27 December 2020

EFF to Ninth Circuit: Don’t Grant Immunity to Notorious Spyware Company

EFF filed a brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in support of WhatsApp’s lawsuit against notorious Israeli spyware company NSO Group. WhatsApp discovered last year that NSO Group had breached its systems and enabled NSO Group’s government clients to hack into the mobile phones of approximately 1,400 users in April and May 2019. A federal judge allowed the case to move forward earlier this year and NSO Group appealed.

NSO Group sells its “Pegasus” spyware, which enables surreptitious digital surveillance of mobile devices, exclusively to government agencies across the globe. The company is arguing that it should therefore be granted “foreign sovereign immunity,” a longstanding legal doctrine that says that foreign governments should generally have immunity from suit in U.S. courts for reasons that focus on preserving stability in international relations, also called “comity.”

EFF supports WhatsApp’s arguments that foreign sovereign immunity is inappropriate for private corporations, and submitted our brief to further argue that no corporation, whether foreign or American, should be granted immunity for contracting with foreign governments, especially when those governments use a company’s powerful surveillance technology to violate human rights.

We explained that surreptitious surveillance tools not only invade privacy and chill freedom of speech and association, they can also facilitate physical harm—from unlawful arrest to summary execution.

EFF’s brief provided examples of how NSO Group, via the WhatsApp hack, helped its client governments target members of civil society, including Rwandan political dissidents and a journalist critical of Saudi Arabia. We also highlighted other examples of NSO Group’s complicity in human rights abuses, including many perpetrated by the Mexican government against journalists and the wife of a murdered journalist.

Corporate complicity in human rights abuses is a widespread and ongoing problem, and the Ninth Circuit should not expand the ability of technology companies like NSO Group to avoid accountability for facilitating human rights abuses by foreign governments.

Source: eff.org

25 December 2020

The US has suffered a massive cyberbreach. It's hard to overstate how bad it is

This is a security failure of enormous proportions – and a wake-up call. The US must rethink its cybersecurity protocols

‘The only reason we know about this breach is that the security company FireEye discovered it had been hacked and alerted the US government. We shouldn’t have to rely on a private company to alert us of a major nation-state attack.’ Photograph: Patrick Semansky/AP

Recent news articles have all been talking about the massive Russian cyber-attack against the United States, but that’s wrong on two accounts. It wasn’t a cyber-attack in international relations terms, it was espionage. And the victim wasn’t just the US, it was the entire world. But it was massive, and it is dangerous.

Espionage is internationally allowed in peacetime. The problem is that both espionage and cyber-attacks require the same computer and network intrusions, and the difference is only a few keystrokes. And since this Russian operation isn’t at all targeted, the entire world is at risk – and not just from Russia. Many countries carry out these sorts of operations, none more extensively than the US. The solution is to prioritize security and defense over espionage and attack.

Here’s what we know: Orion is a network management product from a company named SolarWinds, with over 300,000 customers worldwide. Sometime before March, hackers working for the Russian SVR – previously known as the KGB – hacked into SolarWinds and slipped a backdoor into an Orion software update. (We don’t know how, but last year the company’s update server was protected by the password “solarwinds123” – something that speaks to a lack of security culture.) Users who downloaded and installed that corrupted update between March and June unwittingly gave SVR hackers access to their networks.

This is called a supply-chain attack, because it targets a supplier to an organization rather than an organization itself – and can affect all of a supplier’s customers. It’s an increasingly common way to attack networks. Other examples of this sort of attack include fake apps in the Google Play store, and hacked replacement screens for your smartphone.

SolarWinds has removed its customers list from its website, but the Internet Archive saved it: all five branches of the US military, the state department, the White House, the NSA, 425 of the Fortune 500 companies, all five of the top five accounting firms, and hundreds of universities and colleges. In an SEC filing, SolarWinds said that it believes “fewer than 18,000” of those customers installed this malicious update, another way of saying that more than 17,000 did.

That’s a lot of vulnerable networks, and it’s inconceivable that the SVR penetrated them all. Instead, it chose carefully from its cornucopia of targets. Microsoft’s analysis identified 40 customers who were infiltrated using this vulnerability. The great majority of those were in the US, but networks in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, the UK, Israel and the UAE were also targeted. This list includes governments, government contractors, IT companies, thinktanks, and NGOs … and it will certainly grow.

Once inside a network, SVR hackers followed a standard playbook: establish persistent access that will remain even if the initial vulnerability is fixed; move laterally around the network by compromising additional systems and accounts; and then exfiltrate data. Not being a SolarWinds customer is no guarantee of security; this SVR operation used other initial infection vectors and techniques as well. These are sophisticated and patient hackers, and we’re only just learning some of the techniques involved here.

