02 October 2010

Government deliberately slowing traffic down

(illustration: St. Kilda Rd, Melbourne)

In Melbourne Australia, one of the government's NEW hidden agenda's is to make car travel more difficult for the masses.

The aim is to do this gradually, so the masses do not revolt, not that they will.

Major roads that lead in and out of the city, that were previously 2 lanes are now reduced to 1 lane.

Another major drawback is that it
creates larger traffic jams, in which the masses waste more time in their cars.

The government in Sydney has already tauted that it wishes to declare the Central Business District (downtown) a car free zone.

The Labour government has already made it public in the 1970's and 1980's that if it were up to them, cars for the masses would be reduced, as it gives the people too much freedom.

This policy is already being put into place. It is not a new policy, and is also implemented by the opposing Liberal government but in a different manner.

(illustration : Albert Rd, East Melbourne)

The Labour government's new policy is to take 'old' cars off the road, (using the 'save the environment slogan' which makes people warm and fuzzy (subservient) ) as the government claims that the majority of pollution is caused by the 'old' cars, which is totally false.

Australia apparently only contributes approx 1% to the total green house gasses emitted, whereas the world's third world countries like China and India are the largest polluters, and NO actions / sanctions are being taken.

The end game is quite simple in that the politics are to restrict the movements of the masses giving whatever excuse that is supposed to be for the 'benefit' to the masses.

Apple video conferencing - Old Technology New for Apple

In Australia, the current TV commercials focus on Apple's iphone 4 'new' ability to make a video conferencing call.

The product is 'cleverly' marketed to the younger generation, using the very strong emotion of love to get people to buy the product, i.e. that you can only see your loved one on an iphone 4.

What is a forgotten fact that in Australia, it was possible for the masses to make video conferencing calls in the 3 network in 2004 on such phones as the NEC 606.

Apple is portraying a 'new' technology whilst actually being 6 years behind.

With the iphone 4, Apple has retarded its bluetooth technology in such a manner that it cannot communicate with other (e.g. Nokia) mobile phones in order to transfer data.

Apple's is deliberately retarding technology for its consumers, and still behind the rest of the manufacturers.

These are the politics of the monopolies, and the worst part about it is that people STILL buy the inferior products.

01 October 2010

NBN could cost households 'an extra $3000'

THE electrical industry has contradicted Julia Gillard over the costs of connecting to the National Broadband Network.

It has argued that some households could pay up to $3000 in rewiring costs to take full advantage of the superfast internet service.

As the Prime Minister defended the NBN, vowing that connection of fibre to the house would be free, it emerged the government made a new cash injection into the project despite the fact that it is yet to respond to the implementation study into the $43 billion project.

Documents filed to the corporate regulator reveal the government put a further $350 million into the project on July 21 -- two days after the writs were issued for the election.

Despite the government's insistence that connections to the home would be free, a row continued over the costs of taking full advantage of the network, which will produce speeds of 100 megabits per second.

Ms Gillard clashed with Sydney radio personality Ray Hadley when questioned on whether it would cost between $2000 and $4000 to rewire his house to take full advantage of the NBN.

"You are simply not right to raise this fear of cost for people," the Prime Minister said.

"That is not right, that is not what has happened. It is simply not true."

Ms Gillard said people did not pay a fee to have fibre rolled out to their home but if they wanted to use the fibre they would pay a service provider.

But opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb seized on the clash, accusing the government of deliberately avoiding discussion of "any of these issues so that people will be deceived into believing that this is costless and it's all paid for in their taxes".

The National Electrical and Communications Association confirmed it was likely residents and some businesses would have to pay if they needed new wiring and outlets to take full advantage of the NBN.

Association chief executive James Tinslay said that once the NBN had installed fibre-optic cables, residents would still need to equip their homes with new cables and devices.

"Residents will need to consider what technology they wish to embrace when the NBN reaches their front gate, and it is very likely that many households will need to be retrofitted with new cables, wiring and outlets to access new services."

Mr Tinslay said a standard retrofit could cost up to $3000.

"However, the big unknown at this stage is what the cost will be for getting fibre-optic cables from your front gate into your living room," he said.

Mr Tinslay also raised concerns about the safety of workers installing the NBN, saying there were still no training standards or cost estimates for a scheme to prepare thousands of people for dangerous work near powerlines connecting homes to the fibre-optic network.

"Our main concern is letting government know that there are dangers here and they need to make sure that there are no safety issues along the way, because they will cop it from everybody if they do," Mr Tinslay said.

Some of the major safety concerns included eye injuries caused by tiny glass filaments and high-energy light pulses capable of destroying sight in milliseconds.

Documents filed with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission show the government last month more than doubled its initial $312m equity injection in NBN Co, which is rolling out the network, taking its total to more than $650m.

According to the ASIC records, the share issue was made on July 21, two days after the government entered caretaker mode.

But a spokesperson for NBN Co denied the equity injection was made after the caretaker call, saying the ASIC documents were submitted before writs were issued.

It is expected the extra equity will be used to further the rollout of the NBN in Tasmania and the first release sites on the mainland, and for operational expenditure.

Former Optus senior executive Paul Fletcher, now the Liberal member for Bradfield on Sydney's north shore, said connection to the NBN was a real issue.

"If you're delivering 100mbps to the front door then you will need in many cases to change the internal wiring," he said.

Mr Fletcher said if customers did not upgrade their home wiring they could use wireless technology to connect all the rooms to the network. But he said that would not deliver high-speed internet, video and telemedical services simultaneously to multiple devices throughout the home.

The Coalition has vowed if elected to scrap the NBN and substitute a modest $6.3bn network using existing copper, wireless and HFC cable technology.

But householders wanting to distribute access to the Coalition's pipe would face the same problems as those on the NBN.

The NBN Co is using three towns in Tasmania as a test case for the mainland rollout of its $43bn network.

It is urging residents in the Tasmanian test towns to sign up by the end of the month for free installation of "network termination units" -- the box required to hook a home into the NBN so internet service providers can switch on the 100Mbps broadband services.

About half the households have agreed so far, and it is not known if extra costs will be incurred by those who decide against having the fibre network connected.


The first steps to the Censorship of the Masses,

paid for by the masses,

as NO government is going to wear the costs.

The people are being DUPED that the speeds are for THIER benefit,

forgetting the 'hidden' agenda.

Ex-Mac banker admits to insider trading

FORMER Macquarie banker made a $1.4 million profit buying shares based on insider information.

Oswyn de Silva, 37, admitted to making 12 trades armed with insider information between 20 December 2006 and 26 April 2007, Sydney's Central Local Court heard today.

De Silva has previously described Macquarie as an "inhuman" place to work which forced "people to perform" and admitted to abusing cocaine and had suffering from depression. He added that he had changed his mind about the bank after he received a termination payment when he resigned because of complications with his HIV illness.

Today, the court heard that de Silva had purchased shares and contracts for difference (CFDs) in eight different companies, making a gross profit of more than $1.4 million, while working at Macquarie in Singapore

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission alleged that at the time he bought the shares he knew or should have known that his company was also about to buy large volumes of the same security, which would cause their price to increase.

"Shortly after acquiring the securities and CFDs he disposed of them for substantial profits, often selling the securities directly to Macquarie Investment Management," ASIC said.

"This type of insider trading is commonly known as ‘front running’."

On March 24 this year, de Silva was sentenced to at least six months in prison for contempt of court after he attempted to flee Australia despite a court ordering banning him from doing so.

The matter returns to the Central Local Court on 29 September for sentencing.

Another example of a so called 'lone' rogue individual.

Realistically the Fall Guy for a web of deceit.

Jewish 'clue' found in nuclear cyberattack

VIRUS claimed to have attacked Iran's first nuclear facility carried Israeli calling card, experts say.

The Stuxnet worm sparked awe and alarm in the world of digital security when it was first identified in June, with analysts claiming it was so powerful, the wealth of resources needed to develop it made a nation-state the most likely culprit.

According to security software experts and analysts, Stuxnet may have been designed to target the Iranian facility at Bushehr and suspicions have fallen on the US as well as Israel.

Iran said this week that Stuxnet is mutating and wreaking havoc on computerised industrial equipment there but denied the Bushehr plant was among the facilities penetrated.

No one has claimed credit for Stuxnet and a top US cybersecurity official said last week that the United States does not know who is behind it or its purpose.

Now the New York Times reports that a piece of code dug out of the worm includes a reference to the Book of Esther, the Old Testament story in which the Jews pre-empt a Persian plot to destroy them, and is a possible clue of Israeli involvement.

A file inside the Stuxnet code is named "Myrtus", an allusion to the Hebrew word for Esther, and is a possible Israeli calling card, the Times said.

The other possibility is the reference was placed there as a "red herring" designed to throw investigators off the track or stir political tensions between the two countries.

The Times said the US has also "rapidly ramped up a broad covert program, inherited from the Bush administration, to undermine Iran’s nuclear program".

It noted that there was no consensus among security experts about who may be behind Stuxnet but said "there are many reasons to suspect Israel's involvement".

Israel has poured huge resources into Unit 8200, its secretive cyberwar operation, and Stuxnet may be a "clear warning in a mounting technological and psychological battle" with Iran over its nuclear program, the newspaper said.

The Times said Ralph Langner, a German computer security consultant, was the first to note that "Myrtus" is an allusion to the Hebrew word for Esther.

Shai Blitzblau, head of the computer warfare laboratory at Maglan, an Israeli company specialising in information security, told the Times he was "convinced that Israel had nothing to do with Stuxnet".

"We did a complete simulation of it and we sliced the code to its deepest level," he said.

"We have studied its protocols and functionality. Our two main suspects for this are high-level industrial espionage against Siemens and a kind of academic experiment."

Stuxnet specifically attacks Siemens supervisory control and data acquisition, or SCADA, systems commonly used to manage water supplies, oil rigs, power plants and other industrial facilities.

The self-replicating malware has also been found lurking on Siemens systems in India, Indonesia and Pakistan, but the heaviest infiltration appears to be in Iran, according to researchers.

Once resident inside a system, Stuxnet simply waits, checking every five seconds to see if its target parameters are met.

Once they are, it triggers a sequence - the code DEADF007 - that forces the network's industrial process to self-destruct.

"After the original code (for the entity's regular process) is no longer executed, we can expect that something will blow up soon," Mr Langner told The Christian Science Monitor earlier this week.

"Something big.

So now, as with any individual writing a virus

the International Law Community will encarcerate

the people responsible for this act of TERRORISM.

Y E S ??? !!! ???

Taxi Industry Insurance Fraud

In light of the many overseas 'students' coming into Australia, there is another repercussion to this, a matter that has greater consequences than first imagined.

The overseas students that come into Australia, take up Australian Jobs whilst on student visas.

This means that they are working illegaly, also at a lower rate, as a result NOT paying tax, of which the Australian Tax Office is fully aware of, BUT does NOT do a 'sting', as the word would get out, and stop the influx of migrant 'students'.

These 'students' provide fake taxi identification, which is also illegal, AND as a result are uninsured.

This means that in the event of an accident, the driver is unable to pay for any liability.

It is illegal to drive a car without registration (which consists of compulsory insurance ) on Australian roads, yet a BLIND EYE is turned for the uninsured Taxi drivers.

Buy a degree in Australia

In recent mass media news, a Melbourne based learing institute has been the centre of an education scam.

The Royal Melbourne Institue of Technology (RMIT) has been caught out 'giving' degrees to overseas students.

Unfortunately this is NOT an isolated incident, and is only the tip of the iceberg on a NATIONAL SCALE.

Information obtained from a University source, has indicated that ALL Australian Universities subscribe to this kind of 'business'.

The DOLLAR VALUE is of extreme importance to the Universities. The Universities employ marketing personnel overseas to market the Uni's in order to entice rich families to send their childeren to Australia.

