14 September 2012

iPhone 5 pricing

The new iPhone 5 from Apple is coming to Australia, with a vengeance on your wallet.

 Many Apple fans will not only spend sleepless nights trawling the internet for information, but also line up in queues like cattle to be 'first' to get the new iPhone 5.

Apple's marketing genius, puts out alleged 'leaked' photos, to generate public interest in an otherwise uneventful product.

Apple deliberately chokes the technology given to the consumers, and lock the consumer out of the products capable features.

Bluetooth is a communications protocol invented by the Swedish firm Ericsson, and (nick)named after the Danish King Harald I, who had the ability to liaise with non communicative tribal groups during his reign circa 958 AD.

Apple has deliberately retarded the bluetooth technology so much so, that a Palm OS device from 10 years ago has better bluetooth connectivity, than the current incarnation of Apple's iPhone 4S, as a result Apple insulting the tribute to King Harald I.

Apple's 'bluetooth' should be attended to by an orthodontic engineer, and their current uneducated medieval tooth extractor be given the guillotine.

If such an insult were done to Apple's founder Steve Jobs, there would be an international incident hatched over the internet.

From Cnet's website, www.cnet.com/iphone-5

Release date and pricing
The iPhone 5 will be available in three capacity models, all of which will come in black and white versions. The 16GB is $199, the 32GB $299, and the 64GB $399. On September 21, it will go on sale in nine countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Anyone in that first batch of countries can preorder starting September 14. More countries will follow by the end of this month, and by the end of the year, the iPhone 5 will land at 240 carriers in 100 countries. As a reminder, the U.S. carriers are the Big Three: Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. 

Mentioned in the above text is the pricing for the new iPhone 5:
iPhone 5 16GB - $199,  iPhone 5 32GB - $299, iPhone 5 64GB - $399

The current exchange is 1AUD = 1.0588 USD

For example, from an 'Aussie' telco provider, Virgin, the current price for a 16 GB iPhone 4S is $824, or a staggering 4 times more than the price of a new iPhone 5 from the United States.

Whilst there can be excuses from telcos, governments, multinationals etc, as to the high pricing structure of electronic goods for Australian consumers, the bottom line is that the consumer is being blatantly ripped off.

All in good faith without the blink of an eye from the spineless Australian consumer watchdog the ACCC.

Motorists should be hit with congestion tax, consumer watchdog Rod Sims says

MOTORISTS should be slugged a congestion tax to reduce the costs of traffic jams, consumer watchdog Rod Sims says. 

The chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said charging people to drive on some roads at certain times was "contentious", but could fund badly needed public transport upgrades.
"Some combination of appropriate congestion charging on roads, careful use of the revenue raised, and increased efficiency is needed to address Australia's growing urban transport problems," Mr Sims said yesterday.
During a speech at the John Curtin Institute of Public Policy in Western Australia, Mr Sims called for governments to seriously consider the issue.
"The losses incurred on public transport are now so large that some state treasuries are resistant to expanding the public transport network," he said.

"Not only would congestion charging smooth out the peaks of road use, it could also help us address the issue of how we pay for urban transport infrastructure in the future."
He said traffic gridlock was a growing problem.
Australian Automobile Association executive director Andrew McKellar said the transport funding model was "broken" but congestion charges were not a silver bullet.
"We are a long way from seeing congestion charges as an acceptable funding mechanism in the short-term, it's not on the agenda," he said.
But he said Australian motorists were not getting bang for their tax bucks and that "in the long term some form of road pricing has to be part of the equation looked at".
Mr Sims's call comes after Australia's largest toll road operator said motorists would pay on more roads if they could see the benefits.
New Transurban chief Scott Charlton last week said that time-of-day pricing and tolled "fast" lanes could ease traffic snarls.
The Baillieu Government has ruled out congestion charges.

 heraldsun.com.au 14 Sep 2012

Governments deliberately fail to provide enough resources to cater for population growth.

The official Labour government policy is to rid the herd of private transport, as it is too easy for them to communicate.

The  execution of such a policy can be seen in the verbose comments and policies implemented by governments of the day.

