginning,” a top talent lawyer told The Hollywood Reporter.

"Hollywood has a long history of controlling what talent says in the media. This is just a new area of media that hasn’t been controlled yet."

Until recently, it had been assumed that existing confidentiality agreements were expansive enough to include social media, but recent Twitter incidents involving actors, sportspeople and TV personalities have been enough to prompt entertainment lawyers into singling out social media platforms.


As mentioned in Eminiems song "We're the ones that made you"

You are a NOBODY. It's Hollywood that markets you to the masses, IRRESPECTIVE of your 'talent'.

If you are part of the 'club' then you have the million dollar salaries.

It's not only Hollywood that is unable to control what people write.

Governments also have little control over what people write, and 'free' speech is myth.

The control is exercised via the mass media which dos not post comments which it regards as 'dangerous'.

ps. Who really cares 'bout an actor posting about a movie.. Obviously people with no lives do.

The comments were sent to ninemsn. Lets see if they post them.


Update: Channel 9 has NOT published the above comment on the story.