19 March 2020

Scott Morrison delayed the 100 person gathering limit for his benefit


So, not too long ago Scomo, ‘Scotty from marketing’ or more accurately Scumo announced a public gathering limit of 500.

IF he really cared about the health of the people as opposed to the health of the economy, this limit should have been brought forward at least a month prior.

We also were notified that apparently our border was shut down as of today, again too little too late.

What the serfs may not be aware of is that Scotty announced a public gathering limit of 100, after he had his meeting with his cult church 'brethren', because he’d be then breaking his own ‘law’...

And we know how no one is above the law in this colony, right?

Whatever benefits you (the serfs) obtain from the government’s actions is just collateral damage to the corporation aggregate.

China’s brilliant war tactic without firing one single shot?

WARNING: Conspiracy theory ahead:
Every warmongering emperor is aware that one of the better war tactics to use on their enemy is to cut the supply lines to the ‘castle’.

War on the West/Rest

In this wonderfully duopolised world, you know; labor  (allegedly) v liberal, democrats (allegedly) v republicans,  Apple (allegedly) v Android, north and south and last but not least east v west where in the case of China it’s east v the rest.

There are plenty of nations whose governments fall under the dodgy label and the CEO of over a billion slaves is part of the above label, where there is (deliberately?) no action from Team America World Police to ‘liberate the shit outta’ the slaves, as it’s beneficial for all governments concerned.

Apple just loves those Chinese slaves working for a 'bowl of rice per week' that produce the iPhone.

Could this be a perfect action pulled off by China in response for action against it in this so called ‘war’ on its state run corporation (Huawei) that supplies tier one communications to a global market?

What better way to grind nations to a halt, via economic warfare with the introduction of a ‘virus’.

That'll teach those capitalistic swines.

China:1 Rest:0

17 March 2020

Vic health: Warrantless breaking and entering for searches for?

Depending how well versed one is on the legalities of Victoria would depend on the opinion one would have with the next installment (of legislation) for the serfs.

One could be of the opinion of:

- Just when you thought that we’ve reached peak ‘penal colony policies’, as there are seizures of property arising from infringements with no supporting warrants or

- Just when you thought we’ve reached the government taking action in the 'wrong' direction,

they pull a shifty where during the coronavirus pandemic, apparently the Victorian health authorities can break into your home and do searches.

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Searches for what?

Bags of coronavirus?

What do they really need to search for?

Maybe amounts of cash that are over $10,000? Because [you know] cash harvests coronavirus.

One can just imagine the declaration of the Victorian Government in a  headline:

Gatherings of cash above $10,000 in (face) 'value' banned as it may transmit COVID-19.

This is very concerning, maybe not about the virus itself but rather what the authorities do / don’t do to you.

16 March 2020

Coronavirus in the Colony: What applies to the peasants does not apply to the authorities

The ‘outside’ world may certainly not comprehend that life in a colony as opposed to a country, is certainly different especially when it comes to the (limited) mentality of the authorities.

One thing is for sure is that during ‘virus times’ a certain incident known as the Great Australian Toilet Paper Shortage may give rise to all sorts of arse end of the world jokes and memes, but what is not funny is how the authorities of this colony have handled the matter.

It’s back to 1788 for you lot according to ‘them’ (i.e. the authorities), thank you very much, i.e. whatever law is in place applies to you (the serfs/peasants/plebs) and not us.

They tell us that we must ‘self-isolate’, but when they come in close proximity to those  (maybe) with the virus, testing is rejected and self isolation is not on the table.

It’s tough enough to battle the retardation of 'humans' stock piling up toilet paper, and now we have the lawmakers showing the plebs that the rules they so stringently apply to the serfs do not apply to themselves.

Maybe they know something the plebs don’t?

Maybe they know that they’re so full of vermin a little bit of coronavirus will make zero difference within the circles they rub shoulders in.

The bankers and people from marketing have done us proud !!!

What apathetic shit show (um... pun intended).