The public are punished for breeding, and consuming, the very essence of a capitalistic society.

A communistic (evil?) regeme.

Outspoken RBA exec 'forced out'

THE whistleblower who exposed alleged corruption in two Reserve Bank companies told five top bank officials of his explosive concerns, only to be later forced out of his job and warned to keep quiet.

The revelations about what the former banknote executive Brian Hood has told federal police investigating the scandal raise serious questions about whether bank officials have risked breaking the law by misleading Parliament, covering up corruption or victimising a whistleblower.
The revelations increase pressure on bank governor Glenn Stevens, and add to calls for a full inquiry into the scandal, which involves allegations that foreign agents paid bribes while working for RBA subsidiaries.
Among evidence gathered by the federal police are documents in which Mr Hood claims that in 2008 - after raising corruption concerns - he was told by a top bank official, Bob Rankin, that his job ''had become untenable''.
The bank's deputy governor, Ric Battellino, whom Mr Hood personally briefed on the allegedly corrupt agents, allegedly told Mr Hood in 2008 that he should ''never'' again discuss the agent issues.
The sworn statement of the former Note Printing Australia company secretary, tendered in court yesterday, contradicts key parts of Mr Stevens' parliamentary testimony, including the governor's repeated assertion that the RBA did not know of alleged corruption inside NPA's sister company Securency before a 2009 media expose.
Mr Hood's statement reveals that in addition to telling assistant governor Frank Campbell in 2007 about alleged corruption involving both firms, he also shared his concerns with Mr Battellino the bank's chief auditor, Paul Apps, and its in-house lawyer. ''On June 5, 2007, I met with Battellino and Apps at the RBA office in Martin Place, Sydney, and I answered their questions regarding my knowledge of NPA management of agents.
''Mr Battellino then requested I prepare a written statement for the RBA and he then introduced me to Helen Brown (RBA's in-house lawyer) who would assist me.''
The memo Mr Hood wrote in 2007 was addressed to Mr Battellino and, among a range of explosive corruption warnings, including allegations that the ''extraordinarily high'' multimillion-dollar payments being made paid by NPA to a Malaysian agent may have been used to bribe ''officials and politicians''.
The 2007 memo also revealed that the Malaysian agent had lied about the fact that he was working for both Securency and NPA, an allegation Mr Hood repeated in court yesterday.
According to his police statement, Mr Hood was told by Mr Campbell in June 2007 that his corruption memo ''would be read by the deputy governor and perhaps the governor of the
RBA''. Mr Hood allegedly raised fresh corruption concerns involving NPA and Securency several times over the next 12 months, including with senior RBA officials.
His statement says that one of them, Mr Campbell, was ''supportive of my concerns''.
In August 2008, Mr Hood sent an email to Mr Rankin detailing ''some matters and behaviour [about NPA] which I wanted noted and acted upon''.
The matters included Mr Hood's claims that NPA boss and Securency director Chris Ogilvy had ordered Mr Hood to ''compromise'' internal investigations of suspected bribery.
Mr Hood also told Mr Rankin that he was being treated unfairly, with his duties as company secretary substantially reduced and having been offered a smaller pay rise than other senior managers.
Mr Hood's police statement says that after getting this email, Mr Rankin - the then chairman of NPA and Securency - ''came to Melbourne to meet with me''. He had indicated ''my position had become untenable … Rankin confirmed details of a redundancy which I accepted and I left … I therefore believe that my departure from NPA is more accurately described as a redundancy than a resignation, as described in my first [police] statement''.
It is a breach of Australian corporate law to victimise a whistleblower.
Mr Hood's statement also says that he told the AFP that he was ''considering taking action in relation to the circumstances of my departure'' from NPA.
Mr Hood's statement also says that senior RBA officials attended his farewell lunch in Sydney, during which Mr Battellino ''acknowledged my valued contribution''.
Last night, The Age contacted Mr Hood to ask him what ''action'' he had considered taking over his departure, but he declined to comment.
The federal police only learnt of the corruption concerns inside Securency and NPA in 2009, after an expose in The Age newspaper forced the reserve bank to call in the AFP.
Last year, the AFP charged several former executives of NPA and Securency with bribery offences related to business deals in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Nepal.
Mr Stevens has now repeatedly told Federal Parliament's economics committee that the RBA knew nothing about alleged corruption involving Securency before the media reports in 2009.
Mr Stevens has also repeatedly tried to separate the corruption allegations involving NPA and Securency. But Mr Hood told the court yesterday that ''the two businesses worked very closely together'', sharing the same chairman, former RBA deputy governor Graeme Thompson.
Mr Hood's statement also reveals the extent to which some of the RBA appointed directors of both firms, including Mr Thompson, allowed dubious corporate behaviour to continue in the face of warnings.