Recovering from this attack isn’t easy. Because any SVR hackers would establish persistent access, the only way to ensure that your network isn’t compromised is to burn it to the ground and rebuild it, similar to reinstalling your computer’s operating system to recover from a bad hack. This is how a lot of sysadmins are going to spend their Christmas holiday, and even then they can’t be sure. There are many ways to establish persistent access that survive rebuilding individual computers and networks. We know, for example, of an NSA exploit that remains on a hard drive even after it is reformatted. Code for that exploit was part of the Equation Group tools that the Shadow Brokers – again believed to be Russia – stole from the NSA and published in 2016. The SVR probably has the same kinds of tools.

Even without that caveat, many network administrators won’t go through the long, painful, and potentially expensive rebuilding process. They’ll just hope for the best.

It’s hard to overstate how bad this is. We are still learning about US government organizations breached: the state department, the treasury department, homeland security, the Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories (where nuclear weapons are developed), the National Nuclear Security Administration, the National Institutes of Health, and many more. At this point, there’s no indication that any classified networks were penetrated, although that could change easily. It will take years to learn which networks the SVR has penetrated, and where it still has access. Much of that will probably be classified, which means that we, the public, will never know.

And now that the Orion vulnerability is public, other governments and cybercriminals will use it to penetrate vulnerable networks. I can guarantee you that the NSA is using the SVR’s hack to infiltrate other networks; why would they not? (Do any Russian organizations use Orion? Probably.)

While this is a security failure of enormous proportions, it is not, as Senator Richard Durban said, “virtually a declaration of war by Russia on the United States” While President-elect Biden said he will make this a top priority, it’s unlikely that he will do much to retaliate.

The reason is that, by international norms, Russia did nothing wrong. This is the normal state of affairs. Countries spy on each other all the time. There are no rules or even norms, and it’s basically “buyer beware”. The US regularly fails to retaliate against espionage operations – such as China’s hack of the Office of Personal Management (OPM) and previous Russian hacks – because we do it, too. Speaking of the OPM hack, the then director of national intelligence, James Clapper, said: “You have to kind of salute the Chinese for what they did. If we had the opportunity to do that, I don’t think we’d hesitate for a minute.”

We don’t, and I’m sure NSA employees are grudgingly impressed with the SVR. The US has by far the most extensive and aggressive intelligence operation in the world. The NSA’s budget is the largest of any intelligence agency. It aggressively leverages the US’s position controlling most of the internet backbone and most of the major internet companies. Edward Snowden disclosed many targets of its efforts around 2014, which then included 193 countries, the World Bank, the IMF and the International Atomic Energy Agency. We are undoubtedly running an offensive operation on the scale of this SVR operation right now, and it’ll probably never be made public. In 2016, President Obama boasted that we have “more capacity than anybody both offensively and defensively.”

He may have been too optimistic about our defensive capability. The US prioritizes and spends many times more on offense than on defensive cybersecurity. In recent years, the NSA has adopted a strategy of “persistent engagement”, sometimes called “defending forward”. The idea is that instead of passively waiting for the enemy to attack our networks and infrastructure, we go on the offensive and disrupt attacks before they get to us. This strategy was credited with foiling a plot by the Russian Internet Research Agency to disrupt the 2018 elections.

But if persistent engagement is so effective, how could it have missed this massive SVR operation? It seems that pretty much the entire US government was unknowingly sending information back to Moscow. If we had been watching everything the Russians were doing, we would have seen some evidence of this. The Russians’ success under the watchful eye of the NSA and US Cyber Command shows that this is a failed approach.

And how did US defensive capability miss this? The only reason we know about this breach is because, earlier this month, the security company FireEye discovered that it had been hacked. During its own audit of its network, it uncovered the Orion vulnerability and alerted the US government. Why don’t organizations like the departments of state, treasury and homeland security regularly conduct that level of audit on their own systems? The government’s intrusion detection system, Einstein 3, failed here because it doesn’t detect new sophisticated attacks – a deficiency pointed out in 2018 but never fixed. We shouldn’t have to rely on a private cybersecurity company to alert us of a major nation-state attack.

If anything, the US’s prioritization of offense over defense makes us less safe. In the interests of surveillance, the NSA has pushed for an insecure cellphone encryption standard and a backdoor in random number generators (important for secure encryption). The DoJ has never relented in its insistence that the world’s popular encryption systems be made insecure through back doors – another hot point where attack and defense are in conflict. In other words, we allow for insecure standards and systems, because we can use them to spy on others.

We need to adopt a defense-dominant strategy. As computers and the internet become increasingly essential to society, cyber-attacks are likely to be the precursor to actual war. We are simply too vulnerable when we prioritize offense, even if we have to give up the advantage of using those insecurities to spy on others.

