23 May 2020

news.com.au App - Do NOT download it!

Currently Australian television airwaves are littered with messages urging people to conduct an action in business/trade/commerce with the Rupert Murdoch media empire.

The empire needs you to purchase their app for viewing their content online.

There is ZERO benefit for you the user (or rather product/data generator) to purchase their app, but PLENTY of benefit to Mr. Murdoch's empire, enriching him further from the fruits of your labour data.

You should be aware that you can view the empire's 'content' on your smartphone (or other internet connected device) WITHOUT purchasing their app, by simply using a web browsing app.

A better solution that would protect your privacy a bit more would be using a privacy centric browser with a VPN where the exit node would be a country other than Australia.

So, why do they need you to purchase their app?

Well, this video should give you a bit of background as to why:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=673nJQEkhe0

Currently at the time of this writing, a browser stops the following trackers:

When the app is used, this content along with other PERSONALLY identifiable information will be available to Mr. Murdoch's business, which he will not even thank you personally for.

Now that's nasty.

21 May 2020

Government removing documents forcing to purchase app instead

People should comprehend that apps can (and many do) contain ‘malicious’ code which can be detrimental to the user’s (and their contacts) privacy and security.

With regards to the so called novel coronavirus, the mainstream media has demonised people who, for whatever reasons, do not wish to download the Australian Government’s COVID-19 app.

They coined the term “anti-appers” with the understating that it is analogous to “anti-vaxxers” also stating that it is as dangerous, where the claim is erroneous.

Since the advent of the novel coronavirus many have referred to historical documentation regarding viruses, death statistics and how government deals with for example the flu, etc, where the bulk of the information is in a document format called a pdf (Portable Document Format) file, which is totally independent of any mobile or personal computer platform.

So, if one does not download the (currently non disclosed source code) government COVID app, then they’ll extract the information they require another way.

They will remove the pdf files you seek, where the ONLY way to obtain the information, is to ‘purchase*’ the app, once again a closed source program, NOT open to public scrutiny, as it should be.

Remember the saying “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”?

So,  show ‘us’ the source code to the apps that you want us to purchase.

After all WE (the taxpayers) paid for those apps where we have EVERY right to know what the app is doing to OUR hardware.

'Forcing' persons to purchase (government) apps is part of the nanny state agenda.

* Purchase – The purchase of an app may be gratis, but you DO pay for it in other ways, where mostly you provide information to the app store and the developer which is used to generate profit for both entities.

18 May 2020

Google installs COVID-19 services WITHOUT your consent

If you don't download the Australian Government's COVID-19 app onto your smart phone, voluntarily, you'll get screwed another way, by the world's largest 'influenza'..

So, according the law of this colony, apparently all actions with regards to the novel coronavirus are to be done WITH your CONSENT.

In this globalist's 'digital economy' corporations do NOT give you a choice with respect to certain products, where like in this case above you get 'forced' to use the 'service' that they are providing or you do not use it all.

'Google Services' is a software suite that essentially is loaded up on all Android phones, irrespective of manufacturer which gives them the ability to communicate with the outside world.

With the latest update of Google Apps with the date of 16-May-2020, Google have decided to include a package which notifies on COVID-19.

While this may sound great, this is an action that you the 'consumer' (or is it the 'data generator' or rather the product) does not have a choice to opt out of, an action that is against Australian consumer law.

So, corporations are allowed to break the law, right?

Don't forget current Australian Government advertising states that you are protected by the law (LOL).

Facebook also requires you to act against Australian law, but this is not 'entertained' by the legal profession nor subject to scrutiny by the mainstream media.

China, eat your communism out!