theage.com.au 14 Sep 2012

A common tactic of the powers at large is that they use intimidation, and the threat of job loss, and career loss to intimidate the whistleblower.

Amongst corrupt government and legal officials cases brought forward before the Anglo-Masonic courts are decided at the lodge level, and the public charade that follows is a mere farce.

Whistleblowers are the true unsung heros exposing corporate and government fraud.

Sex killer given bond for child porn

A convicted sex killer who admitted possessing more than 50 images of child abuse has been put on a four-month good behaviour bond.

Trent Jennings, 27, was charged with three counts of possessing child abuse material between December 2011 and January 2012.

The 52 images depicted children engaged in "sexual pose or sexual activity" and were found stored on computers and USB memory sticks, according to court documents.

Jennings pleaded guilty to the charges on September 6.

In Sydney's Central Local Court on Thursday, Magistrate John Andrews sentenced Jennings to a suspended sentence to be served in custody, with a good behaviour bond expiring in four months.

In December, Jennings spent five days on the run after failing to return from day leave from a secure psychiatric hospital in Morisset, south of Newcastle.

He was being detained for killing his gay lover, Giuseppe Vitale, during a drug-fuelled sex romp in 2003.

13 Sep 2012

Once again the policy of the Australian  government to let out sex criminals into the community in full swing.

People who pose not only a danger to the community but also the innocent children (of the masses) are let out.

There are claims that authorities are against child porn, therefore internet censorship is MANDATORY, but once these criminals are caught, they are released to re offend.

Since it is the general populous that is effected, there is no concern for the authorities.

Bodybuilder wins record for Popeye-like biceps

An Egyptian bodybuilder with 79cm-circumference arms has won the Guinness World Record for having the largest biceps. 

Dubbed the real-life Popeye, Moustafa Ismail said he got his cartoon-like muscles by pumping iron twice a day for 10 years, the Huffington Post reports.
The 24-year-old started bodybuilding in Egypt to stay fit but started concentrating on his biceps after receiving hundreds of compliments on his arms.
Is winning a world record worth the effort? Have your say below?
"My friends in the gym just couldn't believe how much my arms seem to grow so I began to really focus on getting bigger," Mr Ismail said.
Five years ago he moved his family, including his 30-year-old wife Carolina, to the US so he could get access to better gym equipment.
Mr Ismail now trains twice a day, with his first gym session at 5am, and can lift 227kg.
Nicknamed "Big Mo" by his friends, Mr Ismail's daily diet consists of 1.3kg of chicken, 0.5kg of steak or fish and four cups of almonds with three litres of protein shakes.
But Mr Ismail said that unlike the beefy cartoon character Popeye he is not a fan of spinach.

"People always say 'you remind me of Popeye the sailor man', this makes me laugh, the truth is I don't have any spinach in my diet, I can't stand the stuff," he said.
"I'll stick to my chicken I think — actually I think my arms are now bigger than the cartoon character."
Mr Ismail will appear in the Guinness Book of World Records 2013 when it launches in London this week.

ninemsn.com.au  13 Sep 2012

Obviously a slow news day on the corporate crime front, or fraudulent government business deals.

Nothing less expected from a trash tabloid for 'inaccurate' reporting.

Focusing on the morons of society takes a high priority, to keep the canon fodder amused

(Note: 'Popeye' has exaggerated forearms, as opposed to Ismail's biceps.)