Our vulnerability is magnified as eavesdropping may bleed into a direct attack. The SVR’s access allows them not only to eavesdrop, but also to modify data, degrade network performance, or erase entire networks. The first might be normal spying, but the second certainly could be considered an act of war. Russia is almost certainly laying the groundwork for future attack.

This preparation would not be unprecedented. There’s a lot of attack going on in the world. In 2010, the US and Israel attacked the Iranian nuclear program. In 2012, Iran attacked the Saudi national oil company. North Korea attacked Sony in 2014. Russia attacked the Ukrainian power grid in 2015 and 2016. Russia is hacking the US power grid, and the US is hacking Russia’s power grid – just in case the capability is needed someday. All of these attacks began as a spying operation. Security vulnerabilities have real-world consequences.

We’re not going to be able to secure our networks and systems in this no-rules, free-for-all every-network-for-itself world. The US needs to willingly give up part of its offensive advantage in cyberspace in exchange for a vastly more secure global cyberspace. We need to invest in securing the world’s supply chains from this type of attack, and to press for international norms and agreements prioritizing cybersecurity, like the 2018 Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace or the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace. Hardening widely used software like Orion (or the core internet protocols) helps everyone. We need to dampen this offensive arms race rather than exacerbate it, and work towards cyber peace. Otherwise, hypocritically criticizing the Russians for doing the same thing we do every day won’t help create the safer world in which we all want to live.

Source: The Guardian

23 December 2020

Police use fear, deception and bluff: S.A. pizza bar worker COVID outbreak

Propaganda is a very powerful and efficient tool, as it’s relatively ‘cost effective’ (i.e. cheap).

With the help of the mainstream media police/'authorities' use fear, deception and bluff to subdue the government’s number one enemy, that being the people.

Remember when the authorities went ballistic on the pizza bar worker for 'lying', the police stated that they're going to get him, etc, etc?

Well guess what, it was all a bluff.

They could not do anything whatsoever!

Just a reminder that after providing your details (name & address), you do NOT have to answer any questions from police.

Ask the questioning officer, if you have to answer any questions.

Please note that the so called test that results in 'cases' is flawed as described in the following article of the headline:

The COVID test that yields ‘cases’ not fit for purpose as ruled in EU court

20 December 2020

QR Codes Can Not be Enforced – Tracking and Tracing is un-constitutional

The internet is rife with people posting misinformation.

The following is just another example of (deliberate) false information.

A content creator on YouTube by the handle of Beardy 33 made a video stating that QR codes cannot be enforced as per Australian federal legislation called the “Privacy Amendment Act” or to be more specific the Privacy Amendment (Public Health Contact Information) Act 2020.

He stated that under section 94F of that Act “QR codes are not mandatory and any employee forcing a customer to use a QR code can face up to 5 years jail time”

He went to the trouble of printing a “PUBLIC NOTICE”, telling you what to do with the information.

See his instructions:

(This video has since been deleted, which appeared at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-Xj8HKArD4)

This sounds EXCELLENT, as we love our (god given?) freedoms that governments take away from us.

So what do you do?

You go out and print these 'flyers' and then harass business owners, right?

Well the is a huge problem with this, because the information you show this business owner is actually false information.

Nowhere in the section of that Act, does it say anything about QR codes, any action being 'mandatory' or any employee 'forcing' a customer.

The section that he is referring to factually states the following:

94F  COVID app data in the National COVIDSafe Data Store

             (1)  A person commits an offence if:

                     (a)  the person retains data on a database outside Australia; and

                     (b)  the data is COVID app data that has been uploaded from a communication device to the National COVIDSafe Data Store.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 5 years or 300 penalty units, or both.

             (2)  A person commits an offence if:

                     (a)  the person discloses data to another person who is outside Australia; and

                     (b)  the data is COVID app data that has been uploaded from a communication device to the National COVIDSafe Data Store; and

                     (c)  the person is not a person who:

                              (i)  is employed by, or in the service of, a State or Territory health authority; and

                             (ii)  discloses the data for the purpose of, and only to the extent required for the purpose of, undertaking contact tracing.

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 5 years or 300 penalty units, or both.

See legislation at: https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2020A00044

After we made him aware of his deliberate spreading of false information, his response was completely off topic:

It seems that ol' Beardy's brain cell is a bit fried, or he's just another 'constitutional' flog, like Wayne Glew, but that's another story.

14 December 2020

Police use fear, deception and bluff: Melbourne lockdown protests

Propaganda is a very powerful and efficient tool, as it’s relatively ‘cost effective’ (i.e. cheap).

With the help of the mainstream media police use fear, deception and bluff to subdue the government’s  number one enemy, that being the people.

Not too long ago, Melbournians had enough of the unlawful restrictions put on them by the premier Daniel Michael Andrews, where they organised protests in the city centre.