This in effect has a disasterous result of Australian students who do not get a placement due to the overseas 'dollar'.

Current overseas students are being 'given' (by direct or indirect payment to the Universities) degrees who cannot read or even write English with astonishing pass rates for the overseas pupils.

This is supporteds by government's and businesses alike as it generates an entire economy, i.e student housing, travel agencies, etc

It is estimated that billions of dollars are obtained from this fraudulent business.

This fraudulent business practice will NEVER be stopped only the people opposing it be silenced.

3 months rain and still NO WATER

Over the the winter that has passed, Victoria and consequently Melbourne, has experienced some of the coldest ( since 1992) and wettest period in quite some time.

Despite the record breaking rains, in which the authorities / engineers are fully aware of their cycles referred to as the 10 year floods or the more distant 30 year floods, there STILL is a drought in Victoria.

The authorities have been deliberately keeping the real figures away from public scrutiny, and saying that the dams are always at a low level, as it has not rained there (blaming it on an occurrence beyond their control - easy).

In order to combat this the government has enlisted a private company to build a desalination plant at the expense of the general populous.
It's real cost is being masked by the government, with the excuse of it being a private tender.

The government (people owned utility) has fraudulently sold off the selling of water into private hands.

In line with the global politics of the new world order, in which ALL government / public owned utilities MUST become the property of private companies, ultimately being 'bought' out by ONE GIANT conglomerate, the government will transfer the supply of water into private hands, to the financial detriment of the general populous.

Melbourne currently has a population of approximately 4,000,000 people, an increase of approximately 30% over the past generation.

Since then there has DELIBERATELY been NO water storage facilities being built, in a government sponsored drought for the majority of the populous except for the government.

During the implementation of Water Restrictions for the masses, the government audaciously used the drinking water the public was NOT allowed to use to water its own lawns.

The same law one different for the masses and one the ruling elite.

The government currently pumps in millions of litres of Melbourne's drinking water into the failed privately built Burnley tunnel, to keep it from collapsing, a fact that the mass media is deliberately keeping a low profile from the masses.

Melbourne is currently at Stage 2 water restrictions.

29 September 2010

Blogger gets 19 years in Iran: report

An Iranian news website says a court has sentenced a well-known Canadian-Iranian blogger to more than 19 years in prison.

The conservative website, Mashreghnews.ir, which is close to Iran's presidential office, says Hossein Derakhshan was convicted on charges of cooperation with hostile countries, spreading propaganda against the ruling establishment, promotion of counter-revolutionary groups and insulting Islamic thoughts and religious figures.

The report says Derakhshan can appeal.

Derakhshan, who made trips to Israel and blogged in both English and Farsi, has been in prison since 2008. It's unclear if he would benefit from time served.

Iranian authorities have arrested numerous bloggers in recent years in a bid to clamp down on Internet dissent.

ninemsn 28 Sep 2010

A though is an action conceived in the mind of a living being.

Islam is NOT a living being, but rather a religion.

Either false imprisonment or quality reporting.

Big Four Bank's Racist Hiring Policy

Recent information obtained from Human Resources personnel within one of Australia's Big Four Banks has confirmed that the banks have a new racist hiring policy.

Résumé's or Curriculum Vitae presented to the banks are being ignored unless they are clearly of Indian heritage.

India's people are traditionally 'poor'. Its has been estimated that approximately over 800 million people earn $2 per day.

It is a political agenda to have 'poor' nations so the large multinationals can have 'free' slavery. This is supported by the political and banking elite of the world, under the catch phrase 'globalisation'.

Australia imports hoards of slaves under the 'students' farce, and governments (Australian Tax Office) turn a blind eye to their illegal working in various industries.

Under the Equal Opportunity Act racial discrimination is ILLEGAL in Ausrtalia. The mass media offers an eerie silence on this widespread employer tactic.

The banks are in breach of the law, BUT nothing is done about it, and ANY official whistleblower will be sanctioned economically.