Most readers  commented that either Synthol injected directly into the bicep or steroid use was responsible for the oversize biceps and not hard work as claimed by Ismail.

 See article:

12 September 2012

Man who raped his niece jailed for 18 months

A RAPIST who assaulted his teenage niece in a booze-fuelled attack has been jailed for 18 months. 

The man in his thirties, who cannot be named for legal reasons, raped the 14-year-old girl as she slept during a visit to her aunt's home in January.
The County Court heard today the father-of-three had spent the day drinking and fishing with his ex-wife's new partner before the attack.
The pair then continued to drink at the woman's house where the young teen was staying.
At one point during the day an argument erupted that prompted the woman to leave the home with the kids, including the victim.
After she returned it was decided the man was too drunk to leave and he was allowed to stay the night.
The court heard the 14-year-old girl was asleep on the couch when she was woken by the man as he raped her.
County Court judge Felicity Hampel said the man repeatedly apologised to the teen and told her he loved her.
''It was clear you knew what you were doing and that what you were doing was wrong,'' she said.
The teen pretended to be asleep and after the man fell asleep she escaped and told a friend who was staying at the home.
A complaint was later made to police.
The court heard the man was so drunk during the assault he could not remember the attack but didn't deny it happening when questioned by police.
Ms Hampel said the crime involved a ''serious breach of trust'' against the girl who deserved to feel safe in her aunt's home.
''You had known her since she was a baby, so you had seen her growing up. You had been in and out of each others houses throughout her life,'' she said.
''She regarded her aunt, your former wife, as her closes aunt.
''She should have been able to trust you,'' she said.
The court heard the man had no prior convictions and was remorseful but struggled with alcohol abuse.
A psychologist's report also found he had no paedophilic tendencies.
He was sentenced to a maximum of three years imprisonment with an 18-month non parole period.
He was also placed on the sex offenders register for 15 years.

heraldsun.com.au  6 Spe 2012

The legal system insults the victims and their families with these types of 'holiday' sentences.

The public are duped into believing that the law cares for victims of pedophilia (e.g. Internet censorship laws), but in actual fact criminals who are a danger to the community are let out to re-offend, and sometimes murder innocent people.

The politics is very clear in not changing the law.

This is how the law works 'against' the general populous.

Strip club staff offered illegal sex acts

Strip club staff offered illegal sex acts at Club Striptease in Richmond, court told

FORMER employees of a strip club operator charged with bribing a public official have told a court they regularly offered clients illegal sexual services.

Neil Hancock, who operated Club Striptease in Richmond, allegedly paid a City of Yarra official more than $12,000 in cash and cheques to warn him of raids in the area.
Hancock, and three co-accused, have been charged with more than 250 offences including making corrupt payments and operating as a sex-work provider without a license.
Giving evidence at a committal hearing for Hancock and Xue Di ‘Jenny’ Yan, 50, today several former Club Striptease employees told the court they regularly offered clients sexual services.
In a statement tendered to the court Anongwadee Kornsuthisopon said Hancock told employees they were employed to perform lap dances.
But she said girls often accepted cash payments for performing extra services.

“I had a conversation with Neil where he told me only to provide extras to regular clients that I trusted and to just dance for the new clients and not to say anything to them as we could get into trouble,” she said.
“He said we are not supposed to do more than that as we can get into trouble, but he said that is our choice and we can keep any money that we make from anything else.”
The court heard the dancers were paid about 40 per cent of the standard $70 fee for a 30 minute massage.
In another statement former dancer Stacey Browne-Peatling said she could make up to $150 on top of that by offering sexual services.
She said while Hancock made it clear no extra services were to be offered in the club, deals were done with clients behind closed doors.
“If a client wants something more he will ask…I will only do it if I feel comfortable,” she said.
“Neil doesn’t get a cut, he tells us not to do it, but he knows it goes on.”
The court heard Hancock made each dancer sign a contract agreeing to strict conditions, including not to offer sexual services, before they started work.
Previously the hearing was told Hancock paid a former council official, who cannot be named, in cash and cheques that ranged from $600 to $4000.
The council official, who was responsible for stamping out illegal brothels in his area, said he was well aware of illegal activities at businesses in Yarra council including in Richmond and Fitzroy North.
He said on one occasion he phoned Hancock to warn him police were about to raid his business and instructed him on how to hide any evidence of illegal activity.
''I remember speaking to Neil after this inspection and we joked about the fact that it was a close call,'' he said.
The council official was jailed for three years and two month in November last year after he pleaded guilty to accepting bribes.
Co-accused Hao Yong 'Tony' Tang, 50, Anton Lu, 51, have been committed to stand trial at the County Court in November.
The hearing continues.

heraldsun.com.au 11 Sep 2012

More corruption in government.

The Asian community in the Richmond is in control of the drug trade, and drugs are dealt on the streets in broad daylight in front of families and children.

The local police are  fully aware of the extent and are familiar with the characters that deal in drugs.

Corrupt police are taking 'drug money' as payoffs to keep quite.


11 September 2012

$10m tax cheat let go by ATO

Information has been obtained that has not yet surfaced in the corporate media, in the fraudulent world of banking and finance, that a Melbourne man, who will not be named, was given a free ticket by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Many tax cheats in the upper echelon of the business community are let go in secret by the Authorities. Some of Australia’s most prominent business names are on the list of untouchables.

The corporate media has reported on how property spruik Eugene Kukuy (aka Henry Kaye) was let off the hook, for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fraud, which in turn effected an estimated  billion dollars worth of real estate, in which only a small percentage of the millions in fraud was claimed in court.

The man cheated investors (the general public) as well as the taxation office to the tune of over $10 million, over a short period of time, the details of which are known, but will not be revealed.

The authorities, then allowed the man a name change, issued the person a passport, then allowed him to leave the country with finances intact.

It is through the support of the brotherhood’s network together with corrupt government departments including lawyers, judges and police that certain people are allowed to get away with these crimes.
These are not isolated incidences but rather a taboo in the mass media, not to expose the corrupt network behind the individuals.

So who is left to mop up the tax balance? The general population, in so called ATO ‘stings’.

Nine years' jail for speeding Vic driver

The death of a young Melbourne woman has put a speeding drink driver in jail for nine years and left her grieving friend with a message for hoon drivers: Just give it a rest.

Peter Dean, 28, was sentenced to more than nine years' jail over the high-speed crash that killed Laura Hallinan, 19, in July 2011, as well as a separate offence of having sex with a minor.
Laura was one of six passengers in an overcrowded car driven by Dean, who had an estimated blood alcohol reading of .09 and was speeding at about 128km/h when he lost control at a bend and crashed into a guard rail and two trees.
"It just shows that speed and alcohol don't mix," a friend of Laura's, identified as Matt, told reporters after Dean was sentenced in Victoria's County Court on Monday.
"So all the hoon drivers out there, maybe give it a rest, because we've just lost someone close."
Judge Meryl Sexton said Dean had been drinking at a hotel with friends on the night of the crash and had had his licence suspended that day for a speeding offence.
Six friends had piled into the car to be driven home just after 11pm on July 14, with Dean the only one wearing a seatbelt.
As he sped down Diggers Road in Werribee, one of his passengers yelled at him to slow down.
"You either did not do so or were driving too fast to do so (in time)," Judge Sexton said.
"Given the speed at which you were travelling on 14 July (and previous speeding offences), it would seem you have a tendency to travel well beyond the speed limit and you would have known this when you set out to drive these young people home at night ..."
The other five passengers and Dean survived with injuries.

Dean was also sentenced to two years' jail for sexual penetration of a child under 16, for having sex with a "vulnerable" 13-year-old girl in April 2011.

After pleading guilty to all charges, Dean's total sentence came to nine years and two months, with a minimum term of six years and 10 months.

10 Sep 2012

Unfortunately Trailer Park Trash of this caliber exist in society, and take the innocent lives of others.

They also have the freedom to breed indiscriminately with others further perpetuating their faulty genes unto innocent children.

Also the individual is a convicted pedophile. 

The government let out this criminal only to re-offend and ultimately take the life of another.

Nokia apologises for 'fake' ad

Telecom giant Nokia has apologised after being caught "faking" a demonstration of its new smartphone camera in an advertisement. 

The video clip, which screened on Wednesday at a media conference, purported to show how the company's new flagship Lumia 920 smartphone had a built-in camera with a special feature that could eliminate blurry images.
The ad shows a model riding a bicycle while a young man holding a Lumia 920 smartphone takes her photo using optical image stabilisation.
But the advertisement has been ridiculed online after eagle-eyed viewers spotted the reflection of a professional camera operator in a window behind the young woman.
Nokia claimed this week it did not mean to mislead viewers into believing the ad had been filmed with its new smartphone when it was in fact made with other equipment.
"We apologise for the confusion we created," Nokia wrote in a blog post entitled An Apology is Due.
"In an effort to demonstrate the benefits of optical image stabilisation (which eliminates blurry images and improves pictures shot in low light conditions), we produced a video that simulates what we will be able to deliver with OIS."
"Of course, hindsight is 20/20, but we should have posted a disclaimer stating this was a representation of OIS only. This was not shot with a Lumia 920. At least, not yet," the Finnish company added.
Nokia, once the world leader in mobile phones, has been struggling in recent years, losing market share as consumers move to smartphones powered by Apple's iOS or Google's Android operating system.
The company enjoyed more than 40 percent of the global mobile phone market in 2008. It no longer provides its global market share figures, but has reportedly seen the number drop below 20 per cent.
The company launched a new strategy a year-and-a-half ago, phasing out its Symbian smartphones in favour of a partnership with Microsoft.
On Wednesday it presented two new Windows-powered phones, the Lumia 820 and 920. While analysts were generally favourable to the phones, most suggested they would have a hard time competing with Apple's new iPhone 5 due to be launched next week.
The Nokia share price slumped more than 10 percent after Wednesday's launch, and shed another 3.0 percent in Helsinki on Thursday.
In June, the company announced 10,000 job cuts would be needed on top of the 12,000 layoffs already announced in the past 18 months, and an additional $2 billion in cost cuts by the end of 2013.

ninemsn.com.au 7 Sep 2012

Nokia was fully aware of the depicted deception, but go caught out.

Now Nokia will be fined in the European courts?

Comment from ninemsncom.au readers:


I hate it when companies do this. But they all do it. No one has enough faith in their product to use the features they're selling (or pretending work like they say). Take a look at any ad with video playing off of a device. It has been edited in afterwards to make it look clear. Because video chat would look horrible if they showed it running in real life compared to post editing it in.

I mostly just hate that they said "Nokia claimed this week it did not mean to mislead viewers into believing the ad had been filmed with its new smartphone". Seriously?? Who the hell believes that. We know they do it. They're just sorry they were caught.

I personally think there should be laws that require any fake material pretending to be real should be clearly labeled as such. It's false advertising that's been allowed for too long.

Kris Smith moves on

The news she’s been dreading and he’s been keeping quiet. Dannii’s baby daddy has a new flame.
The photos of her estranged partner Kris Smith in a romantic embrace with his new love, Australian model Maddy King are sure to break Dannii Minogue’s heart. Despite the loved-up new couple’s best attempts to hide their relationship — swapping cars to elude photographers, entering and exiting buildings separately — the secret is out.

During the recent Myer fashion parades, the brunette Dannii look-alike was ensconced in a room with Kris at the Swissotel Sydney in the CBD. However, their best efforts to fly under the radar failed when Kris insisted on Maddy joining him for his 34th birthday celebrations last week and the two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. After dining at The Village in Kings Cross, the couple moved on to Bondi’s trendy The Bucket List, where Woman’s Day caught them kissing and cuddling in front of fellow diners including Sydney Roosters footballer Anthony Minichiello and wife Terry Biviano.

It appears Kris has shuffled off the cloak and dagger. Friends close to the handsome model and father of son Ethan with Dannii, 40, say he has been terrified of going public with his new love fearing it may cause problems with Dannii. The former couple are said to be keeping things civil for Ethan’s sake, and Kris is determined to keep it that way.

“Kris loves his little boy and will always respect Dannii as Ethan’s mum,” a friend of Kris’s says. “The last thing he wants to do is rock the boat with his ex or Ethan.” “He knows everyone is watching his every move,” another mate adds. “It wasn’t easy being Mr Dannii Minogue in Melbourne and it’s not a whole lot easier being the ex-Mr Minogue, anywhere.” But there is no use in hiding the fact it’s over.

ninemsn.com.au 4 Sep 2012

Who really care about these 'entertainment' nobodies?

Something the children of the masses can 'aspire' to.

Vic crash victim's family 'disgusted'

The son of a woman who was killed when a fellow resident crashed a car into their Melbourne retirement home says he's disgusted that the driver's previous record was suppressed from the jury.

Helen Higginbotham, 92, died instantly when John Stein's sedan ploughed through her bedroom wall and landed on her while she slept at the Lexington Gardens retirement village - where he was also a resident - in Springvale on May 12 last year.

A Victorian Supreme Court jury found Stein's culpable driving caused Ms Higginbotham's death, but he's been deemed unfit to stand trial due to a mental disability from an acquired brain injury following a serious car crash in 1968.

Stein, who was 63 when he crashed his car into Mrs Higginbotham's room, was driving unlicensed and police recorded his blood alcohol reading at 0.174 after the crash.

Ms Higginbotham's son Brian wept as he told the Victorian Supreme Court on Monday how his legs "went to jelly" when police came to his house on the morning of the crash.

He said he was dismayed that Stein's previous drink-driving convictions - five dating back to 1995 - couldn't be used as evidence in the case.

"I am disgusted that when such evidence is crucial to the outcome, we as a family have to suffer knowing this has been hidden," he read from a statement.

Ms Higginbotham's granddaughter, Kellie, wept as she told of the "nausea, disbelief (and) disgust" she felt at losing her nan, whom she described as an intelligent woman who loved knitting and gardening.

Justice Paul Coghlan extended Stein's bail and ordered him to appear in court on October 15.
He said while Stein was liable for a 10-year supervision order, more information was needed to decide whether that should be served in custody.

  10 Sep 2012

Another example of 'Laws for Criminals', and how the system favours the 'criminal'.

In this case the government has let out an individual how has caused the death of another.

If the victims were judges sons mothers or other family members, then the law would be changed immediately, but since the effected people are canon fodder, there will be no change.

The government 'verbosely' opposes 'speeding' as the main cause of death on Australian roads, yet does nothing to stop other from killing innocent people.

The law makers are NOT effected in the smae manner as the general community.

Jobless rate false information

The Australian government is involved in a conspiracy to deliberately provide false information regarding unemployment figures.

It is not the first time this or any other government has provided fraudulent information on a specific topic for a specific agenda.

Recently government has been caught out providing fraudulent information regarding Melbourne’s crime statistics, with the disgraced resignation of the then current police top dog Simon Overland.

There are many reason for providing fraudulent information, but in the case of unemployment figures, Australia’s entire economy rests on these figures.

The banking and finance industry adjust their figures according to the jobless rate which in turn promotes the figures for economic growth.

The general mental status of the population is also taken into account with the release of figures, which also affect the retail industry.

Corpau has mentioned on a few occasions how the government’s official figure is fraudulent, with a deadly silence from the reporters of the corporate media.

Publically exposing the fraud of the government’s official jobless rate can affect the economy to the tune of billions of dollars per annum, something that the brotherhood will not allow.

The financial industry uses the more plausible figure the Roy Morgan puts out, for May 2012 of 8.2% compared to the government’s official figure of 5.1%, even though the figure is still optimistic, and other sources have been known to use the figure closer to 9.5%.

The public are being duped by the government, and since the government’s lap dog is the corporate media, the mindless masses are unable to be woken up to the reality of the severity of the situation.

10 September 2012

Kids helped Vic mum with drug business

A Melbourne mother who involved her 14- and six-year-old daughters in her heroin trafficking business, sometimes sending them to collect the drugs, has been jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Kim Huynh, 43, was buying heroin from a neighbour in her commission flat at Fitzroy and distributing it to two dealers, whom she called her "soldiers", to sell to customers.
The drugs were collected by either Huynh or her 14-year-old daughter and both were often accompanied by Huynh's six-year-old daughter.
Huynh was jailed for a minimum two years by Victorian County Court judge Joe Gullaci on Thursday after pleading guilty to a charge of trafficking heroin from December 2009 to July 2010.
Judge Gullaci said the six-year-old was present with her older sister on multiple occasions when the teenager was sent to the neighbour's apartment to carry out drug-related business for her mother, either delivering money or collecting heroin.
"You conducted your business using your 14-year-old daughter as a conduit between yourself and your supplier," Judge Gullaci said.
He said while investigators had established Huynh had purchased 154 grams of heroin to run her "busy trafficking enterprise", there was clear evidence she had trafficked more than that, although the amount could not be precisely determined.
He said Huynh had deliberately tried to minimise her offending to attract sympathy during sessions with psychologist Dr Carla Lechner, who said Huynh was mildly intellectually disabled and trafficked heroin to pay a $40,000 debt to her neighbour.
Judge Gullaci said there was a concerning trend where psychologists simply accepted an offender's attempt to "put the best possible spin" on their criminal conduct without attempting to verify their claims by accessing evidentiary material.
He said Huynh had not been deterred by a previous wholly suspended jail sentence she received for trafficking heroin and that any intellectual disability had had little impact on her capacity to run a successful heroin trafficking business.
"You were able to organise and run a well-planned and executed trafficking business which included the use of your own daughters to hide or prevent detection," he said.

6 Sep 2012

The drug trade in Australia, also particularly Melbourne, Victoria is in the hands of Asian and Middle Eastern crime gangs.

The trade is worth an approximated $1,200 million per month.

Involving one's children is also classified as child abuse, but there will be no repercussions.

There is no policy to eradicate the drug trade from within Australia.

Top politicians, law firms are involved in drug consumption, a fact that the  corporate media is not allowed to expose.

09 September 2012

Safety fears over ADHD drug

AN attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drug, rejected for a government subsidy because of "uncertain safety" in adults, is being subsidised for children and was used by more than 19,000 kids in the past year.
A subsidy for the medicine Concerta, a long-acting form of Ritalin, was recently knocked back for adults by the government's expert Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) "on the basis of uncertain efficacy and safety in the proposed PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) population".
The PBAC was concerned about the "highly uncertain cost to the PBS" if it subsidised the drug, with experts speculating this could be because it could potentially be diverted for illegal use.
Anti-ADHD drug campaigner MP Martin Whitely, says it is a "seemingly absurd inconsistency that the medicine is not considered safe enough for adults but is considered safe for children".
"If it isn't proved to be safe enough for adults there is no way it should be given to children," he said.
A spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Ageing said the Therapeutic Goods Administration had assessed Concerta as "safe and effective for adults. However, in making its recommendation I can confirm that the PBAC took into account the cost effectiveness of the drug in comparison with alternative therapies for adults," the spokeswoman said.
The electronic Medicine Compendium website, which provides information from the drug company Janssen-Cilag the manufacturer of Concerta warns: "Long-term use of methylphenidate has not been systematically evaluated in controlled trials."
The drug has been linked to a (10mmHg) rise in blood pressure in children, sudden death in those with cardiac abnormalities, can potentially make aggression worse, cause the onset of tics and reduced weight gain and growth retardation.
An eight-year West Australian study on the use of psychostimulants in children found they increased the probability of a child medicated for ADHD falling behind at school by 950 per cent.
Child psychiatrist Jon Jureidini, who heads the department of Psychological Medicine at Flinders University, says he thinks the drug is prescribed for too many children and given there is a rare chance it could kill children with heart problems it should be used "very rarely".
Janssen-Cilag told the PBAC the medication was already subsidised on the PBS for adults who were diagnosed with ADHD before they turned 18.

dailytelegraph.com.au 9 Sep 2012

Another policy to experiment on the children of the canon fodder.

A 'disease' manufactured by the 'authorities' to control the masses.