So, in comes the (Victoria Police) budget friendly, media liaison officer working ‘together’ with the mainstream media's so called ‘journalists’.

They put it out there that VicPol is going to come down hard on the protesters.

They said that there are going to be drones out there in the sky, installing fear into the minds of the insubordinates of the authoritarian (as opposed to democratic) state.

So, how many drones did they have at their disposal at the time?

Oh, just a couple.

What was their range/flying time?

Oh, about half an hour.

It was that easy to scare the ‘constituents’ into not having their say.

To show them who’s boss, in an authoritarian state.

Well, from what we know they’re still called ‘public servants’, where taking that literally means that the people (i.e. the ‘constituents’) are their boss.

Well, the people sure don’t act like a boss.

More like uneducated, beer and footy loving cowards.

You want to be a boss?

Well ‘act’ on it:


Want to make a difference?

38,000 of you did in the class action of Andrews vs ANZ.

Do the same for other actions, or the same score will be played over and over again:

Gov:1, People:0

10 December 2020

The COVID test that yields ‘cases’ not fit for purpose as ruled in EU court

Governments around the world are basing their COVID ‘cases’ scenario, based on a flawed RT-PCR test.

Remember when we brought to you an actual test result from a COVID test, back in July?


As stated in the documentation within the above post, the test is practically useless.

See the following documentation in articles of the following headlines:

Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it:



A global team of experts has found 10 FATAL FLAWS in the main test for Covid and is demanding it’s urgently axed. As they should:



External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for false positive results:


08 December 2020

COVID vaccine documentation has two versions


The corporation, Pfizer, responsible for bringing the COVID vaccine to the masses has released documentation to its vaccine.

One document for the plebs:


And another version for healthcare professionals:


07 December 2020

Class action lawsuit omitted from report?

With every so called 'bungle' (which is more of a 'money for mates' deal), any legal action that follows after is a big deal, so much so that it gets reported when that bungle is mentioned.

Well Serene Teffaha, from advocateme.com.au was the first(?) to start a class action against the government with regards to the 'hotel' quarantine.

(See class action under the heading of false imprisonment at https://www.advocateme.com.au/copy-of-ahpra, which is now closed)

So, did the Australian Broadcasting Corporation mention this?

They didn't?

It's as if they 'work' for the government.

Oops, they do, because they get paid by the 'government'*.

<Ctrl f> away to your heart's content, for Serene Teffaha within their article:


* - state/federal, whatever!

02 December 2020

Porsche Design ’luxury’ brand gone cheap

Some phone manufacturers have teamed up with ‘luxury’ brands (companies that charge a premium on a product for using their name), where the consumer is led to believe that the product is more superior to the run of the mill item that the plebs purchase.

Using sports or luxury vehicle manufacturers is one such ploy.

BlackBerry did it with Porsche Design, OnePlus with McLaren, Oppo with Lamborghini and Huawei is on board with Porsche Design after BlackBerry.

The key differences to owning a luxury brand phone is the different use of materials and form factor of the device, as seen with the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 vs the Bold 9900.

This was the fundamental premise for shelling out organ donor sum for such a device.

Naturally, this was the case when Huawei teamed up with Porsche Design implementing their design philosophy (whatever that means).

In 2017, Huawei implemented Porsche Design changes to their Mate 9, yielding funnily enough the model name: Huawei Mate 9 Porsche Design.

While the silhouette may have looked similar, the PD phone was more compact, it had a smaller yet better (higher resolution) curved OLED 5.5” screen (vs 5.9, IPS), 6GB of RAM (vs 4GB) and 4 times more internal storage (256GB) than standard phone.

This theme was carried through to the next model, where even after that one, phone aficionados would notice that the newest Porsche Design Mate RS would differ from its mere mortal (the P20 Pro) in the location of the camera module.

And that’s where it stopped.

Huawei went on the cheap with their so called Porsche Design product.

The Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Design, had the same specifications (dimensions, screen size) as the Mate 20 Pro except for the cow skin wrap around the back.

Nothing ‘exclusive’ about that, not a big deal on the software theme or slightly different looking back panel, especially once it’s covered.

The newest incarnation of the cheapening process applied by Huawei is in the form of a Huawei Mate 40 RS Porsche Design.

See video comparison:


01 December 2020

We’ve eliminated coronavirus from the community, but what if...

(Article, Herald Sun, Thu 26 Nov 2020)

Friday the 27th of November 2020 is a monumental day for Victorians as they have eliminated the coronavirus from the community, without any sort of vaccine, remembering that the first case according to Australia’s Department of Health was in Victoria on the 25th of January 2020.


According to the authorities, after 28 days of no (alleged) ‘cases’, which can be erroneously assessed, the SARS-CoV-2 virus is considered ‘eliminated’ from the community.

