10 August 2016

More lies from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

So here we have a company the provides more false information to the general populous.

The statement is made by the ABS that their online system will not crash (see illustration below)

The reality of the situation, as reported by many people on social media, is that the site IS down.

The corporate media did report this fact too.

Can you REALLY trust a business that provides you with false information?

We would not trust them with the neighbour's grandmother's info.

08 August 2016

Australian Bureau of Statistics sells YOUR data for $41 million

Tomorrow, 9th day of August 2016, ALL Australians are urged to fill in the census.

The government has even gone on a propaganda binge on television advertisements in order for people to comply.

Scare tactics are used that  fines of $180 per day will be implemented for each and every day the census forms are not returned.

Scare tactics are used that if false information is being given then fines will apply.

What 'fines' apply to the ABS (a West Australian business) if it gives false information to the people?

What fines apply when your privacy has been breached?

None of the major Rupert Murdoch publishing businesses  have cleared this up.

Are they not allowed to?

Do they only publish information in order for people to follow blind subservience without publishing ALL the details?

Well, what the Murdoch media outlet did publish is that last year the ABS sold information for $41,000,000.

Make no mistake about it, 'your' data is a commodity that corporations acquire and sell.


  • How can you trust the ABS with your private and confidential information?
You cannot - The heads of the ABS discussed plans to cross match Aussie's private info - in SECRET.

  • How can you trust that their data retention is secure?
The ABS cannot even have a simple (from an IT perspective) secure website that retains your data.

  • What lawfully enacted laws (read Acts) are there for you to comply with filling out the census form?

  • What lawfully enacted laws are there that allow the business ABS to 'fine' you?

The ABS has lied (read provided false information) to people with regards to its operation it cannot and should not be trusted with your "PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL" data. 

Another (Australian government?) business committing fraud at the expense of the general populous.

See attached illustration

Source supplied.

(Edit) P.S. You can obtain a copy of the Census and Statistics Act as it was enacted in 1905 from: