14 April 2011

FTC will not fine Google for stealing passwords with Street View cars

Following Google’s recent admission that it accidentally stole passwords, emails and other personal information with its Street View cars, the Federal Trade Commission has decided not to issue any fines.

Earlier this week, Google confirmed accusations that its Street View cars — the vehicles Google uses to take Street View images for its popular Google Maps service — inadvertently stole sensitive personal data from various homes with open Wi-Fi networks.

Wednesday, the FTC confirmed that a resulting investigation did not find cause to fine Google for its unlawful actions. FTC director for consumer protection David C. Vladeck said the following in a letter to Google:


Google has made assurances to the FTC that the company has not used and will not use any of the payload data collected in any Google product or service, now or in the future. This assurance is critical to mitigate the potential harm to consumers from the collection of payload data. Because of these commitments, we are ending our inquiry into this matter at this time.


brg.com 27 Oct 2010

Although NOT a new story but none the less something that may have escaped some readers.

This is a 'typical' example how governments and corporations work together in obtaining information about the masses.

Even though Google 'stole' information there is NO prosecution against them.

There are numerous examples where individuals 'stole' information from corporations in the same manner and are incarcerated.

There is NO SUCH THING as accidentally. The apparatus in the Google cars is specifically designed to capture data and NOT take photos.

It is amazing how the public are being BRAINWASHED with false information.

Google - your friendly neighbourhood spy.

Ralph Lauren introduces solar-powered backpack

We’ll be honest, we didn’t quite expect Ralph Lauren to be the company to introduce a useful solar-powered backpack to power our gadgets while on the move. The Ralph Lauren RLX backpack offers a pretty large solar panel built in to the back of the backpack, one that the company says can charge a phone in around two hours. The backpack itself is water-resistant, with a decent amount of pockets and storage space, and generates a 3.45 watt current which is enough for most any mobile device or handset. It’s available in two colors, black and orange, is made in Italy, and will run you a steep $795.

bgr.com 10 Apr 2011

Here is an example of a consumer rip off and a post by a tech illiterate.

A quick check in basic electronics states that

  • current is measured in amps, whereas
  • power is measured in watts (volt x ampere).

Now here comes the good part,
a 5 watt (Monocrystalline) solar cell from an Australian electronics supplier retails for $35.

So the public are getting ripped of for say approx $100 worth of goods selling for $800.

Where are the A Current Affair or Today Tonight teams for this story ??? !!! ???

Rape and stalking claims engulf academy

The female cadet who went public over a sex scandal at defence's elite officer college has prompted others to come forward with allegations of predatory behaviour and cover-ups of rape and misconduct.

The 18-year-old says she was filmed by webcams while having sex with another student at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra.

Six other students were watching on in an adjacent room.

On Thursday, new claims of rape and sexual misconduct at the college came to light.

A former divisional officer who worked at the academy in 2006 says he quickly left because of the culture of covering up misbehaviour and misconduct.

"I had a cadet in my actual division who was actually stalking and harassing another first-year female," Mark told AAP on Thursday.

"He blatantly lied to me and my divisional sergeant.

"I asked for action to be taken against him in the way of formal charges; they wouldn't do it."

A woman in Brisbane said her niece was raped while training at the academy.

"She was told by her commanding officer to suck it up," the woman told ABC radio in Brisbane on Thursday.

"The defence force did absolutely nothing."

Defence Minister Stephen Smith and defence have not yet responded to the new claims of rape and predatory behaviour at ADFA.

But the man in charge of the college, Commandant Bruce Kafer, has come under fire for the handling of the video scandal.

Mr Smith has been scathing of the treatment the female cadet endured after going public, but the minister has so far reserved judgment on the future of Commodore Kafer.

"I want to come to a concluded view about the issues that I've raised, before I'm drawn on that particular point," Mr Smith told reporters in Melbourne on Thursday.

Commodore Kafer had acknowledged an error of judgment by allowing an unrelated disciplinary hearing involving the woman to run parallel with the sex investigation, Mr Smith said.

"The regrettable fact is we have now a criminal investigation into very serious matters, that should have been the issue and no more," the minister said.

"Because of the way in which this matter has been handled we now have very significant public issues so far as defence's handling and conduct of this matter."

Defence chief Angus Houston described the incident as abhorrent, but was reluctant to comment further.

"I find the circumstances absolutely abhorrent but I am not going to say any more than that because I don't want to prejudice the very important AFP investigation," he told reporters.

Late Thursday, Liberal backbencher Nick Minchin issued a statement in support of Commodore Kafer.

"He is a professional officer doing a tough job," Senator Minchin said.

Federal police commissioner Tony Negus said the investigation into the initial incident was continuing despite confusion over whether a crime had even been committed.

Mr Negus said the original information provided by defence was very bare.

"That advice that was provided by defence didn't really fully comprehend the magnitude of what we now know to be the case," he told reporters in Canberra.

Mr Negus said until all witnesses had been interviewed and all evidence examined, it could not be determined what offences may or may not have been committed.

"So it's very much premature to say no offences have been committed," he said.

"That is being examined as we speak with the Director of Public Prosecutions and our legal staff."

Mr Negus said whether an offence had been committed would depend on a range of circumstances, such as whether the imagery was transmitted across a telecommunications device.

"Until we speak to all of the people concerned, I am not prepared to say whether there is or is not an offence being committed under ACT legislation," he said.

ninemsn.com.au 7 Apr 2011

Here we have another government cover up where irrespective of ANY inquiry made there will be judgment that there were NO CRIMES committed.

This is the way of the Anglo - Masonic Legal System, where you cannot win against the system.

11 April 2011

Water Authority Metering Scam - No repercussions

Water was a government owned utility, and it was sold off to private industry.

Since then the price of water has gone through the roof with NO government intervention in terms of the consumer being ripped off.

The water authorities are not making enough money, so now there is a new trend in installing water meters that take false readings.

Owners are having their good working meters swapped for 'optimistic' meters that take fraudulent reading, and subsequently charged to the owners property.

The theft of money is a criminal offense, yet the water 'authority' is getting away with fraud, and NO ONE is doing anything about it.

One water company involved in such a fraud is Melbourne's
City West Water.

10 April 2011

Credit Card Debt Employers New Friend

It has been figured out a while ago that one of the best ways to enslave people is to give them freedom, then they will enslave themselves.

Governments have tried to obtain information about the personal lives of people, with any information given with reluctance.

The masses now 'spill their beans' with amazing detail via their interaction on social network sites, to which all have access to including governments.

One method of enslaving people is financially. Enter the new world of the credit card.

Another way to keep the masses subdued is to make them slaves to their finances, which they created themselves.

Enter the new world of Credit Card Debt.

Employers need assurance that their workforce comes to work. One of those assurances is that their employee has a reason to come to work.

An employer has mentioned that the stereo type:

  • bald overweight family man of wife and two children will be assured to coming into work as he needs the money to support his family,

  • the young aspirational with a new car and all the gadgets

What the employer then does is to 'screw' the employee financially by giving them the lowest salary, rather than what the position description rewards.

Employers have a common mentality that is quite concerning that it preys of the vulnerability and 'misfortune' of others.

Smokers told they can't light up - even in their own homes

A SYDNEY unit block is believed to be the first residential building in Australia to ban smoking in all residents' homes.

Unit owners have introduced a bylaw to stop anyone smoking anywhere within the building and on its balconies, The Sydney Morning Herald says.

"We've made it a smoke-free zone in its entirety," chairman of the owners' corporation Alex Antic said.

Owners of the building at Ashfield in Sydney's inner west acted after complaints about smoke drifting into neighbouring flats and butts dropped from balconies.

"The right for people to smoke has to be balanced with other people's rights to clean and fresh air in their own home," Mr Antic said.

A spokesman for the lobby group Action on Smoking and Health, Stafford Sanders, said other people had approached him about stubbing out smoking in their blocks.

However, the president of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Cameron Murphy, said: "You can't ban the use of a lawful product in someone's own home.

"The next thing is they'll be banning the drinking of coffee."

aap 2 Apr 2011

If it is 'illegal', a law has to be passed through parliament.

If this is not some sort of media sensationalism, then Australia is truly a "Nanny State".

All new sorts of ways are thought of to 'fine' the masses.

Snooki paid US$32,000 to talk at a Uni

From the story:

Snooki rakes in US$32,000 to speak at a US university.

Angry parents at a US university are outraged at the decision to pay reality TV star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi US$32,000 to give a campus talk last week.

Rutgers, the University of New Jersey, paid the Jersey Shore star US$10,000 more than the US$23,466 that parents fork out annually to cover tuition and housing for their kids, theNew York Post reported.

It was also US$2000 more than Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison will get for this year's commencement address.

"It's disgusting," said Nester Delgado, whose daughter is a Rutgers freshman. "Next year, is it going to be JWoww or The Situation?"

The tiny starlet drew more than 2000 students to her two Q&A sessions last week.

She talked about her rise to "guidette" stardom and offered advice such as "when you're tan, you feel better about yourself," and "study hard, but party harder".

Some students spoke out against Snooki's high-priced speaking date.

"As an RU student, I'm really ashamed," one student tweeted, Fox News reported.

Members of the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA), which organised the event, said that it wanted to "provide different kinds of experiences to students".

ninemsn 4 April 2011

Again the politics is quite simple in promoting "Entertainment Trash" in brainwashing the children of the canon fodder into believing that you are a nobody unless you are a "STAR" or whatever that means.

And this is the inspiration that the youth must look 'up" to:

Melbourne The Sports Capital of the World

Melbourne is promoted and advertised as the Sports Capital of the World.

Melburnians are said to be SPORTS MAD.

It is debatable whether the image is created or the said events are real, as they are promoted by government and mass media alike, but one item is for sure that it is a precise agenda from a political perspective.

One of the primary objectives of governance is to keep the masses subdued.

The focus is to keep the masses from revolting, by keeping them at a manageable level.

This is achieved in many ways and on many levels.

Some of the methods used are outlined below:

  • Financially impairing the population so one cannot escape one's socioeconomic status,
  • Keeping education away from the masses (e.g. making it financially difficult to learn),
  • Creating social unrest within the population, (e.g keeping crime at a specific level),
  • Distracting masses from politics, education, focusing on entertainment irrelevancies,
  • Keeping the masses occupied with heard mentality (football, cricket, Holden vs Ford).
Sport has been an integral part of population since the beginning of organised society.

Australian Football League (the AFL, nee VFL (Victorian Football League)) was created in the working suburbs of Victoria by the politicians and law makers of the day to keep the working classes amused on Sundays.

Sport is a necessity for the working classes as it gives an outlet, which appeals to the primal instinct in us that modernisation and governments are slowly taking away from the male species.

If the masses did not have an outlet, then the build up would be taken to the streets in destructive force, which is not to the benefit of any government.

In recent news the AFL has been in the spotlight for various reasons, from its players acting like morons off filed, or be it real life losers, to management sex scandals.

No matter what sort of fraud, illegal drugs, sex scandals or book making fixes, etc are or will be exposed, the corporate Goliath of the AFL will never fall.

Many a time the hard core football followers are seen by many alike as drop kicks (colloquial term for morons), or very low level of intelligence.

These people are the most precious to any government as the heard can be easily led.

The media (
government) will always treat the sports 'hero's as 'GODS'.

In the public education system, SPORT is promoted as your 'ticket' to success and NOT education.