Great, as the taxpaying ‘mums and dads’ did not have to spend a cent on a vaccine.

So what happens if there is an alleged case in Victoria?

Who is to ‘blame’ for that?

The answer is quite simple, the government or rather the people in government.

So, who should you sue in case of financial hardship?

Why not start with the state, the premier and the party the premier belongs to and others responsible.

In any event before suing any persons, you must seek the correct legal advice prior to any action.

25 November 2020

What should happen to Australian war criminals?

The Australian Government is an organisation that commits war crimes.

In this instance it has been caught out, where the crimes have been made public, you know like in the ‘Collateral Murder’ exposé by Julian Assange, where the mentality of those in power is to shoot the messenger, quite literally, rather than prosecute the perpetrators of war crimes.

There are no doubts that many more war crimes were committed by those in the Australian Government, but  the iron curtain of secrecy can be too heavy to move.

The motto they tell the serfs “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”, does not apply to those in government, where they have everything to hide.

Australia, being a colony, has something in play what we call ‘Penal Colony Policies’ where one of those policies is that those in power rule in secrecy without any sort of transparency to the serfs.

We should be reminded that with regards to Australia, what should happen and what happens in reality are two different things, especially when it comes to criminal activities.

So what should happen to those Australian war criminals?

Quite simply put, they should be shot.

In accordance with the law, of course.

Do the research yourself, you might find some other interesting stuff along the way.

20 November 2020

QR code fraud by the Dan Andrews government?

People should comprehend that any sort of government action must be supported by the correct paperwork.

If the government tells its people that they must do something, this must be carried out according to the law, and passed through lawfully.

The people in government have acted illegally with many reactions with regards to the so called pandemic, where so far they have gotten away with it.

MANY people have been arrested unlawfully by (say) Victoria Police where they should/must seek a remedy in terms of suing police, but this is another topic for another post.

So, as a result of your newly granted freedoms by the government of Victoria, for the purpose of contact tracing you allegedly must scan a QR code at various premises, especially eateries otherwise you will not obtain service.

Apparently you are 'encouraged' to scan a QR code before you enter a supermarket, e.g. Woolworths.

What happens if you do not own a smart phone?

Are you being discriminated against by the government/business?

What happens if you have not got your smart phone on your ‘person’?

Remembering that you do not have to have [their] driver licence on your person if you’re over 26 years of age (See Road Safety Act 1986, Section 19 (8).

So, if this is a (Victorian) government mandate, show us the law i.e. Act where it states that people must scan QR codes.

Otherwise is this another business transaction you should decline.

Show us the lawful tender process which gave the owners of guesthq.com.au the rights to obtain your details.

Show us the code where the data goes.

This is ‘just’ another fraud like the covid apps the government told people to use, which at the end of the day was a 'money for mates' job and was a totally useless exercise for the purported purpose of preventing further infections.

Please note: We do not recommend scanning QR codes for the purpose of 'contact tracing'.

19 November 2020

Victorian government falsifies COVID test results

He (Daniel Michael Andrews) has done it (falsified reports) before, now he’s doing it again.

Ever thought that the so called ‘cases’ are miraculously zero, given the allegation that the mainstream media was reporting outbreaks in the low class suburbs of Melbourne just not that long ago?

We've obtained information from a reliable government source that stated last week that the Dan Andrews government has been falsifying the COVID test results, for the output to be zero under all circumstances for one very specific reason.

That reason is not for the benefit of the people, so that they can be together to be together, instead of staying apart.

That reason is not for the mental health of those who suffered being isolated, or who withdrew from society or have obtained mental health issues, as a result of Dan Andrews’ ‘directions’, integrating back into society.

The only reason we have been given a figure of zero cases is for an action which we have given it the term an action in business/commerce/trade.

That action is just one word.


Now the real question is when it’s over, will we get a miraculous spike in so called ‘cases’ in 2021 just like South Australia did now?

18 November 2020

How effective were the government mandated masks?

Do as we say and not as we do

One law for us another for you.

(Picture taken when the masses were told to wear masks. Source: supplied)

Whatever the deal is with the government of this colony, you can be sure with regards to the so called pandemic, when it comes to instructions what the serfs 'must' do, its doesn't make (biological) sense.

You were told that you must wear a mask outside of your home.

For example when you are walking down a suburban street where there is no one else around, you must wear a mask.

When you are in a park and there is no one else around you, your mask must be on your face.

Doesn't make sense right?

So no one can accuse us of 'fake news' (lol), let's not forget the article by the Sydney Morning Herald that a 'Farce mask' is only safe for 20 minutes.

If the government of this colony told you to wear masks on your body, most would WITHOUT any questioning:

This was just another psyop in subservience by your friendly sociopaths in government, where the herd passed with flying colours.

So without further adieu, see how effective the government mandated mask wearing was within the video (~20min, 56MB @ 720p):

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcm8Sc8f66o

Note: The video has since been removed by Google.

See video at alternative site:


17 November 2020

Canadian government exposed in PsyOp against its people

The Canadian government is on a propaganda response in order to cover up a psychological operation, against its primary enemy the general population.


The Canadian army composed a letter that looked as if it originated from the government of Canada in relation to install fear into the general population with regards to wolves.

The ‘authorities’ (government, army, police) and mainstream media news outlets are enacting a task that we call Public Behaviour Modification Program (PubBeModPro) in order to influence the herd population to whatever action/reaction or ‘corner’ those in power want.

Think it’s not happening in Australia?

See Victoria, under Daniel Michael Andrews.

See video (59.3MB, 19m35s):

If the video does not load see it at:


Source: https://www.corbettreport.com/the-canadian-military-declares-war-on-canadians-propagandawatch/

16 November 2020

Corporations lie where you just have to catch them out

[People in] corporations lie, they lie a LOT, where you ‘just’ have to catch them out, but that may not be as easy as it may seem.

Have the corporations that you require safe and secure communications from like the courts, banks or financial services institutions communicated via Zoom?

If so, then your person’s private and confidential data may have been exposed where those corporations may not even know about it or even if they do then they could hide that fact from you as this may affect their profits if ‘customers ‘ leave due to insecure data storage/transmission.

Please note that email is also not secure, where crucial or identifying data is transmitted via plain text across the internet, yet many corporations require you to communicate with them via email therefore compromising your (and NOT their) privacy/security when the data is being transmitted.

Please also note that your email on ‘free’ email service providers is scanned/read by other people, where this should be stated on the terms and conditions.

See more within link:


11 November 2020

How to check if companies support your online privacy

In today’s interconnected world your online privacy is of utmost importance which is overlooked by many users confusing this topic with online security.

Very briefly, online security is with reference to your online presence being ‘secure’ from say hackers, where your browsing is done via https instead of http or an up to date software or hardware firewall protecting your internet connected devices from being broken into.

Anti-virus software may not be beneficial to your privacy/security, as it gives rise to other issues, where this is a separate topic not part of this article.

Online privacy is in relation to your online presence not being tracked to your person or your identity.

Your 'identity' can come in many forms such as your phone number, IMEI/IMSI, your internet connected device's unique serial number, email, Apple/Google login, your online social media identity name and of course your government registered legal name.

Your identity can be captured in many ways today, where your Apple or Google smart phone is the biggest data sieve.

This is one of the reasons why governments and corporations ‘entice’ people to use apps on smart phones rather than the website via a personal computer.

As a brief example, using your favourite social media platform on a personal computer via a browser will not give extra information from sensors your smart phone has including your location, barometric conditions or even the room’s lighting conditions or how far away your are from your Wi-Fi router which can be obtained from the app despite what you are lead to believe when you use software switches in relation to those sensors.

Methods such as browser fingerprinting and device fingerprinting are used to identify you personally in both smart phone and personal computer devices.

You are encouraged to use your smart phone for various types of payments whether it be from financial services companies, transport operators, retailers etc where this is one of the worst actions you could do in relation to your privacy.

People should also be aware of the fundamental component in identifying you on the internet that being your IP  (short for Internet Protocol, from TCP/IP) address, you know a number like, allocated to you by your internet service provider.

IP anonymising services like VPNs or TOR have been around for quite some time in protecting your privacy, where pop culture or rather Hollywood has associated this with illegal/criminal activity.

It would be akin to using the logic to ban vehicles or highways because criminals use these to make their getaways.

More people should be using IP anonymising services and helping TOR expand in order to protect their online privacy.

The more people use it the better your online privacy becomes.

So, as an example to see if a company or government values your privacy, use a VPN or TOR to see if you can access their website.

In this case we used ‘Services Australia’ or the old Centrelink where we obtained this result:

This shows that the Australian Government does not value your online privacy, therefore also your online security.

10 November 2020

Sexual exploitation rife in Australian politics

Something has come out of the woodwork that the authorities would have liked to have kept hidden from the general population.

The cesspool of Australian society lives in federal/state politics in the form of white collar criminals, working together with their ‘brethren’ within corporations set up for exclusive money for mates deals at the expense of  ‘mums and dads’ tax payers.

Many of these deals are to the detriment of the general population as a whole, as a result of falsified tenders or so called budget blow outs which in reality are ‘bonuses’ for the contractors that keep them in the job for longer unnecessarily.

One aspect of all this corruption and illegal activity is a well kept secret within the rich and powerful, and that is the sexual exploitation of women.

Paedophilia is also rife in certain arms of government as put into the public arena by Bill Heffernan, but this is not the main topic of this article.

While some women are opportunistic whores others are victims silenced through the fear of losing their job, career and as a result their livelihood.

How can you trust a politician of a colony to do right by you, an unknown entity, if this person of low moral/legal standards is a predator to someone he knows.

Realistically this is the tip of the iceberg, where no doubt the media will not expose nearly enough corrupt predatory politicians it should.

08 November 2020

Andrews’ government COVID directions unlawful, High Court

Daniel Michael Andrews has given many ‘directions’ to Victorians without any lawful backing whatsoever.

The so called curfew from 8pm to 5am, and many other directions were not legally enforceable.

On Friday, the ABC reported that the High Court reinforced the stance of ‘freedom of movement’ for Victorians, therefore throwing out the alleged validity of the so called 'ring of steel', that being a 25km restriction of movement for Victorians.

Any fine issued under this pretense is invalid. DO NOT pay it!

Daniel Michael Andrews stated that business owners will be fined exorbitant amount under his so called COVID restrictions.

Those fines are not issued lawfully, and therefore once again DO NOT pay them.

Any so called directive by Andrews / whichever health officer etc, has not been followed up by a proper enactment of the law to back it up.

Therefore all the COVID fines have been issued unlawfully.

So, for the third time DO NOT pay the fines!

P.S. No one has addressed the mask, issue of that directive not being in ‘force’ lawfully.

Daniel Michael has 'mislead' the Victorian people.

We urge you to seek legal advice in suing Andrews and the Labor Party.

07 November 2020

Influencers, what they want you to believe vs reality

(Illustration: Kim Kardashian and arse (two different entities, where one is made up of silicone))

In today’s world I.T. (Information Technology) is more important than ever, more important than when personal computers became affordable to the serfs (now referred to as ‘consumers’).

Today’s mainstream media’s so called journalists are far from that, but rather corporate whores subservient to a narrative passed on from their bosses.

The mainstream media gets you to focus on ‘influencers’, usually another corporate whore with a large arse crack barely hidden behind some thin material.

Sure this ‘influencer’ may have a bearing on the direction of the herd population in a retail or maybe even political sense, but the real influencers are hidden from public view.

The mainstream media, Google, Alphabet Inc., Jigsaw, Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, Palantir, Twitter  and more, unseen or unknown to many people are some of the major ‘influencers’ on the planet where they censor the information you obtain from the metadata you emit from your internet connected devices where the data comes back to you personally.

See more on this topic as explained by Rob Braxman,

in the video, Your Politics are Profiled - Intro to Palantir and Jigsaw!:

02 November 2020

Warning: government mandated QR code a privacy breach

So, once again the boffins in government have put your (not their) privacy in danger, with a so called ‘rule’ that if you are to enter a business premises you MUST scan a QR code in order to partake in a business transaction within the premises.

You have zero guarantee of where your data is going, nor have you been given the opportunity to review the programming code as to what it does behind the scenes.

It seems that there are no limits as to the assault on your privacy that the self serving politicians in government will go to in order to obtain your data.

Now, now, let’s not use the SARS-CoV-2 virus as an excuse.

"[These] conditions really lend to mistakes that people will regret later on. With privacy, once you've lost it, it's kind of gone forever."

See article by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in the following link:


31 October 2020

Apple does not allow the iPhone 12 to be repaired by third parties

Apple claimed that the iPhone can have basic repairs made by third parties.

Does this also hold true for the iPhone 12?

It seems that Apple does not allow your (that's right YOUR, not theirs) iPhone 12 to be repaired by external repair companies.

It seems that Apple have embedded 'anti 3rd party repair' technology into the iPhone 12, so that Apple can rip off the customer for repair costs.

Please note: We do not recommend the use or purchase of Apple products.

Realistically, Apple should be sued, again! 

See video:


Government to enact medical monitoring illegally (i.e. without your knowledge or consent)?

Whatever the oppressive régimes of the world can think up of, or conspiracy theorists lament over, in a colony at the arse end of the world, a communist agenda labor premier of the small state of Victoria, by the name of Daniel Michael Andrews, has put together Orwellian/draconian ways that would make the other tyrants blush (to a delightful shade of orange?).

See video (0.8MB, 37s), and listen to his words carefully:

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz2tOIz3yUA

Welcome the new era of slavery, as approved by the people, since silence is acquiescence.

Australia, the real life penal colony, where soon you will not be able to leave it unless they allow it, under whatever pretext they see fit.

Once these new measures are implemented, they will never be removed, that's how it's always worked.

30 October 2020

Government’s ‘false’ report delayed

What’s the delay in producing the hotel quarantine report?

Well, the answer is not as complicated as you may think.

Quite simply put there are two versions of reports when it comes to matters of this calibre.

A ‘true’ one, and another for public consumption.

