11 June 2018

Top Cop in possession of illegal firearms

Let's see Victoria Police sweep this one under the carpet and hide the name of the criminal.

Do 'community standards' dictated that charges not be laid ?

Will he even face court, like the peasants do for the same offence?

See article from 8 Jun 2018 by 3aw of the headline:

Exclusive: IBAC raid uncovers ‘illegal firearms’ at high-ranking cop’s home


Neil Mitchell believes a high-ranking police officer has been suspended for allegedly possessing illegal firearms.

Sources told 3AW Mornings the superintendent’s house was raided, and that a pistol and rifle were found.

“I am told neither was registered,” Neil Mitchell said. “And I’m told the superintendent does not have a gun licence.”

3AW Mornings believes the raid was organised by the state’s anti-corruption body, IBAC, regarding an unrelated matter.
If the allegations are proven, it does not tarnish the whole force. But, at a time police command are chasing illegal firearms down every second borrow, it would be immensely embarrassing.
Victoria Police are not having a good run at the moment.
-Neil Mitchell
Victoria Police later confirmed a superintendent “from a corporate support area has been suspended with pay in relation to allegations of firearm and weapons offences on 5 June 2018”.

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