25 February 2017

Australia's politicians the most dishonest in the world?

It should be no secret to the Australian people that the people in power are colonialists.

It should also be no secret that Australia's police force was formed from criminals, where many people on social media have proof that the police are still a criminal entity today.

Well what about our so called elected representatives of the people, you know politicians, MPs etc.

Are they people of high moral values, respected members of the community or just the dregs of society dressed up in business suits.

It seems like the lot of them are 'social security' (you know, tax payer's money) cheats, defrauding the general population.

When they get caught they claim an 'error of judgement', no government sanctions, no criminal charges and still a cushy job and an over-inflated tax payer funded pension.

Imagine if a member of the herd population got caught by Centrelink, would they accept an 'error of judgement' as an excuse?

Do the people really support politicians defrauding them of their tax dollars?

Telmo Languiller, just another thief, another mutt in office.

Just another 'money for mates' deal, where scum like this who defraud the Australian population go unpunished.

It's almost telling others that they can get away unpunished even if they do get caught.

Try not paying your unlawful road toll fine and you WILL end up in prison.

It looks like this country is STILL run by criminals.


24 February 2017

Dodgy compensation law firm Maurice Blackburn TV ads

How does the saying go when the authorities speak down on the plebs:

"Nothing to hide, nothing to fear", 


Surely something is dodgy when a law firm "hides" Black Saturday bills, right?

Business is slow in the compensation claims department. 

As a result the Australian television airwaves are currently littered with advertisements from Maurice Blackburn for injured persons to seek compensation (read engage in commerce using 'justice' as the perceived product) through the law business.

Does a lawyer really give a stuff about your 'compensation'?

Do you know what happens when you 'hire' a lawyer for your matter?

For starters, ANY money awarded does NOT go to you but rather the law business, where the remainder (after their fees) is given to you.

When in court you are not allowed to speak as you are seen as incapable of handling your own affairs, a ward of the state, a dunce.

You are being used as a cash cow, to siphon as much money as possible from you to support the law business, the partners and the wages of the staff etc.

You can also be helping the lawyer fund their children's next school holidays trip to France.

Does a lawyer really work for you or do you work for them?

Australian government supports the use of illegal drugs

Whoever said the Australian government is not 'liberal' has rocks in their head.

Sports stars who use drugs are labelled 'heros' or 'troubled' and get away without any criminal charges laid by police.

People in the music industry use drugs at awards WITHOUT any police raids.

But wait not all is lost.

The 'commoners' now can use illegal drugs with the support of government backed 'injecting rooms'.

HOORAY !!! !!! !!!

It's always a great feeling to go to music awards when you're 'pre-injected'.

23 February 2017

Doctors falsifying cures of approved drugs for other conditions

Doctors are scamming their patients by stating that a drug can help with a condition where there is no medical proof only that the doctor has conjured up a cure for a certain condition.

See excerpt from 16 January 2017 by Time magazine in the illustration below:

Pity this Australian mainstream media has not jumped on this.

The Australian 'authorities' are letting doctors get away with fraud.

Don't worry authorities take swift action to install speed cameras that allegedly save lives (there has been no proof of such claims made by government bodies).