The public were given a rare glimpse into the behind the scenes operations of government departments recently, with the ‘wrong’ report making it out into the public domain that being the ICAC report into corruption of Gladys Berejiklian

See article: https://corpau.blogspot.com/2020/10/corrupt-government-hides-true-report.html

In any event aren’t courts supposed to be ‘courts of public record’ or isn’t this a public interest matter, because it is we the ‘public’ that funds the criminals in government?

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear, right?

25km ‘ring of steel’ but for who?

So, the authorities will have you believe that 'no person is above the law', as they spruik this fallacy where there are too many examples to the contrary.

Well what about rules?

For a start, rules are made to be broken, and most importantly rules are not law.

So the ‘rule’ that is being spruiked by the Daniel Michael Andrews (Communist supporting) Labor Party is that Melburnians are under a strict 25km 'ring of steel'.

Which ‘Melburnians’?

Well the serfs, silly, you know the plebs that travel in their automobiles.

On the 29th of October two flights originated from Essendon Airport (IATA: MEB, ICAO: YMEN) that being VH-FOX (Lindsay Fox’s) and VH- XNR at approx 08:05.

Now if we are to implement this so called ring of steel around Melbourne, then if a pleb was to travel from Essendon Airport, then the allowable distance would be the outer Melbourne town/suburb (the boundaries are geeing blurred nowadays) of Mickleham.

Not so if you’re in Lindsay’s (we're on a first name basis) chopper.

You can go as far as Broadford if you like, approx 72km away or even further.


What gets interesting around Broadford, is that XNR’s transponder is switched off, where FX1 went to Tullarook.

Now you see it, now you don’t.

So what happened around Broadford/Tullarook that the serfs weren’t allowed to see?

Isn’t is so much fun breaking the ‘rules’, especially, when you're not a serf!

28 October 2020

Police behaving badly (read: illegally)

The colony has gone feral! 

MANY people do not comprehend that when interacting with police, the police can and do lie to people every single day.

The police also commit illegal activities against their victims, that being the person usually being arrested.

It is of paramount importance to record interactions with police and obtain the names of the men/women arresting you in order for you to obtain a remedy at a later point in time, either from their place of employment or the policeman/woman directly, in a lawsuit.

The 'problem' is the police act illegally and with impunity.

People MUST take action against illegal activity of police personnel.

See video from Kings Way, South Melbourne:

27 October 2020

Facebook, Palantir using AI from the data you feed it against you

(Illustration: Mark Datazuckerberg, a blend of the character Data from Star Trek, and Mark Zuckerberg)

Zuckerberg claims no knowledge of Palantir's involvement with the Facebook, Cambridge Analytica scandal, was the headline of a couple of years ago.

What a liar!

How can you trust someone with lies of this calibre?

How can you trust ANY Facebook company like Instagram or Whatsapp with your data?

Well billions of people worldwide do.

Next thing they’ll tell you that Whatsapp (or Messenger) is ‘secure’ or ‘private’ when it comes to communications.

Well guess what, it’s not!

A better solution would be to use an open source program, which has been peer reviewed by security experts (not by tech dweebs on YouTube) and given the thumbs up.

An even better program would be one that does not require an identity hook, like your phone number of email address, but that’s a whole different topic for another time.

Facebook should be called Facecrook base on its actions, where the pictures you upload of all your family members end up global databases where people who did not ask to be tracked or maybe even consent to their photo being put on Facecrook have now been catalogued.

We’ve seen people upload ALL their family snaps from an occasion/celebration onto ‘social media’.

What for?

Haven’t the ‘public’ been tortured enough with (say) 40 of your photos, from almost  every angle of your retarded relatives?


What, you want to ‘show off’ how great your existence is, where in reality it’s a farce you’re portraying on social media?

Facecrook not only scans text before it’s posted on the advertising medium, but also uses AI to scan screen captures or photos to identify objects that it considers inappropriate, especially in relation to political campaigns or the virus situation, or independent articles from the mainstream media’s directive, where the US company is basically throwing the First Amendment under a bus.

Facecrook also acts illegally in Australia, where the government boffins have not picked this up, raising the question of how much the Australian tax payers are paying for this incompetence, but again that is another topic for another time.

Facecrook also uses slave labour from countries like India, with full support of the governments concerned.


It seems that people will never learn, where it truly shows that they love all forms of slavery that they’re in.

Corporations: 2.7 billion (Facecrook users, allegedly),  Slaves:0

See also:

Facebook’s billions are backing two tech direct listings on Wednesday: Palantir and Asana

26 October 2020

About Google:- What the msm tells you vs What you should know

This is what the mainstream media tells you about Google:

This is what every internet connected person who uses Google should be aware of:

Video source:


Can Google really be effected by a government of a colony?